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A figure stood, leaning against a tree, clad in a dark coat as his eyes trained on a certain boy. Zero had taken another leave, it being the fifth time that week.

Kaname had become curious.

So he followed him secretly… or so he thought.

Kaname quickly hid behind a tree when once again Zero looked towards his direction, suspiciously. He stared for a few seconds before deciding to continue walking again.

He figured Zero knew he was being followed or sensed a vampire nearby. Zero's ability was amazing but he cursed it at times as such.

It was so hard to stalk the silver angel unnoticed.

Kaname jerked back and raised an eyebrow. 'Angel? Since when had he started referring to Zero as an angel?' he glanced at the younger vampire and nodded to himself. He couldn't deny that the boy looked the part…

Zero, to him was stunning.

It was rare to see such beauty in human form; Zero had actually exceeded most vampires in terms of beauty.

'Not that I'm going to tell him. I know he'll definitely hate it and won't talk to me for a while.' Kaname shook his head. No, he didn't want that to happen, ever.

Suddenly, Kaname was pulled out of his thoughts when he realized Zero had stopped walking. He let his eyes wander around and spotted another man approaching the boy.

It was not anyone Kaname had seen before nor had he seen the guy with Zero beforehand. However the way they acted, it seemed they were pretty close. Kaname's jaw locked, his hands clenching until they turned white as he watched the guy ruffle Zero's hair. Zero pushed the hand away but was laughing while telling the other to stop.


They looked really close.

Kaname shook his head. 'No, Kaname. Zero has the right to be close to other men other than you.'

The guy suddenly swung his arm around Zero's shoulder.


Kaname unconsciously gritted his teeth. 'It's ok. It's only a friendly gesture. No need to get so riled up. Zero does it to me all the time…!'

Kaname however glared. 'But seriously, get your hands off.'

Suddenly the guy hugged Zero and his hand slowly travelled down Zero's back, touching his lower back.


'STOP TOUCHING HIM!' Kaname snapped.


The glass window of a shop the two were standing near shattered into a million pieces.

Zero flinched.

The sound startling him.

Kaname had managed to place a shield around Zero at the last minute to protect him however the guy with him was not so lucky. He grunted in pain as shards of glass embedded into him.

Girls passing by screamed while others watched grimly. Zero was left stunned, his body frozen. As if something had struck him, he snapped his eyes towards Kaname's direction, shock and confusion clearly present.

Zero knew it was him.

Irritated to the max, Kaname left.

The night class students were lazing around in the student's lounge room. Everyone was doing their own thing; chatting, reading or just fooling around with their friends. This included a certain pureblood, Kaname who was reading a book. Kain however had noticed a while back that it had been about half an hour since he had turned a page.

Aidou came and sat beside Ruka who was sitting beside Kain on the couch. "What are you reading?" he asked Ruka while munching on his pocky.

Ruka took a glance over to her childhood friend before back to her magazine. "A quiz."

Aidou's blue eyes perked up. "What's it about?"

"If he likes you." Ruka said reading the title.

At this, Aidou scooted closer. "Ask me. Ask me." he exclaimed, excited.

Ruka didn't seem as excited as the blonde was but she still complied. Kain too seemed to be interested in it as he leaned into Ruka. "Well… first question. Does he stare at you a lot?"

Aidou hummed, glancing at Kaname before looking back at Ruka pouting. "No. It's always that prefect girl."

Kain raised an eyebrow. "Leader-sama again?"

"Why? Can't I?"

"You are too obsessed with him." Kain mumbled which earned him a half pout, half glare from his cousin.

"Anyway," Ruka butted in. "Second question, does he tease you a lot?"

Aidou nodded and Kain snorted. "As if, you masochist."

If you were talking about teasing, Kiryuu was most likely the one who got teased a lot though not in a healthy way.

Kain suddenly blinked. 'Wait a minute…' He had just realized something. Besides the prefect girl, their leader stared at Kiryuu a lot too. Thinking back, was it really a date?

Kain was in town a few weeks back when he saw it. He had gone to get something for Hanabusa, and on his way back had seen Kaname in an Ice-cream café.

'This is a pleasant surprise… I didn't know leader-sama has a sweet tooth.' He mused until he realized the pureblood was not alone.

'He's not alone… and he's only drinking coffee. Guess he hasn't got a sweet tooth after all' Kain sighed, bored. 'But who is he with? Cross-chan?'

Kain strained his eyes to get a better look. He would have found it easier to see them if they had not chosen an isolated table. Kain shifted this way and that before finally getting a good look.

He stiffened.


It was Kiryuu. Seeing Kiryuu was a shock but seeing him with a smile on his face exceeded that level.

He was smiling around his worst enemy.

Kain blinked.

Going as far as rubbing his eyes in disbelief and pinching his cheek; yet Kiryuu was still there with their leader, both acting like best of friends.


"Shut up, Akatsuki." Aidou growled at him and Kain snapped out of his thought.

Ruka, without further ado, continued. "Third question, does he compliment you a lot? Or notice any new changes, including anything small."

Aidou thought and shook his head. "No, Cross-chan gets it a lot more."

Kain searched his brain. He remembered an occasion where the pureblood would suddenly talk to the male prefect. It was weird when their leader would notice something was different about Kiryuu although he was never one to compliment it.

"Next question, does he always try to have physical contact with you?" Aidou hummed but sadly shook his head.

"The only time Kaname-sama touches me is when he slaps me because I did something wrong." Then Aidou glared. "And that prefect girl always gets a pat on her head. It's not fair." He whined.

Meanwhile Kain laughed dryly in his head. 'I guess that 'that' applies too…' their leader could always blow anyone away from him using his kinetic power but for some reason when it involved Kiryuu, he would hurt him using his own hands. It was like it was intentional.

The tall noble had seen a few fight scenes between the pureblood and the prefect and it was always one bloody mess. Not to mention that Kaname-sama had the tendency to invade the prefect's personal space, with their face and body so dangerously close together.

"Question 5… Does he have the tendency to be jealous all the time if you become too close with someone or speak about someone else fondly or be seen talking to someone of the opposite gender?"

"No." Aidou mumbled tiredly. "As far as I remember, I've only seen Kaname-sama get riled up when Kiryuu gets too close with Cross-chan."

'It's the other way around, baka Hanabusa.'

"Alright. This may sound weird but does he stalk you?" Ruka almost laughed at this. The question was a bit stupid.

"Not that I know of. The only time Kaname-sama looks for me is when I have new information on the blood pills or when I've done something stupid. I don't think that would label Kaname-sama as a stalker. Weird question, Ruka."

Kain had never seen their leader do it either however lately when the prefect was not around; their leader would disappear too only to come back in a foul mood.

'My guess is that leader stalks Kiryuu but loses him.'

"Yeah, I know it is. The next question is about texting. Does he text you a lot even if it is about something trivial?"

"I don't think Kaname-sama uses or even has a cell phone." Aidou answered but Kain had to disagree with this.

'He has but doesn't use it much.'

"Didn't you know, Hanabusa? Kaname-sama has a cell phone. I saw him use it once when I went to his room." Ruka replied.

"Eh? Wait. He has?!" Aidou's eyes widened. "Can I have his number please?"

Ruka frowned. "Unfortunately I didn't get his number. Go ask Ichijou, he has it but I don't think he would give it to you. I know, I've asked."

Aidou's eyes sparkled, not paying attention to Ruka's words. "You never know if you don't ask." And with that he left, looking for the vice-president.

Kain shook his head. "Why didn't he just ask the leader? He's sitting in front of us."

"Hanabusa… he's an idiot after all." Ruka sighed before looking at the fire element noble. "So, want to know the last question?"

"Shoot away."

"Ok... Does he smile around you a lot and want to know more about you?"

"That's two questions."

Ruka shrugged before continuing her reading while Kain took a glance at the pureblood.

'Well… how to say this…' Kain had never seen the leader smile truly. He doubted anyone had seen it except for maybe Cross-chan (when she was younger). Their leader always plastered on a fake smile. Sometimes even for Cross-chan. He didn't think he had ever smiled at Kiryuu.

'Yet at the ice-cream café, I'm sure leader-sama smiled too.'

Kain remembered once when he had come across the pureblood smiling genuinely to himself while reading a text message on his phone outside of the Academy. 'That must have been because of Kiryuu too.' And as for the other question… 'The leader asked me to investigate Kiryuu… does that count?'

Kain blinked in confusion as he shook his head mentally. Why did he start placing Kiryuu in the situation? This was about a quiz 'If he loves you' so how did he end up making an analysis centring around the grumpy prefect rather than Cross-chan.

Kain looked at the pureblood. 'Wait… that's not the point. If Kiryuu fits more in the equation, doesn't that mean the leader is in love with…'

Suddenly, ebony orbs looked back at him and Kain flinched. "Something the matter, Kain?"

Kain forced himself to calmly answer back. "Can I ask a question?"


"You really love him, don't you?" Kain asked simply causing the pureblood to flinch slightly. His cold gaze wavered a bit with a little warmth seeping through before turning cold again.


"Who did you think of?" Kain asked.

The pureblood was silent, eyes trained on Kain. Just when Kaname was about to open his mouth, Ruka cut it.

"Why do you even need to ask, Akatsuki? Of course it would be Cross Yuki." Ruka said, making an unpleasant face upon saying the female's name.

Kain ignored her, never letting anything escape his eyes as he watched the pureblood. "So, is it?"

For a moment, Kaname was silent before he took a glance to his left. "Yes it is." He said before returning to his book.

As soon as Kaname looked away, Ruka elbowed Kain causing him to wince. "What was that for?"

The girl glared at him coldly. "Stop it."

"Stop what?" the male asked innocently although he already knew what the girl was referring to.

Ruka gave him one last glare before sighing and leaving the room.

Kain smirked to himself.

'Well, well, well… seems like our leader is not in love with Cross Yuki.'

It was already dawn, time for him to sleep but Kaname was not sleepy. He glanced at his cell phone but seeing as there were no new messages, threw it over his shoulder before slumping onto his bed.

Where was Zero? He hadn't seen the prefect for almost a month now ever since he had convinced Zero to go see the doctor and the little incident with the broken shop window.

Zero had texted him during that month telling him about his condition, that it was nothing serious and that Kaname had almost killed his friend but that was all he got from the other. Zero had been out on missions a lot so he barely saw the prefect.

Zero had been missing school too.

He was so busy that Kaname was reduced to stalking the prefect which didn't go as planned as Zero knew he was being followed thus leading him on a wild goose chase.

It was annoying how Zero knew that he was being followed but what really got on the purebloods nerves was that he always lost Zero in the end.

Kaname rested an arm over his closed eyes. Darkness clouded him. He really didn't like the feeling of Zero being out of his sight. It scared him but he didn't know the reason. He thought this must be because Zero was a friend but he didn't get that kind of feeling from Takuma, his best friend. He was so lost.

"You really love him, don't you?"

Kaname felt his heart skip a beat.

An image of Zero flashed across his mind.

He stilled.

Is that why?

Silence enveloped the room. He rolled over so that his face was smothered by the pillow.

'I miss Zero.'

A day he spent without Zero was boring, he was always bothered by dark thoughts that he'd rather not have.


Kaname glanced to his side. His cell phone was vibrating... Kaname leapt out of bed to grab the device.

'You have one new message.'

Feeling hopeful, he clicked on it, a smile appearing.

'I'm finished with work today. I'm coming back to school now. From Zero.' The message said.

Zero came out of the shower, wearing a pair of loose pants and short-sleeve t-shirt while towelling his hair. He grabbed his mobile phone when he realised he received a new message.

'Can I come to your room? From Kaname.'

Zero glanced at his abdomen. He was about six weeks pregnant. He wasn't showing yet but the doctor said the foetus had a heart beat now.

"Kaname won't realise right?" Zero mumbled to himself.

He hadn't told Kaname about the baby yet. He didn't know how to and he was afraid of Kaname's reaction. He was stressed about it and to fend it off, he went on missions. The missions kept him busy as he went on one after the other.

In the end, he didn't see Kaname thus not telling him anything. There was also the little outburst in town that he wondered about. What had annoyed the pureblood?

Besides everything else, his memories had also come back. He and Kaname had been married in the past. Zero was only a child and Kaname had been a young teenager. Kaname was cursed and Zero was the only one who could tame Kaname's beast and cure him. However to cure Kaname, he had to die in the pureblood's hands or Kaname die instead after three years of the curse being placed.

Rido was the one who had cursed him; Kaname had said it was because of revenge. Zero was the one who killed Kaname's uncle as he was listed in the black list. However, Kaname's curse was never broken even after the death of his uncle, the caster.

Because of the curse, Zero and Kaname's relationship was bitter sweet but most of it was disturbing which Zero was surprised he got through it without becoming mentally challenged. Kaname's gentleness and care was what got him through it but it was not enough when Yuki came into the picture.

Yuki was Kaname's sister who was sent to live with the chairman after the death of their parents. Yuki was also Kaname's fiancé until Zero got married to him and because of this Yuki held a grudge against him for stealing Kaname away from her.

Her existence and interference was what caused the downhill of his and Kaname's relationship. Zero lost a son because of her and fought with Kaname a lot.

When Kaname's time had come, Zero asked for a divorce. Kaname didn't want that so Zero asked for a duel instead. If Kaname lost, they would divorce but if he won, Zero would stay. He had a load of reasons for suggesting the duel. One of them was because Kaname's time was near; if he died, Kaname would be free of the curse. Although at the time, Zero already knew another way to break the curse but it was risky.

However the duel ended with Kaname losing. Zero decided to seal Kaname's memory and broke the curse. He didn't want to leave Kaname but the relationship they had was hurting them both. He didn't think Kaname loved him but Yuki so decided to start his life over.

He sealed Kaname's memory which in turn affected the memory of others who knew about them. Zero planted fake memories in everyone that knew of them to fill the void. As for Yuki, the girl was turned into a human with no memory of the past. She was also fed with a fake memory.

It was selfish, Zero knew but for once he wanted to be selfish. Within the fake memories, he implanted that Rido was alive who had killed both Juri and Haruka. Juri also being the one who turned Yuki into a human.

A while later, Zero lost his memory.

Zero lay on his bed, typing a message to Kaname telling him that he could come. He sent the message before relaxing in bed. He felt exhausted; from work, from the memory wreck and his pregnancy.

Zero sighed.

He just wanted to sleep.

"That's a big sigh."

Zero opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the open window. "Kaname…"

The pureblood walked towards him and sat at the edge of the bed. Zero opened his arms, asking for a hug silently which Kaname complied to.

"Sorry... I'm tired. Can I stay lying down?"

Kaname leaned back. "It's ok." he brushed a stray hair out of Zero's eyes, kissing it. Zero kissed him back near his jaw.

"Do you want to do it?" Zero asked as Kaname showered him with kisses, nuzzling his neck, nibbling and sucking.

Kaname hummed, nuzzling lazily as he breathed in Zero's scent. Zero smelt fresh and sweet, it always refreshed him. Kaname climbed up onto the bed and lay beside Zero, hugging him around his waist while snuggling into his shoulder like a little child.

"Kaname?" Zero noticed that Kaname was acting a little strange, the air around him feeling heavy. It was becoming a little hard to breath.

"…May I sleep with you tonight? There's no school tomorrow."

Zero blinked.

He realised that this was one of Kaname's antic's when he wanted nothing but comfort of a companion.

'Maybe this is the reason for his outburst the other day.'

Zero smiled understandingly as he patted the pureblood's head.

"Yeah… you may." Zero spoke slowly with acceptance. With that the pair fell asleep, cuddling with one another in the small bed.


Kaname stirred from his sleep, hazily. He glanced around; trying to figure out what had woken him up.


He heard it again and realized the sound was closer than he had thought. He sat up from his position and listened.


It was slow and soft.

Not loud enough to be a sound from a grown up however it did not sound like it had come from a child either, it was much quieter and muffled.

Kaname took a glance at Zero's abdomen.


He flinched and his eyes widened. Uncertainty flashed through his eyes. He reached up and placed a hand over Zero's abdomen, only to feel a warm and light presence.

He froze.

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