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"WAIT!" Kaname's hand shot up in the air, gasping. His eyes were wide and tears were streaming down his pale, pink cheeks.



Slowly Kaname's hand fell to his side as his breathing evened out. This dream… he had been dreaming the same thing over the past 6 years yet still did not understand what was happening or what it meant.

In every dream, he would be in a relationship with his arch enemy. In the dream, he would love the hunter but there were obstacles always getting in their way preventing them from being together. He didn't understand, why Zero out of all person? Why did he yearn for the silver haired boy when he was supposed to hate him?


He couldn't even explain the tears and loneliness he felt upon waking up.

What is it?

No matter how much he tried to remember or make sense of the dreams, he would get headaches and feel emptier.

He even started to call Kiryuu 'Zero' now as the dreams occurred on a daily basis over the 6 years that went by.

Kaname let his eyes wander around his room before his eyes fell onto the sight of his white wedding suit.

He sighed.

In a few hours, he was going to get married to Yuki. But somehow a sense of dread weighed at his heart, a guilt brewing as if he was betraying someone.

He frowned as he got out of bed and sat on the window sill, drinking blood wine while staring out into the morning sky.

"I'm so tired..."

"Here, Hanabusa-kun; the extra invitation card you asked for."

Aidou's blue eyes beamed at the sight of the pink card which he took eagerly. "Thanks a lot, Takuma. I owe you one." He said as he pocketed the card into his coat.

Ichijou smiled. "You're welcome but Hanabusa-kun, who are you going to invite? The wedding is tomorrow. I don't think anyone would come at such late notice."

Aidou froze.

In the middle of his enthusiasm, he forgot that this may come up. "Em…" he shifted, his gaze drifting away from the green eyed blonde. "Well… it's for my friend. You know one can't attend if they don't have an access card."

"I know." But as he said this, he looked at Aidou suspiciously before continuing. "But Akatsuki-kun and Ruka-chan already have theirs."

Aidou made a face, offended. "You know, Akatsuki and Ruka aren't the only friends I have!" he huffed and walked away, successfully avoiding Takuma's question.

'Ding Dong'

Zero was cooking breakfast when the bell rang. He looked to his left and then to his right. The eggs in the pan were cooking and the bacon was being grilled. He couldn't leave them even for a second. If he did, the eggs would no doubt burn which he did not do.

Zero Kiryuu did not burn food. Especially not eggs!

'Ding Dong'

The bell rang for the second time and it continued until it got on his nerve.

"Alright already!" he yelled causing his guest to stop his mischief. He looked up as he heard noise from upstairs. "Koori, can you get the door please? Mommy's cooking."

"Ok, mom."

Zero heard some shuffling from upstairs and moments later, small footsteps running down the stairs.

He sighed.

"No running down the stairs Koori."

"Sorry." Came a short apology before he heard the door was swung open.

Upon seeing who it was at the door Koori's smile brightened considerably and he jumped, hugging the man at the doorstep "Mad-Hana! You finally came!"

Aidou ruffled Koori's hair, smiling goofily too. "Hey, kiddo. You miss me?"

Koori looked up with his big doe eyes and nodded non-stop. "Mmm." He mumbled before hugging Aidou tighter.

The adult noble was a bit surprised. Usually Koori and he would be bickering even though they liked each other. But today was different.

Aidou knew.

He also noticed the atmosphere of the house was a bit heavy and chilly as well as Koori being surrounded by a gloomy aura.

Well he couldn't blame the child. His first friend ever had died just a few days ago which he knew the boy would be finding difficult to deal with.

Aido could still hear the phone call Zero had made to him earlier that week stating they were moving back to Cross from New York. It had happened a few years ago where Zero and Koori moved away to New York to start their life anew, leaving Ichiru behind at Cross. Koori was discovered as a genius at the age of 7 by a man who then made a proposition which Zero could not turn down. The man proposed that he would support them if Koori agreed to enter a university alongside his own son who was a child prodigy and later work for him after graduation.

Zero and Ichiru had been low on money thus easily persuaded to agree. They were in a lot of debt which was caused by their late Uncle Masato who was a gambling drunkard. The pay from his hunter's job was minimal and not enough to pay off their expenses which made agreeing all the more easier.

The child prodigy; the man's son was 2 years older than Koori, making them interact easily and become quick friends. Sawada Hiroki was a good and friendly boy therefore Zero had no problems trusting the boy as he acted like an older brother to Koori who in turn enjoyed his company a lot.

Hiroki was Koori's first friend so the shock of his death; the suicide he committed weighed heavily as he jumped off a high building.

Koori was clearly devastated. (Those who have seen Detective Conan 6th movie will know who Hiroki is.)

It was clear that the fault lay in Hiroki's father who stressed the boy out to the point of committing suicide. Aidou had heard that the boy was imprisoned in his room and was not allowed out.

Zero did not want Koori to end up like that thus he terminated the contract and paid back the man everything they owed before taking a flight back to Cross. Koori did not have a chance to finish off the course he was working on and now that Zero was broke again, it looked impossible. The money that came in from Ichiru working at an IT company and Zero's Vampire Hunter's president role were used to pay back Hiroki's father as well as the debt.

Aidou pulled Koori up into his arms, carrying him. Koori was now ten years old yet was considered small for a child his age. Maybe it was the stress or just a natural thing, however all he knew was he did not like seeing Koori so sad. He needed a new friend so he could move on from Hiroki's death.

The blonde entered the kitchen as a delicious smell of bacon and eggs engulfed him. Koori also seemed to notice this. Maybe it was just food, but at least something caused a positive reaction out of him however he also noted that the level of excitement he was showing was dimmed in contrast to how he would usually react.

"Something smell nice, got something for me?" Aidou grinned while placing Koori down on a chair at the dining table.

"None since you just dropped by without any notice."

Aidou pouted, disappointed. "Boo… Stingy!"

Zero looked agitated. "Shut up and why are you here anyway?!"

The blonde took a seat beside Koori. "I have something to give you but I can give it later. Now, feed me!" Aidou exclaimed childishly.



Zero felt a vein expanded. "Alright fine!"

"Yay—!" he cheered.

"But you're only having a small portion of it."

"What~?!" Aidou slumped on the table, pouting. "No fair." He grumbled.

"Whatever." Zero spat back before going back to cooking.

Aidou continued to sulk before he felt a small hand on his. He looked up into Koori's big, doe eyes. "Don't worry, Mad-Hana. You can share with me."

Aidou gaped.

Koori DOES NOT share food with anyone unless the world was going to end. He just dOn't. Usually, Zero had to nag at Koori to share and Koori, like a good child he was, would obey but only when his mom said to.

Shocked as he was, he still nodded his head awkwardly and Koori smiled. Aidou's blue orbs searched for Zero's lilac. Silently, he sent a worry signal to Zero and Zero just mouthed out the word 'Hiroki' and Aidou understood right away.

After breakfast, Koori went up to play in his room while Zero and Aidou went to the living room to talk. However ten minutes had passed since they sat in silence and Zero had had enough of it.

"Speak up, Hanabusa. I don't have all day. I still need to go to work later."

"Well…" he smiled nervously. "Here…"

He gave Zero a sweet scented card and Zero took it absent-mindedly before realizing what the card was.

He froze.

"So the day has finally come." He laughed. "Took him long enough."

Aidou observed the silver haired hunter in silence. Although the hunter sounded calm and sarcastic, Aidou noticed his shaking shoulders and his trembling hands. There was no way Zero would accept it so easily. "Now...Zero, I don't care how you feel about it, you have to go. I don't to hear any objection out of y—"

"I'll go." He said.

"Like I said, you have too—wait what?!"

"I'll go." Zero repeated as a matter of fact. Just like just now he was perfectly calm, it was disturbing. He then raised an eye brow at Aidou. "What? You thought I won't want to go?"

"Yeah." Aidou exclaimed as he made a big gesture showing it so. "I thought you would be more like—sobbing, no, I don't want to go. I don't want to see Kaname and Yuki tying the knot. It would hurt so much—and then I would be like, —No! You have to tell Kaname-sama the truth, he's not happy with Yuki—then you would screamed at me to stop it and threw me out the house."

Zero chuckled. "Oh, Hanabusa, you never ceased to amuse me with your imagination." He then continued to laugh.

Aidou grew embarrass being ridiculed by Zero. He pouted and screeched, "It's not funny!" he huffed. "Why?"

"Why? Well don't you think this is a chance to meet Kaname after so long?" Zero told mysteriously. Aidou tried to read his friend but try as he might, he couldn't. After being promoted as the President of Hunter Association, Zero became better and better at mind play. He also perfected his poker face.

"Besides, Koori need a change of pace. I think attending a grand wedding would be a great experience."

Aidou became more confused. "But I thought you don't want anyone to know about Koori, especially Kaname-sama and Yuki-chan."

Zero shrugged. "I'm stronger now. I can protect him from them."

Aidou was speechless. He didn't expect that. He was sure Zero would decline the invitation because of his stubbornness and low self-esteem. "You change Zero."

Dark gleam sparked in the lilac orbs. His eyes seemed distance. "Yeah, a child death always struck something in one self."

Again Aidou was silent. His head bowed down. "I'm sorry."

Zero realized he had caused other to be affected by his grief and quickly he brushed it off with a little laugh. "Don't be, it's not your fault."

"You are late. Where have you been?"

Akatsuki asked his cousin as soon as he saw the blond getting out of his car. Aidou was responsible for the music and the wedding couldn't start without the musician.

"Sorry, I lost track of time. Someone just won't let go of me."Aidou joked although it was true. Since Ichiru was busy at work, Zero didn't have car to use as transport. Also something came up at his office which needed to be solve quickly so he had Aidou drove him to work before getting home to grumpy Koori who was left at home alone. He was sleeping earlier and Zero hadn't had the heart to wake him up. But waking up to an empty house caused Koori to throw a fit. Once he's in bad mood it was hard to have him do anything like for example getting ready for the wedding. That was why he was late.

Akatsuki frowned. "No wonder you smell like someone else."

Aidou flinched. "I do?" he sniffed himself and flinched again. 'Fuck! I smell like Zero and Koori.' Patting around at his pockets, he searched for his cologne. It was a freshener he invented to cover scents on him. He always used it whenever he got back from Zero's place.

'Wait, I don't need that anymore. Zero is here after all.' His hand then stopped searching but just as he was about to pull it out of his coat; someone took a grab at his upper arm.

He gasped.

His blue orbs snapped towards the newcomer, his eyes widening. "Kaname-sama!"

However the man seemed indifferent. He just stared down at Aidou with empty eyes.


Again, no response.

He just stared in a daze.


"You smell like lily."


"… Like Zero…" the pureblood looked at Aidou who was breaking into cold sweat. "You met him?"

Aidou couldn't say a word and just gaped like a fish. 'Kaname-sama's going to find out. He's going to find out. What do I do now? Is it ok to tell Kaname-sama now?'

"Kaname, there you are. Come on, let's go. You need to be in the chapel now." Takuma came marching, grabbing a hold of Kaname and dragging him away just in time.

Aidou sighed in relief but did not notice Kaname was still looking at him while being pulled away.

Zero felt relax as the evening air blew past him carrying the scent of white roses and sweet delicacy. He was standing outside of the chapel with Koori; still don't feel like entering the chapel yet. Sure a few minutes had passed since Aidou had dropped them off but Zero hadn't collected enough nerve to meet other from his old school.

A tug of his coat sleeve broke his daze. He looked down into Koori's big pool of lilac orbs. "Mommy, Koori heard it's going to start soon." Koori told obviously from his keen hearing.

Zero inhaled deeply and grasped Koori's little palm, he smiled down to his child. "Ok, let's go." He started walking, followed by the little child.

Upon entering, Zero quickly took a seat around the reserve seat. Apparently Aidou didn't need to ask for extra invitation cards for Zero since he had already received one, sent to the hunter headquarter. He just realized it when he went to solve some problem earlier in the morning.

His seat was of course beside Cross, his adopted father since Zero was Yuki's adopted brother. Upon noticing Zero, Cross was more than surprise, he was excited. "Zero-rin! You made it." He squealed and hugged Zero at the same time. Zero let him did just that since it had been a few years since they saw each other.

He did keep in touch with Cross through letter but it all addressed through the hunter headquarter so Cross didn't really knew Zero's real address. But since he's still in touch with Touga, Zero doubted the cheerful headmaster didn't know a little about where he lived.

"Ok, that's enough of hugging out of you headmaster." Zero grumbled as he pushed the man away. Cross seemed a little upset but that's normal. Anyway, Zero glanced around since Cross had made his presence known to other, they were looking and whispering. Zero ignored it like usual.

"Anyway, why are you here?" Zero question. "Aren't you supposed to be preparing to walk Yuki down the aisle?"

At this question, Cross cried a load of crocodile tears. He dipped the corner of his eyes with a handkerchief. Drama much. "Hear me out Zero-rin~"

"Don't call me that." Zero retorted.

Liked usual the old man ignored that. "Yuki kicked me out. She said I was annoying and told me to wait here until Wakaba-chan come to fetch me."

Zero made an annoyed face. "No wonder you're here." Cross continued his little sobbing. It was awkward and annoying so he gestured Koori to come near before introducing him to Cross. At less Koori knew how to soothe people. "Cross, meet Koori and Koori, this is Cross Kaien."

Koori smiled brightly. "Nice to meet you." He greeted. Zero had told Koori a little about Cross before so the man was not a much of a stranger to the kid.

"Nice to meet you too." However Cross had no clue whatsoever and knowing Zero's personality, Cross concluded the little boy was only someone Zero was taking care of for awhile or his apprentice like Zero to Touga. Strangely children liked Zero. There was no way; in his thought that Zero would copulate and had a child of his own since the silverette really hated everyone. "Oh, my you're so cute." He squealed again.

Zero yet again ignored the old man and let Cross spoiled Koori. Koori is good in handling this kind of situation anyway. He had been treated like this all his life. Koori is too cute to ignore.

Sayori entered the dressing room with Yuki's flowers. She is the bridesmaid of honour. She been going in and out from the dress room to make sure Yuki was comfortable and ready for her wedding. She also just called Cross over.

She quickly got to Yuki with something big to tell. "Yuki-chan, Yuki-chan, you won't believe what I just saw."


"Kiryuu, its Kiryuu-kun. He came."

Yuki's eyes widened. She was surprised but as not to alarm Sayori much, she burst into her cheerful self. "He did?! Oh, god! I 'm going to see him." She said making a move to exit her room only to stop by Sayori.

"Hey, silly. That can wait. The wedding is going to start in 5 minutes. You can't go out yet." Sayori laughed. "Come, put on your veil."

Yuki nodded and as soon as the veil was on, her expression went darker at the thought of Zero but soon was replaced by a smirk as she thought of her wedding.

"I win this time, Zero." She mumbled alone.

Sayori's ears perked up. "Hm? Did you say something?"

"Uh... nothing. It just I can't wait to get out there." Yuki replied, smiling.

Sayori responded with her own smile before someone opened the door and told it's time. Yuki smiled broadly and walked out confidently.

One by one of Kaname's circle begun noticing Zero's attendance in the chapel. First it was Aidou since it was his duty on music. He was the one playing the piano signalling the start of the processional. He was glad Zero finally decided to show his face. Then it was Takuma, the best man who entered from the side door. He actually froze and flinched at the sight of Zero before looking worriedly at Kaname who was stepping in through the door he was holding opened. Kaname's reaction was even stranger. When they locked eyes it was like Kaname became someone else and stared at him like they were the only one in the world.

Takuma snapped him out of it though and he returned to normal though he would sneak a peek at Zero once or twice.

Next the bridesmaids and ushers walked in. The first pairs were Senri and Rima. They noticed Zero but said nothing meanwhile the second pairs which were Akatsuki and Ruka showed a little reaction. Ruka was frowning and Akatsuki immediately glanced at Kaname.

Seemed likely so that Takuma and Akatsuki knew something or they had regained their true memories.

Then the maid of honour, Sayori walked in followed by flower girls and lastly it was the bride, Yuki and Cross.

Yuki looked stunning and all eyes were on her even Kaname. As she walked, Zero kept his eyes on her and as soon as she was next to him, Yuki glanced and smirked through the veil. It was not really noticeable but Zero knew she was making fun of him. Yuki also had regained her memory. He needed to be careful now.

Zero then pondered. Many seemed to remember already... but—Zero then shifted his attention to Kaname—is it safe to say Kaname still hadn't received his memory?

The music stopped and Cross came to sit beside him before the minister proceeded. Zero watched carefully. It was too calm... like the calm before a disaster or was it only him being paranoid?

"I do." Yuki said.

Kaname knew he should be happy and smiling genuinely as this was what he had waited for his whole life. The plan he worked so hard towards achieving as long as he could remember but he wasn't happy; the smile he forced out did not reach his eyes. His mind was filled with images of Zero and the hurt expression the boy wore when he left the academy. He glanced once again at the silverette. Zero avoided his gazes again.

The pastor said something, asking the groom to put the ring on the bride but before he could raise his hand, someone burst into the wedding hall.

"Stop, I, Sebastian, from the vampire marriage council cannot allow this marriage ceremony to continue."

The guests started to murmur to one other.

"Oh, shit." Zero uttered carelessly before taking his son hand and carefully tried to sneak away without being noticed since now the attention were on wedding couple and Sebastian.

"Sorry Cross, I need to go. See you later." He whispered, gathering Koori in his arms as he walked away quickly now.

Yuki was glaring at the man who was wearing a fake smile, not shaken upon the presence of two pureblood. The black haired man shifted through his file. "Are you Kuran Kaname?" he asked the groom.

Kaname nodded and the red eyed man continued to smile. "Would you follow me for a minute please? We need to talk." He then turned around to the door but not before calling out to the bride. "The bride, Kuran Yuki too, please follows me."

The two pureblood were confused but followed the tall man out of the chapel. Kaname was telling Takuma to calm the guests before he walked away. He however noticed Zero had disappeared.

"This marriage cannot happen, Kuran-san." Sebastian started as soon as they were alone.

"Why?!" Yuki shrieked causing Kaname to frown as Yuki's loud voice was hurting his ears.

Sebastian wore his work smile. "Well, apparently Kuran Kaname-san is still married to someone else so he cannot marry you, Kuran Yuki-san. The vampire laws do not allow it."

"I'm married?" Kaname asked, dumbfounded. When?!

"What?!" Yuki exclaimed before twitching as if remembering something, her gaze darkened.

She cursed. "Can't be…"

Kaname raised an eyebrow. Did Yuki know something that he did not? "Can't be what, Yuki?"

Yuki looked like she was caught red handed but chose to stay quiet about it.

"Yuki, what is it?" Kaname asked but Yuki stoned out and Kaname had to turn to the wedding officer. "Sebastian-san, who am I married to and when did it happened?"

Sebastian shifted around his file. "It says here you were married 20 years ago with someone named Kiryuu Zero."

Kaname's eyes widened.

Koori watched as they left the chapel. Mommy ran a few meters away before calling a cab to drive them home. It was strange. Why was Mommy in such hurry? They didn't even eat anything yet and Mommy did promise delicious food and cake. Koori started whimpering which somehow snapped Zero out his reverie.

"What's wrong Koori?"

"Koori's hungry~" he whined, sniffing.

Zero suddenly remembered his promise. "I'm so sorry, Koori. I forgot I promised wedding food...and cake."

At the mention of food, Koori's stomach gave out a loud growl, Koori stuck out his lower lips. "Mommy~ hungry~"

"Ok, ok. Mommy is sorry ok." Zero apologized again as he thought. "How about we get some McDonald?" he asked. It was one of Koori's favorite fast food outlets.

Koori beamed and quickly nodded. "Okay~"

Zero smiled in returned and told the driver to stop at the nearby fast food restaurant.

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