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The sound of the harsh wind was the only thing that he was registering at the current moment, with his frozen mind.

"Well, well, well." His deep voice resounded through the cold, sending shivers up his spine, making his stomach drop.

The wind began dying out; finally giving Zero's eyes a chance to focus on the pair of wine coloured orbs staring right back at him in surprise which soon turned into a frown.

"Why do you look like a girl?"

Zero didn't find this offensive but was rather shocked to see the other right in front of him, in his office no less.


Kaname blinked. 'Ok… that was not what I expected… I thought he would be more aggressive…'

"What the fuck are you doing here, you stupid pureblood?! You broke my window!"

'Or something like…'

'Click' Zero holding up his Bloody Rose, pointing at him.

"I can see that you have lost some of those already diminishing brain cells you claimed to have had over the years… I'm not a girl, you damn bloodsucker!"

Throughout his rant, Kaname ignored the words, only in wonder as he had not expected the other to say his name, his first name at that. It threw him off and he stood there not having the ability in that moment to form a sentence.

He watched Zero move forward, towards him and bring a hand to his cheek.

His hand was warm and soft.

Kaname gazed at the hand still caressing his cheek to the gentle, searching lilac hues of the hand's owner.



'Oh, god... What is this?' Kaname couldn't help but stare in awe at the sight of Zero in front of him.

He was being pulled by Zero himself and his eyes.

Kaname felt himself lean in as if in a trance before snapping out of it and moving his own hands towards Zero's chest.

Zero blinked, unexpectedly.

"Flat." He said monotonously as he groped Zero's chest, rubbing and pinching which earned him a smack from the hunter who then scrambled away from the pureblood.

"What the—You pervert!" Zero shouted as he blushed.

Kaname chuckled. 'That's more like it."

"You sicko. After not seeing each other for so long, this is the first thing you do; checking if I have breasts?!"

"Well you look like a girl right now." Kaname commented while asking himself the same question. Why? Because if you could see Zero now—besides his already feminine face—he has long, flowing hair, wearing normal clothes which looked so feminine and…

'He smells like a female. That's weird.'

"Argh! Enough. Why are you here?" he exclaims before a thought flickered through his head, making his expression darken and the appearance of his gun. Pulling a dark sneer on his face, Zero cocked the gun at Kaname before clicking the safety off.

"I heard you got married to Yuki yesterday. Congratulation, though I really want to kill you right now so that you won't taint her any more than you already have."

"Are you still hung up on that idea? Please Zero, Yuki is an adult. She is not going to be innocent forever."

Zero's aura grew darker. "That's disgusting. Don't make me imagine how your first night went ok."

"I'm not." Kaname went on, sitting in one of the seat provided in the room. "Anyway, put down your weapon. I'm here on a business." He said calmly before turning to the secretary who was still in the room, terrified and in awe. "Also miss, you can be excuse."

The secretary glanced at Zero and when Zero nodded at her, she left, leaving the two men alone. Zero took his seat, putting his gun away.

"What business do you have with me?"

Kaname stayed silent for a moment, observing Zero. "Yuki and I aren't married yet. There is some complication."

Zero flinched. "What kind of complication?"

"One in which you and I were married and still are as of present." Kaname spoke hesitantly. He knew he sounded ridiculous and was now preparing himself for Zero's laughter and scorn. Even he couldn't be sure what Sebastian said at him was true at first but after seeing the paperwork, he knew it was genuine.

But the thing was, Zero didn't laugh.



"Hi there."

Koori looked up at the green eyed person leaning on his desk. It was recess time and they all had their meals prepared by the school. It was a new thing for Koori so he silently enjoyed it though the food was not to his taste.


"So, I'm Takeru, the class monitor. You're Kiryuu Koori, right? Can I call you Koori?"

Koori nodded.

"Thanks. You can call me Takeru. Anyway the teacher asked me to show you around school. Are you finished with your lunch?"

Again Koori nodded and the other pulled him up. "Come on then."

However before they could leave the classroom, a group of girls stopped them.

"Takeru, where are you taking Kiryuu-kun to?" one of the girls asked.

"Showing him around school… why do you ask?"

His question was ignored however as the girls suddenly squealed. "Can we come too?"

Takeru laughed dryly, already knowing why the girls were acting so excited. He turned to Koori who seemed unaffected by it.

"Well the more, the merrier"

And with that the girls squealed again before fighting for the spot to walk beside Koori. Takeru could only sigh, not noticing some of the boys glared in envy at them.

Kaname returned to his hotel room where Takuma was already present, setting the room to Kaname's liking.

"Welcome back, Kaname. So how did it go?" Takuma asked as he piled up some paperwork. Although Kaname was off for personal reasons, work still had to be a priority. Work had been postponed for the wedding. Kaname was supposed to tend to it after the wedding and finish the work immediately so he could go on his honeymoon with Yuki but that was not happening now.

Kaname pulled his tie down and undid his top button as he sat down on one side of the couch in the room. "Zero had a gender transplant." He mumbled, tiredly.

Takuma's eyes bulged. "What?!"

"Kidding. It just that he looks different. He has long hair now."

"Oh…" Takuma's heart seemed to calm down from the little shock. He then resumed the topic he was eager to know. "Then… how did Zero take it?" Takuma would imagine Zero to be angry and throw a fit, especially when he found out he was married to the Kaname. Zero would definitely sign the divorce papers in matter of seconds. 'Although, it would be more interesting if he doesn't. Because then, Kaname won't have to suffer being with Yuki for some time.'

Takuma really disliked Yuki's behaviour as of late especially as she was causing Kaname unhappiness.

"Well, he knows now and he took the divorce application paper but he hasn't signed it yet."

Kaname's statement snapped Takuma out of his musing and somehow was surprised and happy that Zero didn't sign the paper right away. "Why? I thought it would be easy since he hated you."

"I thought so too but…"

"You don't seem surprised by this. Do you by any means know about this?" Kaname asked from the lack of reaction from Zero.

Zero leaned back in his chair and intertwined his fingers together on top of his stomach and crossed his leg on top of the other. "I'm not because this is a sick joke. Very funny, Kuran. Ha. Ha."

"I'm very serious right now, Kiryuu. We are both married to each other and here is the proof." Kaname exclaimed as he pulled out some paperwork and handed them to Zero.

Zero skimmed through it before raising an eyebrow and setting the paperwork back on the desk.

"So, what do you want to do?"

Zero was taking it so calmly, knocking Kaname off balance. "Since I can't get married because I'm still married to you, I would like to ask you to sign the divorce papers." Kaname then proceed to place a divorce application paper on the desk.

Again Zero took it to read over it but put it down a second later.

"I won't sign it."


"Why?" strangely Kaname too was talking in calm tone.

"Because you won't get to get marry otherwise."

"Wh—a?!" Kaname clamped up. "Oh… I get it… Very smart Kiryuu."

Zero smirked.

"Of course."

Afterwards he left Zero's office.

Zero still had the divorce papers with him while Kaname just went back to his hotel room, strangely glad that Zero didn't sign it right away.

"… He still doesn't approve of Yuki together with me. He knows if he signs the paper, I'm single again and therefore get to marry Yuki."

"Oh… I see…" Takuma mumbled to silent. "But…Yuki-sama hates him now."

Kaname nodded. "Yeah… so don't tell Yuki yet. I'll handle this."

Zero slumped on his bed face first right away upon arriving home from work. It had been a long tiring day at work and right now what Zero really wanted was some rest and a good long nap. But he couldn't really do that as he still needed to prepare dinner and pick up Koori at the elementary school, then go back to work for the night shift.

"Urghh… why does a president need to work so many hours? Now I know why all the presidents from before liked to take off. There's too much paperwork to be done." Zero whined to himself.

"You know… if you're so tired, you can sleep. I'll wake you when it's dinner time. I can also make dinner and pick Koori up from school."

Zero got up from bed and glanced back to see his brother leaning against the door frame while looking in concern at him. Pulling his legs up so he would be sitting up on the bed, Zero waved at Ichiru. "There's no need for you to do that. Your cooking sucks and I promised Koori I would pick him up today."

"Hey!" Ichiru protested at Zero's comment on his cooking. "I'm getting good at it… the food is not crisp burnt this time."

Zero went back to lie on the bed in attempt to ignore his brother. "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say." Zero mumbled. Although Ichiru's cooking was no longer crispy black, it was still badly burned and sometimes undercooked.

Just remembering the taste made him gag.

Silence lingered between them but Ichiru was still at the door, leaning against it, showing no signs of wanting to leave. Zero glanced at him and noticed the watching eyes.

"What is it?" he asked.

Ichiru opened his mouth but closed it back a second later. It went like that for a moment and Zero begun to think his brother wouldn't say anything any time soon.

But he was wrong, apparently.

"I heard… Kuran came to your office."

Zero looked away, straight at the wall. "Yeah. He did and I assume you already knew the reason too."

"Yes…" he paused. "Hey, why don't you just tell him the truth?"

Zero turned and pulled his pillow so he would cover his ears. "Urghh! Not you too Ichiru. You know why and even if I told him, there's no way he would believe me since he had no recollection of what happened in the past."

"But still…"

"No! I'm going to sleep. Wake me up in half an hour." Zero retorted and pulled the blanket over his head indicating that the conversation was over.

Ichiru sighed and left the room.

Finally finished with signing the last of the paperwork for today Kaname placed his pen down and leaned back into his chair. He stretched around to loosen his muscles before he stared off in a daze.

'Knock, Knock'

Kaname glanced at the door before granting his visitor an entrance. "Come in."

Wild orange hair came into Kaname's sight and Akatsuki closed the door behind him. Silently he walked up to Kaname's desk.

"So, what did you gather?"

Akatsuki put down a thin brown document on the desk. "Not much actually since Kiryuu is really a private person. But I managed to pry some information from someone who knew him personally."

Kaname glanced at the tall noble. Akatsuki seemed uncomfortable telling the identity of the informer. It must have something to do with Aidou.

Kaname took the document and flipped it over. There was a lot of pictures of Zero and strangely Zero's dead twin. Truth was Kaname didn't remember much after Shizuka's death. It was as if someone had erased his memory. He didn't even remember when Zero left the school and how Rido died. Also why he was asleep for a year?

The sleep must have erased some of his memory for some reason. But what was the trigger? Kaname winced when he felt a headache coming up. That can't be good. He shouldn't dwell any deeper now.

He put the document down and massaged his temple.

"Are you ok, Kaname-sama?"

Kaname nodded. "Anyway, go on. Tell me your finding."

"Alright. As you already know, after leaving the academy when Kuran Rido died, Kiryuu went to China. The motive is still a mystery but a few months later he came back to Cross city and took residence of his old house."

"His parents' house?"

"Yes and he still lives there with his twin brother who was supposed to have died in the war with Rido but somehow alive now. However they moved a lot too according to Kiryuu's hunter missions though his parents' house was their main one. Then a few years later Kiryuu seemed to be fallen into debt which was left by their late Uncle, Kiryuu Masato."

"I didn't know they still had relatives."

"Apparently they have and he was one troublesome one. He gambled and borrowed a lot too. Also he made the older twin his benefactor. Anyway, since the Kiryuu had a lot of debt, they work really hard to earn money and about a few years ago, Kir—Zero went abroad with a child."

"A child?"

"Yes. He's Kiryuu Zero's son."

Kaname flinched. "Zero's son?!"


Koori looked up towards the sound of bell indicating the end of school period. Feeling bubbly inside, he quickly closed his book and packed his things. The monitor stood up and the other followed. They bowed to the teacher, saying thank you and good bye before permitted to go home.

Koori was the last to leave with Takeru and of course some girls were trailing after them too.

"Hey, Koori. What do you want to do after school?" Takeru asked. "Do you want to come with us to play at the playground? It would be fun." While the girls urged. "Yeah, Koori-kun. Come with us."

"I can't today…" At the answer, both Takeru and the girls sighed dejectedly. "But maybe tomorrow I can." He told with a smile which brightened the others' mood. The girls blushed, squealing silently while Takeru chirped.

"Ok." They laughed and chat as they head out of the school and upon arriving at the gate, someone waved at Koori.

"Koori." he called.

Koori waved back, energetically while the other started whispering to each other.

"Who's that?"

"She's so beautiful."

"She knows Koori."

The girls were chatting with one another, awed by the beauty of Koori's visitor and Takeru was the one who voiced out his curiosity.

"Who is that Koori?" he nudged at his new friend.

Koori smiled. "My mom." He turned to his new friends. "Alright then, I'll be going. Bye." He said and left, waving at his friends.

"Mommy!" Koori called and ran to hug his mom.

There was a reason why Zero grew his hair and the reason was his son. Koori had a bad time changing a habit and his habit as was concern in this matter was the fact he called Zero, mom. Zero didn't mind though because it true but the society didn't approve of it and because of it, there was one time Koori was bullied and called weird.

So since Koori couldn't change his habit, Zero took it in himself to look more like a feminine mother. He didn't have to change much since he was a bit feminine from the beginning; not that he would admit it.

He grew his hair and learned more polite speech and he changed his fashion style too. It was easy and many were fooled so now Zero doesn't have to worry about Koori when the child called him 'mommy' in public.

Zero kneeled down and hugged Koori back, hard. He sighed in content. Koori's smile always put his mind to ease and Zero always liked to bask himself in Koori's presence after a long day at work. Koori just calmed him and he loved Koori too much to ignore the boy.

"Mommy, I—I can't breathe." Koori whined and Zero let go.

He chuckled and patted Koori's head. "Sorry, buddy." He said and got up. He took Koori's hand and led them home.


Kaname dismissed Akatsuki and leaned back into his chair, propping one arm on the armrest and used his finger to probe at his temple. He threw the information document on the desk and glowed.

"A son… huh…"

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