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"It says here you were married 20 years ago with someone named Kiryuu Zero."

The instant Kaname heard the sentence, his mind when blank. In the background he could hear Yuki screeched and cursed as she ran into the chapel screaming Zero's name. But Kaname knew Zero was already long gone. She won't find him in there.

Kaname glanced to his right. There. Zero's scent is stronger but it's getting fainter.

"Hey, the copy of the certificate, do you have it?" Kaname asked, holding his hand out but not looking at Sebastian.

The officer smiled. "Yes, of course," he replied before giving out the copy.

Kaname looked it over. "This is hard to believe. Are you sure?"

Sebastian nodded. "Yes, I'm sure. I'm sorry, Kuran-san. This wedding can't go on either by vampire or human law."

After two hours of attending to the guests and seeing them off, it was finally calm and quiet. The group was gathering in the garden where the reception was supposed to be held. They were all tired and confused and were waiting for some explanation.

Yuki was sitting by the bar, changed into a simple dress and was drinking till she dropped. No one bothered her and just let her sulked, however as soon as she fell asleep, Cross and Sayori tucked her in bed in her room.

Meanwhile Kaname was nowhere in sight after he left with Sebastian to settle something. He left without saying anything so Takuma had to make up excuse to tell the guests without much question being asked, saying that there was some mixed up with the paperwork. Now he's lying exhausted on a fluffy bench with Senri and Rima attending to him.

As for the other trio; Aidou, Akatsuki and Ruka, they were by the table. Aidou staring in space, wondering what had happened; Akatsuki was fiddling with his cell phone while Ruka was playing with her hair and stealing glance at Akatsuki.

"Akatsuki, you know something right? Spill it." Ruka suddenly spoke as she eyed the wild hair noble with sharp gazes.

"How many times have I told you Ruka, no, I don't know a thing."

"Stop lying! You weren't even surprise when the wedding was cancelled." Ruka stood up, slamming the table. Luckily it didn't break though with all the strength she put in.

"Calm down Ruka. If Akatsuki said he didn't know, he didn't know." Aidou interrupted. Ruka glared at him but Aidou sighed. "Besides, it's not you all didn't know. You all just forgot about it."

Aidou's words snapped Takuma up from his lying position. His wide eyed turned to the blonde. "You remembered Hanabusa-kun?" he asked, astonished. Akatsuki was looking at him and Takuma the same way too.

"Don't tell me, you two too?" Akatsuki mumbled.

Ruka raised an eyebrow, confused while Senri and Rima looked at each, titling their head in confusion too.

"What? What are you guys talking about?" Ruka question.

"Akatsuki-kun too?" Takuma suddenly seemed relief. "Oh, gosh! I'm so glad I'm not crazy."

"Me too."

"You guys?" Ruka called.

Aidou then stood. "Actually as long as you have the desire to remember, you'll remember. That is how the spell worked."


"You mean someone did this to us?"


Then Takuma realized something that had been bugging him since just now. "Bloody hell!" Takuma screamed. "Then if it was like that, the reason this wedding is cancelled is because of that right?"

"I could only think the reason was that too."

"Yeah, me too." Aidou agreed. They exchange a nod towards each other.

Meanwhile for Ruka she was boiling inside from being ignored. Senri and Rima also seemed irritated at being left out.


"Explain to—"

"—Us too."

The three who knew turned to the trio who was still in the dark. "It's because Kaname-sama is married to Zero!"


That was what they concluded and it was proven right when their pureblood prince returned and told them. The trio however decided to stay silent until they knew more about the spell since Kaname also had his memory sealed.

The wedding was postponed as expected.

Kaname and Yuki returned to their house and Kaname had locked himself in his room.

Hours later, Yuki went to see how Kaname was doing and she was surprised to see Kaname was packing some clothes into a bag.

"Where are you going?" Yuki asked.

Kaname continued to pack. "I'm going to look for Zero."

Yuki flinched. "Why?!"

Kaname noticed the uneasiness in Yuki's voice and was therefore suspicious of her. What was Yuki so afraid of? It was just Zero.

"I'm asking for divorce of course. Why? You don't want that?" He asked Yuki, looking straight at her now. He had overlooked her strange behavior before because he thought it was not that important. Because he thought it may just be that she was influenced by her blood but she reeked too much of secret. And it seemed it scared her if he found out what it was.

She was fidgeting.

Hearing this finally calmed her, her fidgeting coming to an end. "Oh…" then she smiled. "Can I come too?" she asked.

Kaname went back to packing though he was a bit curious as to why Yuki was acting strangely to his decision to find Zero. Kaname knew Yuki hated her adopted brother but why? It was so sudden. She also didn't like anyone talking about Zero whether it was in front of her or behind her back.

Zero had become a forbidden subject.

But why?

Didn't she once love him so dearly?

"No, you can't. I don't want you seeing him." 'What you would do if you see him again with the hatred you hold towards him'.

Kaname paused in his movement. That didn't sound right. He closed his bag and turned to Yuki, caressing her cheek and hair. "I'm worried that Zero might steal you away from me." he then kissed Yuki's temple.

Yuki blushed while Kaname walked past her with his bag. "I doubt that." Yuki mumbled and although Kaname heard it, he decided to ignore it.

"Well I will call you when I find him." Kaname said, walking through the corridor to the front door while Yuki followed behind.

"Where are you going to start searching for him?" Yuki inquired.

Kaname opened the front door and stepped out into the dawn light.

"Well… I'll search for him at the Vampire Hunter's Headquarters first of course as he is the current president." Kaname said with a smile before getting into his car and leaving.

Yuki watched as the car disappeared from her vision before her eyes turned cold.

"Seiren." she called and the ninja liked women appeared at her side, bowing.

"Yes, princess-sama?"

She turned and gave the short hair women a bottle full of blood pills.

"Make sure Kaname never missed his dose." she said and left into the house.

Seiren pocketed it away. "Yes, my lady." she said and disappeared again.

A few days had passed since the disastrous wedding and now it was postponed. The group went back to their normal life and when the line was clear, Aidou phoned Zero. It didn't take long for someone at home to pick it up.

"Hello, Kiryuu's resident."

"Hello, this is Hanabusa. Is Zero around?" he asked since Zero and Ichiru had the same voice. he couldn't figure out who it was.

"Yeah, it's me, Hanabusa. What's up? It's like 3 am in the morning." Aidou could hear the tiredness from Zero's voice. That was unusual. Usually whatever the time Aidou called him, the hunter would be wide awake or grumpy. Today he just sounded exhausted.

"You sounded out of it? Busy?" he asked.

Zero nodded but then remembered he was on the phone. "Yeah, Koori started his training as hunter today. He is how do I say this... hmm... bewildered to find out he was a vampire." he sighed.

"Hahaha, don't he find it weird he had power and keener senses than other children?"

"Apparently not, since the adult around him like you for instant has the same power as him."

"Then how about the level E? He encountered them a few times now and deal with them."

Zero sighed. "He thought they were drug-addicted."

Aidou laughed. "Oh man, that kid of yours..."

Then the line went silent and Aidou thought it was a good idea to change the subject. "Anyway, I'm not going to take long but why did you run off?" Aidou thought since it was Zero himself said he wanted to see Kaname again, he would stay until the reception and if was impulse enough, he would strike a conversation with the pureblood but he bailed right away when he had a chance. Or if he was crazy enough, he would stop the wedding. Aidou was hoping Zero did the latter. He was already sweating like a pig when the minister said the couple should exchange rings.

Zero changed his posture, tilting his head. "I thought it was a good time to do so."

"Hm... so..." Aidou dwelled. "Did you know you were still tied to Kaname-sama through the law at that time?" Is that why Zero was so calm? Did he knew it was going to end like this somehow?

"I didn't... sort off..." Zero paused. "I didn't know we have to sign some document to get divorce. If I knew I should have done it already before going to the wedding... wait does vampire marriage have the same procedure?"

Aidou shrugged. "I don't really know. It's depend on what type of marriage you are in. The human way or vampire. If it's the human way, yes you can easily get a divorce but for vampire... if you're already bonded, it's not possible, even with your power. If you did, both of you going to die."

Aidou's words rang in his head again and again. Zero heaved a big sighed. "That's troublesome. We're bonded and I'm his wife in both papers."

Aidou beamed. "Congratulation then." he said sarcastically.


Aidou waved his hand. "Don't worry, I think he already knew there's no way out of the marriage with you. The least Kaname-sama going to do right now is asked you to sign the human divorce paper and asked your permission to take a mistress."

"What that could possibly do?" Zero was confused. He didn't know much about the vampire's culture.

"Well, I think Kaname-sama is going to manipulate Yuki's identity as his sister and made it possible for him to marry her in human way. And in vampire culture, purebloods can have as many mistresses he wanted as long they have their spouse's permission."


"But that's only my speculation. I don't know what Kaname-sama decided to do. He's on his way to you now. He's searching for you... so..." Aidou trailed off.

And Zero caught on what his blond friend was trying to say. "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere."

Aidou smiled and Zero could hear his giddiness. "Good. Oh, by the way, did you know Akatsuki and Takuma already have their memories?"

"Yeah... I kind of figured it out when I saw them at the wedding."

"Yeah and get this, Akatsuki knew way before I did. He said he saw you and Kaname-sama on a date and since then been receiving a lot of weird vision. He thought he was crazy though. Ichijou too."



And the conversation went on for hours and by the time they ended it, it was already time for Zero to make breakfast. Ichiru to go to work and Koori to go training. (for now Koori aren't going to elementary school) But before Aidou ended his call, there was something weird he told Zero. "Also Zero, there something wrong with Kaname-sama recently, even Yuki-sama is worried. Be careful." he said and the line went dead.

Zero could only raise an eyebrow at the confusing message.

After a long hour of car ride, Kaname finally arrived at his vacation house with Takuma and Seiren. Kain had arrived earlier but since he had work to do somewhere else, he was not with them at the house.

Kaname exited the car and stood in front of the house or should he said castle, staring at it. The beauty of the Victorian style castle struck him but somehow he felt a lump in his throat and a sting at the back of his eyes.


He couldn't tear his eyes away.

Kaname was actually surprised to find he had a property near the Kiryuu property and it was actually the main Kuran manor before Rido left the house. The house actually belong to the first Kuran but for someone who actually the said Kuran, Kaname couldn't remember even owning the castle.

Kaname stared some more at the building before casting his weird feeling away and entered the house. Upon entering, a dozen of maids greeted him and bowed as he past. They probably the helps Takuma hired to clean the castle upon his arrival. The castle was after all left abandoned for years and it was collecting a lot of dusts over the years.

Takuma took him to his room and left soon after to straighten up something. Kaname looked around the room. Yup, he couldn't remember anything or the fact ever coming over to this castle.

Heading to the bed, Kaname flopped down and rest his body. The ride here was long and his body had begun aching all over.

He needed rest. Kaname closed his eyes and put his arm over his eyes. Slowly, sleep claimed him.


Immediately Kaname's eyes popped open, a pair of big lilac orbs were peering into his. Kaname riled up from the bed and looked at the floating boy. It was a child of age 10. He was laughing at Kaname's reaction.

"Wakey, wakey, Kana-san." he said, smiling as he landed on the edge of the bed.

Kaname's face slowly return to expressionless. This... is something that started bugging him for the last six years. The boy who had the same pair of lilac orbs as Zero, the same silver hair as Zero and the same face of a young Zero had been haunting him to the point of madness. Literally.

He one day showed up out of nowhere after Koori was returned to his mom and called himself Kuran Zero. He said he was a ghost of his past and his only purpose was to guide him. But his existence only proved Kaname was at a brick of insanity.

He was an illusion his mind made up. Just like his beast who was trying to pull him into the darkness by influencing him to kill everyone, to drink their blood. But unlike his beast, Zero was more comfortable to be with but it was only because the kid was not whispering evil words every second of his life like his beast.

However like his beast, the more the child appeared, the thirstier he got for blood.

"Zero..." the pureblood breathed out. He didn't know where and how the boy ended up here but he been always here, at his side, never leaving him alone, whispering words of unknown origin. "You finally show up again." this little kid was actually against his marriage to Yuki and was sulking by disappearing from Kaname's sight but Kaname knew, even if he couldn't see the boy, he could still feel him lurking around, watching.

"It's your fault, I told you I don't like her, right? Why are you marrying her. She always told you I'm just your imagination. If you two get marry, then she'll be with you 24/7 to remind you I'm not real." he said, pouting. It was cute but Kaname never wanted to touch him, even though he wanted to. He was afraid if Zero was going to disappear like an illusion he was. Yes, what Yuki said might be true.

"We didn't but I know you already knew. Happy now?" Kaname sighed as he went back to lay down.

The boy float over him. "Yeah." he smiled. "I love you, Kana-san." he said, still smiling. And Kaname noticed how much love the child's eyes were filled with. Kaname's eyes grew darker.

Kaname rolled over to the opposite of the child and tried to ignore his presence. Inside he noticed his growing thirst. "Yeah, yeah, I heard that a million of time so now go away. I don't feel like dealing with you."

The pureblood said and the child just rolled his eyes. Yeah, right. He then landed on the floor, his back towards Kaname. "You know..." he mumbled. "You can find some clues in this house for some explanation of your marriage to that certain hunter."

Zero never referred the real Zero by the name and instead referred him as the hunter. That Kaname found a little bit questionable. He turned to the boy but he couldn't see his face. "What do you mean?"

He turned and smirked. "You'll understand when you find it." he said, winking. "I think I said enough, bye for now Kana-san." He waved ,chuckling and disappeared.

Kaname reached forward. "Wait!" I still have some question for you. He wanted to say but the boy didn't return while the door was opened and stood there Seiren.

"Kaname-sama, it's time for your drinks." she said, hand balancing a tray of red blood wine infused with blood pills. Were you talking to yourself again? She seemed wanted to ask but she knew better than to do that. She kept quit and waited at the doorway for Kaname to give her permission to enter.

Seiren worked for Yuki mostly now since Kaname gave her to her to be her bodyguard but instead she made Seiren watched over Kaname's health. She been appointed to bring a glass of wine diffused with blood pills for a period of time by Yuki and she was told to report to Yuki if Kaname didn't take his 'medicine'.

Kaname reckoned her to enter. He looked at her then to the drinks. He didn't want to drink. It tasted awful. But if he didn't, he won't remember a thing in the next thirty minutes only to be snapped into reality with his limps tied to something solid and his throat filled with blood pills. Then he would see Yuki by his side, exhausted with a few claws like injury. His surrounding wasn't spare either since it looked like someone had bombed the room. That what was happened last time he blanked out.

Yuki said he lost control over his blood lust or sometimes just his temper. it had been occurring everyday for at least 3 or 4 times a day. She said it was like he was someone else and it scared her. Yuki had Dr Shou checked on his health and since then it was a must for him to take blood pills regularly. Also the one knowing his condition was Yuki, Seiren, Takuma, Kain and the doctor.

Now that he thought about it the condition started six years ago and little Zero also appeared six years ago. Are they connected? If so how? Why?

Kaname took the wine silently. He watched as the wine rippled before seeing his reflection in it. He tilted the glass back and swallowed the wine.

"Koori, hurry up. We're leaving~" Zero called out from the entrance. Both Zero and Koori are now heading to the hunter headquarter. Zero is heading to his office while Koori is going to meet up with Kaito, his sensei for the day. Meanwhile as for Ichiru, he's driving them there before heading to the company he's working.

"Yes, coming~" Koori answered as he came down the stairs with his backpack. He passed the entrance way and Zero locked the door behind him before entering the car with Koori.

"Did you forgot anything?" Ichiru asked for precaution. He didn't want to have to turn back the car when they are already far away.

"Nope." Zero answered while Koori shook his head at the back.

"Okay." the younger twin said and drove away.

As he was driving, the radio's music accompanied them that morning. Koori sat quietly, listening while staring at the scenery outside the window while Zero fiddled with his cell phone. Right then, Ichiru felt like wanting to start a conversation.



"While you were sleeping yesterday, Shou-sensei came."

"Oh... what did he want?" His attention now shifted towards his brother.

"Well he said he need to tell you something. I told him I could pass the message but he said it's hard to explain. So he left after having tea and checking on Koori."

Shou sensei worked for the Kuran family but sometimes he did part times at the hunter-association. Since he's a human with strong vampire characteristic like Cross, he could blend in at both place.

"It's his shift this week. I'll go see him when I'm free." Zero replied.

"Ok... also, Maria-chan's coming over this week with some friends." Ichiru told, smiling,

Zero made note of the happy grin. So, Ichiru's girlfriend coming over. That would be interesting. "Which friend?" he asked. Maria always came over and sometimes she brought friends to introduce to her future husband. She didn't have many friends but if she found one, she liked to shared with everyone she held close.

"I don't know but she said we already knew them from Cross Academy. There's three of them; two girls and one boy."

"Maria didn't tell?" Zero asked.

"Yeah, she said since we already know them, she wants us to keep guessing until we see them." Like Ichiru, Maria too like games.

"Ok, I'll prepare the guestrooms when I get back."

"Thanks, but if I get back first, I'll do it." They went to work together but because Zero had irregular work period, he had his secretary drive him home. Zero had driving licence but they only had one car. Ichiru worked further away so he needed the transportation.

"Okay..." Just then Ichiru pulled over near the headquarter. "We're here. Koori come on." he said as they got out. "Be careful today too, Ichiru. Work hard." he said and his brother said the same to him and drove away.

Zero took Koori's hand and guided him in where he knew Kaito was waiting. After leaving the child in the brwon eyes adult's care, Zero left to his office. Koori seemed happy enough to be with Kaito. Seemed like they hadn't bee bickering lately. That's good though it's only temporary. Zero knew Kaito would never grew out of his bullying habit.

Kaname tilted his head up at the hunter headquarters, staring at it absent-mindedly.

Zero is here?

Like at the wedding, he couldn't detect the hunter's presence but he knew he was somewhere in the building. His instincts told him so and he knew they were always right.

However he was a bit puzzled. Why couldn't he feel the silver haired hunter's presence? He knew he was near. Heck, even his informer had just told him Zero had just entered the building five minutes ago. Just like at the chapel, although Zero was in front of him, he could hardly believed his eyes. His gaze kept flicking towards the hunter just so he could make sure Zero was still there. He didn't want the hunter to pull the disappearing stunt again.

"He's in there, Kana-san." Little Zero whispered in his ear before Akatsuki appeared at his side with a bored expression.

"He's wearing a charm, Leader. That's why you can't trace his aura."

Kaname didn't spare the orange haired noble a glance as his eyes glued to a certain window on the top floor of the building. His usual irritation towards the noble when the said noble called him 'leader' like a mob boss didn't even surface as he was too distracted by the pull he felt towards a certain area of the building.

'Zero's there…'

Zero suddenly found himself frozen and stopped writing. The pen in his hand slowly fell onto the desk and rolled over the paper. He blinked and looked back at his window into the blue sky. It was a lovely scene but that was not why he was looking.


His secretary's voice was drowned out into the background as he could only hear his own heart beat now. He stood up and turning to the window, he looked down. He saw the pureblood and he was looking back at him.

'I wonder how should I greet him?'

While pondering, Zero's hand traced over the window before he made it disappeared and abruptly jumped off. His secretary screamed but it soon died out as he got lower. Kaname was still looking at him, their eyes boring into each other.

Kaname watched as Zero fell down, towards him and the hunter brought a hand to his cheek. Somehow at that time, it was like the time was moving in a slow motion, silent, even the air resistance's sound disappeared from Zero's ears.

His hand was warm and soft.

Kaname gazed at the hand still caressing his cheek to the gentle, searching lilac hues of the hand's owner.

'You don't look so good.' his eyes seemed to say.


But as soon Zero's body came in contact with his body, the time seemed to move forward again and the hunter came crushing into him. Zero didn't even hesitate to use him as a cushion for his fall and that was not all, when Kaname was less expecting it, Zero pulled out his Bloody Rose and pointed it under his jaws. All the warmness in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by coldness.

"Took you long enough." he purred. "I was getting bored of waiting."

The hunter was excited. Kaname noticed but only for blood.

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