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'Oh, god... What is this?' Kaname couldn't help but stare in awe at the sight of Zero in front of him.

He was being pulled in by Zero himself and his eyes.

Kaname felt himself lean in as if in a trance before the hunter came crushing into him. Zero didn't even hesitate to use him as a cushion for his fall and that was not all, when Kaname was less expecting it, Zero pulled out his Bloody Rose and pointed it under his jaws. All the warmness in his eyes disappeared and was replaced by coldness.

"Took you long enough." he purred. "I was getting bored of waiting."

The hunter was excited. Kaname noticed but only for blood.

Kaname couldn't help but responded to it because if he didn't that would be weird and he didn't want Zero to distance himself before he got the chance to do anything. "That was awful nice of you, Zero, waiting for me." he smirked. "Was it that lonely without me around?"

Zero twitched, clearly he had angered him in some way. "Not so much when I blow your head off."

Kaname chuckled, Zero's reaction was as expected. "You're rude as ever Zero."

"And who give you the permission to call my first name?" he scoffed.

Who exactly did? Kaname was not so sure. He guarantee he called Zero; Kiryuu any other day except in his dream and thought since a few years ago. It was actually more natural to call the hunter Zero rather than Kiryuu but he couldn't say that, could he?

Kaname sat up- ignoring the burn the gun caused him when coming in contact with his skin-bringing along Zero up with him too since the hunter was literally sitting on him. Zero was now sitting in the pureblood's laps and apparently the hunter was oblivious towards the fact because if he didn't, he won't be there still glaring at him.

"The paper did, my dear wife." Kaname smirked. He added the wife title just to rile the hunter and it did. Something akin to baffle crossed his eyes and he shivered. "You!" he then clamped up. He pulled the gun away, finally and put it back into it handler. "… if that the case... Kaname, how was the wedding? Did you run into... some problem?" he asked trying to mock the pureblood, wondering if the fail wedding left a bruise in his pride or image.

Kaname knew what Zero was getting at. "I did. You were there, you should know..." Kaname's eyes narrowed. It was embarrassing when the wedding was stop in the middle of it. It should have ran smoothly but it didn't. It put a mark in his perfect pureblood's image and a big loss since he spent a lot of money in preparing a perfect wedding for Yuki. "How long have you known about it?" Kaname asked indicating about their marriage status because if the hunter knew all along, he should has said something and spared him from being the center of gossip in vampire community.

"Not long enough to plan anything." he said, indifferently. Zero's tone made it hard for Kaname to determine whether the hunter was saying the truth or not and the atmosphere suddenly change when he said it. It felt more like a business discussion now.

Zero stood up and brushed off the dust accumulated on him from the fall before offering a hand towards him. Kaname took the hand without much thought but mostly it was because he was a bit startled that Zero would offered him a hand; and Zero pulled him up. "Let's go for a walk." he suggested so casually, already walking away. The pureblood didn't say much but he followed the hunter, walking away from the hunter headquarter.

As they disappeared from sight, Akatsuki sighed. "Fine, forget about me. I'm invisible anyway." he sulked and decided to stay in the car.

Back at the castle, Takuma was in the attic when Seiren appeared by his side. "Ichijou-san, do you know where Kaname-sama is? I can't find him." her voice was so stoic and sudden, it's scared the shit out of Takuma when spoken so near to his ear.

Takuma flinched and tripped backward thus falling into a couple of boxes and trunks. He didn't heard her coming that's for sure and he really didn't appreciated it the girl sneaked up on him when he's doing the sneak made him guilty for snooping around the castle. His hand grabbed his chest, his and tried to calm his heart. "Seiren-chan?!" he exclaimed. "Where did you come from? I didn't hear you." He asked, frantically in hope she was not aware that he was doing something behind the princess's back.

Seiren's expression didn't change as she helped the blonde up. "I'm sorry. I thought you felt my presence..." she apologized. It sounded guanine enough.

"Right..." Takuma reassured her as he straightened his clothes. "So what was it you wanted to ask?"

"Yes... do you know where Kaname-sama is?" Worry slipped past her eyes. "It's time for his medicine." Seiren told and Takuma finally was aware or the situation. He scratched his head. "Have you checked his room?"

"I did but he was not there. I tried to feel his presence around the house but he's not around. Did he say anything about going out?"

Takuma thought for awhile and remembered something. "Ah... he said he's going out with Akatsuki-kun somewhere, saying it got something to do with Zero-kun's whereabouts."

"Where is that?" Seiren asked, ready to bolt.

"The hunter headquarter maybe." Takuma replied carelessly and the girl disappeared in a blink of eyes.

Takuma stared at the spot she was standing just now and puffed. She really took her duty seriously, Takuma thought. If she wasn't under Yuki-sama's order right now, she would be perfect for the work Kaname assigned him to do right now. He shrugged as he went back to search for something Kaname asked of him. But it really got him thinking for a minute why didn't Seiren follow Kaname 24/7 like she used to.

"Well... let's not think about that, I need to-" Then Takuma found it. It was like a miracle. It was just lying there beside his foot. The stuff Kaname asked him to search. "Ah! I found it!" he jumped, giggling like little girl.

They reached a park and decided to idle there since it was quiet enough and there's sun really didn't agree with him a near by drinks vending machine, Zero stopped by and fished out some changes. Putting in the coins, Zero's eyes wondered at the choice he had.

"Do you want something?" he offered the pureblood and when Zero saw no recognition in the pureblood, he added. "It's good to have something to drink as we talk." For once Zero sounded polite but really it was just sugar coating his tsundere side. He noticed the pureblood's complexion, it didn't look healthy but he didn't want to show how worry he was.

"Black coffee." the pureblood answered and Zero raised an eyebrow.

"Really? In this heat?" he asked. The day was not that hot for a human since it was spring but for a vampire, it's hot enough for them to get heat stroke. The sun affected the pureblood more than it did to the lower classes of vampire.

Kaname's expression look like he finally notice the heat too and he changed his choice. "Lemon ice tea is fine." he replied and Zero purchased two of gave one to the pureblood and they settled down on the bench with a good distance between them. They didn't say anything and instead enjoyed the coldness of their treat. The short moment of silence felt great with the spring air blowing at them.

"So... How much did you know?" he asked, secretly watching the pureblood, studying him. If his information was right, Kaname knew so little about anything regarding the two of them.

Kaname was leaning in his seat, hands fiddling with his cold treat. His eyes looking down on his hands which was on his legs, finding it so interesting at the time. "Not much... I know we're married and was approved by vampire laws and was only recently verified through the human laws. You're my wife and I am your husband and your legal guardian. I also knew we both shared a bond, that we're mates. It's not noticeable but it's there. Someone worked really hard to make it invisible from my sense." he then looked at Zero. "Was it you?"

Zero wondered if he should avoid answering it because the bond was the reason Kaname went into a deep one year sleep in the first place. "It was necessary."

"For what?"

Zero pondered. How should he phrase it so Kaname would stop asking any further. If it was truth, it would be so he won't gone insane feeling a lost bond because he no longer have the memory during the time they were together in Cross Academy where they completed the then won't Kaname asked why he erased it in the first place? Not to mention there's the seal memory too. "The reason is not import for now..."

Kaname suddenly jolted and it caught Zero's attention when the pureblood glanced to an empty spot, startled. He was looking long for someone only glancing and he was frowning as if he was having a 's inner self started questioning it.

"But I might be lying right now..." he tried baiting Kaname into the conversation again. "What are you planning to do? Where's Yuki? Didn't she come with you?"

The pureblood shifted his gaze to him. His eyes darken in conflict. What could cause that? "Yuki didn't come but I told her I would make you signed the divorce paper." he uttered, lifelessly but there was a sign of irritation. Did Zero hit a sore spot?

"But we can't." Zero retorted. Like Aidou had explained to him, mated vampire can't get a divorce. They are tied to one another to death. Zero doubted Kaname didn't know that. He's too old to not know.

"Yes, I lied to her."

Then it was silent.


He asked followed by a mute moment. Kaname rarely lied to Yuki for all he knew. The pureblood hated the idea of lying to his sister and if possible, he avoided saying the truth by changing the subject or said it in difficult words Yuki won't understand.

"I need to get away from her for awhile." Kaname uttered unexpectedly and Zero gawked at that. He expected the pureblood to explain his outrageous statement but wait as he did, Kaname never uttered another confession afterward.

This lead Zero to invade his personal space and rested his forehead on the pureblood.. "Are you ill, Kaname?" he asked as he checked the said pureblood's temperature. That was the only answer he could think off. If not sick or not in the sane mind, why would Kaname lie to his favorite sister. His temperature was normal unfortunately so that leaved Zero confused. Maybe it's insanity.

Zero mused before suddenly Kaname grabbed his wrist. Startled, Zero snapped his eyes to Kaname's only to get surprise again when he saw nothing but raw desire.

Zero's breath hitched, but the next thing Kaname did was more outrageous when Kaname pulled him forward and claimed his lips. Zero's eyes went wide in shock before slowly he succumbed into the kiss.

Akatsuki quickly hid his big body behind a tree, bringing Seiren with him too. A few minutes ago, the girl suddenly appeared and told it was time for the leader's drinks. He told her that he knew and he brought the medicine with him so there was no need for her to be there but the girl took her job too seriously saying it was her job and she didn't need his help. Akatsuki's sighed but together with her, he showed where the leader and Zero had gone. However upon finding them, he noticed there was something different with the aura around them before without warning, they started kissing.

It shocked both the nobles and by instinct they hid. It was a good things the park had so many tress but what the fuck was that? The hunter was pointing a gun under leader's jaw just earlier, they were prepared to rubble it out but now they are kissing.

Akatsuki couldn't understand any of it and took a peek, hoping in seven hell he would understand if he look at them. They were all over each other, that was a surprise-or not as he remembered the past. He hid again and turned to Seiren who seemed confuse by the development.

"Seiren, you go." Akatsuki sighed. Why was it always him who found out about their intimate session together first?

The girl narrowed her eyes at him. "As if I'm going to be the third wheel. You go." she barked at him, surprisingly the girl seemed uncomfortable. She was not use to this scene . He felt for her.

Akatsuki pondered the idea for a second but shook his head in disapproval. "I rather not. It always didn't end well whenever I disrupt those two." The orange hair noble paled remembering the past where he and Hanabusa would walk in on the married couple. It didn't end well especially with the leader. He was a demon.

Suddenly he heard the bushes beside him rustled and both the nobles snapped their attention to it. Secretly hiding in the bushes were a chestnut colored hair, chocolate eyes young adult with a silverette lilac eyes child.

Akatsuki immediately recognized them as Takamiya Kaito and Kiryuu Koori, Zero's friend and son. He knew because he had been investigating about them since Kaname first met Koori. After the disappearance of the child, Kaname made him investigate about the child. Akatsuki was baffled at first and he thought maybe the pureblood started batting for children. He thought Kaname was a pedophile but when he saw the child's face, he understood. The child possessed the unique silver hair and a pair of lilac orbs that only Kiryuu would possessed. So he thought it may lead to the one they had been searching for much longer, Kiryuu Zero.

But the search for the child came to a dead end. It was like the child didn't exist and Akatsuki thought he should give up the search and focus on Zero but then he made a break when the child made the news headline. He was not actually the center of the news but his friend Sawada Hiroki. In the news it was said that the heir of Sawada killed himself by jumping off the building and the company no longer have anyone to succeed. But the president said other wise. A friend of his son would instead take charge of the project Hiroki was working on and he would be the new heir. (See Detective Conan movie 6. You'll understand.)

It was the child Kaname was searching for. Kiryuu Koori was introduced but after completing Hiroki's project, Koori left the company and disappeared. The company was again faced with the problem of having no heir. But anyway, Akatsuki saw the article and his gut told to investigate it and he was right on track.

Kiryuu Koori was under the Sawada's care after the Sawada took care of Zero's family debt. From there, Akatsuki also found out Zero's location and the fact Koori was Zero's biological son. Zero had money crisis and he had no choice but to accept the man's kindness. Besides, Koori seemed to like Hiroki. Upon investigating further, Koori was bullied by the neighborhood children for being a single parent child. The child didn't have a mother and strangely called Zero his mom. Hiroki was Koori's first friend and Zero hated to see Koori sad and with their money problem, he made up his mind to depend on the Sawada in exchange the Sawada got to exploit Koori's intelligence. However after the death of Hiroki, Zero feared the same fate would befall his son so with the help of his twin brother-which was supposed to be dead- they managed to cut ties with the Sawada.

Zero and his son returned to Cross city. Akatsuki investigated the family further and found out they were close with Touga Yagari, Kurenai Maria and Takamiya Kaito. They were like family. And another person Akatsuki couldn't believe, his own cousin, Hanabusa. He had not yet told Kaname about the discovery.

Anyway back to the present, they were watching the scene apparently although Kaito was shielding Koori's sight. Good, children should not be seeing this.

Kaito noticed his presence and headed towards him, cradling Koori in his arm while still having his other hand over the child's eyes. Upon standing in front of him and Seiren, Kaito gave a smile though it didn't reach his eyes and kicked them out of hiding place. They fell and instantly stopped the kissing former arch-enemies meanwhile Kaito waved at them and disappeared, still with his smile.

"That bastard!" Akatsuki cussed, still on the ground while Seiren quickly regained her composure and approached the pureblood with the medicine. Zero was gone, Akatsuki noticed but Kaname seemed lifeless. Akatsuki's eyes widened. Has 30 minutes past since it was for his daily dose? The leader was unresponsive before he fell unconscious.

"Kaname-sama!" Seiren caught him and Akatsuki quickly tended to them.

Zero came to a stop and was breathing heavily from the run. That was dangerous. His face was red and he still couldn't believe what had just transited between he and the pureblood. If they weren't disrupt, Zero afraid they might do something they shouldn't be doing.

Realizing what just happened, Zero quickly straightened his clothes, his right hand immediately covering the side of his neck where Kaname managed to explore in their frenzy. The place where Kaname touched him still felt hot and remembering it only sent shiver down his spine. Kaname worked fast like usual. He mused but the weird tug at the back of his mind didn't go unnoticed. Why did Kaname kiss him? Why did he touch him? If Kaname didn't have any of his memory where they were together, Kaname was suppose to hate him.

He couldn't have his memory back. Zero didn't feel anything from the seal he put on Kaname except for that one time where the pureblood met Koori six years ago. The seal wavered for a second but nothing change since Zero got Koori back. (Remember? The only thing to break the seal was for Kaname to be around Koori or drink his blood.)

For a short while, Zero felt some disturbance in the bond. Rather than the seal, it was the bond which concerned him.

He remembered when he tried to make a bail out of the awkward situation. Kaname grabbed his wrist and was looking at him with the eyes saying don't leave. He hesitated but Zero shook it off and left.

"Also Zero, there something wrong with Kaname-sama recently, even Yuki-sama is worried. Be careful." Out of nowhere, he remembered Aidou's warning.

'Could it be this is what he was he talking about?'

The he remembered what Ichiru told him that Shou-sensei was looking for him. He wondered if it's connected.

Didn't want to waste time anymore, Zero left to go to the medical wing.

"Kaito-nii~ stop covering my eyes!" Koori whined.

Kaito pulled away his hand and chuckled. "Sorry but that was fun."

"What was?" Koori asked. He didn't see anything that was fun with his sight being taken away.

"I saw your father." Kaito told.

"Kana-chan was here?" Koori slipped unconsciously and quickly covered his mouth. No one should know that he knew.

Kaito smirked as he eyed the child. "Oh~ so you did know..." he patted the boy's head. "You're not an idiot as I thought you are."

Koori pouted. That was not nice to call him an idiot. "Hiroki-nii told me there's something best left untold if you don't know the whole story."

"Oho!" Kaito was a bit surprised by the child matureness. "Are you telling me you know something more?" the adult concluded.

Koori smiled. He knew the adult was trying to dig in him for some information. 'Sorry, Kaito-nii but first I need to know what you know.' "Not as much as you."

"Heh, smart..." Kaito thought for a while as he eyed the sky. He had yet stop running from the scene and he thought if they were going to talk, why not have lunch along too. "Let's go for pizza." he suggested and at the mention of food, Koori's eyes instantaneously sparkle.

"Let's!" he squealed.

The slow rhyme of Kanam's chest raising up and down filled the silent of the said pureblood's room. He was only asleep thankfully, Akatsuki sighed inwardly. When the pureblood fell unconscious earlier, Akatsuki already thought of the worst but he discovered the pureblood was only sleeping which was weird. If Kaname didn't get his normal fix of the blood pill, he would either go berserk or lust for blood. But today, even though a few hours had past, Kaname was still asleep with no sign of waking up. Is this a good change or the opposite?

Akatsuki was wondering if he should called the family's doctor to check on Kaname. " I'll make a call." Akatsuki placed a bottle of wine added with tablets of the blood pills on the nightstand for the pureblood if he was to wake up. He then left the purelood's room and went to search Takuma. He hadn't seen the blonde since they got back. Not only that, Seiren too had disappeared somewhere. Akatsuki guessed she must be reporting to Yuki about Kaname's development. He hoped though, the girl would conceal about the incident with the hunter earlier. It's too early for the princess to make an appearance.

"Ichijou, what are you doing?" he asked upon finding the blond in the TV room. He was watching something in the dark room.

The blonde turned and greeted his friend. "Akatsuki-kun, you won't believe what I found!" he exclaimed as he grabbed a few cd case into his arms.

"What?" It's not a series of anime again is it?

"No, it's a collection of Hanabusa-kun's records of the true past!"

"Record" Akatsuki's interest perked up at the words. He remembered Aidou was being a camera freak a few years ago and he liked to record the pureblood. He was such a stalker since a long time ago.

Akatsuki went to sit beside Takuma and watched the television screen. It was Kaname's and Zero's wedding day. It was set in the castle's garden. It was a small wedding so only close relatives and friends were invited. Aidou was the camera man that day.

"Oh... look, Akatsuki-kun. Kaname was so cute." the screen showed Kaname wearing a black suit, a bit nervous as he stood on the isle, waiting for Zero to appear. It was a good time. Akatsuki really enjoyed it and the couple was happy but now...

Some music started and the camera shifted to the piano where it was Kaien playing. The man was tearing up and was looking towards the bride. The camera shifted again and Zero entered the shot. He was beautiful.

Takuma cooed and Akatsuki smirked. The hunter was wearing a white dress. He almost laughed. At that time, the leader was still really obsessed with Roze and wished to see his little Roze again so Ruka and Zero worked together to make it happened. Zero was supposed to wear a white suit on that day but to make a surprise for Kaname, he dressed up.

It was worth it. The leader was a blushing mess when he saw Zero cross- dressing as Roze again and Zero was really proud he put such expression on the pureblood. The hunter was laughing so happily- it cause tears to fall down the noble eyes.

Akatsuki heard sobbing and he noticed Takuma was already a crying mess. He understood why. He too felt the sting in his heart.

"It sad Akatsuki-kun~ they were so happy..."

Akatsuki nodded. But he couldn't say anything and they sat in silence with the noise from the television as their background.

"Guys, what the heck?" someone stood at the door, cupping his hips. "I came here as soon as possible since you said you made a new discovery about the past but now I see you guys crying over some drama?" he sighed.

The two nobles turned and a certain blonde came in sight. "Hanabusa-kun!"

"Yo Hanabusa." Akatsuki tried playing it cool as he wiped off the tears with his sleeve. But clearly there's nothing cool about a dude wiping their tears.

"Hanabusa-kun!" Takuma glomp him, laughing. "You're here." he said happily.

Aidou pushed the other blonde away and flicked the light in the room on before closing the door. He approached the couch in the room and flopped down. "So... what were you guys watching?" he asked, a bit curious but soon recognized his own voice coming from the TV.

"WOW!" his eyes widened. "Where did you guys find this?" he asked as he approached his collection, leaving the comfort of the couch. Ever since he received his memory, he had been searching for the videos. He thought if he showed it to Kaname-sama, the pureblood would start remember something. He also intended to show it to his friends.

"I found it in the attic. I remembered Zero always stored his treasure up there." Takuma started as he wiped his tears away using a handkerchief.

"Why didn't I thought of that." Aidou mumbled and realized he had just wasted 11 years in search. "And what else did you find?"

Takuma grinned and held it up in front of his face. "Jang, Jang! Their marriage certificate!"

"Nothing is wrong with Kaname-sama." Dr Shou exclamation threw Zero off of his track of mine. Zero had explained what he felt and his suspicion to the doctor but with the never changing expression, the doctor told him it was nothing.

"What do you mean it's nothing?! He looked sick and he even lied to Yuki. Something must be wrong with him, I'm sure of it." Zero argued, not satisfied with the doctor. He even raised his voice at the Chinese doctor.

Dr Shou pushed away his paperwork and glanced at Zero. "Are you worry?"

And Zero flinched back. He looked away and avoided the scrutinizing black eyes. His own eyes narrowed. "Of course I am..." he mumbled, quietly. "… Why are you making me say this?" Zero sighed.

"There's a possibility he would end up in long sleep again."

"Koori, stop! Stop this instant!" Zero shouted the instant he entered the house. Koori managed to get a hand of some detergent and poured it on the floor before watering it. He also got some plastic and started sliding all over the slippery soap. He was making a mess and someone had gave him too many sugar. Now he won't listen to anyone and continued to make mess around the house.

Zero let his eyes wondered in search for his brother but he was not downstairs. He maybe upstairs and was not aware of the mess while Kaito who was supposed to be watching over him was ignoring the sugar rushed kid and while watching his favorite variety show. The nerve.

Zero grabbed Koori by the back shirt collar preventing the child from running around and screamed for his brother. "Ichiru!"

Ichiru came running. He recognized the anger in Zero's voice and it seemed Kaito also did as he tried to tip-toed out of the house through the window. Ichiru didn't understand why his brother was angry and thought maybe it was stress from work but when got downstairs, he was shocked to how the house had turned upside down only from twenty minutes of Koori and Kaito coming home.

He came to a stop in front of Zero and gapped, looking around the house. The floor was wet, slippery, the kitchen was like a hurricane had drop by to visit and there were food, mostly candy scattered around the house.

"What the heck happened?" Ichiru exclaimed but no one respond to him. Zero saw Kaito was trying to get away in the living room and grabbed him too. He then tossed the adult into the hallway, beside Ichiru before forcing both of them to kneel down while he glared down on them.

Ichiru knew he was in trouble and so did Kaito. Koori was oblivious to his surrounding and still laughing his head off.

Zero's aura darkened. "Now... tell me who the fuck gave Koori sweets?"

Kaito flinched and Ichiru knew right away who gave it. It couldn't be anyone else as Koori was too short to reach the cabinet where the candies were stored and Kaito was the only one downstairs with the child. Ichiru elbowed him. "Why did you do that?" he whispered angrily at the older adult.

In an hour, Maria and her friends were going to arrive and the house was a mess. Zero was really hygienic and he really disliked it when the house was a mess especially if someone is going to come.

"What?!" he argued back, whispering. "He asked for some."

Ichiru narrowed his eyes and pointed at the candy around the floor. "How is that some! You gave a whole factory of candy to him!"

Koori had little tolerance towards sugar and all the adults around him knew that. They also knew how a big monster Koori would become when he was under the influence of sugar. Zero had always warned them not to spoil the kid with sugar.

Zero was now tapping his foot. "So, who was it?" he question again though from the little conversation he already knew who it was. He just wanted the adult to admit it but when Kaito won't confess, Zero sighed and picked Koori up.

"Both of you clean this mess up. I'm going to take a bath with Koori." he said and headed upstairs with the child. Koori was squealing and laughing like the tense atmosphere got nothing to do with him as Zero brought him upstairs.

When they were sure, Zero was gone and it was only them downstairs, Ichiru smacked Kaito's head. "IDIOT!" he barked and left to clean the kitchen. "I just cleaned the house."

Kaito wringed around the floor, holding his injured head, abandoned. "Ow, itai!"

"Kaname... wake up~"

His eyes popped open and unnaturally he sat up. His face showed no emotion and his eyes were dead.

In the darker side of the room stood a kid.

A darker and taller silhouette with a pair of bright red eyes hovering over the kid. He smirked, holding the kid up by the jaw as he breathed over his neck.

"His blood..."He clawed along the child's neck, causing it to bleed. Kaname's eyes flashed red. "Don't you want it...?" he chuckled and dragged the child into the darkness.

Moving towards them, Kaname left.

Aidou tilted his head, suddenly frowning.


"Hey, don't you think it's too quiet?" the blonde asked.

Akatsuki and Takuma looked at each other then to the blue eyes blonde as they listened in. It was true, except for the noise coming from the playing video, they couldn't hear anything else. This quietness, usually meant trouble or worst danger.

Heightening their sense, they scanned the perimeter and gasped.

"Akatsuki, I don't feel Kaname-sama's aura." He told.

The ginger head nodded. "He's not in the room anymore... Ichijou go check." Akatsuki intructed but before Takuma could get up from his seat, Seiren burst into the room.

"Guys, bad news!" she claimed. "Kaname-sama, he has disappeared!"

'Drip. Drip. Drip.'

Zero finally relaxed in the bath as he let his legs rest across the bath tub and Koori was finally quiet, sitting on Zero's stomach. He was laughing like a mad man just now and singing 'Spongbob Squarepants' song at the top of his voice. Zero feared he could gone mad if he hear it for another hour but now he was glad Koori stopped and instead playing with his favorite rubber frog.

Zero smiled softly as his hand traced the mochi like cheek of his son. "You're so cute, Koori." he chuckled. "But..." he then pitched at the boy's cheek. "Can you not make so much mess? Ichiru was crying." Zero scolded. He knew Ichiru was screaming internally when he saw the house, especially the kitchen. He must had clean the house really hard earlier to receive Maria and her friends. He was even mad enough he hit Kaito who he was scared off.

"I-Itai! Mommy, itai." Koori complained and Zero let go. The kid quickly rubbed the sore bruise, pouting.

Zero make sure he didn't fall into Koori's charm again. Punishing the kid was becoming so hard as so lately. He didn't want Koori to become a spoil brat but he couldn't help but be mesmerized by Koori's big glossy orbs. "Say sorry to your uncle later, ok?" Zero reminded him and Koori nodded obediently, probably feeling troubled and guilty.

Zero patted the boy's head which Koori leaned into. "Good." he craved a smile on his face and Koori smiled in return.


Zero's hand froze and his body tensed. It was a call from the bond between he and Kaname. Something is wrong with it.



There was the sound again and this time it sent a sharp pain in his head. Zero winced. He got up and out of the bathroom before returning with a towel around his waist and one in his hand. He took the one in his hand and wrapped it around Koori before effortlessly brought him out of the bathroom.

He called for Ichiru and when his twin appeared, he gave Koori to the silverette. "Take care of him for a sec, I have something to do." Zero spared him as he put on some pants and short sleeve t-shirt. Something he just grabbed on from the cupboard.

"Where are you going?" Ichiru asked, worried seeing his brother so in a hurry. Did something happen? Is there something or someone in trouble?

"I'll tell you later." He pushed open the window and without warning jumped off. Ichiru rushed to the window his brother just used and was in time to see Zero ran into the forest. It's already dark, Ichiru hoped Zero didn't run into a level E or other trouble.

The night was silent, eerily was no noise whatsoever, the night insects were quiet and not even the wind blew. Kaname didn't know how but he was already outside the castle when he was conscious enough to tell where he was at. He was barefoot and his clothes were stained with earth. He wondered how many time he had fallen to get where he was.

Another sharp jap spread across his chest, causing him to fall on his knees. He grasped at his heart in hope the pain would subdue but more pain kept attacking him and he fell to the ground, lying in front of a grave.

'A grave?' Kaname barely registered where he was. With much effort he glanced around him. There was a lot of graves with the initial Kuran but none which he knew. His gazes returned to the tomb in front of him and read out the name out of curiosity.

'Kuran Tsubasa?' It sounded familiar. 'Beloved son... oh I have child... huh I did?' He almost chuckle. He's in a tremendously agony but he still had time to read a name on a tomb, even feeling like he was connected to person owning the grave. Seemed like he's really losing it.

"Kana-san~ call him!"

"Call who?" he asked, curling up into himself as he tried to even his breathing. He was breathing too fast, it's not good. He could hyperventilate.

"The hunter! Through the bond, call him! You need his blood."

The pureblood took a minute to register what the illusion was trying to say. Zero's blood. Was he craving it so much he was in pain? Was this it is all about? Because Zero made the bond invisible, the bond was unstable?


"What?" Little Zero was puzzled. He read Kaname's thought and frowned. "This is not the time to be stubborn."

But Kaname didn't care. "The truth. Tell me. You're holding a secret right?" the pureblood glanced at the kid who looked trouble by his request. His vision was getting blur and more blur. It was getting hard to see anything. His conscious too were slipping away. "Zero too... he's not telling me something. Everyone are."

"Kana-san...If you won't- I've no choice but- your thirst- his blood." Little Zero's voice was getting fainter... no it was Kaname, he's losing conscious. He didn't want to but the tiredness kept pulling him in and his body getting heavier every second.

'KIIIIIIIIIIII!' His slipping life force alerted the bond and immediately called over his mate.

"Aaaaaahhhhh!" a scream escaped his throat before he could stop it. His breathing started to rag and his ears were ringing. He couldn't think straight anymore.

Another wave of pain attacked him. "ST-STOP!" he demanded but it had no effect. The pain continued to assault was sweating hard, his gums hurt and his body felt really hot. He never had blood thirst this painful before and it's making him weak.

"Sto-p it." he mumbled. He could no longer hold his conscious anymore. It was too taxing. His eyes slowly close and his breath ceased. 'Ze...ro...'

"Kaname!" he found him. He was out cold and out of many places he could go, he ended up at his son's grave. Was it coincident?

Zero knelt beside the pureblood and pulled the pureblood up to his laps. The pureblood felt like he had no bone to Zero, so limp and motionless. He slapped his face, calling him, trying to get him to wake up. But he was unresponsive. Zero shook him harshly but still no.

Silent. "Kana- Kaname?" he tried again. He started to panic.

It was too quiet.

"Hey, wake up." He rasped out. Zero's heart was beating hard against his chest and he was sweating really hard but Kaname's...

It was too quiet.

His hands were trembling.

It was cold.

Zero's throat felt constricted. "Oi, Kaname. Stop playing around. Wake up!"

There was no heart beat.

Zero gripped Kaname's shirt really hard as he slowly leaned down in agony.

He couldn't hear it.

"Is this a joke? Wake up Kaname. Wake up!" he screamed and proceed to hit Kaname's chest. The pureblood had no heart beat. His body was cold and he was not breathing. Even the bond was empty. Zero could no longer feel Kaname's presence and it scared him to the core.

'This can't be a sleep... it's too quiet...'

The wheel in Zero's head started spinning. He remembered Dr Shou's warning early in the noon. Kaname's side of the bond no longer stable since someone tampered with it. Someone was trying to severe the bond and it's now really fragile. Dr Shou said not to fiddle with the bond because anything could happen to Kaname; even death because for all he know, the restriction may be the thing chocking him. It was unpredictable what could happen now.

Zero decided to take the risk. He needed to know. In desperate attempt to feel Kaname through their link, Zero released the strain he put on the bond. The bond was no longer invisible and slowly he could feel Kaname again but Kaname's heart... it was still not beating. Zero wait anxiously. Ten seconds past and it felt like an hour to Zero before a gust of wind suddenly blew harshly at them.


Zero flinched. He looked down, startled. Kaname eyes were looking at him and all Zero could see was a pool of blood.


The moment he saw Kaname's blood lust orbs, he was pushed down to the ground and Kaname on top of him. He eyed him, observing him almost like blaming him of something, before suddenly without a warning buried his fangs into Zero's neck.

Zero gasped in brunette had bit really hard and that was not all, he was drinking really greedily, taking a big gulp each time he swallowed. He might drunk Zero dried but Zero couldn't seem to care at all at that time. He felt like he own it to the pureblood. He deserved it... maybe...

He sighed and patted the pureblood's head.

"I'm sorry..."


Koori stared at Ichiru as he dressed him up. He sighed, causing Ichiru to look up at him somehow worry and curious.

"Why do you look like that?" he asked.

Koori didn't want to answer as he stared at his uncle. Ichiru tilted his head, didn't understand. The adult's expression made him more angry but hopelessly he sighed again.


"You know I'm ten right?"

Ichiru nodded.

"I can dress myself up and take a bath. Would all of you stop manhandling me?" Koori told seriously with an annoyed look. He was sick being carried like he weight nothing and being ignored later.

Ichiru seemed shock then teary before he shuttered out. "Y-You don't like taking bath with Hi-chan or Mommy? or get dress? Or... or being carry around?"

Koori flinched. He bit his inner cheek. He like it... He couldn't denied that but he didn't like being ignored afterward. He felt like only a teddy bear for comfort. He glanced once again at the teary adult and flushed.

"Koori didn't say Koori dislike it." He gave up.

Ichiru cheered up while Kaito who accidentally saw and heard them stifled his laughter. Koori could just glared at him with that big angry eyes of his.

To be continue...

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