Chapter 2

Mukuro woke with a start. He sat up quickly with sweat dripping off his forehead. He ran his hand through his deep blue hair and looked down at his lap. He couldn't remember what happened to make him jerk awake like that, but something didn't set right in his chest.

His gaze shifted to the window, and he noticed the sun was just barely peeking up over the tree tops. He decided to ignore the feeling and lay back down.


Fran awoke a few hours later, his eyes tried to adjust to their surroundings, but not only were they a bit hazy, but the whole room was surrounded in nothing but black. It was too dark to even see a foot in front of him.

The young illusionist was confused, and tried to move forward. Then he noticed his position he was up against a wall with chains holding his arms and legs together. He pulled at the chain, but was unable to get free.

'Dammit. . .' Thinking quickly, he tried to use an illusion to brighten the room, but when he tried he felt a surge of electric whip through his body.

'"Illusion cuffs. .whoever brought me here knows I'm an illusionist." the green haired boy sighed. There was nothing he could do but hope his capture comes back and releases him.


When Mukuro opened his eyes again, blue and red hues peered at the clock, which struck noon. He sat up once again, the same feeling in his chest still present. He decided to get up.

He wanted to see Fran, then maybe the uneasy feeling would go away. He slipped on his jacket and shoes, then headed for the door.

When he got outside, he started walking into the woods and through the path to the Varia hideout.

On the way, he noticed something big and gray laying on the ground. He strolled over to it and quickly recognized it as Fran's frog hat. He picked it up and looked it over. There was no blood on it, no rips, but there was a slight indent in the black. That's when Mukuro started to get worried.

"Maybe he fell and just left it here. ." he said to calm himself. "I'll go drop it off when I get there." After he said that, he continues his way to the Varia.


Mukuro placed the hood under his arm and knocked on the door. It was quiet for about thirty seconds, and then he heard shouting and a glass bottle hitting against the door. He chuckled as he waited for someone to answer.

A few seconds later, a man with long white hair whipped the door open, nearly ripping it off. Behind him was a normal sight. Their boss was laying on the couch with an angry look on his face while the blonde self proclaimed prince clutching his unusually shaped knives and aimed at Squalo, why was twitching.

"Voooii! What is it!" Mukuro rolled his eyes as he stept in, inviting himself in. "I came here to drop this off." he said as he held up the hood.

"The prince is not happy to see you, stupid pineapple~" Bel commented after which he threw his hand full of projectiles at said pineapple, who easily dodged.

"Not like I care, I didn't come to see you. Is Fran here?" when he asked that, Squalo and Bel looked at each other with some what confused looks, then stared at Mukuro.

"He didn't come home last night. Stupid useless bratty little-" Bel interrupted Squalo's rant by tossing yet another knife at the blue haired man.

"He was with you last. Don't say you lost the prince's froggy. Or I will kill you~"

"He didn't come back?" Mukuro said a little worriedly. He dropped the hat in his hands and turned on his heels, heading for the door. "Hey wait, we're not done~" Bel chimed, but was bluntly ignored when Mukuro dashed out the door.


As he made his way back to the place where he found the hat, he looked around for any signs that would lead him to his lover.


It was about half an hour, and finally Fran was overwhelmed with a bright light being caused by a door opening and letting light pour into the room. He looked up, eyes widening slightly at who was standing in front of him.