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Charmed Down the Moon

Sesshomaru sighed heavily feeling somewhat melancholy, something he permitted himself to feel only while he was alone. And he was indeed alone in this desert.
Long ago there had been a city nearby, thriving with people who worshipped him in the way humans should worship youkai. The priestess, not human, was as beautiful as the rain goddess depicted in legends.
He remembered the legends she'd spoke into his ear as they lay under the stars together, serving as an aphrodisiac as she whispered in hushed tones, as if divulging some amazing secret.
Remembering the stark contrast of the heat of her skin and the chill of the night air and realizing the same contrast was worrying away at her control like a coyote on a bone.
"You exist to torture me Coyote." he muttered as he felt a tingling sensation on the back of his neck.
He knew that if he turned now he would see Coyote, the woman who he'd lusted after for over two hundred years, embracing him from behind. She would never be his in this lifetime, he realized, he would have to be patient for the after life where they would be joined forever to be reborn and drawn to each other.
He felt as her astral form adopted some semblance of substance. Her arms were around his shoulders, her head resting against his, her breath tickling his ear. He felt undignified tears pool in his eyes and finally fall.
Oh he realized that he could have had her at least for another night. If only he'd shot his pride and let himself make love to the human. Now that he looked at it from this point of view it didn't seem that degrading after all, youkai raped women on a regular basis, what was the difference if she wanted it this time. He shook his head, trying to pull his normal consciousness forward again, it was degrading! How dare he think that way.
He reached up as his heart contracted and touched her astral face, feeling her mouth close around his fingers and her tongue caress them. She let go, then turned her attention to his ear, her mouth traveling down his jaw sensually.
"Kami-sama...." he inhaled sharply.
"Coyote-spirit dwells in a hut in the sky." she began quietly.
He froze, and felt as his blood heated with this familiar legend being breathed into his ear.
"He lives there with his wife the Moon. She is a beautiful and good wife to the Coyote-spirit. They make love every night and the sky is speckled with their children.
"As vain as she is, the Moon disregards her children, content with her husband and just her husband. But Coyote-spirit....ah, now he takes a hand in his children's affairs. Making sure they eat well, their affairs are in order and they live long and prosperous lives.....You my fair youkai are the Moon and I have charmed you down to Earth from the sky."
He inhaled again as he felt her hands travel down his body.
"We exist for each other...." she continued. "We will be reunited soon enough. For now...just live. Coyote-spirit cannot harm us anymore."
He let his breath out in a woosh and felt her pull away, leaving him alone again. He turned to glimpse her visage before she disappeared again, whirled away in a Kachina dance of the spirits.
Looking up at the moon almost sadly he felt his mind return to control and his feeling of self-pity faded and was replaced by his cool, calculating persona settle back into place.

** ** **

Lying beneath the stars was something Kagome decided that she would miss desperately if she stopped coming here. Not likely but still. The stars and the clean air were two things she loved about this time period. Especially since, in her own time, the light and air pollution made it impossible to see the glorious little lights twinkling in the sky. The only thing she could see clearly out of her bedroom window at home was the moon.
She was reminded with the tingling shudder that went down her spine of the moon's cycle and of Inu-Yasha. It was almost impossible for her to look at the moon now without calculating when his next transformation would be in her head. She was also reminded of the gift Wildrose had given her specifically before she left, and of the story that went with it.
She shifted, carefully twisting in her sleeping bag so as not to disturb Shippou, to grasp the small pocket on her knapsack and pull the massive thing toward her. It made an almost grating scraping sound as it was dragged and she instinctively looked up into the trees to make sure she wasn't going to wake a certain white-haired hanyou with the noise.
Surprisingly he wasn't even in his usual perch. Interest piqued, Kagome abandoned the previous task to try and locate Inu-Yasha. She looked back toward the fire and felt her lips quirk slightly seeing how close Miroku lay to Sango without her knowledge. Even Kirara was present and accounted for, and she usually hunted during the night but still no sign of him.
Kagome moaned softly in irritation and disappointment that she'd have to expose herself to the night air but shook it off momentarily. She gently slid out of her sleeping bag and stood up, resisting the urge to inhale through her teeth as her legs were exposed from beneath the edge of her nightshirt and shorts. From her new vantage point she observed her surroundings, scanning for that familiar red yukata and white hair.
Snorting for her own stupidity Kagome forced her mind back on the previous task. She wanted to open that damn thing to find out what exactly it was and why Wildrose had bothered to have her shaman grandfather tell her that story when she could have lapsed into coma any second.
She knelt down and unzipped the pocket to withdraw the little leather wrapped parcel. it was bound with a simple red ribbon and had a small card with her name scrawled on it in Wildrose's hen scratch version of Japanese manuscript.
She gently tugged the ribbon loose and pulled the leather wrapping gently away, revealing little by little, a small doll. Kagome's mouth dropped open as it lay in her hand. It was simply amazing in the workmanship. The doll was about the size of Kagome's palm and was almost as wide, and it was clothed in supple doe-skin of an almost pure white hue, with brilliant red beads creating two strips on either side of it's ribcage and even in a small pattern on the breechclout and sleeves of the ensemble. But the most intriguing part was the face, small golden eyes stared out at her and that familiar brilliant white-silver hair and those dog ears decorated the top. She couldn't discern what material Wildrose had crafted the hair from, whether it was rabbit fur or actual hair from the hanyou it resembled but she'd managed to capture the softness of it perfectly.
"The Moon and Coyote are husband and wife, the make love in the sky each night and the sky is speckled with their children. One of their children descended to the world of men and became a great lord of the east. He married a woman and she bore him a strong half-breed son..."
"So, she told you that story too, huh?" Inu-Yasha's voice asked.
Kagome jumped and stifled a scream by biting the section of skin between her thumb and index finger.
"Please don't sneak up on me like that." she said.
"Why are you still awake?" he asked.
"Thinking...my brain won't stop doing it." she smiled wryly, it was the absolute truth after all.
She could swear that she saw his mouth curl into a small smile before he turned away from her.
It was a long moment before he spoke again and this time he asked a third question, "You wanna go for a walk? Or you could ride on my back if you want."
She was almost stunned, "Sure."
Kagome carefully approached him, and almost gasped again when she felt how warm his hands were on her knees. His back was always warm, like he had some kind of furnace burning inside him or something.
"Hold on." he told her.
Jumping over the treetops Kagome bit back the urge to do anything besides ride. His hands were practically hot on her thighs and she felt warmer than she did when she was in her sleeping bag as she rested against him and managed to look up at the stars.
She wondered vaguely if the same constellations looked completely different to the Native Americans than to the Japanese or whether they saw some of the same pictures. She hardly noticed that she still held the doll in her hands.
Inu-Yasha slowly descended to the ground and she was almost disappointed that he'd decided to stop. She got off his back and suddenly realized she still held the doll. She blushed furiously and clutched it to her heart hoping he didn't think her too much of a little girl for carrying a toy around in the feudal era.
He turned to look at her, his expression was warm, the kind of expression she'd seen only glimpses of when he looked at her. He sat down and watched her as she sat down opposite him, eyes politely lowered to the hands clasped over the doll in her lap.
"You look cold." he said after a while.
She nodded but didn't say a word, didn't even raise her eyes. She heard him stand up and was surprised when he sat down beside her and gently tugged the doll from her grip. She barely managed to look at him out of the corner of her eye and saw he seemed slightly amused, he handed it back to her like it was actually worth what it was to her and she was surprised more when he carefully reached into the small pocket his yukata made where it was tied shut. He produced a small doll and held it out for her to inspect.
She carefully took it from him to compare with the doll of him. She smiled, the doll she held was slightly smaller in build, and it was clothed only from the waist down, in traditional Native American style. The litle girl doll wore a pale white doe-skin skirt, the same color as the leggings and shirt of the male doll, and it had the same red patterns with the beads. Though this one was obviously female it differed when it came to the face, the eyes were a shimmering brown, blue color, probably a metallic threat, and the hair, like the hair on the male doll resembled her own, jet black and the same feel to it.
"I found it with a note, it was sitting in the branches of the Goshinboku and it was addressed to me. I asked her about it when you were out getting water while we were bringing her back and she told me a story." Inu-Yasha explained slowly.
"One of the grandchildren of Coyote and the Moon falls in love with the daughter of mortals." Kagome smiled, "And these are Kachina dolls representing fertility and immortal love. It's amazing, but it seems like everyone else seems to be aware of what we have before we are."
"Do we have what they thing we do?" he asked quietly.
She looked up, it felt as though he'd actually hit her the way her heart stung.
"You said you loved me. But did you mean it?" he asked.
"I meant every syllable that left my mouth, Inu-Yasha. The question is, did you?"
"Aa. I meant everything." he responded, it was barely audible the way he whispered.
She handed the doll resembling her back to Inu-Yasha, wrinkling her nose slightly in mock distaste, "The least she could have done is given the poor thing a shirt."
She saw him smile slightly and heard what she thought was a laugh. She gasped in surprise when she felt his arm come around her and pull her to him, though not ungently. He loosened up hearing her reaction and she realized that she'd somehow insulted him. Cursing herself for her stupidity for a second time she gently set her doll aside, and wrapped her arms around him and buried her face in his yukata.
Kagome could hear and feel his heartbeat and smiled, finding it was pounding just as fast as hers. She remembered as she inhaled deeply how he talked about her scent, he found it calming, even empowering, and he didn't have to tell her outright, she knew from what others said and what she herself observed. He fought harder when he could smell her and tell she was there. She really hadn't thought to take the time to memorize his scent but she knew that whatever he smelled like she liked it. She inhaled again, trying to memorize his smell and commit it to memory.
"What are you doing?" he asked.
"Trying to remember your smell." she replied.
She felt him tense slightly, "Do you like the way I smell?"
"Yeah...Very manly." she teased.
He relaxed again but she still felt a sort of tension between them.
"What do I smell like, exactly?" she asked carefully.
"Huh? Why?"
"I just want to know what exactly I smell like...to you." she insisted.
He fell silent for a moment and she felt him pull her closer, heard his breath as he inhaled her scent.
"It totally depends on your emotions and even on the time of the day or the week. It changes alot, but it remains basically the same." he tried to explain, "You smell warm and sweet, and depending on your mood it can smell cooler or warmer or sweeter or even salty."
"I use scented soap. You're probably smelling that."
"It goes beyond what you bathe with, Kagome." he replied, "It's your mark, your scent is only yours. No matter how much it changes, it always stays the same, understand?"
"I suppose so...."
"What do I smell like to you?" he asked after another long pause.
Kagome was surprised by the question, "My nose isn't as good as yours, but I know your scent is yours. It's sweet smelling, but more spicy than sweet, and it's warm, almost like peppermint in hot cocoa. I don't know, it's hard to explain, and besides I already said my nose isn't as good as yours."
"That's alright...Ashiteru, Kagome."
She tightened her arms around him and buried her face in the hollow of his throat before replying, "Ashiteru, Inu-Yasha."
His hands drifted to either side of her face and gently pulled her face toward his, until their lips met. It felt amazing, as it had the first time and she decided it probably would anytime she ever kissed him. She grasped the back of his neck, fingering the rosary beads around his neck and drifting to the ties of his yukata.
She suddenly felt a burning sensation in her mouth, it wasn't unbearable or unpleasant, but she realized with a vague sort of realization that he was biting her tongue and she was tasting something besides her own blood. When he finally pulled back she found his lip was bleeding a little, but his demon blood was beginning to heal it even as she watched. She put a fingertip to her mouth and discovered the wound on her tongue was already healing, much to her surprise.
"Ashiteru, Kagome. And guess what, you're mine now." Inu-Yasha whispered.
She smiled and practically tackled him to the ground. She'd have to get more moments like this with him, even if it meant tackling him and kissing his lips off.

** ** **

WildOne_111:So you're his mate now. Wow. You gonna tell your mother?
InuBabe_001: Eventually.
WildOne_111: Lucky you, Inu-kun sounds like a real romantic guy. Have you noticed any changes?
InuBabe_001: Now that I'm 'his'? Besides his treating me better?
WildOne_111: No! I mean do you notice anything different about you?
InuBabe_001: I'm not pregnant if that's what you mean.
WildOne_111: You know damn well that wasn't what I meant.
InuBabe_001:Well, now that you mention it, I've noticed that not many boys seem interested in interacting with me. I mean, even Hojo seems just like another faceless boy now. My god, even Miroku has stopped trying to grope me. Do you think that might have something to do with that?
WildOne_111: ... Maybe... Tell me though, really, would you call the babies, babies or puppies?
InuBabe_001: You're hopeless U_U
WildOne_111: You're so mean. T_T
InuBabe_001: ,
WildOne_111: ;p
InuBabe_001: Wildrose no baka.
WildOne_111: I'm offended.
InuBabe_001: Gomen....NOT.
WildOne_111: 0_0 Lol. J/k. Anywho, I gotta get off, my new boytoy is here and he's waiting outside.
InuBabe_001: Is he wearing shiny armor?
WildOne_111: No. But he is riding a horse. He's such a sweetheart to remember I love horses. G2G.
InuBabe_001: Bye then.
WildOne_111: Bye.

Kagome smiled as the instant message window shut down and she closed the internet windows and shut the computer off. She snorted at the picture of some kid riding up to Wildrose wearing an outfit from one of those corny Western Movies of Custer's Last Stand, and a pair of sunglasses while he sat on a horse offering her a bouquet of roses, but then again, she had seen worse.
"Kagome-oneechan, Inu-Yasha-kun is here." Souta said from the doorway as he led the taller hanyou in by the hand, or finger rather.
Trying to maintain a good-natured smile Inu-Yasha gently disengaged his hand from Souta's grasp and shooed him out of the room with the promise of playing a videogame with him later.
"Hello, Knight-in-Fire-Rat-Armor." she smiled as he pulled her into an embrace.

** ** **

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