Title: The Everlasting Sins

Rating: Rated T.

Pairings: Canon pairings for Naruto, along with slight NaruHina near the very end of the story.

Genre: Adventure.

Summary: A sin lasts forever, even if other things do not. Naruto's debilitating disease doesn't, nor does his hatred. His past, however, forever continues to follow him. Smart, powerful Naruto. Rewritten in collaboration with The Sin of Justice, the original author.

Regarding Q&A: Any questions regarding the story can be asked via PM or review to either me or The Sin of Justice.

Beta: N/A—Help wanted.

Warnings: Language, violence, and moderate blood/gore.

Category: Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist crossover.

Uploaded: November 21st, 2013


"Normal dialogue."

Thoughts—for everyone, including Bijū.

/Mental conversations./

Please note that Bijū cannot "speak" unless their host is inside of the seal, and please enjoy the story!

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Ed glanced around, looking for the various Kage that had attended the Exams. The Kazekage had ripped off his robes and revealed himself to be Orochimaru, another revelation unsurprising to the alchemist. He looked about further, trying to find a specific person.


He slid himself off the side of the railing and landed steadily on the arena's dusty ground. Hiding himself behind one of the bushes, he looked out to see his target talking to a few people older than her, most likely taking orders to stop the rampant Jinchūriki from the Land of Wind. Edward waited until she nodded and leaped off the ground, heading towards the location he knew the Jinchūriki indeed was. Heading after her and avoiding the attention of the Jōnin, he trailed the blonde girl, waiting as she picked up more people to come with her, namely her pink-haired teammate and the intelligent, lazy Genin. She then finally reached somewhere where Ed could no longer sense anyone besides the group and himself. Smirking, the alchemist transmuted a spear from the ground and watched as the group stopped, Natsuki having tipped them off about feeling uneasy.

"You have every right to," Edward announced, walking out from behind a layer of foliage with his spear in hand. They turned to him, surprised, before readying themselves for a possible attack. "Someone was following you, after all."

"Who the hell are you?" Natsuki interrogated, unsheathing her sword, having already lowered herself into a defensive position. Her teammates had their weapons drawn quickly as well, each glaring at the blond.

"Someone who wants something you have," he replied, smirking even more. "Say, Natsuki, how's the Kyūbi's chakra serving you?"

"How do you know about that?" she growled. "No one outside of Konoha should know!"

"Perhaps there's a traitor in the midst? It wouldn't be the first time," Ed suggested, shrugging. He then raised his spear and dashed forward too quickly to be seen by inexperienced Genin, striking down the blunt end of it onto the pink-haired girl's head and knocking her out cold. She had been unprepared, he supposed as he jumped away and looked at the other two. One of them was rather serious and worried, and the other was just glaring. The alchemist sighed and stuck the spear into the ground. "This would be a lot easier if you'd just give in, you know," he muttered.

"Like hell," Natsuki huffed, raising her sword. She said something about working together to the boy behind her before looking back at Edward angrily.

He raised an eyebrow, pulling his spear back out of the dirt when the Nara began to concentrate. Sensing something was wrong, Ed jumped up just in time to see a shadow grasp where he had just been. Interesting.

He landed smoothly, dodging a sword slice just in time. The blond then grinned at Natsuki, and he knew he had creeped her out in one way or another. He continued his movements, swinging his spear after her, the tip barely nicking her skin. It healed almost instantly, letting off a bit of what seemed like steam as it did so. She was about to touch down when Ed threw the weapon at her, making her have to lunge out of the way and stumble upon her harsh landing. Immediately transmuting another, he threw that one as well. It hit her arm, making her breathe in sharply and jerk back as blood began drizzling down her arm. One of her hands reached up to grasp it when the alchemist suddenly appeared in front of her, a small blade held up to her throat. He could hear an inhale from behind him and looked back at the other Genin. He smirked before slowly moving to the other side of the Jinchūriki, the knife still poised to strike.

The Nara wasn't happy with the new development, it seemed. He had brought his hands up in the infamous hand seal for what he now recognised as the Kagemane no Jutsu, the Shadow Imitation Technique. The canopy of the forest also seemed to be assisting him with it, the shadow moving across the ground with formidable speed. Ed removed the knife from its position, but immediately brought it above Natsuki's head with the hilt facing her skull. He slammed it down with great force, a medium-sized gouge appearing in her head. It repaired itself rather quickly, but the damage had been done. Natsuki was unconscious, or at least for the time being.

Acting quickly before the shadow reached him, Edward bent down slightly to take hold of the sword that had barely begun slipping out of her fingers. Picking it up, he was just about to slide it into one of his belt loops when an oddly-shaped kunai hit the ground next to him. A bright yellow flash later, and Edward knew that the Yondaime Hokage had arrived. The Rasengan scraping at the side of his face was proof of that, although the distraction caused him to manage missing the likewise arrival of Kushina.

Knew it.

The technique dug deeper into his cheek, breaking the skin and spattering blood onto the ground and his already-red clothing. It went through and hit the roof of his mouth, his teeth flicked away in quick succession. He vaguely noticed that the Nara had looked away from the grisly sight, but ended up being more preoccupied with the fact that his head was being caved in.

Eventually, it went straight through to the other side, a gaping hole in the area where it had been, straight from the side of his head and reaching up into his brain, going through just enough to barely miss his chin. The Yondaime stood silently as the alchemist's body slowly slumped to the ground as it swayed from the force before turning away and picking up his daughter, handing her to his wife, and then motioning for the other Genin to follow him back. It was only then that Minato felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle, and he quickly turned back to the supposedly-immortal alchemist.

The man had begun slowly standing up, red crackles and flashes coming from the hollowed-out area. Minato raised up another kunai in defense, and it was laced with wind chakra. He made eye contact with Kushina, who nodded and handed off Natsuki to her intelligent friend. Minato proceeded to watch with slight fascination as the skin began regenerating, blood that had been oozing down Edward's cheek being sapped up back into it. He looked at the black-haired Nara behind him, the silent order to bring Natsuki to safety being conveyed between the pair. He looked back at the stranger in time to see his eyes being reformed, their irises a harsh gold that contrasted with the scarlet covering everything around him. A grin was stretching across his deformed face.

"Good job," he murmured. "That hurt."

"What...are you?" the Hokage muttered under his breath. Kushina, however, seemed to be unable to hear it, as she was too shocked and disgusted after seeing the alchemist's formerly-destroyed head reconstructing itself.

"Do you really want to find out?"

Minato glared at the immortal before seemingly debating something. After a few seconds, he lowered his kunai a tad, making Edward raise an eyebrow. "Tell me," the Hokage requested.

Kushina looked at her husband as if he were crazy. "What are you doing, putting your weapon down!?" she demanded, red hair swaying as she spun herself to face him.

"Tell you?" Ed asked over her.

"You were the one who caused the Promised Day that led to the Birth of the Apocalypse, weren't you?"

Oh? Not bad, although the Red-Hot Habanero doesn't looked too pleased.

"And if I was?" Ed questioned, folding his arms and plastering the same smirk from earlier on his face.

"That means that you're connected to the birth of shinobi," Minato said. "And that means that you're immortal, doesn't it?"

"Congratulations," Ed laughed, bringing his hands out of their previous position to clap mockingly. I'll humour him. "You found out my secret."

Minato grit his teeth, ignoring as Kushina continued to glare at him for being so careless. "How?"

Ed tsked at the man. "I said it was a secret, didn't I?"

"Then what about the Promised Day? You wiped out an entire country, right? Killed them all without a second thought."

"Maybe you'd like to think that." Ed's smirk fell, replaced by a jaded smile. "That was an unfortunate accident, although now I have no regrets about it."

"...Accident?" Kushina repeated, now intrigued and turning towards the alchemist with no small amount of hesitation. "How could...?"

"That's right, an accident," stated Ed, looking off into the distance dramatically. "Poor me was traumatised. What had I done? Killed all my friends, family, comrades, allies, all the rest of Amestris...?" He scoffed. "I broke. The seven Homunculi—each a living embodiment of one of the Seven Deadly Sins—that I had absorbed overtook me, and look where I am now." The alchemist gestured to the area around him, all torn and shred up, blood splatters here and there. His cracked lips curved into a predatory snarl and he chuckled. "All humans carry the Sins within them, but when I absorbed the Homunculi I gained too many of them, and I became overloaded with those emotions. It doesn't help that I absorbed their creator, too.

"That guy—Father, he called himself—was a real piece of work, actually, and he tried so hard to gain dominance of Ed's body during the event, but Ed just wouldn't have it. That caused his and the old Ed's minds to merge. And thus, poor little Edward Elric died that day, leaving room for me: living, breathing, evil. Some time after that, as you say, I unleashed the Jūbi onto the world." The insane creature before the two ninja began to chuckle. "And to think, it was all because of a stupid little mistake, made by an innocent, kind boy who was only trying to save his loved ones, and instead annihilated them, creating me as a result." His chuckles suddenly became full blown laughter. "Man, what an idiot he was! You humans are all so dumb, always making the worst choices! I was probably doing everyone a favor by letting the Jūbi loose!"

Minato frowned, saying nothing. Kushina looked rather horrified, and reinforced the arm she was holding her sword with.

"What?" Ed wondered, smirking once again, having stopped laughing. "You don't like the fact that I killed practically the entire world, ultimately rebirthing it?"

"How were more people created?" Kushina asked forcefully.

Ed teetered his head to one side. "The Sage of Six Paths was indeed a difficult case. His sacrifice pleased me, although I was not satisfied in the end. Life had been restored, and so now I am waiting for my time to dominate this pathetic world of humans."

"Why take our son?" Kushina asked suddenly, catching both blonds' attention, not that it wasn't already on her. "He would have died; why was he important?"

Edward closed his eyes for a second before sighing and looking at them head-on. "That's exactly why, my good madam."

Minato suddenly looked away, and Ed questioned the movement. Lowering your weapon was bad enough, but also taking your eyes off the enemy...

"How...how has he been?" the Yondaime asked. He saw Kushina stiffen momentarily before a slightly grieving look came over her face, and even she looked away ashamedly.

The alchemist didn't even twitch. "Fine, no thanks to you two. He's doing nicely when it comes to bonding with my dear friend Kurama, though."

"Kurama...?" Kushina mumbled before snapping her attention back to the immortal, causing Minato to raise his weapon once more. "The Kyūbi, right?"

"So you've met. Well, I suppose that should be obvious, what with you being his second Jinchūriki."

She growled. "What have you been doing to him?"

"Nothing he hasn't agreed to, Lady Kushina."

Kushina suddenly rushed forward, sword bared. She attempted a slash, but the sheer speed at which Ed deflected it nearly knocked her off-balance. Turning more in an attempt to regain her footing, she thrust her weapon forward, hitting what should have been the immortal, though he was no longer there. Annoyed, she paused for a second and looked around, ignoring when her husband motioned at her to stop. Soon after, she spotted the alchemist, who was sitting on a branch of a tree. Throwing a kunai up at him, he didn't even have to move in order for a wall of compressed rock to be raised and stop it, although it crumbled under the power put behind the throw. She started, "My son wouldn't—you forced him to—"

"Perhaps you'd know what he would and wouldn't do if you had cared about him, Lady Kushina," a slithery voice interrupted, causing her to feel a pang of guilt at the statement, but also alarming her of the presence of a certain despicable someone whose voice she could never forget. She and the Hokage spun, on guard.

"Orochimaru?" they uttered simultaneously.

"About time you joined us," Ed greeted.

Realisation dawned upon the swordswoman. "Are you working with that thing now, Orochimaru?" Kushina demanded, glaring at the pale man.

"'Thing'?" Orochimaru chuckled. "I doubt the immortal would appreciate you speaking about him that way, Lady Kushina."

"Is that a yes?"

"I didn't say anything about that. Assumptions, Lady Kushina, assumptions."

Ed stared at the Snake Sannin for a moment, looking thoughtful. He shrugged and transmuted a halberd up from the iron deep beneath their feet, and grinned savagely at his two enemies. "Are we just gonna stand around here all day, or what?"

"I suppose we can get started," Orochimaru said.

This managed to cause Minato to start. Two on two, eh? I could take Orochimaru, but with that monster as well…

Minato didn't waste a second, throwing a handful of kunai surrounded by wind chakra for extra sharpness around the clearing. They instantly began reducing into metal powder, and Minato realised that it may not be a good idea to be on the ground. Jumping up, he found that Orochimaru hadn't moved at all, and glanced over to see the redheaded Uzumaki preparing what he recognised to be a complex seal meant to hinder chakra flow.

Minato decided to leave Orochimaru to her, and began moving his hands together and forming the hand seals for tiger, ox, dog, rabbit, and snake in order, he called out, "Fūton: Daitoppa! Wind Release: Great Breakthrough!"

Wind barreled down upon the two opponents, scattering leaves and dirt everywhere. Imprints from the intense winds were smashed into the trees, leaving Minato to carefully land in preparation for his next attack. As he did so, he pulled out a small brush and drew a simple seal across his cloak that wouldn't interfere with Kushina's own work, biting his thumb and swiping it across just in time to end his flight on a branch. Out popped pre-prepared seals which he tied to different kunai that he held in his hands. He jumped up once more in time to see his sandals beginning to disintegrate, although Kushina was oddly fine. Seems I have to be touching something. Definitely an Earth user, unless the power that those legends talked about isn't related to the ninja arts… His legends did come back from before the time of the Sage of Six Paths, after all, so chakra wasn't likely to be the origin of such a power.

Edward, meanwhile, grinned as the Hokage prepared an attack. So far, the fight had been despairingly simple, and he decided to have a little fun, ignoring the Red-Hot Habanero for the time being. Orochimaru could probably handle her, after all, and it was better to only have to deal with the victor of a fight than both competitors. He had doubts that the snake intended to stay on his side throughout the fight, so he didn't feel like bothering with them. Besides, they weren't worth his time. However, his thoughts came to an end and he refocused on the battle as the blond S-rank ninja began to actually attack.

Minato had indeed begun, first throwing his kunai in different directions and then channeling his chakra, watching as a large blue circle engulfed the area. It was a sensory seal, one that allowed him to always know where his enemies were. They hit the ground, and the blond waited for his moment of clarity—twenty meters, three o'clock, and twenty-five meters, seven o'clock—to evaporate, since he was expecting his enemy to make it disintegrate like his sandal had, but nothing happened. He furrowed his eyebrows and made a few more hand seals, not bothering to call out a technique name as wind blew around and nudged the environment, searching to know if they really were where his seals said.

They were, as far as he could see, and Kushina flew down from the canopy and swung her sword down at the Snake Sannin. Orochimaru seemed a little taken aback but parried it easily, withdrawing a sword from his mouth in a disgusting—and very, very slimy, in Ed's opinion—manner. A smirk reached his face and Kushina seemed angrier than before, aggressively swinging her blade over and over in an attempt to hit something, but it didn't seem to be working. Minato threw a Hiraishin kunai at the ground behind where Orochimaru would end up at the current rate and teleported himself to the location, trapping him. He grabbed the kunai out of the dirt and threw it up at an angle that would surely impact with the back of the Sannin's knee and would cause a nasty hit, especially since it was pointier due to his elemental affinity, but it was deflected by some invisible force.

Frowning, Minato stood straight and jumped back, watching longer as Kushina continued to slice in a strategic pattern that didn't seem to be fully affecting her opponent. He turned in concern to look around for the alchemist, remembering that the battlefield wasn't safe no matter where he was. He spotted the blond, who was again sitting up in the tree, and pulled out another specialised kunai to defend himself with.

It was then that a large weapon was swung at him. He barely moved in time, having not noticed it despite his chakra-sensing abilities, and felt the breeze of it as it soared down behind him. He spun and jumped forward at Ed once he could see him, slashing his kunai various ways and making a small tear on the man's red coat due to the extended reach. At least I know I can hit him.

The blond immortal grinned, straightening his halberd. Minato took a quick glance up where he sensed the alchemist to be, and sure enough, there he was. In his time looking away, however, his cheek earning a nick from the massive weapon the transmuter had that began to bleed. Red dripped down from the wound steadily, and it was swung at him again, but both he and Kushina's opponents were still in their respective areas. It had to be another person, he concluded, but he couldn't figure out who else would become a traitor, or how someone from another village could have gotten past any ANBU or Jōnin in the village. They were under some variation of the Henge no Jutsu—Transformation Technique—so it had to be someone who could suppress his or her chakra incredibly well.

"You humans really are useless," the doppelgänger laughed, swinging the halberd up above and around its currently male shoulders, plunging the bottom into the ground. "Take a look up on the tree. Odd, don't you think? That I'm in two places."

Minato hesitated momentarily, the only sounds in the clearing being of clashing metal from his wife's non-changing fight, but didn't look up. He could still sense that the alchemist was there, although the signal seemed to be getting fainter, despite the fact that the immortal wasn't going anywhere. It was definitely becoming less noticeable, though, and Minato glanced up quickly to make sure the alchemist wasn't transporting himself somewhere, or at least something of the sort.

No, he was certain that the blond hadn't gone anywhere. From being able to see him and sense him, it was completely obvious that he was indeed there. Then who, or what, is that?

Either way, it didn't matter. The immortal didn't seem keen on interfering with his current battle, but he would keep an eye out. He had to fight the fake or otherwise be attacked, and judging by what had happened so far, it seemed to be strong, although the alchemist himself was probably more so. He recentered his attention upon to said fake, and decided to try his hand with a combination of both kunai and wind techniques, since as fast as the person was—a person Minato assumed to be a he, given their current appearance—he didn't seem to be as fast as the Hokage himself. If he had been, he wouldn't have missed the initial attack with the halberd, so it was safe enough to assume that Minato could effectively outmatch him in terms of speed. On that note, he brought his hands up and clapped them together in a motion that made his enemy momentarily stiffen, saying, "Fūton: Reppūshō! Wind Release: Gale Palm!"

As soon as he said that, the oxygen around him began to compress, forming an area around him that was comprised of the dense, chakra-filled air. It condensed itself further until it was around the size of Minato—or so it seemed—at which point he loosened his hold slightly and let it begin to flow forth, quickly withdrawing much of his dwindling supply of weaponry and shooting it after the technique. It collided, and Minato let his hold of it drop nearly entirely. Bounding forth, it ruffled the leaves and dirt near it and hit the impersonator, all beneath second. The kunai darted forwards inside of the wind, going at a speed Minato wasn't sure that even he could dodge without use of his Hiraishin. His opponent, however, seemed to be doing a decent job of dodging them, but that came to a quick halt. As soon as one hit him, the man stumbled slightly, and many more followed. Minato was rather glad he had decided to use so much of his stock up; an attack like that was definitely worth it.

One after another, the knife-like weapons slashed at the golden-eyed man, ripping into the loose cloak he wore and nearly shredding it. Some hits grazed his arms and legs, tearing the cloth covering them open and leaving marks that oddly enough did not bleed. With each new cut, Minato's opponent's ability to dodge them got worse, but soon enough the downpour of kunai ended, and Minato was left to rush in brandishing yet another kunai in an attempt to stab the doppelgänger. Surprisingly enough, though, as he ran forward and was about to jab the weapon into his enemy's stomach, the halberd that was still there—How does that work? Minato wondered—seemed to parry his attack all by itself. As soon as the Hokage was able to take a second glance, though, it was firmly in the battered fake's hands. Something was off, he felt, but the fact that the halberd had then been slashed at him distracted him from having any on-the-spot strategic thoughts.

He was able to dodge in time, of course; the blond's attack speed had been slowed quite a bit, even if the weapon's reach was long, not to mention the fact that people simply couldn't move as fast when they were injured. He fell back a bit and looked over momentarily to see Kushina having resorted to a less strenuous tactic, one of throwing and making good use of her chakra suppression seals, and then turned back to his enemy. The immortal up in the trees still hadn't budged even an inch, and it was seriously starting to bother Minato. No one would sit out of a fight this long unless they had some sort of plan, so perhaps the person in front of him was supposed to be the main force of the fight. In that case, Minato wouldn't mind wasting a bit more chakra if he had to.

Pulling out another kunai so he could dual wield, he reinforced his weapons with more wind chakra before running forward aggressively, throwing the one in his right hand a second after throwing the one in his left. They hit the previously-halberd-wielding male in perfect succession, the first stabbing his shoulder and the second jabbing itself into his head. A rush of elation enveloped the Hokage before dissipating as quick as it had come, and he suspiciously watched the supposed corpse as it crumpled and fell, him having stopped after launching his kunai. He then noticed that it had begun disintegrating as well, morphing back into the earth and fading into the nature tones that coloured the ground.

A clone then? he thought, a bit surprised. It would explain why he couldn't sense it, especially since his opponent seemed to use some sort of unknown power besides regular chakra. I really have to find out more about it, he thought. Well, two can play at that game. Bringing his hands up in the odd seal that was used for one of Konoha's more secretive and forbidden techniques. "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Shadow Clone Technique!"

All around him, clones that matched himself popped out of smoke, hardened expressions on their faces. They surveyed the area around themselves, and Minato looked up towards his original opposer. Their eyes met, and a hungry grin graced the immortal's face. A sinking feeling in Minato's stomach caused him to wonder, and the alchemist slowly pulled himself up, using the tree as support.

"That was good, for a clone," Edward said. "I appreciate the sentiment."

The blond ninja didn't reply to that statement, instead asking, "Where is he?"

"Your son, I take it?" His grin grew. "He's saving the lives of many in your village thanks to his humanoid morals. You should be thankful, Lord Hokage. He's doing you a favour, although I have no doubt you will not pay his efforts back in full."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it," the immortal beckoned. "Is there anything else in this country at the moment that could murder thousands without a thought?"

A twitch spasmed through Minato's hand. "Another Jinchūriki?"

Ed's smile faded. "Don't act surprised. You already knew, and I know you knew. That's why I also know that there's something wrong with the current battle you're ignoring, despite it occurring right next to you." He snorted. "Truly pathetic, don't you think?"


Turning to see what the creature meant and having his clones keep an eye on him—It?—he spotted his wife struggling to fend off the sword being wielded by the Snake Sannin's tongue. It was a slightly grotesque sight, and muddled worry swirled within him. He saw how Orochimaru was able to turn it without the hinder of joints, being able to party every single attack and force Kushina backwards. A particularly strong one made her fumble, leaving her open. He nearly took a step forward, but she quickly hopped back entirely, missing the poison of the blade. Lunging forth once more, she was on the offensive, and several strikes later she managed a small cut on the pale ninja's tongue. The man hissed and the wound bubbled before healing, most likely due to some experimental drug he had used.

"What's your point?" Minato asked, looking back at the alchemist, who merely smiled. "She can handle herself."

"Yes, she is strong," Ed agreed, "but Orochimaru plays dirty."

An anguished cry caused the blond Konoha ninja to look over as quick as he could, and he immediately saw a silhouette in the distance withdrawing behind a tree. Kushina was on one knee, grasping a needle in her arm before yanking it out. Blood streamed down her arm from the wound, as the piece of metal had been thicker than most. He wondered if it was poisoned or not. She had barely gotten onto her feet when Orochimaru ran forth once more, bringing the sword in his mouth up and swinging it downwards. Time slowed for the blond Hokage and he used Hiraishin to transport himself to her in an attempt to block the fatal attack, but as soon as he appeared in front of her something crashed into his side. When he looked to see what it was, he found himself staring into the eyes of the immortal monster. They reminded him of grains of sand: hard, barren, and lacking vibrancy.

"It's no good to interfere, Lord Hokage," the blond scolded, jumping up off of Minato. "You said it yourself—she can handle her own battle. Look."

Look he did, and he saw Kushina holding up her sword using her uninjured arm to defend herself. She stood up slowly, not releasing the pressure of the Snake Sannin's crush, and jumped back even further before focusing hard on something. Her enemy, too, fell back in preparation, and Minato noticed then that the blond who had rammed into him was no longer there, only a pile of dirt remaining. Irritation crept up on him, but was quickly replaced by the instinct to hide.

As soon as he was a safe distance from the redheaded Uzumaki, golden chains—five of them—erupted out of her backside. They plunged themselves into the ground, and the Namikaze saw beads of sweat appear on her forehead as the chains bounded out of the ground, soaring high and criss-crossing multiple times before tightening themselves over the large area that Orochimaru had no chance to get out of. An escape tactic ensued, one where the snake shed his skin to get out from his position trapped under the chains. As soon as he jumped, though, the yellow bindings chased and captured him once more.

Orochimaru, in all of his battles, was pinned to the ground. Kushina moved forward, the chains extending with her, and pulled a seal out of her weapons pouch. She slapped it against the Sannin's forehead, and from what Minato could tell, it was a means of paralysis, meant for interrogation, as it allowed the victim to talk, but with no chance of anything but the head moving. She stood up after and raised her sword's tip to the pigment-lacking man's throat. Words ripped themselves out of her vocal cords. "Why were you working with the immortal? And why isn't he helping you?"

The former citizen of the Village Hidden in the Leaves chuckled. "We were never working together, Lady Kushina. We simply had similar motives."

She pushed the sword down further, her red hair falling in line with her head. A thin stream of blood trickled down the ninja's neck, and she narrowed her eyes. "Why were you in this village?"

"To send flowers to my secret lover, of course."

Kushina trailed her blade along his skin, and her captive shifted. "Do you have any information about my son?"

"He is of no interest to me at this moment," the experimenter replied tonelessly, complying for the moment. "Even if he was, his location remained anonymous to me."

"Why have you spoken to the last Uchiha within our walls?"

"Power, perhaps. Who knows?"

"And what of my daughter?"

"She'd be interesting to conduct hypotheses on, I think, but why ask a question you already know the answer to, Lady Kushina?"

"What about the Jinchūriki brought here?"

"I believe we're done here."

Kushina nodded absently. "Then that is all, I think." She raised her blade and plunged it down, but not half a second before it impacted, her body froze and she fell forward, unconscious. Her sword grazed the Sannin's clothing, and the opening of her sudden unconsciousness allowed Orochimaru to quickly slip his long tongue out of his mouth and use it to remove the seal. Minato took a step forward, but the shifting of the ground in front of him warned him to stop his movements. The pale traitor glanced at him before looking at the woman draped over half of him with disdain, pushing her off and walking to a nearby tree. He laughed darkly and allowed himself to be absorbed by it, vanishing.

Minato took another step forward, seeing if the immortal would do something again. After a moment's hesitation, he went over to her, checking her pulse. It was growing weaker, and using the Hiraishin seal by the hospital, he disappeared in a flash of yellow. Edward watched curiously, and soon a minute had passed, but the Hokage had not returned. He raised an eyebrow curiously before shrugging, turning from his position still on the branch, and jumping off.

The clones stiffened, and Edward pondered for a moment before smirking. He made eye contact with one before the ground rumbled and suddenly became a huge sinkhole. Several victims managed to struggle their way out of the deathtrap, and Ed allowed a trusty spear to come from the iron underground. He ran forth, hacking at the chakra constructs. One by one, they poofed out of existence, and soon only a handful were left. They threw various weapons of which he dodged, though one did nick his loose cloak, and he allowed for sharp rocks to come out from the ground and stab the feet and legs of all but one. Honestly, why did the Hokage use so little chakra to make them?

He ran forth and stabbed the last one's heart, then let the spear to fall back under the ground. The shadowed sidekick of Orochimaru was still lingering, and as soon as said ninja fled the scene, an intense spike of energy burst within Edward's sensory range. It had come from the location of his student, and focusing in further, he could feel the various injuries that the Jinchūriki had. Another flux of power occurred, and a sharp pain hit Ed's leg. He lost control of his sensing power for a second, and realised with no small sense of urgency that something had gone very, very wrong. For him to have felt that much pain from an echo...

Looking around momentarily, the alchemist ran through the forest towards the location of his small team, intent on helping them out of whatever shit they had gotten themselves into. He couldn't let anything happen to such important pieces as them in this game, after all, especially Naruto.

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