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A/N Okay here is the deal. I can't write The Major and his Demon constantly. I mean it's some dark stuff and a guy needs to have some fun too. So I will be working on this story at the same time. I'm bringing back my favorite couple Bella and Garrett. We are going to do a story with no such thing as vampire mating for anybody. Just straight up an average guy trying to get to know an average girl. I think this will be fun. Hope you will enjoy. I am going to try to update this at least every other day. Once TMHD is done I will devote all my time to it. I figure that story has about three or four more chapters.

Chapter 1


"Anna Donovan, correct?"

"Yes Mr. Cortez." I replied allowing him to take my hand and kiss it with his disgusting lips. Fat slimy bastard. Keep smiling Bella. Keep smiling.

"Please call me Victor. I insist all beautiful women call me Victor. You most definitely fall into that category."

I wonder if he thinks his wife falls into that category.

"Thank you Victor. This is a lovely home you have."

"It is one of my favorite places to reside. I always feel…safe here."

Yes, I bet you do. Ten foot high electric fence, roaming patrol dogs. At least thirty guards roaming the property with AK 47s.

"I appreciate you inviting me to your party." I replied smiling slightly, trying to fight disgust as he undressed me with his eyes. Not that it would take much. I can't believe I let Kevin talk me into this dress. Skin tight blue satin, plunging neckline barely to the middle of my thighs. I swear if I bent over the whole ballroom would see my Wonder Woman panties.

Yep. Kevin thought I should go with a thong. But my Wonder Woman panties are my good luck charm. I was definitely going to need luck to get this job done and get out.

"Of course. When Hugo told me about you I had to meet you. I am of course, very grateful to any aid workers who can help the plight of the poor in my country. Especially beautiful ones such as yourself. I have other guests to greet. I would love to meet with you afterward though. Get to know each other on a personal level. I believe I have some ideas on how I can assist you in your quest to aide my people."

"I look forward to it Victor." I gave him my best come fuck me smile.

Cortez walked off and I finally let out the shiver I had been holding inside. Scum bag. Living off his billions of drug dollars while the people around him live in conditions that would make poverty seem an improvement.

I looked around the room and made a mental note of who was present. Numerous bimbos in short tight dresses…like I was at the moment. Handsome men in tuxedos. Ugly men in tuxedos. Fat men with thick mustaches in military uniforms. Friends or members of the Mexican drugs cartels, everyone. I recognized a few but they weren't my mission. Victor was at the top. Everybody wanted to be his friend.

Luckily Victor had a well-known thing for skinny pale brunettes. I had read his portfolio. If I caught his attention already, the first part of this job would be easy. Get him alone. Kill him. The second part would be a little trickier. Getting out alive. I walked out onto the patio seeming to take in the scenery. I was actually checking the layout of the grounds that I could see. The guys below didn't look like hired thugs. Military. At least former military but it wouldn't surprise me if more than a few of them were active members moonlighting.

When I joined the Army my parents thought I was nuts. Unathletic, clumsy, weak. Couldn't disagree with them. The Army was the last thing anyone, including me, ever expected. That was why I had to do it. I needed to prove to myself that I was strong after Forks, after I let myself fall apart over a boy. A pretty immortal boy but still just a boy. I did that. I survived bootcamp. That in itself made me proud. I had high enough scores to make it into Army Intelligence. I thought I could spend a few years going over security briefings and writing assessments that would never be read by anyone, use the GI Bill to go to college and that would be that. I never suspected my Army career would lead to me wearing a small tight blue dress instead of camo.

All because of one psychological test I agreed to take and Kevin Brooks.

The test showed I was morally flexible. I never thought of myself as morally flexible. Thinking about it later though, that's probably why I was so quick to forgive Jasper for trying to bite me and the fact that Edward had killed people in the past never really bothered me.

Being a morally flexible female got me recruited by the CIA. Morally flexible got me training I never would have dreamed of and was definitely not covered in bootcamp. It also showed me I had an internal strength I never thought I would have. That and the surprising fact that killing people didn't bother me at all.

A car bomb that killed a US Senator led me to this party. Making the connection was easy. These guys loved gringo girls. All I had to do was flirt with Hugo a little at the cantina and I had an instant invite.

I walked to the bar and asked the bartender for a tequila. I swear they have the best tequila here. Kevin says I should never drink on assignments.

Kevin isn't the one in a ballroom surrounded by dangerous Cartel members in a dress that barely covers Wonder Woman's lasso.

Without much else to do I sat around and people watched. The opulence of these people made me sick. I spent 3 weeks in the surrounding villages as part of my cover working with the sick of the nearby village. They didn't have fucking penicillin. Their closest neighbor dealt billions of dollars of drugs a year but they didn't have fucking penicillin. Asshole.

Meanwhile Alice Cullen is somewhere in the world right now buying thousand dollar outfits from France for every member of her family to be worn once.

Reminiscing time over. Cortez was walking toward me. I smiled when he walked up, pretending to be glad to see the pig.

"Lovely Anna. I am so sorry to have kept you waiting. I hope you managed to enjoy yourself in my absence?"

"Oh, it was difficult but I managed." At least I managed to down four shots of tequila.

"Would it be to forward of me to invite you to my suite? I would like to get away from the people so we may talk without interruption."

"Of course Victor." He took my hand and led me up the stairs. Two guards opened a door for us. Both were armed. Small arm weapons. No assault rifles that I saw. Shouldn't be a problem.

The room of course was huge. A private living area, a large round (?) bed. I bet it spins. He is probably the type who would come out in leopard skin speedo underwear, gut hanging out, lying on a spinning bed with a bottle of champagne. Oh damn, I just vomited a little in my mouth.

"Are you okay Anna?"

Swallow it Bella. Ugh. Damn that's nasty.

"Yes. I'm just a little nervous. You're…presence has that effect on me I suppose." I replied truthfully, giving him my best smile.

"I understand. It can be intimidating to be with a man of certain power, wealth, and stature. But I assure you I am just a man. Please relax. Have a seat."

"Of course." I sat on the couch and he sat as well. Practically on top of me.

"Anna, I admire a woman such as yourself that works with the underprivileged. How can I help? How can I make your life…easier?"

Killing yourself so I didn't have to do it?

"I cannot ask anything of you Victor. We make do with what we have." He was now rubbing my calve. His hands were sweaty.

"Surely there is something I can do…for my people?"

It sure as hell isn't going to be me. His hand was now at my thigh. Can't let him get much farther. I stood up and walked slowly to the window, pretending to look at the sky. Nobody below, nope, there he is. Bushes. Dressed in black. AK 47. Typical. Window was out. I was going to have to walk out of here. If I climbed down he would shoot me before I could defend myself.

"Anna, would you come here please?"

I turned and saw that pig had removed his shirt and was now sitting on his bed, leaned back on his elbows. Great. I can get this done and be gone.

I walked to him, standing between his spread legs.

"What do we have here, Victor?" I smiled.

"I find you very attractive, Anna."


"Yes you. I love your small breasts."

Wait. Hold up.

"Small breasts?"

"Yes. You breasts are small and perfect."

"Victor, I guess the dress isn't that flattering but my breasts are average size."

"No Anna. I have seen many breasts in my life. Yours are small. I love that. Don't be offended. I find a woman with small breasts alluring."

"My breasts are not small." I gritted out through my forced smile.

"I have offended you. My apologies Anna. That was not my intent. I just see a beautiful woman, with…firm breasts and a small ass and…"

"Wait what did you say about my ass?"

"Your ass? It's…small. That's not a bad thing right?" Victor looked concerned.

"It depends. Are you saying that it is small like incredibly fit or small like I don't have one?"

"Incredibly fit?"

"You don't sound sure." I told him raising an eyebrow and frowning.

"I love your body, okay? I find it extremely desirable. Do you have body image issues or something?"

Did I? I didn't think I did. Maybe I do. But other people I have killed certainly liked my body. I mean…focus Bella!

"Of course not." I smiled. "I am glad you find my small breasts and ass to your liking. Would you like a closer look?" I winked at him.

"Yes. Yes I would." He grinned making his bushy mustache nearly shoving itself up his nose.

I lowered the shoulder straps of my dress and pulled it down to my waist. I wasn't wearing a bra.

"Perfect. Small breast and tiny light brown nipples…what is that? Is that some sort of support? Why would you need support for your small breasts?"

GRRRRR. Asshole.

He noticed the long white pick set under my breasts with a small adhesive quickly. He was really checking me out. I pulled the ice pick off of me wincing a little as the adhesive gave. It wasn't a strong one but it felt like I just waxed a part of my body.

"This is a hard polymer ice pick. Very sharp on the end."

Victor looked so confused.

"Why would you need an icepick?"

"To stick it in your neck you fucking bastard. Senator Kelly's wife and children wanted to say hello."

I grabbed his jaw with my left hand and slammed it locked. My right hand stuck the pick straight into his carotid artery. He bled like a stuck pig, which I suppose he now was, but luckily the blood spurted to the side and not on me. That would have just been gross. Still not crazy about the smell of blood, which is kind of ironic considering what I do for a living but it is what it is. I deal. He moaned slightly but couldn't scream with my hand pressing his jaw upward. The guards shouldn't hear. When he stopped twitching I rose and walked to the sink on the other end of the room. I washed the pick and my hands. I threw the ice pick in the small trash can by the sink and pulled out the small blade that had been taped just below my panty band. A slim doubled edged knife would have been too noisy for killing him. But things could get noisy on the way out of here and a plastic ice pick would do me no good.

I stepped out of my dress and palmed the knife. My panties stayed on. Walking to the door. I took a deep breath and screamed. I opened the door standing in only my panties and saw the shocked look on the guard's faces.

"I think he had a heart attack!"

Goon 1 and Goon 2 ran in, Goon 1 in front. I grabbed Goon 2 as he passed and planted the blade at the base of his skull. Goon 1 turned around when he heard Goon 2 fall. I was already there though. Too late fucker. I jammed the blade straight into his heart. Quickly shutting the door I rinsed off my knife and put my dress back on. It always amazes me how easy it is for a naked woman to kill a man. Or three in this case. I walked to Cortez's closet. He had a very nice suit coat inside he wouldn't be needing anymore. I put the jacket on. I grabbed the Goons' guns. Colt .45s Desert Eagles. 15 round clips in both. Very nice taste boys. Now time to be cool. I pocketed the guns and kept the blade palmed in my hand. The arms were long enough that my hands were mostly covered. I kicked off my stiletto heels and decided to go barefoot. It would look strange but I was going for the girl who just got fucked by the big man and was looking to get out look. Walking down the stairs I was relieved to see that most everyone was involved in conversations or were inebriated or high. No one really looked my way twice. I made it the front door and a cute little guard opened it for me. I mumbled a good night and he gave me a knowing wink. The walk to the driveway seemed to take forever. It was at least 100 yards and I had to walk casual. Walk casual. How the hell do you walk casual?

I was almost there. I handed my ticket to the valet who walked to get my car. No way can it be this easy. The valet stopped when his phone vibrated. He checked his phone. He never turned towards me but he did change direction walking to the station where the keys were kept. Hands in pockets Bella. Be smooth.

He came out with a fucking shotgun.

I didn't bother puling the guns. I just fell back and fired through my pockets. He jerked back at impact and sank to his knees. I jumped up to my feet and kicked him in the jaw. Grabbing his shotgun I turned at the sounds of barking and yelling. The yells were in Spanish. I spoke Spanish pretty fluently. They were not happy with me right now. The dogs got to me first. Three Rottweilers. They jumped at me and I fired the shotgun.

I was running before they hit the ground.

Shrugging off the jacket with the .45s in my hand I never turned until I saw the gate close. I split to the right. I was skimming the fence line when I came up to three guards. One had a spotlight on the grounds. They never saw me. Three head shots and I kept moving. I had to find a spot to hide where I could figure out a way to breach this fence. Maybe an overhanging limb.

More dogs. I turned and nearly fell on my ass. My first shot missed. My next two were true and two more monster Fidos hit the ground. I saw the fence went from a curve to a corner. If I could get to the trees on the other side I was home free. No way could they take me in the open woods. A gardeners shed was 50 feet away. I made a dash for it. If I could find two sets of rubber gloves I would have a chance at scaling the fence.

I looked around and saw gloves all over the place. Cloth.

Fuck. I heard him slam the door open behind me. I grabbed the hedge trimmers and turned tossing them into his chest. Dumb. Too noisy. Shit more Spanish. They saw him go down. I picked up his rifle and opened fire. AK 47s really don't have much of a kick but they aren't the most accurate weapons. The spray hit two. Six more hit the ground.

"Yeah bitches! How you like me now?" I screamed. Just as the clip went empty.

Oh shit.

I dropped the AK and picked up my Eagles. I fired a couple shots from my Desert Eagles and took off running again. I planned to go back to the main gate and steal a car to bust through. It was the only part of the fence line that wouldn't fry me.

I felt the shots hitting the ground behind me. Getting closer. Diving to the side one hit where my leg would have been a split second ago. I rolled and found myself rolling down a hill. With the fence at the bottom. I managed to stop myself a foot before I hit the fence.

Looking to my right I saw I had 300 feet before I was even near the car park. Then I had to hotwire a car and drive through a hail of bullets to break through a main gate and hope the car keeps running after that. Soldiers were lining up in front of the main gate. This was going to be tricky. I was listening to the footsteps of the soldiers who had been following me. I was at the bottom of the hill in open ground surrounded on all sides. I estimated I had 6 shots in one gun and probably 4 in the other. Math was never my strong suit though.

Okay Bella. You have been in worse situations before. Think. Think quickly. Because those guards creeping over the embankment are going to see you out in the open and fucked here in a second.

"Psst! Bella? Bella?"

I can't believe this shit.

"Garrett! What the fuck are you doing here?" I whispered without looking back.

"I just wanted to see how you were doing." He whispered.

"I'm doing fine. Now leave me alone!"

"Are you sure? Cause you look like you are in a spot of trouble here."

"I have the situation under control. Now let me work." I can't believe this guy. He won't take no for an answer. How many times do I have to tell him I don't date vampires? Or anyone else for that matter but definitely not vampires. Been there, done that, got the bite mark. If I did though, he would definitely be at the top of the list. Damn he is hot. But still. No means no.

"So what are you going to do?"

"Would you lower your voice? I'm going to hotwire a car and crash the gate, run in the forest and kill them all. Now please let me work!"

"That sounds awfully complicated. I could just open the gate right here for you."

Dammit. Why do vampires always think you need saving? Annoying. I just killed a fuck load of people on my own. Like I need help.

Shit one of the soldiers is crawling towards the top of the hill.

I fired when I saw his face. Right in the head.

Oh fuck now they are all firing! I ducked my head and felt the bullets hitting the ground inches form my face. They were shooting blind but still at an extremely limited space.

"Okay then. I guess I will leave you to your work." I heard him begin to walk away.


"Garrett wait." I whispered.

"What Bella?"

"Open the fence."

"What was that?"

"Open the fucking fence Garrett."

"Are you sure? Because you said you didn't want me interfering in your work."

"Garrett open the goddamn fence already!"

"First, I have a question."

"Dammit Garrett! I kinda have people to either get away from or kill. Which one is it going to be?"

"It's a simple question Bella. I want to know if you will go on a date with me?"

"This shit again? Dammit Garrett…" Fuck another soldier. Shot to the chest. Pretty sure I am down to three shots in this gun. Feels very light. "I told you I won't go out with a vampires."

"And I told you I didn't like being discriminated against. Fine then. I understand. I will leave you to your human business. I apologize for bothering you at work. Have fun killing 14 guys with 8 shots and a small knife."

Fuck him! Damn him!


"Yes Bella?"

"Yes I will go on one date with you. Please open the fucking fence."

I heard metal ripping behind me along with sparks falling in front of me. I turned and saw he had ripped a 5 foot section of fence down. I ran through. The soldiers at the top heard and came charging over the hill. I opened fire, hitting 4 of them and took off into the forest. The damn bullets were hitting leaves around me. It was dense. I started to thrash my way through. Being night I doubt they would have a clear path but I needed to get somewhere qui…

"What the fuck?"

I was on top of a very large tree in Garrett's arms. The soldiers we reopening fire down below into the brush. Even in the dark I could see his bright white teeth smiling.

"So where would you like to go on our date? I was thinking of ice skating?"