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Chapter 24


"What is this we are listening to?"

"Slow Ride Caius." I responded.

"Why are we listening to this noise?"

"It's a great song Caius." I replied once more, rolling my eyes at Nina who was currently piloting the UH 1 Huey we had borrowed from the US Airforce base in Rome. It was an older model and not very fast or quiet but it would do the job.

"I prefer to listen to a nice Opera when we are traveling to a mission."

"Then you shouldn't have traveled with us." I heard Aro laugh. Caius can be such a baby. Nina turned up the music."

"I rather like it." Aro said, looking out the window. He was wearing a leisure suit. Seriously?

"What about you Garrett? Do you like this noise?"

"I absolutely love it. We are going to battle, not a damn Opera?"

Currently Jane, Aro, Caius, Nina and Jane were in the helicopter. It had been decided to send Alec and the guard to take care of the newborns and bring Siobhan and Liam to Volterra to determine how much they knew of Maggie's actions. Alec would use his power, the guard tears apart the newborns and brings the two ring leaders back. Simple. We had the more difficult job. Find the safe house, destroy the biological weapon before it can leave, Tear apart an unknown number of vampires and I get to kill Maggie.

"We are coming up on the target, Nina. Change the music!" I loved helicopter entries. This would be the first time I wouldn't have to use a rope.

"What the hell are we listening to now?" Caius whined. He did that a lot.

"AC/DC. Shoot to thrill."


"Cause it's a kick ass song and it's time to get to take care of business."

"Bella I am being targeted." Nina informed me.

"By what?" I asked. That's a first.

"Looks like were are picking up readings from a ground to air missile silo."

"That fucking bitch! Nina take us straight down. Garrett honey would you grabbed the two large black boxes?"

"Of course baby." Garrett grabbed my goodies and jumped. Jane and Aro followed.

"Hover Nina. Time to go."

Nina kicked the side door to the cockpit and jumped out. We were only about four hundred feet in the air.

I turned and saw Caius staring out the door.

"This chopper is about to be a pile of burning metal in 5 seconds. That will definitely ruin your suit Caius."

""Get us lower. It's ridiculous that we have to jump…"

I went ahead and tackled him. We really didn't have time for one of his fits. He screamed like a little girl on the way down. The chopper blew up behind us. We both landed on our feet. I looked up and saw Garrett, Nina and Jane were staring at the small house. Maggie walked to the front yard. Six newborns followed her. All male and I am betting all RIRA.

Aro walked to the front while I got my toys ready. I could smell the humans inside. I could smell something else. Something deadly.

"Hello Aro…" Maggie fell to the ground in pain. The vampires to her side snarled.

Jane stopped.

"Maggie we understand you have become involved in human affairs. There are humans in that house who know of you and work for you."

"What is it to you Aro? Garrett livid with a human for nearly 6 months before she was turned. If I hadn't ordered a hit on the little whore she would still be human."

"True but I like her. Garrett planned to turn her. She married him. The secret was kept. Blah blah blah. I can go on if you wish. How long before this attack leads the humans to you Maggie?"

"That's a weak justification Aro. You simply want to help your new toy out. I see you have two of them now."

"So there isn't a new born army in Ireland at this moment? Aro asked.

"No actually. There are only a few. The majority of them are here." She smiled.

We heard the feet running. I turned and saw a mound. 400 yards to our right. They were running from underground.


"On it."

She grabbed one of our Russian RPG 7s and fired into the mound opening. It wouldn't kill them but it would bury them for a bit.

"Caius, handle the newborns as they come out. Jane help him. Everyone else attack."

"I handle battle plans Bella!" Caius yelled.

"What do you want to do then?" I yelled back.

"Jane and I will handle the newborns as they dig themselves out. The rest of you attack, Maggie."

I looked at Garrett wondering if I heard that right. Garrett rolled his eyes. I guess I did.

He rushed towards the house. Maggie…ran. Her vampire bodyguards stood though and prepared to defend themselves.


We charged the vampires. This should be easy enough. I reached the first vampire and went low, sliding between his legs and striking his crotch underneath. I suppose judging by the scream he wasn't expecting that. I believe in doing the unexpected. While he was bent over clutching his junk I twisted his back over my knee and squeezed, pushing down. His head was beginning to crack. Another twist and it was on the ground. A vampire hit me in the back of the head before I could duck. I twisted and threw him in the air. Before he landed Aro had torn of his arms in the air. He turned and hit the vampire with his own arms and began sinning the arms wading into another vampire. He knocked down three and turned to me.

"Garrett! Where are you going to find this much fun with anyone else!" The crazy fucker was laughing. I checked on Bella and saw she had torn apart a vampire. Nina, tore apart another one. Then we heard the truck start up. A van. The humans were leaving from the back. Bella ran to the other RPG 7 and jumped on top of the roof. The truck didn't make it fifty yards before it was in flames. She dropped the RPG and ran. I could bet where she was going. She could handle Maggie. The rest were ours. We heard another cry of pain. I turned to see Jane watching a vampire on the ground. Then another hit her. It seemed like a water hose bursting forth. At least 20 newborns came piling out of the whole in the ground, dirt bursting forward. Caius was fighting two. Jane was fighting two. The mass was descending on them. We ran. Outnumbered. Two old men. One old young kid and one former assassin and me.

We jumped into the pile and began swinging. Caius and Aro looked vicious. For guys who barely ever got out of the castle they were doing well. Aro was smiling. Caius was smiling. Nina was giggling. Jane looked…pissed off. A vampire grabbed her robe and she twisted tearing it off. She was wearing the same black BDUs Nina and Bella had on. Two vampires came for me. I side stepped one and bit. He screamed while I kicked his friend in the back of the head. Jane dropped one in pain and then turned to fight another. As the one she dropped rose I bit through his neck. This was working. She winked at me and we established a system. She dropped them and I killed them. Caius and Nina were working together protecting each other's back while Aro flew around like a mad man, laughing the entire time. He really was insane.

We continued to battle. They seemed to never end. They weren't mindless newborns. They had been RIRA members as humans, I would bet. They were tough. But they were not us. These fuckers had finally met their match. I wondered what Bella was doing.


I followed her scent. Bitch was fast but she wasn't as fast as I was. I was about to cross a hill into the nearby forest when I stopped. I thought she would try to lose me among the trees. Her scent was stronger here than it should be. She slowed down and lingered. She must be on the other side of the hill. Just over the rise. Trying to catch me by surprise. I ran to the left and came through the forest. There the dumb bitch was, patiently waiting. Having no idea I was right behind her. At least until the wind kicked up and she caught my scent. She turned slowly.

"I know I can't beat you in a fair fight. I heard what you can do lassie."

"Then why don't you look worried?"

"Because I have bombs planted all over London. If I don't call my contact in five minutes, he will detonate them. Let me go and I won't blow up an elementary school."

"How are you going to call him?"

"I am going to call her on a cell phone in a hidden location in the forest. I am sure you can find it eventually but you won't find it in five…four minutes. What about it Swan? Killing me worth the lives of children? Women? The humans you love so much?"

"You never should have come after Kevin. That's against the rules Maggie."

"To hell with the rules! Do you have any idea how hard it was to carry on my brother's blood line? You destroyed that."

"I was doing a job. That's all. Like Collins said. Nothing personal. We take a risk when we become involved in this life. You should have kept him out of it."

"He was a warrior!"

"He was a cowardly bastard who preferred to bomb others from a distance. He spewed piss and cum all over himself when I snapped his fucking neck. If it makes you feel better I gave him a great lap dance before I killed him. Probably the best I ever did. My skills had improved by that point."

"I may not be able to kill you now but I plan to disappear. You will never find me. But I will find you Bella Swan. I don't care how much red tape I have to go through. I still have friends in the CIA. I will find your family. You can't hide them forever. I will drink their blood from a rusty cup you fucking whore. Two minutes. It will take me thirty seconds to get to the phone and make the call. You have a minute and a half to decide."

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I didn't need to look but I did for the fun of it.

"This contact of yours how do I know she is real?"

"You don't. You willing to take that chance?"

"No. I'm not. I believe you. I believe you have a blond haired green eyed girl about 21 years old. 5'6" around 135? Has a small scar barely noticeable under her right eye? She has a detonation box with four switches right? You planned to detonate the bombs right after the biological agents were delivered, correct?"


"You aren't the only one with friends. Alice and Jasper Whitlock send their regards."

Maggie started to back up slowly.

"Don't run. I will make it worse if I have to catch you. You can tell between truth and lies right? How about this. You are fucked. Am I telling the truth now Maggie?"

She didn't respond. I charged her. This was it. The moment I had been waiting for since I got shot.

It was over in a second.

Kind of disappointing.

Revenge usually is.

But still it was necessary. I burned her body and grabbed her head. Running back in the clearing I saw my team had finished the others. Bonfires were lit. Everyone looked okay. Aro patted Garrett on the back and Garrett didn't flinch. Caius's suit was messed up. Jane looked like a bad ass and was hugging Nina and smiling. They all saw me and smiled.

"What do you have there, Bella?" Aro asked, clapping his hands together. I tossed the head at his feet.

"I placed her under arrest. Unfortunately this was all that was left."

Aro bent down and touched her cheek. Maggie tried to bite but it did her no good. Aro was quiet for a minute while I walked over to Garrett and he pulled me in his arms.

"You know if you had come alone you would have been quite fucked." He whispered in my ear.

"Yeah. I guess it's a good thing I didn't come alone." I admitted and kissed him.

"Well, it appears Liam and Siobhan have been very, very bad. We should probably get back to our home and have a word with them. But first let us bask in the glow of victory."

Aro closed his eyes and raised his hands above him. We all looked at each other. Even Caius had a 'what the fuck' look on his face. Garrett rolled his eyes and twirled his finger on the side of his head.

Aro finally lowered his hands and opened his eyes.

"Basking is over. Does anyone have an idea of how we are supposed to get back to Italy now that our big helicopter is destroyed?"

"I guess we walk." Garrett replied.

We all looked at each other.

"Does anyone know which direction Italy is?" I asked.

"You are the fucking super secret agent? Can't you tell directions?" Caius replied.

"That way Bella."

"Thank you Nina." We began walking while I shot the finger at Caius.


I have to admit, this isn't a bad place. The view is wonderful. Jane is less than a minute's run from here. The Volturi hasn't bothered us. Much. Caius still sends pink robes to Bella and I once a week. We have quite the collection. Nina is out with Jane quite often, living between our place and the castle. The two have really hit it off. I think they may be falling in love.

God help the world.

We were currently slaughtering, Peter, Jasper and Emmett in Call of Duty. We hadn't done much in the weeks since the battle of London.

Bought a Vila. Played video games. Made love constantly. Bella had gone shopping at thrift stores with Jane a few times. Nothing major. It was nice? Peaceful? It was both of those. Unfortunately I soon found that Marcus was right. Bella was getting twitchy. She didn't say anything. She cleaned her weapons constantly. This was her method of relaxing.

"Are you ready for bed love?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yes. I doubt these three are ever going to get better. It's like slapping a baby, it's so easy."

"Don't you mean taking candy from a baby?"

"I suppose that as well."

We rose and were slightly surprised when Jane and Nina came bursting through the door.

"What are you two doing? I thought you were at the opera tonight?" They were both smiling.

"We were. A vampire came into the throne room tonight. He looked pretty bad. Apparently a large pack of werewolves attacked his Coven in Hungary. At least 50. We are preparing to go find them. Bring back one to see if the Romanians have anything to do with this and kill the rest."

Nina was practically hopping.

"So we came back to change clothes." Nina said, smiling at Bella.

I looked at Bella. She looked like someone slapped her baby.

"Oh. Have fun then…"

Nina and Jane entered Nina's room and closed the door.

"Werewolves huh?" I looked at her.


"You want to go don't you?" I asked her, already knowing the answer.

"No. I mean it's a Volturi thing. None of our business. Right?"

I walked up and kissed her.

"Go get dressed. Looks like we are going to Hungary." I whispered.

"Thank you Garrett! Thank you! Nina, Jane! Get my BDUs ready. Garrett and I are coming along! Garrett, get my black box! I bet we can have fun with my weapons. And don't forget to grab grenades! Lots of grenades!"

She was giggling with the other girls in her room. It sounded like they were getting ready for the Prom.

I took a deep breath.

I am not a member of the Volturi. I better get busy. The girl wants grenades, the girl gets grenades.

The End


I had a lot of fun writing this story. I hope you all had fun reading it. I'm not sure what I am going to do next. Work on The Major and his Demon some, but that one is coming to an end soon. Maybe a wolfpack story if I can think of something that hasn't been done. I want to go back to a Bell OC story one day but nobody seems to really like those. I don't know. Shoot me some ideas for pairings. I would like to do something I haven't done before pairing wise and idea wise. Thanks everybody!