The elves and men prepared for battle, for Dain's army was dressed ready to fight. When the dwarves reach the camp of men and elves that surrounded the mountain, not so pleasantries were exchanged which led nowhere as the dwarves wanted into the mountain and the men and elves would not let them through until gold and silver started coming out of the mountain as payment to them. Of course this did not sit well with the dwarves, but they slunk away since they had no other choice. All the while their hearts burned with in them, knowing that the Arkenstone, the most precious treasure of Erebor, was held in the enemy camp.

It was a very good thing for the elves and men that there was an unexpected turn of events, for they had seriously underestimated the dwarves and their love of treasure. As both sides made finishing preparations for battle, a dark cloud was seen to advance toward the mountain, like another army. As it got closer, they realized that it was not a cloud, but a great flock of giant black birds, the like of which had never been seen before in Middle Earth.

By the time both sides were lined up and ready to fight (which was mere minutes later) the birds had completely covered the sky, making it like night.

"Halt!" cried Gandalf, appearing suddenly with his arms spread wide in between the two armies. "Halt!" he called in a voice like the thunder while his staff blazed like the lightning that always close by.

"Dred has come upon you all, and sooner than I would have guessed. Azog, your old foe, is swiftly approaching with his combined army of orcs and wargs! Even the bats cover his force, providing darkness which they fight best in!"

"But come, there is still time for council! Let Dain, son of Nain, come swiftly to us."

In light of the recent news, all other feuds were forgotten, as orcs were the enemy of all. Dain hurried with Gandalf, Bard, and Thranduil back to the tents to form a plan. Bilbo and Daisy were still there, as people as small as them had no place in a battle like would've happened: they personally had no quarrel with either side and could easily be mistaken for a small dwarf based on size and killed by elves or men.

The three heads of the armies plus Gandalf stood around a table with a map of the mountain on it and discussed plans of attack. It was darker than usual in the tent with the sky blacked out, and the lanterns they had lit for light still cast deep shadow. It was in one of these shadows that Bilbo and Daisy happened to be in, keeping out of the way.

"Our best bet is to lead them between these two arms of the mountain and bottle them up there," Bard said pointing to the map.

"Ay, but what's to keep them on the bottom? With the wargs they could just ride up and over the sides," Dain pointed out stubbornly. If he was going to let a man tell him, a dwarf, how to defend a dwarvish establishment, then he might as well cut off his beard and become an elf.

"Yes, I see," Gandalf mused. "The elves and some men can be stationed on the hills with their bows to keep the orcs on the bottom."

Dain agreed to that, finding nothing wrong with the wizard's suggestion. After all, the wizards were wiser than most and enemies only to the foul creatures, so Dain knew the wizard's instructions would be sound. Never mind that nearly the exact same thing had been said by a man, even if it was the man that slew Smaug.

"So how fast can we get the armies into position?" Bard asked.

"Half an hour, but tell me, where is Thorin? Shouldn't he be at a meeting like this?" Dain questioned.

A sarcastic snort came from Thranduil, "Please, he won't leave the mountain; too afraid one of us might try to take everything from him."

"Did anyone even tell him? He and his company would be useful in a battle like this," Dain glared at the elf, upset that one king would speak so disrespectfully of another king.

"He would not come out for his Durin's Mark, what makes you think he will come out for battle?" Thranduil quipped back.

"He had a Durin's Mark? And his Marked is here?" Dain gasped in disbelief.

"Yes, and I'm right here," Daisy said, emerging from the shadows, Bilbo close behind her.

"My lady," Dain said, bowing respectfully before her.

"Oh please, I understand how this is a big deal since Thorin is an ass, but we really do have a battle to go fight, and soon," Thranduil groaned at the display.

"Yes, Thorin can be an ass, but he's my ass, and his ass is mine," Daisy glared at the elven king. "And don't you have a battle to go fight?"

Thranduil left the tent with a huff, followed by Bard who didn't care much for the dwarf/elf feud, and Gandalf who chuckled to himself at the exchange. Dain left after Gandalf, giving Daisy a nod of approval. Anyone who could effectively tell off the diva that was Thranduil was alright in his book.

The men, elves, and dwarves took their places, and the army of orcs and wargs swarmed over them. They were able to successfully lure them into the valley between the arms of the mountain, but the fighting was terrible. It was truly the worst thing Bilbo experienced on the whole trip, and that was saying a lot. He had slipped out after Dain and put on his ring, making him invisible for a time.

Once Bilbo was gone, Daisy ran off to the front gate; someone had to tell Thorin what was going on.

The day drug on, and the ground became littered mostly with mutilated bodies of orcs and wargs, but there were also the bodies of men, dwarves, and the elves. Bilbo was up on the watch post at Ravenhill with the elves and Gandalf, ready to make their last stand.

It took most of the day for Daisy to make it safely to the front gate, for orcs and wargs were everywhere and she had to be careful. Just because she was not elf, man, or dwarf did not mean they would ignore her; she still got arrows shot her way, and the occasional orc trying to attack her, but she managed to survive if a little weary and scratched up. However at last she made it to the front gate safe and sound, the area strangely empty of enemies.

"Thorin! Thorin, come out!" Daisy shouted, as well as she could with what little breath she still had in her lungs. "THORIN!" she shouted again, taking a big breath.

Sure enough the king's wonderful head poked over the top of the wall. "Daisy!" he shouted with relief. "I thought you had left!"

"There's still…time…for that…" she gasped out, breathing heavily.

"What?" Thorin couldn't quite hear her. "Lower down a rope to bring her up," he ordered.

Daisy gratefully grabbed hold of the rope and was pulled up. Once she reached the top, Thorin crushed her in his arms. "I'm sorry, I never should've let you leave," he whispered into her ear.

"Alright then," she said, regaining her breath once again since Thorin had squeezed it out of her. "Orcs have come, we are all fighting against them instead of each other, thought you might like to know that," she said, still slightly breathless.

A scary grin lit the face of Thorin Oakenshield as he turned to his companions. It was time to fight.

When Thorin burst out of Erebor with his company, all armed to the teeth, everyone was surprised. But it was a good surprise, and gladdened the hearts of all and gave them hope. Orcs and wargs fell left and right under their weapons, all the while they made their way to Azog, who had lost most of his guard by now and was exposed. But not exposed enough. Many had flocked to Thorin, but it was not enough to get through the orc's ranks. Daisy had followed them, despite Thorin's order to remain inside, and stayed out of sight between the rocks. The orcs were too busy with the dwarves and men attacking them to look around the area too much.

It was then Daisy saw a strange sight, eagles were flying in picking off the orcs and wargs! But alas, even with the eagles on their side, they were still horribly outnumbered by the orcs and wargs.

Daisy watched from her hiding place, although she wished she could look away. She saw many orcs die, which wasn't so bad, but then there were also the deaths of many dwarves and men. She kept her eye on Thorin, for he seemed to be doing pretty well overall.

She saw it all happen in slow motion. She saw the orc throw the spear, and she saw it pierce Thorin. She screamed in horror, jumping up from her hiding place. He staggered, but kept on fighting as if nothing happened. Then another hit him as she watched on.

Daisy couldn't just stay there; she had to go do something! But she knew there was no way she could get down there to Thorin without being killed herself. Right now she wasn't even sure she cared.

Then out of nowhere a large bear stormed up the mountain side, crushing orcs and wargs in his giant claws. Daisy knew it could be none other than Beorn, the skin changer. He stomped into the midst of the fighting, picked up the fallen king and carried him away. Daisy hurried after Beorn as fast as she could.

Beorn took Thorin to some of the elves who stayed behind at the tents, for not all elves were warriors, and they knew there would be those injured in battle. It took much running around the tents and shouting Thorin's name until she was horse before she finally made it to the tent where he was being attended to, and only then because some elf had heard about the nice twist the Durin's Mark had provided and that she was the one who bore Thorin's and took pity on her and led her to the tent.

"Thorin?" she said rushing to the side of the dwarf she loved, once so majestic, now so…pitiful.

Thorin groaned and his eyelids fluttered at the sound of her voice. "Daisy," he breathed. She collapsed with relief by his side.

The elves did not quite know what to make of her, but they could see she was injured as well. Not as bad as Thorin, but enough to need attention. The whole day she had been running around and worried about Thorin that she paid no mind to her own condition.

So the elves gently picked her up and placed her on a mat next to the injured king and begun to attend to her as well. Normally they would give the king a tent of his own, but the elves had seen how much the Halfling woman had went through to find him and his response, and they couldn't bear to part them again.

Once the battle was over, Gandalf hurried to the tent that sheltered the king and his Durin's Mark, and across the mats their arms stretched out, until their hands met and embraced in a way their worn and torn bodies could not.

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