There was a light feeling that surrounded Kudo. It felt like he was nothing but mist. Was he still alive? He wondered to himself. That is until he seen someone in the distance.

He then realized he was on his feet, not a single drop of blood to be detected on his body. There was snow falling around him, and the other figure infront of him, his back turned to the other boy. And that was all there was, just darkness, snow, and the two males standing just ten feet away from the other.

The confused brunette started to walk towards the other teen. "Excuse me..." He said softly, reaching his hand out to the boy. Who was he? He wanted to know. He looked so familiar. Something about him made him feel as if he knew him already.

He was about an inch away from placing his hand on his shoulder, when the mystery person turned around. His dirty blonde hair shifted to the side as he changed positions and his radiant blue eyes gleamed with happiness when he looked deeply at the brunette's form. "Kudo." He said softly, his words floated into said teens mind like a dove.

His voice was gentle and loving. It started to come back to him quickly, and a single name flowed from his lips without him even thinking. "Suetake..."

After he called his name, the blonde swiftly wrapped his arms protectively around the slightly shorter boy. #A.N: I have not watched the show in a long time so I have no idea which one is taller or not, but since I think Kudo is the uke, I am making him shorter in the story.#

Kudo blinked confused, a sudden warmth engulfed his body. His heart felt soft and fuzzy, and the corner of his mouth started to per up into a smile. "Suetake..."

He said as he exhaled. "Yes Kudo, I love you..." he said those words quietly, gripping onto the brunette tighter and nuzzling his face into his hair. There was a strange feeling that too over, it wasn't happiness like he thought he would have felt at that moment, but instead it was a heavy feeling, hurting feeling.

This isn't real- This would never happen. Kudo sighed, making Suetake frown and look at him. "You okay?" the blonde asked in a concerned voice..

"This isn't real. You're not here!" he yelled out, tears forming around the corners of his eyes. Suetake's face fell into sadness, and then turned into a look of desperation.

"I'm here! I really am Kudo, you have to believe me." after the blonde yelled those words, his world started to fade. The snow started to stop, and the imagine before him diminished. But he still heard a voice, that angel like voice. "Kudo, I'm here! I'm right here, I won't leave you. I promise. I'm right here."

Even though it was dark and his body felt like ice, he felt liquid drip onto his cheek. But what was it? Tears? But he wasn't crying.

"Kudo, open your eyes!"

My eyes are open...

"Say something!"

What do you want me to say...?

"Don't leave me!"

Where would I go...?

"Please! I. . .I love you!"

I love you too...

There was a flashing light, and then a sizing pain pierced his body. He felt like crying out, but found that he had no voice. His body started to feel heavier, and it was becoming more and more difficult for him to breathe. He heard the voice louder, as if it was right next to him.

"Kudo? Kudo!" That voice. It sounded so pained when it calls my name. But why? Did I do something wrong?

His mind started to finally process the actions going around him and his eyes started to pry open, taking in his surroundings. His vision was hazy at first, but they started to adjust. A bright and white light blinded him for a few seconds.

He hesitantly turned his head when he felt something gripping his hand rather roughly. When he turned to his side he looked at the gaze of blue eyes that were spilling tears, clear liquid was streaming down his slightly tanned cheeks, his eyebrows knitted together in agony. But his face suddenly lit up into a happy smile when he realized Kudo was looking at him.

"Oh thank heavens..." the blonde boy at his side sighed in relief. To say that the brunette was confused would be an understatement. He had no idea where he was, or why this kid was holding his hand and crying over him. Who was he any way?

Wait...Suetake? What was he doing here? Why was he the one holding his hand? Was this another dream? But if it is, why is he in so much pain? So many questions went through his mind, but he couldn't find his voice to ask any.

Suetake, seeing the confused look on his friend's face, decided to answer what he knew. "You're in the hospital. I forgot my baseball bat in the class and found you laying on the ground covered in blood. So I brought you here. You stopped breathing a few times, but they brought you back." he paused for a second and looked down at the ground. His expression was the most serious Kudo has ever seen.

"I felt scared...I was scared I was going to lose you. I...I thought while you were unconscious..I had a lot of time to think...And Kudo..." he looked back up at his friend, who's eyes widened a bit with question.

"When you said you loved me...You didn't mean it in a brotherly or friendly way, did you?" Kudo's cheeks heated up a tad. He finally got it. His eyes showed it as he looked away ashamed of himself.

"I can't believe I was so. . .STUPID! After all those signs you gave me. I still never realized." he yelled angrily. At first Kudo thought he was angry at him, but quickly realized he was angry at himself...for not seeing that he loved him.

The brown haired teen wanted to say something, anything to make Suetake not be upset or angry. But when he opened his mouth to talk, he still couldn't make a single noise.

Suetake suddenly gripped harder on Kudo's hand. "I see now...That I've always had these feelings for you, too...I was just too caught up in my own life to notice..."

He's...He's admitting his feelings to him? No way, this has to be a dream, right? The brunette weakly gripped the other's hand back. He felt him, he felt his whole being. He wasn't dreaming after all. Suetake was really telling him that he liked him as more than a friend.

Despite him being in constant pain, his heart started to feel light and was starting to pound hard in his chest. His eyes started to burn with tears. After all these years of trying to get his heart, he finally succeeded. "I...Love...You." He managed to say in short and pained gasps.

Suetake grinned and gently took Kudo in his arms. "I love you too..." after he said those words, he felt as if his life was about to get a whole lot better. Almost dying was worth it after all...Hell, he didn't even care if he was going to be in pain for months on end, as long as he had Suetake with him, he was the happiest boy in the world.

As for the athlete, he couldn't ask for anything more than to have HIS Kudo alive and in his arms.

Things were going to lighten up for both of them.