A/N: I know you've probably read thousands of stories about the reincarnated tributes (I know I have), but this is a one-shot (that might become a story if you like it) about when they were found. Takes place in between the end of Mokingjay and the epilogue. Told from Clove's perspective.

It was 3:42 when we were found. It was 3:42 when our prayers to be let out were answered. It was 3:42 when our lives changed forever.

I was playing a card game with Cato and Foxface when the men came barging in.

"Who are you?" One of them asked. We all stayed silent, having no contact with the outside world since our death. Not a single person had walked threw the white, locked, double doors since Cato's death so we had no news about the real world. It could have ended and we wouldn't have known.

"They're the tributes!" One of the men in the back yelled excitedly. I could see him jumping from excitement, his helmet bobbing up and down and reflecting the fluorescent light. "They're the tributes from the 74th Hunger Games!"

The men chattered amongst themselves while we just stared at them. None of us moved. None of us spoke. We barely breathed.

"Your coming with us!" The first man yelled. The men surrounded us and forced us to our feet. Cato grabbed my hand as we were forced out of the place where we were trapped for years.

It was 4:51 when we saw the sun again. It was 4:51 when we breathed fresh air. It was 4:51 when we found out about the rebellion.

We were pushed out side. The sun was blinding at first and the air was so crisp and clean. It was referees hung to breath the fresh air instead of the dusty, moldy oxygen inside.

"How long has it been?" Cato asked the man nearest us. That's the question that's been on our minds since our games ended, but no NE had enough courage to ask.

The man stopped in his tracks causing the whole group to stop. "You don't know?" He asked. We all shook our heads. "It's been 9 years since your games. 8 years since the rebellion."

"Rebellion?" I asked.

"Katniss Everdeen lead a rebellion that ended the games and threw Snow from power" another soldier explained.

Everyone fell silent once more and we kept walking threw what I'm guessing is a summer afternoon.

We then boarded a hovercraft and were taken to the Capitol.

It was 3:12 we met fire girl and bread boy. It was 3:12 when the terrible memories we hid away for years came back up. It was 3:12 when our questions were finally answered.

They told us everything: about the Quarter Quell, about the Rebellion, about the aftermath.

We told them our story as well: about being trapped in side, about having no contact what so ever with the anyone but each other, about only knowing that your supposed to be dead but your not.

"No one told you anything?" Katniss asked us.

"The only living things we saw while we were in there was each other" Foxface said.

"Not even an insect?" Peeta asked.

"Nothing" Marvel sighed.

It was 9:27 when we were officially free. It was 9:27 when we could finally live our own lives. It was 9:27 when our lives officially began.

"You can go now" a man said opening the door. They didn't give us anything, just a few coins and a train ticket to any district. Apparently that's all you needed now.

"Go where?" Thresh asked

"Anywhere" he said As if it was that simple. Everything was different, our family members were probably dead and all we had was each other. It was Rue who took the first step, sweet, scared, little Rue taking the first step into the new, scary world. We all followed her, if she wasn't scared no one else should be.

"We're free" I whispered after a few minuets of just standing in the gene summer afternoon in the Capitol streets. "We're free!" I screamed.

Finally the realisation dawned on everyone else and we all were laughing and running and just being joyful, something we haven't been in years.

Cato's arms wrapped around me, picking me up and spinning me around his lips crashed against mine. We broke away and I wrapped my arms around his neck and whispered. "We're finally free."

A/N: Wow! I wrote this in a hour. My creative juices were really flowing. You don't have to update unless you want me to continue. I might depending on how many people want me to, but it would be after I finish my other stories. :) I hoped you enjoyed it.