Blood rushed to the blonde's head as he bent over the counter in the small cafe they were managing.

"Oh-ow, yeah, bad idea." He said gripping his head and standing straight up.

"I suppose that's what happens when you drink too much, right Fai-san?" An amber eyes teen spoke.

"Yeah, guess you are right Syaoran." Fai laid himself on the couch in the room.

"Both you and Kurogane drank too much last night. Wonder why you guys can hold down liquor but when it comes to beer it's another story." Syaoran handed his superior a glass cup filled half way with clear water.

"Yeah. I don't even remember what happened last night-thank you," Fai grabbed the glass and took a drink. "It's like we were just drinking, then the next thing I know, it's morning."

Just like everything else he says, that was a lie. He knew exactly what went on the previous night.

-Flash Back-

It was pitch black outside and the stars barely shown through the drawn blinds inside the room. The whole house was quiet, everyone was sound asleep, except two men who were sitting on the floor surrounded by a case of the finest beer that world had to offer.

The two decided to have a bit of fun since it was a weekend night and everyone was asleep.

Fai was the first one to take a swing of the drink. He wasn't slow at gulping down half of it in the first take. He made a face that looked like a young child who just tasted ice cream for the first time in their life.

"Mmmm! This is great!" He then continued to chug the whole one litter bottle in about ten seconds.

Kurogane just stared at him like he was some mental child eating a cat. He held an unopened bottle in his hand, obviously too busy amusing himself with the mage's actions.

When he was finished with the drink he reached for another one, when he noticed his friend staring at him and...some what smiling? Fai became rather confused and stopped frozen with shock.

"Uh...Kuro-chan?" The ninja frowned again while opening the beer he had.

"What?" He asked as if he had done nothing wrong or weird. The blonde just giggled and continued prying open another one, and quickly consuming it.

Twenty minutes about about thirty beers(each) later.

Fai sat with his hands in his lap, he was all drained out and tired from all that beer. Kurogane was just finishing the last one in the case and tossed the clear bottle to the side which made a click clank sound as it hit the other empty bottles.

"Well, I've gotta admit, zat wasn bad." He slowly said a little slurrish.

"Heh, yes, you seemed to have enjoyed it quiet a bit. Considering how much you drank."

"Hmmm..." The raven haired man glanced at Fai with glossy half opened eyes. He stared for a few seconds, then smiled.

"Heh, ya know what? You-you're...really, I mean REALLY girlish. I'm just seein that. It's so odd." The magician felt his face heat up, either from all that beverage was getting to him, or from his comment. He looked down and frowned at his lap.

"Um...well...I suppose I do a bit, but I mean people can tell I'm a guy."

Kurogane put his hand up. "Whoa whoa. I- I think if ya wore a dress people would..mistake you for a girl,most definitely. I mean yer thin, ya have a girlish body and face, plus yer hair is long an' girl like."

Fai pulled at a lock of his hair. "...It's not that long, it's chin length and no longer...a lot of people have that. And I don't have that much of a-" He looked up to find the bigger man right in front of him.

He fell back and his face got even more heated up.

Kurogane wasn't listening to him at all, of course it was because he was drunk. Fai did feel a little intoxicated, but at least he had a common sense to what he was saying and hearing. Even though he was slipping in and out of him mind every now and then.

Kurogane, on the other hand, looked completely out of it, which if any one knew the ninja, you would know that's a bad thing.

He laughed a bit. "Wow, too much for ya? Can't hold down a few cups of beer?" Fai stood up and sat on the bed, trying to get away from Kurogane as much as possible.

'Yeah, I'M the one that can't handle it..' He thought to himself.

The red-eyed male got up and sat on top of Fai, which made the blonde confused even farther.

"Ya know you're a pretty girl."

"I-I don't think you know what you are saying to me. P-please get down from my lap Kuro-chan. He tried moving the man off him, but failed completely.

"What? You don't like my charms? Or are you just shy?" He leaned in more and started lifting the magician's shirt.

Yeah, he really acts different when drunk. "Wait, what are you doing?" He asked a bit afraid of where he was going with this.

"Oh? You want to know what I'm doing? Well...I'm finding out weather you're a male or not." He grinned lustfully.

"U-uh..I am a man I swear! You don't have to check!" The taller man smiled. "We'll see about that."

Without warning Kurogane pressed his lips against Fai's. The magician tried jerking away but he was pulled back by tan muscular arms. He wasn't sure what to do, he knew the ninja had no idea what he was doing, and he didn't want him to do anything he might regret later.

He put his hands on his large chest to push him away when-oh God, what is he doing now?

Fai felt something warm slid into his mouth as Kurogane pulled him closer. Even though Fai wanted to do something, he found himself unable.

The blacked head tasted and smelled of strong beer, but Fai some what enjoyed it. He liked feeling the warmth of his breath and the wetness of his tongue entangling

But even though it was wrong and he wasn't supposed to feel like he did, he didn't stop him, he just stayed still, letting him have his way with him. I mean it was only kissing, how bad could it be?

Kurogane pressed up his body as close as he could to the smaller male. Fai felt the hardness of the ninja stiffening between his legs.

He moaned inside Kuroagne's mouth, which aroused him even more. He pulled away and quickly removed the mages shirt and pushed him gently on his back.

He bent his head and his tongue darted out and licked around Fai's nipple and chest, which made the blond gasp with pleasure. He bent his head back a bit and gripped onto soft black hair.

"No, wait. I know you don't want to do this, please stop." He pleaded.

Kurogane looked up at him. "Really? How do you know I don't want it? If I didn't want it would I be doing it?" He smirked and leaned forward, capturing Fai's lips with his own again. This time he didn't hesitate to push him away.

Kurogane finally stopped and looked over him with a blank stare.

"You're too drunk, you just need to lay down, ok? You shouldn't be doing this when you're not in control of yourself, you'll regret it later, I know you will."

The ninja went down further and slid his hand down his pants. "Kuro-please stop this!" A huge blush snuck up on his checks as he pushed on Kurogane's head, trying to remove him from his pants.

Oh course he didn't get the hint and proceeded any way. He felt around until he reached the shaft of Fai's cock. He smiled.

"Well, it would appear you are indeed male."

"Yeah, that's what I told you! Now will you please go rest?" He asked hurriedly. The red eyed ninja slid his pants along with his underwear halfway down.

The pink on his face deepened to a dark red and he felt himself getting hot. Kurogane grabbed a hold of Fai's shaft and started stroking him. The magician trembled in response and tried to shiver out of his touch, but found himself unable to get away from him, weather it was because of all the beer in his system, or because his body loved the touch of the taller man.

He had the urge for him to go on, so he trusted himself forward inside Kurogane's hand. He in return gripped harder and moved his hand in a jerking motion, which made Fai arch his back forward and moan.

The ninja laughed a bit, then removed his own pants, freeing his stiff cock from their hold. The mages heart began to leap in his chest like it would explode. Sweat ran down his face and his abdomen.

Kurogane stuck his fingers in his mouth and spit on them. He slid one of them into Fai's entrance. He shook at the intrusion. He gulp and starting panting hard when the ninja forced another one in and scissored him while stretching him out.

"Hah, I know you like this, I can tell by the look on your face." After he stretched him out a bit more he stuck a third one of his digits in and pulled at the tensing muscles.

"Ah...No, wait...don't..please stop Kurogane." The mage gripped onto the sheets lightly. Kurogane took his fingers out, and slowly pressed himself inside Fai.

He felt a chill go up his body and out his finger tips. He yelped in pain and tightened his grip on the silk covers as if it was the only thing keeping him in contact of the real world and what was going on. He bit his lip hard enough to pierce the tender skin.

It sure did hurt like a bitch, but as the ninja came to a sudden stop and let him get used to the size of him, he felt a hint of pleasure. It was kind of like a painful pleasure.

Even though Kurogane was intoxicated, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing, which struck Fai as a bit weird. When the magicians insides tightened then relaxed against Kurogane's length, he moved in a bit more, backed up, then slammed himself in and out of the mage.

Fai's mouth parted slightly as if he would yell out again, but he couldn't find his voice, it just came out in a slight whimper. Kurogane groaned as he went faster and harder, digging his fingers into pale slim sides while he pounded away at the poor tiny mage until he hit his sensitive spot.

Fai moaned loudly with pleasure, never had he felt something to pleasing, so enjoyable. He felt his member twitch and his balls tighten which each thrust the taller man dug into his aching backside.

He wanted all this to just stop, but at the same time he wanted it to go on. "Ngh...K-Kurogane" He whispered, closing his eyes so hard he felt as though they would rip in half.

"Heh..You want me to stop now?" He asked panting, his voice sounding a bit mockish.

"N-no, please dont stop, I want you to fuck me harder." The words that came out of the magicians mouth surprised him greatly, he never thought he would demand something like that, he had also been an innocent minded human, but then again, he had never felt anything like this before, nor did he ever think he would. He thought he would never get to experience something as good as love making, and if he did, he imagined it to be with a woman, not his best friend, who was a man, but he wasn't complaining.

"Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say." Kurogane took a deep breath and hammered away at Fai. He gasped for air, he was out of breath, and even though his muscles ached and tingled he still didn't want the ninja to stop, he wanted this to last forever, though he knew it wouldn't, so he just laid there and enjoyed the little time he did have.

He didn't want to think about what was going to happen in the morning when Kurogane would go back to normal and find out he slept with a man. Damn he was going to be pissed, but he didn't care, it's not like it was his fault, he would just make up an excuse later so Kurogane wouldn't chop his head off.

Kurogane's pelvis crunched against his own as he pumped in as far as he can. Fai wrapped his legs around him, pulling him deeper and harder. He threw his head back and yelled out. The ninja joined him in is moans and grunts as he came closer to his release.

And he replied to that wish by thrusted once more and released his seeds inside Fai.

The mage felt warm liquid go inside of him and run down his opening. Kurogane, with out even removing himself, laid on Fai's chest and started drifting off to sleep.

The blonde put his hands on the ninjas head and rested him in between his neck. He stared up at the ceiling, still out of breath.

He began to think about what was going to happen after this, and what was going to change. Little did he know, it was going to change things more than he thought.

-End of Flashback-

Fai sighed and closed his eyes. Kurogane didn't wake up yet, but he had a feeling that when he did, all hell was going to break loose.

"Something wrong?" Syaoran asked kneeling down next to him.

"No, I'm just feeling a bit of pain, my stomach is cramping." The brown head smiled.

"Oh? time of the month Fai-san?" He teases him.

Fai's eyes got wide. "Syaoran, I'm a man!" He shouted on protest..

"Calm down, I was only kidding." He laughed a little as he stood up, took the empty glass from Fai's hands, and went back into the kitchen.

The mage opened his eyes to see a drowsy raven haired man walk into the room. They looked at each other for a second.

Fai remembered that the night before, when Kurogane fell asleep, he put him in a sleeping position on the bed, got dressed and went into his own room to sleep. Weather or not the ninja knew what had happen was a mystery to Fai, but at least he was aware that he had fell asleep nude and clothed himself.

Syaoran turned around and smiled sweetly. "Good morning Kurogane, how are you feeling?" The ninja took a seat where Fai was lying at at and yawned.

"Um...Pretty ok, why?"

"Well, I know you two drank a lot last night, so I figured you were hung over like Fai is." He walked back over to him and handed Kurogane a glass of water. He just pushed it away, telling him no thanks.

"Heh, yeah we did drink a lot, but I was okay, I mean I can hold down a few beers no problem." He smiles, closed his eyes, and leaned back on the couch while resting his hands on the back of his head like he was the God of liquor.

'Oh yeah? So then why were you fucking me last night without even realizing it?' Fai thought to himself glaring to the ninja. He then smiled kindly.

"So Kergy, you don't remember anything that happened last night?"

He thought for a bit, then he replied. "Well now that you mention it, there is a part I seemed to have missed...I can't really remember falling asleep..but oh well."

The mage just looked away from him, then signed. Perhaps this was a good thing he didn't remember, but then again, if it was, why did part of him wish he did remember? He just set aside the thought. That time was over, only one person know about what happened, and it should stay like that.

Today was a new day, and what happened in the past stays in the past. Life for them would just go on the way it had been, Kurogane and Fai as just friends, they would of course fight sometimes, but still help each other when needed, like when they are helping Syaoaran find Sakura's feather and fighting any trouble along the way.

Yep, their life wasn't going to change at all. If only Fai knew how wrong he was. End of chapter one.