Something Worth Protecting Chapter 23 Returning
A.N: Omg I'm back? YES I AM BACK! I'm sorry I did not get to finish this! :3 But guess what? You get an ending. . .TO THE FIRST PART! And there is going to be a second segment coming soon! :D Look forward to that one won't cha?! It'll have more adventures! More characters! And more baby fun! 8D Plus, guess who makes a special return?! Read on to find out!

After three days wasted at the maternity ward, Kurogane was able to take the new infant home, back to Syaoran and back to. . .Oh god. Back to Mokona. The ninja could practically already hear his annoying high pitched voice shouting at him to see the baby. This thought made Kurogane twitch, as per usual.

When he got to the door, he lifted his hand up to knock, since he knew it would be locked, when he felt a pair of thin arms wrap around his neck. Whipping around quickly and drawing his sword, he went in for the kill, but was stopped when he seen a familiar pair of blue eyes. "Fai?! What the hell?! You're suppose to be at the hospital still!"

The blood shook his head with a grin on his face. "They said my injuries healed like magic~ And they released me.~" He skipped merrily past his lover and briskly knocked on the door, ignoring the ninja's grumblings.

The kid finally answered the door and looked up, smiling softly when he seen who it was. "Welcome back, Fai-san, Kurogane-san. And. . .This must be our newest member of our group, huh?" He stood up on his tip toes so he could see the baby close up.

Naoki blinked curiously at the new face and reached his hand out to touch his face. Syaoran chuckled and grabbed the tiny hand. "He is so adorable. Well, come on in. Mokona is anxious to see you guys again."

"Yeah well we are not anxious to see him." Kurogane growled as he walked in. "Oh don't be like that." Fai replied back and playfully slapped the ninja's ass, earning a yelp, and then another growl.

"Just like a shy doggie aren't you?"

"I AM NOT!" The taller man handed Naoki to Syaoran carefully before taking off after Fai, chasing him with his sword. "SAY ANOTHER WORD AND I WILL KILL YOU!"

The small brunette sighed. "Three days Fai isn't pregnant and he's already being threatened." He turned towards the couch to see Mokona jumping excitedly. "Let me see him!"

Boy this was going to be even more hectic now.