Authors Note: This is my first fan fic. I'm not a very good writer, but I hope you all like this story. There are allot of scene changes, and the timing of them are not all in order, but is necessary for my story. Enjoy.

Twilight Saga: Meteor Shower

Chapter 1: The Battle For The Olympic Peninsula

This is an alternate reality in chapter 38 of Breaking Dawn. Alice does not show up on time and the inevitable fight between the Cullen's allies and the Volturi ensues. All of the rules of the Twilight universe apply, Vampires can only be killed by ripping them apart and burning them, if they are not burned then they can be put back together. If a partnered vampire is killed their mate will immediately try to avenge them. Some of the lines of some characters has been changed.

The Cullen's Allies:



































(for the sake of this fan-fic I am giving these nameless characters generic names)

Younger new wolf 1 - Alexia

Younger new wolf 2 - Xander

Younger new wolf 3 - Avery

Younger new wolf 4 - Zaltar

Younger new wolf 5 - Max

Younger new wolf 6 - Lazarus

Younger new wolf 7 - Philip


The Volturi:















(for the sake of this fan-fic I am giving these nameless characters generic names)

Volturi Guard member 1 - Amanda

Volturi Guard member 2 - Bill

Volturi Guard member 3 - Hogan

Volturi Guard member 4 - Nickademis

Volturi Guard member 5 - Robert

Volturi Guard member 6 - Susana

Volturi Guard member 7 - Landis

Volturi Guard member 8 - Walter

Volturi Guard member 9 - Jay

Volturi Guard member 10 - Emilias

Volturi Guard member 11 - Felger

Volturi Guard member 12 - Cyrus

Volturi Guard member 13 - Erica

Volturi Guard member 14 - Marvin

Volturi Guard member 15 - Josephine

Volturi Guard member 16 - Oroc

Volturi Guard member 17 - Aaron

Third person point of view:

Aro paced back towards the guard trying to presuaed his witnesses that attaking the Cullens was lawful.

Aro: "Preserving our secret has never been more imperative. Since the dawn of time humans have been our food source. We are gods, while they are insects. But they are not. Humans are our equals, they are intelligent, resourceful. The human's last war torn century has cause there science and technology to give birth to weapons of great power, bombs, tanks, missiles. These weapons can destroy us in spite of our strength and speed. There is only one way of life for vampires? Our existence must remain secret. Renesmee Cullen could expose us. We cannot hope to take them on and have us all survive. We will have to go through them to get to her. We will have to sacrifice some of our number to save the rest from exposure. Shall we leave and all go home to spare ourselves a fight today? Only to die at the hands of human weapons tomorrow!"

His logic seemed to make sense to some. None of the witnesses wanted to fight, but most were conflicted.

Makenna and Charles made a statement and left.

Aro: "We are outnumbered my dear ones. We can expect no outside help. Is the protection of the secret worth the loss of some of our number?"

The guard responded with a yes, and a mention of no fear.

Aro: "We have much to discuss brothers."

Caius: "Let us counsel."

Marcus: "Let us counsel."

Bella looked Renesmee in the eyes.

Bella: "Remember what I told you?"

Renesmee: "I love you."

Bella: "I love you too. More than my own life."

The wolves were prepared. They were ready for battle. They knew their enemy. They had a strategy. They worked it out beforehand.

Flashback: Eliazar's Mission Briefing

A few days earlier Eliazar had been invited into Emily Young's home under the supervision of the entire pack, and Eliazar had briefed the wolves of Sam's pack on the grounds of knowing your enemy when it came to fighting the Volturi.

He placed several photographs on the table. They were of Aro, Caius, and Marcus.

Eliazar: "OK, here is what we are up against. These are the ancients Aro, Caius, and Marcus, the leaders of the coven. They're over three thousand years old. Aro alone is the out spoken leader, the spokesperson but the other two usually follow his lead. He has a gift, he is a mind reader like Edward, but it's exponentially more powerful. Edward can only hear what you're thinking at that time on the surface of your mind. With Aro, one touch, he will know every thought and memory you ever had, but he needs physical contact to read your mind. Edward can read your mind from a distance."

The wolves listened attentively, knowing all this was valuable information.

Eliazar: "Marcus is also gifted. He can see relationships. All he has to do is look at two or more people and he knows who your leader is how strong your relationship is, etc. Caius is not gifted. He is extremely arrogant. Love's his justice. And love to perform punishment himself. He will vote against Renesmee, there will be no convincing him. Marcus is not like the other two. He is more reasonable and the most fair. He will hear our side and vote in favor of Renesmee. Aro will be the swing vote, he could go either way. But assuming diplomacy will not go well, here is your opponent."

He set two more photographs on the table.

Eliazar: "First rule of battle. Know your priority targets. Jane and Alec. The Volturi's primary offence. Vampire gifts like you have never seen. Alec can completely anesthetize every one of us at the same time. He'll make most of the guard unnecessary. He alone will give the Volturi all the advantage. He will be the number one priority target. So here is how the battle is it going to be going; we kill Alec, we even the odds, plain and simple to understand."

There was a murmuring of smiles and nods among the pack.

Eliazar: "Jane will be the number two priority target, she can cause a person to feel great pain simply by looking at them, the person will be in so much as agony they will not be able to concentrate on anything but just lying on the ground and writhing, however, unlike Alec she has a weakness, she can only burn the one object of her focus."

Embry: "So if she's being attacked by multiple targets then we can take her down as a pack."

Eliazar: "That's right."

More smiles and nods as the pack looked at each other.

Eliazar showed them another picture.

Eliazar: "Renata, Aro's personal bodyguard, she's a shield like Bella. The way her gift works is, if one of you were to run at her then there would be a confusing aura around her, you would suddenly find yourself diverted, you would not hit any solid physical invisible force field like in a sci-fi movie, but you would simply go in a different direction and then have a vague and confused memory of why you wanted to go in the other direction to begin with. She's a protector but not a fighter. During the battle she will not be a priority target."

Paul: "So how do we kill her then?"

Eliazar: "We will cross that bridge when we come to it. During the battle, she will be one of the last to die."

Eliazar then show them another picture.

Eliazar: "Felix, he has no gift, however he is the physically strongest vampire in the world, though I think he is as strong as you Sam, I think he and Emmett are tied for first place. When it comes to the guard members fighting hand to hand combat, he will be on the front line, he will be a priority target but don't forget Alec is the number one priority target though you may have to go through Felix in order to get to him."

He showed them another picture.

Eliazar: "Santiago. Like Felix and Emmett, he is physically stronger than the average vampire but not quite as strong as them, he's a good fighter, he will stand beside Felix, he will be on the front line."

He showed them another picture.

Eliazar: "Demetri. He is not physically stronger like Felix and Emmett, or even Santiago, but he is a good fighter like Jasper or Edward, but his primary function though, is too find people. Basically all he has to do is see you or someone who has seen you, and he can follow you to the ends of the earth, and he will always be able to find you. You can run but you can't hide from him."

He put another picture on the table.

Embry: "Wow, she's hot!"

Seth: "Yeah, she is hot. I wouldn't mind imprinting on her."

Jacob: "Grow up Seth!"

Eliazar: "Heidi. Her gift is getting people to follow her, she has an extremely powerful allure, she's trained in combat but she's not the best fighter nor strongest, she'll be amongst the fighters but she will not be on the front line. She will not be a priority target. And then there's Chelsea she has a gift similar to Jasper; she can strengthen the bonds of the people around her. It's not full-out mind-control but she can tie someone to someone else emotionally or break the emotional tie of someone. Your bond together as a pack would be too strong to break. In battle, her job will be to turn her enemies against each other. We think Bella's shield will be able to protect us from it but we can't be sure.

Paul: "Well then, she'll be sorry that she crossed our paths because she'll never turn us against each other."

Eliazar smiled.

Eliazar: "I don't think she'll be able to turn a vegetarian vampire against their allies either, because abstaining from human blood gives a vampire a significantly stronger a bond that is too strong for her to break. She's about as old as the ancients, so in that time, she has had more than a little battle training, she's a good fighter but she'd be too valuable to Aro to lose, most likely she'll stand closer to the wives."

Brady: "Who are the wives?"

Eliazar: "I guess I should tell you."

He showed them two more pictures.

Eliazar: "Sulpicia and Athenodora. Athenodora is Caius's wife, and Sulpicia is Aro's wife. They're both very protective of them, they will not be involved in the fight, and several of the physically stronger members of the guard will be standing near them, they will not be priority targets, nor will be there guards. Another one of the wives guards is Corin. Corin has the ability to create a narcotic affect that triggers euphoria. Though she is a good fighter, her primary job is to keep the wives happy with their prison like life. She will be too valuable for Aro to lose for if Corin is lost, her gift is highly addictive and the wives will undergo severe withdrawal symptoms for centuries, she will not be involved in the flight."

He showed them another picture.

Eliazar: "Afton. He is Chelsea's mate. He has the ability to make himself invisible, though one with good sight and focus can still see him; he is a good fighter but not a priority target. And that's all that I know of."

Quil: "What, just fifteen? This is going to be easy."

Eliazar: "Umm, no, there will be significantly more than fifteen. These are some of the permanent guard. The other Guard members come and go, I don't know how many there will be exactly. Apparently Alice didn't give us a figure before she left, and we haven't heard from her since, all she said is that they were coming with the entire guard."

Sam: "Can you give us approximate figure?"

Eliazar: "Between 25 and 40."

Quil: "But we should be able to handle them right? I mean we fought 18 young vampires 6 months ago and didn't take a single casualty."

Seth: "Except Jacob's ribcage, and only because Leah was trying to be a hero and prove she, the smallest wolf in the pack, could take on a newborn all by herself."


Quil: "As I was saying, we should be able to handle the guard, and the young vampires had several times the strength of Emmett."

Eliazar: "Yes, but that was different, those young vampires weren't fighting, looking for a challenging opponent for a desire to win, they were just hunting, driven by thirst, and they fought like children. Physically stronger yes, but it's a vampires fighting skill that matters, or a sort of gift that might have an offensive ability. In battle, the Volturi will be focused and controlled, they will not be driven by thirst, they won't be hunting, and they will not fight like children."

Leah: "Why are newborns stronger anyway? What gives them superior strength compared to older vampires?"

Eliazar: "Well, a vampire has the choice to drink either human blood or animal blood. When we drink animal blood, we become strong. But when we drink human blood, we become stronger, though only fractionally. Newborn vampires have their own human blood from before their transformation lingering in the vampire flesh of their bodies, strengthening them significantly, their bodies using it up gradually over the first nine to thirteen months. You shouldn't have even had to fight them six months ago. Me and my family should have come to the Cullen's aid when Carlisle called us. We refused to come."

Collin: "Why?"

Eliazar: "We…tried to…trade our help…for the Cullen's permission…to kill all of you."

There were shocks and angry mutters from everyone in the room.

Seth: "What quarrel did you have with us?"

Eliazar: "The black haired vampire, Laurent. You killed him nine months ago."

Sam: "What about him?"

Eliazar: "He was Irina's mate."

Seth: "Ohhh! Our legends say you vampires get really ticked off when we kill your mate."

Jacob: "It probably contributed to her going to the Volturi when she saw Nessie. Probably thought having the Volturi on her side was the only means of vengeance."

Quil: "But the Volturi, they will be physically weaker than the young Vampires we fought?"

Eliazar: "But they will be as strong as any vampire, and I'm sure you take it seriously that that is plenty strong. Don't get overconfident."

Sam: "We're not overconfident. We're just not afraid, there's a difference."

Then one of the newer younger wolves who was more scientific with strategic games spoke up.

Avery: "What can we expect the Volturi to expect from us?"

Eliazar: "That depends. What do the Volturi know about you?"

Sam: "Well, when the contingent of the guard that came to visit us in the spring, we left the area before they arrived, we think Aro would have seen Jacob in Alice's mind as well as in Irena's mind but other than that he would have no idea how many wolves there are. Bella and Alice never said...but before Aro read Alice's mind, Bella might have told Alice that there are only five of us. And Aro would never have seen us in the mind of a nomad because all of our tribe's legends say that no blood drinker that passes through our land lives to tell about it."

Jared: "Then we might take them by surprise."

There was nodding and smiling and murmuring among the wolves.

Eliazar: "Aro knows that Alice would see them coming, so we can expect them to expect us to expect them. I don't think he will be surprised that we will have amassed an army against him, because with Demetri, he knows that we know we can't run, though he will just use our acting in self defense as another excuse against us. Not that they need an excuse, the fact that they believe that we have an immortal child is all the excuse they need."

Phillip: "Okay, I feel like I should know this, I think I caught a glimpse of it in Sam's mind. But there is no mention of them in our legends. What exactly is an immortal child?"

Eliazar: "An immortal child is a vampire. You could say they were a sort of fad that went around the vampire community about a thousand years ago. Vampires would bite human children and keep them as…sort of pets."

All of the wolves had looks of horror and disgust on their faces. A few of them gagged in their throats.

Leah: "Oh my god! I think I'm going to throw up!"

Eliazar: "Yes. The act is horrific."

Seth: "Then why did they do it?"

Eliazar: "Because, if you had seen them you would understand. In fact, I think you do understand. Just think of Renesmee. They were very beautiful, it was impossible not to love them after you saw them. Their creators worshipped them like gods."

Emily: "So what was so bad about them?"

Eliazar: "Unlike Renesmee they did not age or grow, unlike Renesmee their minds were trapped in the state of development that they were changed at and could not be tamed, unlike Renesmee they could not keep the secret, a childlike tantrum would be as devastating as a natural disaster. When they were hungry, they did not hunt, they simply fed, without any consideration or restraint. They served no good or practical purpose. They were a menace against nature and a liability. They are true, dangerous, scary monsters right out of horror movies…need I go on."

Sam: "So that's why the Volturi are coming."

Eliazar: "Anyone who creates or protects an immortal child is to be beheaded and burned. Anyway, the Volturi's battle strategy. Their primary targets will probably be Carlisle and Edward; Carlisle because he'd be the leader, and Edward because with his gift of mind reading in Battle he will be able to predict his opponents every move before they make it. Aro is not just coming to punish, he's coming to acquire talented vampires for his collection. First he will want to get Alice to join the guard. According to Edward he wants Bella to join the guard as well because her gift was so strong while she was still human. He'll also want Edward to join. But Edward and Bella will only be his secondary-priority acquisition, he will settle for just Alice if nothing else. As far as me know, Aro does not know of Benjamin or Zafrina, but they will be a target of acquisition when they arrive. Of course that depends on how affective Chelsea's gift works, and also the effectiveness of Bella's shield. What will be your battle strategy during the battle?"

Sam: "Six months ago we had ten wolves but we didn't fight the newborns with all ten. Seven was enough. So we left the three youngest behind to guard the reservation. If what you say is true that the Volturi are as formidable as you claim, then I don't think it would be wise to leave anyone behind, I will need all 17 wolves to bring down the collective might of the entire pack on the Volturi. But I still think that the younger ones should be out of the direct line of fire. So we will break in to two groups. The nine oldest wolves will fight on the front line. While the eight youngest, will stand behind us as backup."

Avery: "So what kind of gifts do we have on our side?"

Eliazar: "Well, we will have Zafrina, who should be able to blind any member of the guard that she is looking at, then there will be Benjamin, he is fully telekinetic."

Quil: "What does telekinetic mean?"

Eliazar: "He can move solid objects with his mind. Then there will be Kate, she possesses the same gift as Jane only she needs physical contact to make people feel pain. She should be able to take down any member of the guard that comes in contact with her, with ease. As for the other members of the guard, I myself will be able to identify any unknown gifts that they might have."

Collin: "What about that Irish chick?"

Jacob: "Which one?"

Collin: "Both of them?"

Eliazar: "Maggie has the ability to know whether or not someone is telling her the truth or lying. That will be useless in battle. Siobhan, well...her gift is more subtle. It seems that if she wants something badly enough then it will...just sort of...come to pass, so to speak."

Avery: "I watch a lot of science fiction; are you saying that Siobhan has the ability to reach out in to the space time continuum and manipulate the future to suit her wishes."

Eliazar stood there with a look of confusion on his face.

Eliazar: "Thaaat' way of putting it. works a little differently than that. She is about as strong as Felix or Emmett though."

Seth: "And as beautiful as Rosalie."

Eliazar: "But it doesn't matter anyway. The Irish coven will not be fighting. They are just here to witness."

Xander: "What about those two creepy vampires with the onion-translucent skin?"

Eliazar: "The Romanian Emperors, they were the leaders of the vampire community prior to the Volturi taking power fifteen-hundred years ago; in human legend, they, Stephan and Vladimir, are the original Dracula. They are pure evil, and not to be trusted, though I might just be prejudice against them myself. They actually value honor over all things."

Max: "Than why are they here, than?"

Eliazar: "Because the enemy of the enemy is your friend; they don't care about Nessie, but they committed to the fight against the Volturi, if they fell they can win. It's an alliance of convenience; we need them. I think that's a briefing for you. So I'll be going. Any more questions?"

Sam: "Not that we can think of just now."

Eliazar: "Alright talk later."

End Flashback

In the baseball clearing, after Jane, Alec, and Chelsea tried to incapacitate the Cullen's and turn their allies against each other, the Ancients turned towards them.

Aro: "Just to be clear, there needs to be no violence here, it would be awful waste for anyone here to die."

Edward: "Those words seem out of place Aro, for if you won't let us all leave in peace, and allow my daughter to live, how can there be anything but violence."

Aro was still determined to collect his new acquisitions. The only thing that he could do kill all the wolves and the Cullen's allies and then put the gifted vampires back together after the battle and hope to somehow still convert them.

Aro: "There are some of you that I am hoping might help us against injustice, help us protect the secret. There are many of you that we would be honored to have in our little family. Edward, Kate, Zafrina, Bella, Benjamin."

Benjamin: "We will never join you are Aro."

Aro: "That is unfortunate."

Aro was prepared to steal the gifted vampires after the battle and figure something out later.

Aro: "Let us vote then."

Caius: "The child is an unknown quantity, it cannot be allowed to exist, it must be destroyed, along with all those protect it."

Marcus took pity on the Cullen's. He looked at Renesmee and imagined he was still with Didyme, he imagined that they have a child together though that would be impossible for vampires. He wished, he longed, thinking of a peaceful, happy life of romantic love, what was stripped away from him by some unknown vampire; his wife stolen from the night, her trail, evidence of her body all covered up, no way to determine who it was. He vowed vengeance. 3000 years he's lived in a state of loneliness, agony, and misery. The grief of the death of his wife caused him a great deal of anger and dissatisfaction over the fact that his wife's killer was never found. He envied Bella and Edward. With the power of his gift he could see how strong their relationship was and that it was worth fighting for in their place. He felt no enmity against the Cullen's, no law was broken, nor did he believe they would break the law. He even thought of Garret's little speech. He wondered if abstaining from human blood would allow him to ease the pain if his grief? For the Cullen's peaceful life of sacrifice intrigued him.

Marcus: "I see no immediate danger in the child. We can re-evaluate in a few years, let us leave in peace."

It seemed that he would have to be the majority vote. Aro thought. What to do? He did not want to risk the life of any of his guard, especially his gifted ones like Alec and Jane the jewels of his collection which were actually in danger this time because of Bella. But that just made Bella all the more valuable. But he had to acquire the gifts he came for? He wished Alice was here. If he just attacked, his witnesses would spread the word that the Volturi committed a massacre and injustice. If he just walked away everyone would know he was scared and he would lose face. He had only one choice. Stick to his argument that Renesmee was dangerous, he had no fear of difficult choices, he thought. 'I killed my own sister. I can risk my good reputation.'

Edward: "Marcus."

Marcus was taken aback by being addressed by Edward.

Edward: "I think you will want to know something."

Marcus: "Yes?"

Edward: "Aro just admitted it inside his head; he killed his sister Didyme so that he wouldn't lose you as a valuable gift among his guard."

Maggie: "He speaks the truth Marcus."

Marcus looked at Aro in surprise.

Aro: "He's lying, brother."

Marcus looked back at Edward questioningly.

Edward: "Why would I lie to you about this Marcus?"

Caius: "No doubt a pathetic attempt to turn us against each other!"

Aro: "Marcus, you and I have been brothers for 3300 years. Who are you going to trust, our enemies who are so desperate to save their own skin that they resort to pitiful transparent lies, or the family that loves you?"

Marcus was stumped. He was actually torn between the two? Aro had been his brother for an eternity, the Volturi had been his family, they have loved him and he had loved them and it was so far-fetched that he would kill his own sister that he loved so much that he granted her immortality...or...wait. No, he only changed her because he hoped supernatural vampire gifts such as his own ran in the family, but when her gift proved useless, she served no purpose to him. Then they were so in love that they were so happy they wanted to leave the coven. Aro would have lost him to his uselessly gifted sister for nothing. Aro had everything to lose and nothing to gain by Didyme and Marcus running off. And he knew Maggie can't lie; her gift prevents it, doesn't allow it.

And then he knew Edward spoke the truth. Aro had lied to him. Made a fool out of him for three millennia. Aro looked at Marcus with a look of desperation.

Aro: "Brother!"

At vampire speed, so fast Renata didn't have time to react, Marcus kicked Aro in the head. Fortunately Aro's head did not sever from the neck. Instead he went flying about 40 feet he landed on the ground only briefly and got up at vampire speed. He looked at Marcus with absolute shock. Marcus then ran over to Edward and stood right in front of him facing him, with his hands up in surrender then turned his back to Edward and faced the guard.

Marcus: "You played me like a fool Aro, for 3000 years. You were never my brother. You never loved me, the whole time I was just a valuable piece to your collection. A means to increase your power. You never cared about justice! I was never your equal!"

Aro tried pleading with Marcus.

Aro: "Brother please!"

Marcus: "You were never my brother. I am going to try to do something that no vampire has ever done, I'm going to try to get over my wife; I have been miserable for 3000 years and I've had enough. After seeing the way to Cullen's live I have a new appreciation for life. I'm going to see if I can fall in love again after I avenge Didyme. Witnesses, I formally renounce the Volturi,"

He yanked off the necklace he wore bearing the Volturi crest.

Marcus: "and I vow to protect Renesmee Cullen from the likes of you!" He directed the last part of his sentence at Aro.

Aro then showed the utmost anger as he looked right at Edward.


Edward: "You did that to yourself."

Bella: "Aro, I would like to say something."

Aro: "Yes, my dear?"

Bella: "You should grow up!"

Aro was shocked at Bella's suggestion to him. He was not a child.

Bella: "Since a fight is unavoidable, I just thought that I would say that you are nothing more than a spoiled little child who is whining and complaining because he's not getting his way. I never wanted James, Victoria, or Laurent to die; I've always considered myself a humanitarian for vampires, pardon the contradiction, but to me you are an abomination, you don't deserve to live, you and your guard are without honor, and I'm going to take evil, dark, sadistic pleasure in WATCHING YOU DIE!

Stephan: "Well said Bella."

Bella patted Jacob on his side.

Bell: "Run Jacob, run as fast as you can, as far as you can. Take care of my daughter. If we win the battle, we'll come and find you. Love you Renesmee!"

Jacob Black ran at werewolf speed towards the trees, Renesmee looking back towards her family with tears in her eyes. Not knowing whether they would die in a few minutes time or come and find her. But for now at least she has her Jacob.

Aro thought of all his excuses, the idea of adding all these gifts to the guard, Edward converting Marcus away from him, and that he just was so angry for all their deliberate defiance for making a fool out of him.

In a calm voice.

Aro: "My dear ones."

Jane: "Yes master." Speaking for them all.

Aro: "Rip off their heads. All of them. And bring me the pieces, unburned."

The blitz began. The sixteen wolves howled in unison; a Quileute version of a war cry. Everyone from both sides ran at each other at lightning fast speed. The eight oldest wolves ran forward on the front line. The eight youngest wolves followed one second later as back up.

Aro: "Spread out my dear ones and attack the amazon Zafrina from behind and the sides she will blind you but only in her line of sight. Jane, Alec if you get inside Bella's shield your powers will work. Santiago, bring me Renesmee Cullen, alive. Kill the wolf."

Peter and Charlotte ran into the woods, not wanting a fight.

Mary made a bee line for Aro, disregarding all the guard members. At vampire speed she dodged around this guard member and that one. One tried to intercept her but she fell flat to the ground slid in the snow with her momentum to get under his arm, she flipped back up and was back on her feet, another tried to intercept her, she knocked him out of the way and he went flying, another guard member tried to intercept her, she knocked him out of the way also and he went flying and she got in behind the Volturi's line and outside of Bella shield and was a split second from grabbing Aro's neck when, she was on fire and fell to the ground, every nerve in her body protested in unendurable agony. Through the pain she looked up to see she was on her back at Aro's feet beside Jane who was smiling with pleasure. Aro gave a signal, first pointing to Renata and then to Mary, and looking scared with the battle so close to her master, Renata took hold of either side of Mary's head and with a screeching metal sound, took Mary's head off.

At the very same time, the Irish coven was not going to fight, but Maggie couldn't help it, she was tired of Aro's lies. She sprang forward to join the front line but was met by Aaron. Though Maggie was brave she was not the best fighter, she tried anticipating Aaron's moves but Aaron was quite strong, fast and formidable with skill. Maggie threw a punch at Aaron's face, Aaron dodged, zipped to the side and got her from behind. Within the few seconds it took for Siobhan and Liam to follow behind Maggie, Aaron had already ripped Maggie's head off. Siobhan and Liam screamed in rage. Liam was a soldier when he was human and a good fighter but in his rage he did not focus properly with his skill, and Aaron ducked behind him in Liam's recklessness and got a firm hold on Liam's neck and with a screeching metal sound Liam went down. Aaron was not so lucky now, taking out both Maggie and Liam was too much a distraction which allowed Siobhan to get hold of him and it was less than a second with uncontrolled rage that with a screeching metal sound Aaron's own head came off.

Edward ran straight for Demetri, knowing that if anyone wanted to escape, Demetri had to be stopped. There was no fire to burn him, this was agreed upon beforehand so that the Volturi would not use their own fire against them, this way they could put the Allies back together after the battle as long as none of the pieces are burned. Demetri was heading straight for Bella but Edward wouldn't let Demetri get past, for Edward knew exactly what Demetri was thinking. Edward went to give Demetri a headlock but what Edward did was a little obvious. Demetri avoided the headlock and tried to grab Edward's arm but spun out of the way and this move went back and forth. Demetri was more trained but his mind always gave him away, neither could get the upper hand. To Edward it felt like fighting Jasper. This went on for a while, neither one was able to get the upper hand. Edward fainted three times, first to the right, then to the left, and back to the right again, and Demetri was good but he couldn't quite keep up. Edward got his left arm around Demetri's shoulders and his right arm around Demetri's forehead and he brush his teeth to Demetri's neck and quickly broke the skin, the tiny fissure in Demetri's neck was all the leverage that Edward needed. With a sound of screeching of metal he brought Demetri's head off. He would have preferred to take off his arms and legs and rip the torso in half all for good measure, but there was no time, they had decided this beforehand, they would kill their enemies later, just incapacitate them and move on to the next.

Felix followed Aro's instructions, he circled around to getting behind Zafrina. Bella was no threat to him but he needed to incapacitate her, so that Jane and Alec could get to everyone else, but he was met half way by Emmett and Rosalie, but rather than try and fight them or take their heads off, he knocks them aside and he almost got to Zafrina but he was intercepted by Paul and Leah, but Felix was always confident with his strength and fighting skills and he had no fear of the giant wolves. Leah's teeth went for his right arm, Paul's teeth went for his neck. Their move was swift and fast and skilled, but Felix was better, at vampire speed he turned sideways and slipped between the two wolves and his hands brushed the sides of their heads for one one-hundredth of a second with the sound of two loud 'CRACKS' and when Felix passed by, both wolves were on the ground with their necks in unnatural positions.

Felix was about to reach Zafrina when Emmett caught him from behind. Rosalie tried to rip his arm off but Felix was impossibly fast and slipped out of both Rosalie and Emmett grasp, kicked Emmett in the gut and sent him flying and with a screeching metal sound took Rosalie's arm off followed by her head. Emmett's gloating smile of confidence disappeared and was replaced by pure rage. It seemed as though Emmett's rage super focused his reaction time and matched Felix move for move. He blocked every one of Felix's karate chops, punches, and kicks. Felix moved at what appeared to be faster than normal vampire speed but Emmett had never been faster in his life. Felix managed to get his hands around Emmett's head and flung him up high in the air without letting go and slammed him down on the ground. Felix had expected the body to separate from the neck but somehow Emmett was still in one piece, Felix taken by surprise by this for a brief moment, Emmett managed to get free at vampire speed and grab Felix's neck and slammed him into the snow. Felix wrestled his way free and both were on their feet again. They danced at blinding speed from side to side for a while. For a spit second Emmett feigned an amateur mistake but remained in full control and it allowed Felix to think that he was getting the upper hand, Felix fell for it. Felix went one way by mistake, Emmett went the other on purpose, and managed to get onto Felix's back, wrapped his legs around Felix's torso binding his arms to his sides and pulled up on his neck and chin. There was a tiny, long, slow grinding metal sound and as Felix was choked off of air. Felix smiled.

Felix: "Emmett Cullen…most challenging fight ever!"

Emmett smiled at the compliment from his rival in vampire strength but never forgot his vengeance. With all of Emmett's strength, the top half of Felix's neck slowly peeled off of the bottom and separated. Felix's torso fell to the ground and Emmett tossed the head aside.

Vladimir went for Alec flanked by Sam, Stephan, and Philip. Alec was blinded by Zafrina while they were covered by Bella's shield. Josephine leaped across the field straight for Bella, but was intercepted by Zafrina. And Alec got his sight back. Alec followed Aro's instructions and dived under Bella's shield. The colorless, transparent mist covered the four of them and they all went blind, deaf, and numb. Bella focused on Alec, pulling the shield in tighter to get Alec on the outside. But Sam, Vladimir, Stephen and Philip were also outside. She tried to reshape the shield but they were moving around too fast. And in the confusion Alec ripped off Stephen's head and then Philip's.

Tia lost her head to Afton.

Zafrina was still wrestling with a blind Josephine.

Jane started burning Kate after Mary was taken out and then Embry.

Marcus was wrestling with Emilias.

Chelsea used her gift on Randal and Eliazar. They were briefly in a state of confusion and they started fighting with each other. Eliazar being full of animal blood didn't feel the effects of Chelsea's power as strongly but Randal's bond for Eliazar was turned against him significantly. Eliazar was a good fighter but he held back not wanting to hurt his own ally, until Randal ripped off Eliazar's head. Carmen retaliated against Randal and under Chelsea's influence Carmen soon ripped off Randal's head.

Carlisle and Esme were tag teaming Amanda and she was more than holding her own against the both of them.

Benjamin had been blowing powerful gusts of wind and levitating large boulders at guard members but when he saw Tia go down, he abandoned his post and went after Afton. He summoned up a thousand pounds of snow and solidified it into a giant ice crystal and condensed its internal pressure, but it didn't work, Afton broke free. Benjamin leapt on top of Afton when Afton disappeared and Benjamin had gone out of Bella's shield. Jane turned away from Kate and Embry and targeted Benjamin. Benjamin fell to the ground writhing in agony just in time for an invisible Afton to rip his head off. Caius took Embry's head in his hands but Embry got up quickly growling he tried to bite Caius but he move out of the way. It was a fast dance, they shuffled this way and that. Caius was scared after his very, very narrow win over a werewolf 2200 years earlier. He didn't know anything about these savage, daytime, mutant, version werewolves that should not exist. Embry bared his teeth and growled and snarled with anger at this filthy reeking bloodsucker. It was bad enough when they just passed through their land casually, but he had officially declared himself king of the earth and waltzed into Quileute land and threatened to kill his whole family. Well, the Quileute's will send the Volturi a message that they are not welcome here, and drive them from Quileute land, and strike fear into them so strong they'll be too scared to come within 900 miles of this place...Embry thought 'hmm, that speech would have done wonders for Caius's ego if he could have heard me.' Embry leapt forward and got his teeth into Caius's neck but before he could rip the head off he felt Jane's burning power. He fell to the ground right as Caius got his hands around Embry's neck and unceremoniously quickly broke it.

Bella was horrified. Looking around at all her family and friends who were dying or already dead 'I'm supposed to be our defense.' Bella thought. But it's not working. This was turning into a blood bath, (minus the blood). Jane, Alec, and Chelsea. Chelsea was turning the Cullen's allies against each other. Jane was making quick work of Mary, Kate, Benjamin, and Embry. Alec was also taking on multiple targets. The inside of the shield was supposed to be shaping around the Cullen's allies but it's harder to stretch out too far. Alec and Jane kept getting inside her shield. Their allies kept moving out. For humans in a war this would be called a fire fight, all guns blazing, nothing ever goes exactly according to plan, there is no control. If only the outside of the shield could just be between Jane, Alec, and Chelsea and everyone...else... 'That's it!' Bella thought. 'I've been trying to shape the inside of my shield around our allies but I need to do the opposite.' Bella focused on Jane, Alec Chelsea. She flexed the outside of the shield to wrap around and form a thin skin over the outside the bodies of Jane, Alec, and Chelsea. As the outside of the shield wrapped around Alec, he then saw his mist collapse in on himself and extinguish and dissipate completely. Sam got his sight back and the feeling in his legs and body returned, he leapt at Alec. Alec tried to dodge but was too slow. Sam got his teeth around Alec's head and tore it off.

Hogan, Robert, and Walter, were wrestling with Alexia, Collin, and Avery.

When Jane realised she couldn't burn Kate anymore she panicked. Kate recovered quickly and ran at Jane and grabbed her by the neck. Jane spasmed with electric shock.

Caius: "Kill her!"

Aro, Caius, Renata, Corin, and Chelsea each grabbed a limb on Kate's body and jumped back with electric shock.

Caius: "Grit your teeth, bare the pain and kill her!"

They all grabbed her again and they all felt the shock and pain, but through the pain they pulled as Kate pulled Jane's shoulder down and her chin up. With the sound of screeching metal, Jane's head came off. Less than one tenth of a second later, Kate's arms legs and head all came off.

Heidi was dancing with Seth.

Senna and Marvin were fighting.

Garrett and Oroc we're fighting.

Erica and Tanya we're fighting.

Cyrus and Quil we're fighting.

Felger and Jared were fighting.

Jay and Brady were fighting.

Landis and Xander, Max were fighting.

Susanna and Zoltar, and Lazarus were fighting.

Though Carlisle, Esme, and Amanda were all moving at vampire speed, Amanda was fighting major kung fu style. She managed to slip in under both their guard and got hold of either side of Esme's head with both feet and Carlisle's head with her hands and with a sound of screeching metal took both their heads off at once. And then she ran in Bella's direction.

That was the first five minutes of the battle

Caius left the safety of the circle of Renata, Corin, and Chelsea, and the two large guards of the wives, Bill, and Nicodemis, after the beheading of Jane and Alec and headed into the fray. He grabbed Seth while he was fighting with Heidi and broke his neck. He intercepted Senna while she was fighting Marvin. She saw Caius coming with the side of her eye. She quickly kicked Marvin in the gut and he went flying she spun around and blocked Caius's first blow, then his second and third. They fought toe to toe for eleven seconds until he got past her guard and tripped her from behind knocking her legs out from under her and at vampire speed grabbed her neck before she hit the ground and slammed her to the ground himself. He stuck his boot between her neck and chin, reached down and took hold of her body and ripped her torso from her head at the neck. Then he walked straight at Bella.

Amanda was intercepted by Vladimir after Carlisle, Esme, and Alec were taken out. He was a little peeved that Sam got Alec rather than himself, but he was honorable enough to know they were allies and that it was a team effort. Amanda fought hard for three seconds before Vladimir got under her guard and took her head off.

Jacob was running at one-hundred and thirty miles an hour, trying to get Nessie as far away from those Italian killers as possible. He was silently mourning for the minds of his pack brothers and sisters he could no longer hear. He watched the battle through the eyes of his brothers and it was not going well; they weren't losing, but they weren't winning either, the strength and skill of the two sides was too evenly matched; one side will win but there was no way to determine who it will be. Santiago was hot on their trail, and was gaining on them. His nose was locked on to Jacob and Renesmee's scent, and it was impossible to lose because together it was particularly strong and distinct. He saw them now. He pushed his legs stronger and harder. The half human vampire child looked back over her shoulder just as he was about to grab the werewolf's tail and rip it off.

Renesmee: "Jacob watch out!"

Jacob reacted at lightning fast speed. He rolled to the side and Santiago missed his tail and hit him in the sides instead. He went to the ground and Renesmee fell off. Jacob stood face to face with the vampire. He was huge, almost as big as Emmett. But Santiago's size was nothing on Jacob's. Santiago had never personally seen any of the Children of the Moon. Caius always found one from time to time but only took Felix and Jane. He was under the mistaken impression that the Children of the Moon resembled human sized apes with minds that were nothing more than enraged animals; this savage monster was the size of a car, and seemed to resemble a real wolf, and it seemed to be focused and controlled. Santiago had never lost a fight before, he was always the best fighter and the strongest, but right now he was scared. It was a strange sensation, fear, his judgement was confused, he was questioning his plan...actually he had no plan. He knew he could catch the wolf and kill it, and how hard could it be? He had not thought this through. This creature might be equivalent strength to vampires or twice that for all he knew. He was on assignment from Aro and he had never failed a mission Aro sent him on before. Aro was counting on him. Kill the wolf and bring the girl. Aro would not have sent him on a task he didn't think he could do. Or maybe Aro didn't consider how hard it would be to kill the wolf.

Jacob growled and snarled as he bared his teeth, expressing his deep desire to kill the vampire that dared threaten the object of his imprinting.

Santiago zipped in quickly and back out. Just before he zips back he throws a hard punch at the side Jacobs face. Jacobs face was knocked to the side and he let out a small puppy yelp. Santiago flexed his fingers and fretted with the pain in his knuckles, Jacob's skull appeared not broken. To Santiago, punching Jacobs face felt like punching a 2 foot thick armored plate of solid titanium. Jacob just got enraged even further. But Jacob thought this fight was to even and he couldn't beat this guy, then he would have failed to protect Nessie. But no. He wasn't afraid. He could take this leech. He lunged forward and went straight to the guy's neck. Santiago dodged to the side at vampire speed, Jacob countered and lunged at him again. Santiago got his arms around Jacob's neck. Jacob got his paws on Santiago chest and they both wrestled. Jacob kept on trying to bite Santiago but never able to get his teeth to make contact.

Renesmee thought she could distract Santiago. But how? The Quiliute legend of the third wife! It was worth a try. She pulled back the sleeve of her jacket and bit down, sinking her teeth into her steel hard arm. Ouch! That hurt. Curious sensation. She had felt the vampire thirst before, but it was not quite the burning fire in the throat as it is for a pure vampire, but other than that, in her three and a half months she had never felt pain before. Mmm, her own blood actually tasted rather good. Better not make a habit of that. But Santiago was not distracted by the smell of her blood. She examined her bite wound on her arm and saw the broken skin, and the wound closed up in a few short seconds. Hmm, curious? Carlisle and the rest of the family never wanted to risk testing the strength of her skin, but now it seems vampire hybrids heal almost as fast as werewolves. But she needed to distract Santiago somehow. Renesmee thought. 'A quick sharp pain? Well, my teeth broke my own skin. Maybe they'll break his.' She leapt onto Santiago's back at vampire hybrid speed and bit into his neck, and with all her strength in her jaw and neck, she tore out a chunk of vampire flesh with her teeth.

Santiago: "ARRRGH!"

And Santiago was distracted enough that he let go of Jacob. And not a wolf's growl, but with a super loud deafening lions roar, Jacob wrapped his jaws around the vampires head. Renesmee let go of Santiago's back before Jacob's teeth could hurt her. And with a sound of screeching metal, ripped his head off. Jacob knelt close to the ground and poked Renesmee in the face with his nose and let out a quiet puppy moan and then gestured to her arm, no longer any wound, just a few streams of blood dripping down her arm. Renesmee touched Jacob nose and told him telepathically that she was alright, and that she heals as fast as him, and that she wanted all the credit for that kill, and that she wanted to go back to help fight. Jacob first rumbled a wolf laugh at the first part, and then shook his head for the second part. They'd come this far and survived this long. She got on his back and they rode off.

After Edward finished with Demetri he went for Afton who had just finished with Benjamin. Afton knew what to expect with Edward's mind reading in battle, so he threw everything into his speed and skill. He and Edward went toe to toe with each other for several minutes.

After six minutes of fighting with Cyrus, Quil managed to get under his guard and tear off his head.

Felger and Jared wrestled with madness. Jared couldn't get his teeth past Felger's guard. Felger couldn't take to the offence without losing a limb to the savage, stinking, animal. But he grew tired of this and decided to take a chance. He lunged forward and bit into the werewolf's neck. Hmm. It didn't taste bad, but nothing on human blood. Thought it was bearable, Felger couldn't fathom how the Cullen's put up with it for very long. Jared felt the venom burn through his veins. He let out a loud puppy moan and Felger released him and dropped him to the ground and left him for dead, Jared's only injury being a poisoned bite.

Tanya had gone for Caius from the start, but was intercepted by Erica. This was not completely unexpected, for she knew she would need to get through the guard to get to Caius. Tanya tried to kill her quickly, but not an easy thing to do, Erica was feisty. It was a close fight but in the end Erica got her hands on Tanya's neck and took it off.

Garret and Oroc danced with each other for the first six minutes of the battle, each one trying to get under the others guard. Then by mere luck Garret got hold of Oroc's arm and with a sound of screeching metal ripped it off. Oroc screamed in pain and Garret ripped his head off a second later.

Marcus finished his fight with Emilias and tore his head off and went right for Caius. He grabbed Caius by the neck and squeezed with all his might holding him near the ground on his knees. Caius fought to get free but he couldn't move or get out of Marcus's grip. In desperation he decided to beg.

Caius: "Brother, please!"

Marcus: "You knew?"

Caius: "No, I didn't! Whatever Aro's conspiracy was? I was not in on it! Dydime was my sister to! I was devastated when she died, you have to believe me!"

Marcus looked at him questioningly. But then it occurred to Marcus, it would have served no good to Caius to kill Didyme and plot and scheme to get him to stay.

Marcus: "I believe you. You have never betrayed me, and for that I still call you brother, and for that I will not kill you myself. But I cannot condone your actions here today."

Marcus tossed Caius in the direction of Emmett and Carmen.

Marcus: "He's all yours."

Emmett grabed hold of him. Caius fought to get free but Emmett was too strong for him.


Emmett: "You came here to kill my wife. You came here to kill my niece. You came here to kill my whole family. You already killed my cousin. And you call it the burden of justice. Well then, l graciously relieve you of your burden. You know, I don't know if vampires have souls or not, but, when you get to hell, tell them I sent you! Cousin, will you do the honors?"

Carmen then walked up to Caius with a look of gloating pleasure and satisfaction on her face.


Carmen then took hold of Caius by the head and twisted his head around until it started to give.


And with a sound of screeching of metal his head broke off.

Athenodora: "No!"

Athenodora left the protection of the guards surrounding her and ran at vampire speed. When she reached Emmett and she fought like a child with no skill for about one tenth of a second. Emmett grabbed hold of her and held her still. He felt no enmity towards the wives, but he understood her vengeance but had no time to take prisoners, so he mercifully broke her head off.

Landis was being double teamed by Xander and Max but even the two smaller, weaker wolves combined were little match for the five-hundred year old woman. She managed to out maneuver Max and get her arms around his body and crush his rib cage. He let out a loud puppy bark of pain, and Xander growled and leapt at Landis, but she dodged out of the way kicking him in the side shattering his ribcage also.

In the next few seconds, several fights resolved in quick succession. Zoltar and Lazarus ripped off the arms and legs of Susana.

Robert killed Collin.

Vladimir ripped off the head of Amanda.

Avery ripped off the head of Walter.

Jay knocked out Brady and left him for dead.

Siobhan ripped off the head of Marvin.

Right after Sam ripped off the head of Alec, and Caius had broken the neck of Seth, and Marcus had grabbed hold of Caius, Sam then got a hold of Heidi's head from behind with his teeth and tore it off.

Hogan knocked out Alexia and left her for dead.

After Vladimir took off Amanda's head, he ran in Aro's direction.

After Aro saw his brother's head come off he left the safety of the surrounding guard and walked into the fray followed closely by Renata.

Vladimir was intercepted by Erika and Felger who had just finished with Tanya and Jared. Vladimir knocked them both aside and they went flying. He was just about to reach Aro when he stepped outside of Bella's shield and Renata then used her gift. Vladimir's feet then took him in a different direction at the last second, and after he turned away he paused in confusion and disorientation. Aro grabbed his neck from behind and with a sound of screeching metal took his head off.

Garret ran in Aro's direction after he finished with Oroc because he saw his beloved Katie in six or seven pieces. When he reached Aro though, he fell the same fate as Vladimir, he became confused and disoriented and veered away from Aro under Renata's power, and Aro grabbed him from behind and ripped his head off.

Zafrina and Josephine were still fighting. Josephine was still blind but it didn't matter, she didn't need her eyes, she had her ears locked on to Zafrina's every move. It seemed that Josephine's intent was not to try and beat Zafrina, but to just deliberately aim for a stalemate so as to keep her busy and tied up so she couldn't blind the rest of the guard.

Bella was watching Edward fight Afton while she kept her shield blocking Chelsea. She stayed out of the line of fire just as Edward wanted. But the blood lust in her just got stronger for every ally that died. After she saw Landis severely injure Xander and Max but they weren't dead, Landis was about to finish them off when Bella had enough. She ran at vampire speed and at Landis's back, and Landis was just about to break Max's neck when she was caught around the head by Bella, and Bella sank her teeth into Landis's neck and tore out a chunk of vampire flesh with her teeth. Landis screamed in pain, and Bella flipped over top Landis with her feet high in the air while not letting go of Landis's neck, and when she landed she flipped Landis over her own head by the neck with tremendous force and with a screeching metal sound Landis's head came clean off. She tossed the head aside and looked at the wolves. As long as their hearts beat they would heal and there was nothing to do for them anyway, it had been decided beforehand, 'during the battle, cut your losses and focus on your allies that are still at full strength and still fighting'. She ran in Edward's direction.

Bella: "Edward, hold him steady!"

Edward lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Afton. That allowed Afton to put both hands on either side of Edwards head and was about to rip it off, when Edward bent Afton over, pointing him in Bella's direction. Bella lifted her arm up high and brought it down on Afton's head and it came off at the neck.

Chelsea: "No!"

Chelsea abandoned her post and went straight for Bella and Edward. Bella and Edward stood and faced her without fear. Chelsea was a good fighter but she had completely underestimated the combined might of a mind reading fighter and an angry mom newborn. Bella was not as strong as she was on her first day but was at least as strong as Emmett. Chelsea concentrated and unleashed the full power of her gift to turn Edward and Bella against each other. Bella felt it and childishly dropped her shield and smiled evilly at Chelsea just to prove it wouldn't work anyway. Edward felt the effects of the power but it didn't work on him. She reached them and they both backed out of the way and in less than a second tore her arms, legs and head off.

That was the first ten minutes of the battle

Emmett ran at Hogan. Hogan tried to fight but he was feeble against the strongest vampire on earth, and Emmett ripped off his arms and then his head. He then went for Aro and met Robert on the way and made short work of him as he was in pieces on the ground a moment later.

Sam went for Bill, Nickademis, and Corin, followed closely by Zaltar, Lazarus, Avery, and Quil.

Marcus wrestles with Jay.

Felger rips off the head of Carmen.

Siobhan rips off the head of Erica.

Zafrina still couldn't get under the guard of Josephine.

Emmett is about to reach Aro when he feels Renata's power and veers away, giving Aro the opening to grab Emmett and Aro is just about to take Emmett's head off.

Bella: "No!"

Bella ran at vampire speed right at Aro and collides with him knocking him to the ground. Renata tried to use her shield on Bella but it didn't work; Bella's shield negated Renata's without even trying. Bella put her knees against the top of Aro's shoulders, one hand on the back of his neck and the other under his chin and pulled up with all her might. A hairline crack appeared on Aro's neck and a slight grinding sound as the strength of Aro's neck began to give.

Sulpicia: "No!"

Aro's wife acted just as Athenodora did, she left the three guards that were now being attacked by wolves and ran at Bella at vampire speed and knocked her off of Aro's back and the momentum sent them sailing thirty yards.

Sam was punched in the face and kicked in the side by Nickademis but the car sized alpha wolf twice his strength got past his guard and tore his head off.

Siobhan intercepted Felger and they started fighting.

Emmett and Edward got between Renata and Aro. Aro started to fight with Edward. Emmett tried to fight with Renata but couldn't get near her. So he planted his feet right where they were; Renata's power only makes you go in a different direction. Renata was scared for her master, she was supposed to protect him, she didn't know what to do. Her power doesn't work on Bella and the others seemed to be overcoming it in different ways.

Sulpicia tried to fight but didn't know how. Bella had no time for this. With the superior strength of the newborn, she pried Sulpicia's hands off of her and head-butted Sulpicia in the head again and again. And cracks began to appear in their stone skin as though they each had taken sledge hammers to the foreheads, the cracks began to heal fast though. Bella threw Sulpicia off of her and leapt on top, and wasted no time in grabbing shoulder with one hand and chin with the other.

Aro looked on in horror as he watched the talented Isabella, the one who's powers showed so much promise as a human, the one with the power to neutralize Jane and Alec, who was destined to be the new jewel of his collection rip off the head off his wife. After 3000 years of imprisonment for her own safety, and turning her into a drug addict, all the guards, all the protection...and this was her fate.

Siobhan got under Felger's guard, got her hands on his head and with a sound of screeching of metal tore his head off.

After Sam finished with Nickademis he moved on to Bill who was busy fending off Quil and Avery. He got Bill from behind and without delay tore his head off.

Aro kicked Edward aside and went straight for Bella.

Bella saw Emmett's dilemma and projected and wrapped the outside of her shield around Renata. Emmett felt Renata's power lift and he took her head off quickly. He turned around just in time to see Edward go flying and Aro running for Bella. Aro was taken by surprise when he suddenly went blind.

Zafrina was getting very impatient with this as she fought the blind Josephine.

Kachiri: "I'm coming sister!"

Zafrina and Senna's third member of their coven appeared from out of the trees and took Josephine's head off. Right behind Kachiri was Alice, Jasper, and two others. One of the others was a vampire while the second was what appeared to be a human man with light brown skin and his body gave off almost as much heat as a werewolf. Zafrina quickly turned in Aro's direction and blinded him.

All five of the remaining wolves attacked Corin from all sides while she fell to her knees and flailed her hands over her head screaming like a little girl and the wolves mercilessly, massacred her, ripping every bodypart to shreds.

Bella gave Aro a high jump kick right in the chest. Edward kicked him in the back. Siobhan punched him in the face. Emmett punched him in the face. Jasper and Alice joined in and even the wolves got in close.

Bella: "Alice! You're back!"

Alice: "Sorry we would have been here sooner but it took me longer than I'd anticipated to find my witnesses. Let's beat up Aro."

It seemed that instead of ripping him apart like everyone else, they all seemed to want a piece of him in beating him to death in an angry mob! Though a vampire can't die from beating. It was just Aro and Jay left now, what was the point to go on? Jay was about to be ripped apart by Marcus, Zafrina, and Kachiri. Aro's stone skin was covered in stone cracks and fissures. 'And we are better than this.' Bella thought.


Everyone looked at her as she screamed for attention.

She gestured to Aro and Jay.

Bella: "They've had enough! It's over. We've won."

Siobhan: "What about Aro? Are we going to kill him or what?"

Bella thought, what should be fair.

Bella: "We must set an example to Aro and for the rest of the vampire community about how justice should be done. He must stand trial! The people will make their case against him and he must have someone represent him and make his case, and then he will die. In the meantime, hold him. If he tries to escape, then you can rip his head off."

Emmett and Jasper held on to him so he couldn't move. The five remaining wolves were joined by Seth, who's spinal cord had been healing in the last few minutes, all let out an ear deafening howl identical to the war cry at the start of the battle, only this one indicated the battle had been won.

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