Chapter 5: The Hybrid and the Deposed King

January 1, 2007 12:17 PM Six Days to Aro's trial

Tanya and Seth got out of bed.

Tanya: "Are you going to take me out to lunch? I believe that is the standard human custom."

Seth: "Vampire lunch or human lunch?"

Tanya: "Human lunch."

Seth: "But I thought you said that there was nothing traditional about us."

Tanya: "I merely said that age is just a number. And we are both two different mythical creatures. But don't forget, to the humans we still need to appear as human."

Seth: "True, okay let's go to, The Lodge, a restaurant in town."

Tanya: "Sounds good to me."

Then they hugged and kissed, then Seth got dressed and Tanya put her robe back on. Seth had to borrow a shirt from Edward. They open the door and stepped out of the room.

Emmett and Rose were watching the door from the other side and Emmett was laughing with crude sarcasm and humor.

Emmett: "Oh my God. This is the craziest thing I've ever seen!"

Rosalie had a look of disgust on her face as she looked at Tanya.

Rosalie: "Succubus!"

Tanya smiled.

Tanya: "And proud of it!"

Seth: "Look, we are going to tell everyone, but we would appreciate it if you would let us do it."

Rosalie: "We promise."

Seth: "Thank you."

Tanya went to find her clothes. Seth went downstairs and out the front door where he was met by Jared.

Jared: "Hey Seth."

Seth: "Hey Jared, you're looking better after that vampire bite."

Jared: "Yeah I sweat all the venom out, and now back to full strength."

Jared began to get close to Seth and sniff him, and a look of disgust came on his face.

Jared: "Umm, Seth, why do you smell like vampire?"

Seth: "It must be because I just hang around them so much, it must have rubbed off on me."

Jared: "I mean you smell like a particular vampire."

Seth: "I had to borrow one of Edward's shirts."

Jared: "Umm, Seth, you smell like Tanya?"

Seth: "Okay, I can explain that."

Jared: "Go on?"

Seth: "Okay, I can't explain that."

Jared: "Seth, something is going on here, now, after the next time that you phase, do I have to ask someone in your pack what it's all about?"

Seth: "Okay, Jared I need you to have an open mind and be understanding."

Jared: "Okay."

Seth: "You know how you imprinted on him Kim?"

Jared: "What does Kim have to do with any of this?"

Seth: "Nothing I suppose. just imprinting in general as an unusual thing. Well, me and Tanya are officially dating."

Jared: "WHAT!?"

Seth: "Yeah, it just kind of happened."

Jared: "How does something like this, just happen?"

Seth: "It's funny really, I was wandering around the house this morning, I went into Edwards room, and then she came in and she was wearing only a bathrobe, she mentioned how the ceremony was beautiful for Philip, and then she mentioned something about consoling each other for our feeling of hardship to how we both lost brothers and sisters the day before, and then she dropped her robe and she was completely naked, and you can probably imagine where it went from there."

Jared's mouth was open in shock!

Jared: "Well, all I can say is, I'm glad that I'm not in your head anymore, because I don't want to have to see that the next time we phase."

Seth: "Oh, come on Jared. I mean, I've seen you having sex with Kim a hundred times inside your head before."

Jared turned away from Seth. He paced back and forth slowly thinking.

Jared: "Okay Seth, you are my brother, my pack brother, you have aged to age 25 just like the rest of us have, even though you are technically still 15 and Tanya is?"

Seth: "959 years old."

Jared: "959. Okay, and if you can stand the smell, and you both like each other, and you're happy, than I am happy for you, and what you do is not my business, but don't you have any self-respect and tribe pride? I mean...SHE'S A VAMPIRE!"

Seth: "Jared, you are my brother, but I am an individual and it doesn't matter to me because I don't care what anyone thinks. And as for self-respect, well, have you seen her? I mean, she's hot! Well, actually, making love to her is like making love to an ice sculpture, but it was still amazing. But it doesn't matter. I don't care what any one thinks."

Jared was about to respond when Tanya came out of the house, she was wearing a sweater and jeans.

Tanya: "Ready to go, lover?"

Seth: "Yes I am, beautiful."

They kissed quickly and were about to get into her car, when Amun and Kebi arrived.

Tanya: "Amun, your back."

Amun: "Yes, word travels with the nomads that Marcus sent out, that you won the battle."

Jared: "Oh, make no mistake about it, Pharaoh, during the battle the cost was great. the end of the battle we had scrubbed, rinsed, and polished the floor with some major Volturi marble stone butt!"

Seth: "It's no consolation. For the rest of my life, I will forever believe that the price for victory was way too high."

His voice was solemn and depressed.

Tanya: "Don't think that way. It could have been worse, Seth."

Jared: "It was war, Seth. Casualties are inevitable. He died a warrior's death in glorious battle defending his tribe just like young Yaha Uta of the legends."

Seth: "I know, I know. I just still say the price for victory was too high."

Amun: "Where are Benjamin and Tia?"

Rosalie: "I think they went hunting with Alice and Jasper."

Amun: "What? Hunting? they just hunting three days ago."

Emmett: "Oh, they're not hunting for humans. Benjamin said he wants to have yellow eyes from now on."

Amun: "What!? Oh, come on! My coven has been cursed by vegans! And the protection of your stupid half breed of a niece!"

There were shocks and gasps from everyone there. Emmett looked absolutely furious.

Emmett: "Take that back!"

Amun: "No, I meant every word that I said!"

Emmett: "Take…that…back!"

Amun: "Make me!"

Emmett growled and ran at Amun at vampire speed. Amun caught Emmett and threw him over his head and Emmett landed on his back. Emmett got up and attacked again. Amun countered by twisting to the side grabbing Emmett by the head picking him up and slamming him back down on the ground.

Emmett broke free from Amun's hold and attacked again only this time he was more wary. He tried to anticipate Amun's moves. They grabbed hold of each other, they wrestled this way and that. Amun spun to the side and then he kicked Emmett in the gut. Emmett went flying with his momentum, he flipped head over heels, and just before he hit the ground, Amun met him halfway, grabbed him by the neck, and slammed him the rest of the way into the ground himself. He was about to sever Emmett's head when Emmett broke free and kicked Amun in the gut. Amun went flying and landed on his back, and Emmett ran at Amun again. Emmett and Amun fought major kung fu style, throwing punches and kicks and karate chops at each other left and right. Amun got past Emmett's guard and got on Emmett's back and his arms around Emmett's head, and was about to sever the neck.

Rosalie: "No!"

Rosalie ran in their direction but was met halfway by Kebi. Kebi and Rosalie fought toe to toe hard and fast. Emmett broke free from Amun's hold before his neck severed.

It was all about to get way out of hand, when Carlisle and Benjamin showed up and stepped between Emmett and Amun. And Esme and Tia stepped between Kebi and Rosalie.

Carlisle: "Alright, that is enough of that."

Benjamin: "My dear father, I am glad you have returned."

Esme: "Is something going on here?"

Emmett: "He insulted our family for what is happening to Benjamin and then he called Nessie a half breed in a derogatory tone of voice!"

Carlisle: "Then let us not to sink to his level Emmett."

Aro and the rest of the family showed up at that time from another direction just then.

Aro: "Amun, my southern neighbor, I see you have returned."

Amun: "I have only returned for the rest of my coven. Once word got around that you all are still alive, I thought I would return. Aro, they let you walk free it seems."

Aro: "Just until my trial, friend. Carlisle?"

Carlisle: "Yes, Aro?"

Aro: "Is Corin around? My wife is suffering from withdrawal."

Carlisle: "You know I'm more than happy to help, Aro. I have no interest in seeing Sulpicia suffer from withdrawal. But, unfortunately we're still putting Corin back together, at the end of the battle the five remaining wolves really did a number on her, she is a very confusing jigsaw right now, if we can't put her back together, we're thinking that it might be more humane just burn her."

Aro: "But what about my wife's addiction?"

Carlisle: "With all due respect Aro, you have only yourself to blame for that, and I think that she will overcome the addiction faster if she quits it cold turkey."

Aro: "It will take her 200 years to over come the addiction. At the very least I would like to wean her off of the addiction gradually."

Carlisle: "I agree. But it will take longer for her to overcome the addiction. Plus we will keep working on Corin. Ultimately, if we can't put her back together, we will all just have to make do."

Reneesme: "Mama, I would like to speak with my client in private, please. Preparation for the trial."

Bella: "Okay sweetie, but I don't want you to be alone with Aro."

Reneesme: "Okay, Jacob and grandpa can stay with me."

Bella: "Very well."

Seth: "Well, we're going. See you all later."

Seth and Tanya were about to get into the car.

Bella: "Where are you two going off to together?"

Tanya: "Me and Seth are lovers, cousin."

Everyone there was shocked. Emmett was amused.

Emmett: "Since he is a wolf, I wonder if they do it doggy style."

Emmett then laughed his head off at his own joke.

Tanya: "Grow up, Emmett!"

Emmett: "Well, Seth, you seem to have a weakness for attractive vampires. I mean, when you got your neck broken by Caius, in was because you had your attention focused on Heidi."

Seth: "It doesn't matter. Right now, I'm happy. And I don't care what anyone thinks. Baby, let's go. I'm hungry."

They got into the car and drove off.

Aro, Jacob, Reneesme, and Carlisle all walked into a room together and closed the door.

Reneesme: "Okay Aro, I would like to rehearse what we are going to say during your trial."

Aro: "I fail to see the point, they're just going to kill me anyway."

Reneesme: "Not with that attitude. You see Aro, that is what you would do if you were the presiding judge over a trial. You would just say that they were guilty and kill them."

Aro: "That is not true. When the Denali's mother created an immortal child I only punished her, not them."

Reneesme: "OK. That's good, we can work with that. That is a demonstration of your lawfulness towards the innocent. Now, what do you think? Do you think you are innocent or do you think you are guilty? Don't answer. That question is rhetorical. You are guilty. What I am going to try and do is get them to let you live. Of course, now that the Volturi is under new management things are supposed to change."

Aro: "Are you saying that Marcus is going to grant me mercy?"

Reneesme: "It is possible. It all depends on how you present yourself during your trial. Now let's talk about what you are going to say. First off I want you to plead guilty, and tell them that you are willing to accept whatever punishment that they impose on you. See, what that will do is, such a statement shows honesty and character which will allow them to grant leniency."

Aro: "This feels so undignified for a man of my position."

Carlisle: "Well, let's not forget Aro, you have been stripped of your position."

Jacob: "There is something that you need to learn, Aro. Humility. You need to humble yourself. If you would rather die, than do whatever it takes to save your life in your trial, then we are just wasting our time, and had might as well just burn you right now and save us all a lot of time. You are at the mercy of the judge, of Marcus, of the Romanians, of us, of every one who has some kind of grudge against you, so since you are at their mercy you have to appeal to their mercy. Now as a wolf I am still human in a sense. And what we humans do when we are at someone's mercy have got to beg. You have got to plead. You need to know how to suck up to people. Tell them you're sorry and mean it. Convince them you are repentant and mean it, and that you only wish for just for one...more...chance. And when they give you that chance, 'don't blow it'."

The three month old half-vampire girl looked at the werewolf who had imprinted on her and twitched her eyebrow in thought. She was impressed with his choice of words and wisdom.

Reneesme: "Well, that's the gist of it."

Aro closed his eyes as though praying for patience. Aro thought about what he wanted most. And he suddenly began to realize what all of these people were fighting for. They had feared him when they just wanted to live in peace. He still believed that he was right; that he had the right to take whatever gift that he wanted to add to his collection, but at the same time he realized that when he attacked the Cullen's and their allies yesterday he had bitten off more than he could chew. But now that he was in their position he was scared for his life, he was scared for his wife, and now more than anything, he just wanted her to be safe and happy...he would pay the price to make her happy, what ever it cost.

Aro: "I will follow your directions. I will say whatever you tell me to say. I will do whatever you tell me to do."

Carlisle: "Glad to hear it."

Reneesme: "Also, for the trial, I want you to have yellow eyes."

Aro: "I beg your pardon?"

Reneesme: "I think it will change people's opinion of you and you will make a better impression. What you need to do is get the people to think that you are totally reformed."

Aro: "So what you are saying is, you want me to drink animal blood for the next six days."

Reneesme: "To yellow up your eyes, yes."

Reneesme, assuming that Aro was going to live up to his word to do whatever she said, she immediately went on to the next part.

Reneesme: "Next we need to counter every argument that the witnesses are going to throw at you. I assume that you have read the minds of most of them?"

Aro: "Yes I have, most of them, not all of them."

Reneesme: "Alright then. I need to know everything they know, I need to know what ever you would use against them, and I need to know whatever they would use against you."

So for the next few hours Reneesme went over what their legal argument at the trial would be.

Tanya and Seth were at The Lodge, a restaurant in town. When they pulled in to the parking lot they were met by Bella's father, Charlie Swan. The town of Forks Chief of Police was surprised to see them both.

Charlie: "Hey Seth. Didn't expect to see you here?"

Seth: "Nah, I'm just here to get some lunch, and hang out with my new girlfriend."

Charlie looked at Tanya for a moment, trying to conjure up the memory.

Charlie: "I saw you at the wedding, your Carlisle's cousin right?"

Tanya: "Yes I am, and you must be Bella's father. I remember you."

Charlie shook her hand in greeting and felt her hand as ice cold and hard as stone. He shivered at the ominous feeling it gave him. He then assumed that it must have been a 'need to know' thing.

Charlie: "Umm, Seth, isn't she just a little old for you?"

Seth: "959 years old, Charlie."

Charlie: "What?"

Seth: "Need to know, Charlie. Need…to…know."

And Seth then smiled and winked.

Charlie then shook his head in confusion and got into his police cruiser.

The werewolf and the vampire then walked into the restaurant. Seth ordered a large portion meal. And Tanya ordered the same. Seth and downed his whole meal very quickly. Tanya then pushed her plate towards Seth, and Seth began to eat that one quickly as well. Tanya observed him with curiosity as he put the food into his mouth.

Seth: "Tanya, what does human food taste like to you?"

Tanya: "My sense of taste is significantly stronger than yours, so when I put food into my mouth it tastes to me as it is supposed to taste. But since I have no craving for it and it will not sustain me, the taste of the food does not trigger the pleasure center of my brain."

Seth shrugged and nodded in understanding.

Seth: "So, I hear the animal blood that you drink is not very good?"

Tanya: "Well, it varies from animal to animal, and I will not say that it's completely tasteless. It probably tastes to me the way human food tastes to you."

Seth: "Then why is drinking animal blood such a big deal to vampires?"

Tanya: "Because the taste of human food to you tastes pretty good. But to a vampire, the comparison between animal blood and human blood is...imagine that you tasted a new kind of food, but rather than it just filling your stomach and tasting good, when it goes down your throat, the pleasure center of your brain goes haywire, and it was like the most delicious food, the most powerful narcotic, and sex all rolled into one, times a hundred."

Seth: "Whoa!"

Tanya smiled with silent humor.

Tanya: "You have no idea the burden that we vampires have with that. If there was a food like that for humans, for something like that, unless you have a really, really strong conscience, you would kill for it, and you wouldn't think twice. And if there was an abundant supply of it and you could get away with it would you really want to go back to regular food?"

Seth: "I see your point."

Tanya: "Plus, human blood is also like an addiction that you can't break, ever, like a desperate heroin addict who whacks an old lady over the head with a lead-pipe to steal the money in her purse so that she can run off to her dealer to get her next hit. Plus, the thirst, the desperate desire to put out the burning fire in the throat; besides the addiction and the uncontrollable animal instinct to hunt, bite, and drink, the real catch to being a vampire is that for all of eternity we have to live in and near constant state of physical pain. I feel it even now. It's not that bad, it's been worse. But for 900 years, it's been...irritating. And it's always a danger for humans to be around me; right now, all the other people here in the restaurant,"

She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Tanya: "I can feel the movement of the blood through their veins. I can hear the beating of their hearts. I can feel the heat coming off of them. And strongest of all, I can smell their blood through their skin. and sometimes they don't even have skin to block the smell; the guy in the table ten meters behind me has an open wound. All the fiber in my being is compeling me to bite every one of them and suck them dry...but...we vegetarians live to try to be better then the monsters that we have become. It's hard though, we don't trust ourselves, we feel so unstable."

Seth: "I'm sorry."

Tanya: "As time goes by and we practice our self-control it gets better, easier, we to notice it less. Unlike human blood, animal blood does not completely quench our thirst, it merely cools the fire enough to bear...well, thanks for listening."

Seth: "I think I understand...well, I think I'm ready for dessert."

He ordered two slices of chocolate cake. He finished his quickly, and then Tanya pushed her's towards Seth.

Reneesme took Aro out into the woods with Jacob, Edward and Bella. They were going to teach Aro how to hunt vegetarian style. they all ran to the woods at vampire speed until they stopped they came across a scent, it was a herd of deer.

Aro: "They don't smell very good."

Reneesme: "Well, we don't bother with birds and rodents, they don't have much blood in them. The herbivores are quite bland, but their population here in North America is relatively abundant, the carnivores, like North American mountain lions and grizzly bears taste more like humans, though only fractionally. But today we're just going after the deer, the predators in this area have a low population, and to decimate their already low population would technically be against vampire law because it would threaten the balance and then people would notice."

Aro found that it wasn't that hard, though he craved something that was a little more substantial. When they got back to the house, Aro's eyes were a little more orange, Reneesme was confident that they would be significantly more yellow by the date of the trial.

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