Author's Note: This is the conclusion to 'Meteor Shower'. I tried to fit it all in but, I'm stupid, I always want to make it longer. I like to feel I bring happy endings for everyone, to a whole new level. Enjoy.

Chapter 8: The Happily Ever After

Renesmee: "Wait, I have something more to add!"

Renesmee interrupted Nahuel just as he was about to pronounce the death sentence on Aro, and Nahuel was too curious for his own good and decided that he would hear her out.

Nahuel: "Go on."

Renesmee: "I would just like to say, on a personal note, of Aro against me, and me against Aro, that I'm not trying to excuse my client from his crimes in any way. Because personally, I think, THAT MY CLIENT IS GUILTY!"

She had turned around and faced him and shouted at him in anger.

Renesmee: "He came here and caused trouble against my family, against me, and all of the other horrible atrocities he's committed throughout the centuries. Now, all of this stuff has already been discussed in this court here today, it's just that, the point that I am trying to make is that my client should get a sentence other than death."

Vladimir: "What? That is preposterous!"

Most of the people there shouted in indignation. They all had been expecting a punishment of death.

Nahuel: "ORDER!"

Everyone quieted down at the half-vampire man's courtroom authority.

Nahuel: "Renesmee Cullen. You claim you are not biased towards your client. You have heard the evidence against him. Why should I not sentence him to death?"

Renesmee: "Because I don't think that he deserves a punishment as peaceful as death. I believe that my client deserves to suffer. My client suffered an embarrassing defeat seven days ago, and with that he has been humbled. For a man like Aro, to be humbled is a step up; he is now a better man because of it, and I think that he can be humbled even further. And a proud man who has been humbled can't learn from his mistake if he is dead. Your Honor, before you declare Aro's sentence, I call for a recess so that I might deliberate with you, the victims, and the jury, my proposal for a punishment worse than death?"

There was quiet, and curious murmuring and muttering among the crowd. Nahuel thought and considered.

Nahuel: "Very well. Ladies and gentlemen, we will temporarily adjourn and we will reconvene in one hour."

All of the victims and witnesses went off into a quiet area out of earshot of the main crowd to discuss with Nahuel and the jury, what Renesmee had suggested.

Aro was nervous. He never actually imagined that Renesmee could get him off. But when she proposed that he suffer a punishment worse than death, he began to feel dread at the idea that he wouldn't die.

A short time later, the jury, Renesmee, Nahuel, and Aro's victims, all came back after they had discussed in detail Renesmee's ideas, and even cross-referenced a few ideas from some of the victims on punishments worse than death.

Edward: "This court will now reconvene."

Nahuel: "Thank you, Edward. We have deliberated on Renesmee Cullen's idea. We have all decided that it has merit. Aro of the Volturi, you are sentenced to a punishment other than death that is fair and civilized for you. While it will satisfy justice against you from everyone here. One; You are sentenced to an eternity of having yellow eyes; in other words, you may never drink human blood ever again."

Aro was in shock. He had had no idea what to expect but he had never imagined this; the taste and effect of human blood was one of the best things about being a vampire.

Nahuel: "Aro, word will be spread to as many vampires as possible and they all will be required to inform on the Volturi if any vampire ever sees you with red eyes again. Secondly, you are sentenced to a restriction on the use of your gift; you are no longer allowed to read someone's mind unless ordered to do so by another vampire."

Aro didn't know what to say at this, but at the same time he did have to admit, they hadn't sentenced him to death yet.

Nahuel: "And third, you are sentenced to a term of service towards the Volturi; you are sentenced to 4000 years as the lowest ranking member of the guard, with no possibility of advancement, ever."

Aro was furious. He knew Renesmee was right; death would've been preferable to this. This was embarrassing, and a huge indignity.

Marcus: "Nomads, spread word to the far corners of the earth that from this day forth, no vampire is allowed to kill Aro, except in self defense. Aro, you are free to move about the city of Volterra, and you may also leave the city to hunt animals. But you will adhere to your punishment to the letter. Any failure to do so, you will die. And consider yourself lucky."

Nahuel: "This court is adjourned. I thank you all for coming."

Marcus: "One more thing to everyone."

They all turned to look at the vampire king.

Marcus: "I would also want you all to spread word of vampire law. Nothing has changed. We of the Volturi will continue to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around the world where it looks like a vampire or vampires is exposing the secret. As always we will respond to the infraction of the law in kind. I am also issuing an invitation to any and all volunteers that wish to come and live in the tower of Volterra with me, to become members of the guard."

There was an excited murmur among many of the vampires, and many walked up to Marcus and inquired about potential positions for the job.

Renesmee turned to Aro.

Renesmee: "Well, Aro."

Aro: "Yes Renesmee?"

Renesmee: "I am holding you to your side of our deal. I saved your life, so for the rest of eternity you will leave me and my family alone and never try and seek vengeance."

Aro: "But young Renesmee, you didn't get me off. I was found guilty and then you made my sentence worse."

Renesmee smiled evilly.

Renesmee: "That was not our deal Aro. The deal was that I save your life, that I kept them from killing you."

Renesmee then stretched her fingers out and touched Aro's forehead. She then told him what her intentions were from the start.

Aro: "You planned this from the start. Your plan the entire time was to get this worse sentence put on me. You knew they would never vote me not guilty from the beginning, no matter how well you defended me."

Bella: "Oh' come on Aro! Stop complaining! Will you try looking at the bigger picture for one second! As far as every single person here is concerned, death is the worst punishment, and you got off easy, and not a single person here is happy about it! So why don't you go back to Volterra, keep a low profile, and just try and live a quiet happy life with Sulpicia! And consider yourself lucky!"

The crowd began to disperse. Many people carried on separate conversations. Others headed for the woods eager to be on their way.

Marcus walked over to Aro.

Marcus: "Well Aro. I believe that it is time that we be on our way home now. But I do have one question. How did you kill Didyme without me ever finding out about it? How did you hide the evidence that it was you?"

Aro: "I gave Didyme secret instructions to go to the secluded meeting place. I took a route there, and when I killed her I followed the same route back and when I brought you to her pile of ashes I had you follow me on the same route I took, and all you knew was that I had found her and came back to tell you. By always using the same route each way hid my scent, and you had no way of knowing that it was me."

Marcus: "Barbaric, but clever."

Aro: "I assure you Marcus, killing her is not something I am proud of. She was my sister, and I loved her, and I know what you are going to say, 'I had a heck of a way of showing it', but I wanted to keep you from leaving so badly, and when I killed her, I cried over her pile of ashes with great despair, and when you turned suicidal, no one felt more regret and depression than I did, because it was the biggest mistake I had ever made, and I wish that I had let you both go, and that I hadn't been so jealous that she was stealing you away from me."

Charles: "He speaks the truth, Marcus."

Marcus was still disgusted at Aro. Though he had to admit to himself that he was moved that Aro could feel this way at all.

Marcus: "Thank you for telling me the truth."

Most of the Volturi guard were heading for the airport. Jay then turned to Marcus.

Jay: "My Lord, are you coming?"

Marcus: "I will be along shortly. I wish to visit with Carlisle for a couple of weeks. Felix and Demetri may stay with me. Santiago, until I get back you're in command."

Tanya: "Aro? Me and my sister need closure on a personal matter, and you possess the information that we require."

Aro: "Yes Tanya?"

Tanya: "Our mother Sasha? You read her mind before you burned her, so you know everything that she knew."

Aro: "Yes, I possess all of her knowledge."

Tanya: "We need to know, the immortal child she created? Who was he, that he was so important to her that she would create him in the first place?"

Aro: "His name was Vasilii. When he was human, he was her biological son. She was changed shortly after she had given birth to him. He was cared for by caretakers until she overcame the newborn madness. Then a plague swept through the village that the child lived in. He became infected, he was going to die, there was no way to save him. She knew the law against creating immortal children, but she so desperately wanted to save his life. She was wise and considerate, she thought of everything, she knew that once he was changed he would never grow up, he would never mature, he would not have a life, he would serve no purpose in nature whatsoever. She knew that for a baby, death would be preferable to vampire conversion. But she just didn't have the heart to let him die. She gave him a dose of vampire venom which cured his disease. She cared for him for 500 hundred years. Kept him in a deep underground cave. Brought him blood frequently. And like any loving mother, played with him every time she got away from you and your sisters. She was very careful. But then one day, she slipped up. She brought him out of the cave and took him to a remote secluded location to play with him. What she didn't know was there was a nomad passing by. He saw the red-eyed baby sparkling in the sun. He feared Sasha would kill him to protect her secret, so he came straight to Volterra. He took us to the location and we got the boy. We then went to find Sasha. We then went to find you. I read your minds and saw you were innocent. You know the rest. I'm sorry. Perhaps I could have just killed the boy and let your mother live, granted she would never create an immortal child again. But I did have to set an example, the rest of the vampire community needs to feel a sense of continuity, you understand."

The yellow-eyed Alaskans all stood together in quiet thought as they looked at Aro and meditated on his words.

Maggie: "He speaks the truth, Tanya."

Aro: "That is your answer. I hope it brings you the closure that you hoped that it would."

Back at the house, the Amazons were saying goodbye to the Cullen's.

Zafrina: "We will be great friends my Nessie. You will come and visit us in our beautiful rain forest?"

Renesmee looked up at her mother in response to the question. Bella looked at Zafrina.

Bella: "Of course we will."

Zafrina: "Good bye, and may we meet again soon."

Jacob and Seth were having a discussion with the Esper, Erik Morter.

Seth: "So, you can really hurl bolts of plasma energy?"

Erik: "It is just one of my many talents."

Jacob: "So, can you give us a demonstration?"

Erik: "I suppose that I could, but I can assure you very little good comes from such a gift. I only use it under the most defensive of circumstances, however I suppose it couldn't hurt."

Many people gathered around to see such an impressive show of extraordinary power. Erik looked at a boulder that was lying at the edge of the field. He held his hands about a foot apart from each other, and then a glowing mist appeared in the air around him and collected together between his hands, and a little miniature sun began to form, then he threw his hands forward as though throwing a basketball and the blast of energy looked like a bright red comet, and when it made contact with the boulder, with the sound of a loud explosion the boulder shattered into a million pieces.

Seth: "Holy, that was way cool!"

Jacob: "I was hoping I might see you in action some time?"

Erik: "Well, perhaps one day we will meet on the battlefield, on the same side of course. I must be on my way now. I have a wife and son to get back to."

Seth: "Oh, you're married?"

Erik: "Yes, for 10 years now. Usually children of Espers don't inherit their parent's powers, but my son seems to be exhibiting some extraordinary abilities. His name is Jonathan, perhaps I will introduce you to him sometime, but I must be on my way. Arthur, Matilda, are you coming?"

Matilda: "Yes, I will be along in a few minutes. You go on without me."

Arthur walked over to Erik and they both vanished into thin air with a flash of light.

Renesmee took Matilda's hand and spoke to Matilda telepathically.

Renesmee's thoughts: "Would you come back and visit us again soon?"

But rather than Matilda speaking aloud, Matilda used her own telepathy and Renesmee heard Matilda's voice inside her head, "yes, I will come back and visit again soon, we will go to a movie okay, and even go shopping with your Aunt Alice."

Matilda took off the fancy high-tech looking wrist-watch that she wore around her wrist and she placed it around Renesmee's wrist.

Matilda: "This watch is a highly-sophisticated multi-tool. It's a hologram generator, long-range subspace communication transmitter, short-range sensor array, high-intensity laser, low intensity personal shield, Internet, cell phone, GPS, the works. It will do absolutely anything, and everything, except tell you what time it is."

Renesmee: "It doesn't tell time?"

Matilda: "Yeah, er, kind of embarrassing really. See, when we built it, we packed it so full of so much stuff, that when we were done, there was no room for the clock. If you ever need us, simply hit the SOS button on the side and I'll be here in 25 seconds or less."

Both smiled at each other. Matilda stepped back and in a flash of light vanished into thin air.

Siobhan, Liam, and Maggie had left for Ireland.

The Egyptians had also bid the Cullen's farewell and Benjamin and Tia had promised to keep their eyes yellow from now on. Amun had asked Demetri if he would come back to Egypt with them, but he said no, and that his place was with Law Enforcement, but that he would visit frequently.

Seth and Tanya were French-kissing.

Seth: "I will miss you, my beautiful succubus."

Tanya: "I'll miss you my sexy Wolfman. I will be back to visit you in a few weeks. You focus on High School, all right."

Seth: "You got it."

The Denali's then took their leave.

Joham's daughters all kissed and hugged Renesmee, and promise to come back and visit her later. And then they took their leave.

Huilen and Nahuel said a pleasant goodbye and were on their way.

Marcus was talking with Carlisle when Edward, Bella and Renesmee walked over to them.

Marcus then looked at Bella.

Marcus: "Bella, I think that with your situation being particularly different from that of other vampires, most vampires have good reason for letting go of their human lives because they didn't really have much of any. You have a lot of human friends, you have two very loving parents, I think that perhaps your mother and father deserve to know the truth granted they can keep the secret."

Bella: "Well we already told my father part of the truth. But he only wants to know on and need to know basis, and my mother's a little fragile for our world."

Marcus: "Perhaps. But what about your mother, if she so fragile, than perhaps I don't think you should deprive her of you. You should visit her Bella. You see, I imagine Didyme being alive right now, and that she and I have children, and then grandchildren. I don't think that your mother should be deprived of young Renesmee here. As leader of the Volturi, I give you permission."

Charlie Swan had just gotten home from the police station. Sue Clearwater was on her way over to make dinner. There was a knock at the front door. 'That must be Sue', Charlie thought. He went and answered the door and it was Bella, Jacob, and all of the Cullen's along with another man.

Bella: "Hey dad."

Charlie: "Hey Bells."

Renesmee: "Hello grandpa."

Charlie was shocked. This was the first time he had ever heard Renesmee speak. She was less than a year old, though she looked much older but she spoke such a high clear soprano. This was another thing that Renesmee did that was disturbingly advanced to Charlie.

Charlie: "What's with the visit? Not that you're not welcome any time."

Marcus: "I am here to talk to you, Chief Swan."

Marcus stepped forward and shook Charlie's hand. Charlie felt the cold marble stone skin of Marcus's hand and knew he was just like the Cullen's, except…hmm, it felt colder, well below freezing, and something else as well; Charlie had come to know the Cullen's skin as marble smooth, like carved and sanded stone, coated in a glossy polished finish, as smooth as glass. Marcus's skin, though also flawlessly smooth, felt like it had been smoothed with a very coarse power-sander.

Charlie: "And you are?"

Marcus: "I am Marcus, of the Volturi."

Charlie smiled politely.

Charlie: "Is that supposed to mean something to me?"

Marcus also smiled politely.

Marcus: "No. But we hope it will at the end of this conversation. We are an organization. A secret organization. A police force. We enforce vampire law."

Charlie looked at Marcus with disbelief and confusion he then looked at Bella for confirmation.

Charlie: "Is this a need to know thing?"

Jacob: "Yes, this is a need to know thing. Charlie, you need to know."

Charlie: "What do I need to know?"

Marcus: "Chief Swan I am a vampire."

Charlie looked at him with more confusion and disbelief.

Charlie: "Vampire? You mean like…ok, I don't know anything about vampires."

Charlie wasn't sure how to respond.

Bella: "Dad, perhaps I could explain. You see dad, all of the Cullen's are vampires, and now I am one also, and before you say anything, just let us clear up all of the common vampire clichés. Vampires do not burn to a cinder in the sun, vampires do not sleep in coffins, in fact we don't sleep at all, we are not poisoned by garlic, we are not repelled by the cross, and staking us through the heart with sharpened wood does not kill us."

Marcus: "Actually, it was me that came up with all of that, 1500 years ago, and incorporated it into superstition."

Charlie was in shock, he still didn't know how to respond to this, and he was also appalled.

Charlie: "I suppose you guys don't drink human blood either?"

Renesmee: "I'll show you grandpa."

Renesmee then took one of Charlie's hands in both of her's and telepathically transferred into Charlie's brain all of her knowledge. Charlie was taken by surprise by the flood of memories and information into his brain, he saw Bella give birth, he saw Renesmee's first few days, he saw through Renesmee's eyes Bella using her vampire abilities, he saw Jacob imprint on Renesmee. He saw in Renesmee's knowledge, all the rules of vampire's, what they truly are, other abilities that vampires have powers, such as Alice seeing the future, Edward reading minds, Jasper manipulating feelings, and Bella practicing with her shield. He saw the Cullen's friends. He saw all the happy moments that Renesmee had with her family. And he saw the confrontation with the Volturi. The fight with Jacob and Santiago. He saw that the Cullen's and their allies had won. He also saw the death of Philip House, the youngest in the pack. He saw that Marcus was on their side, and that he was now the new leader, and that everyone was safe under his leadership.

When Renesmee let go of Charlie's hand, he was in awe. He looked at Renesmee with new eyes.

Renesmee: "Just one of my many talents grandpa."

Charlie: "So Marcus, you say you made up these false vampire rules 1500 years ago? How old are you now?"

Marcus: "Three months ago I was able to count 3352 years."

Charlie: "And how old are the rest of you?"

Carlisle: "I can count 365 years. Esme can count 112 years. Edward and Alice can both count 106 years. Jasper can count 163 years. And Rosalie and Emmett can both count 92 years."

The conversation went on. Sue showed up, and she and Jacob gave Charlie a long and detailed explanation of the Quileute legends.

Carlisle explained about the genetic compatibility between vampire sperm and human ova, and how on Edward and Bella's honeymoon they had no idea they could have a child, and that Renesmee was a miracle of life, and the best thing that ever happened to the family.

Eventually Renesmee yawned and fell asleep with her head on Bella's shoulder.

Bella said that she wanted to take her home. They bid Charlie and Sue a good night, and left.

A week later they flew to Jacksonville. They walked up to Phil and Renée's house. It was after nightfall. They knocked on the door. Phil answered the door.

Phil: "Bella? Bella is that you?"

Bella: "Yes Phil, it's me."

Phil: "You look different?"

Bella: "Actually that's what I'm here to talk to you and mom about."

Edward, Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob all entered the house.

Renée came into the living room, and was ecstatic at Bella's presence though she didn't immediately recognize her.

Bella: "Mom, I don't think you two have ever met. This is Jacob Black."

They shook hands.

Jacob: "It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Dwyer. Bella has told me all about you."

Renee: "Me too, for you. I did meet your father though."

Then Renee looked at Renesmee.

Renee: "Sweetie what has happened to you, and who is this young lady here?"

Renesmee smiled at her grandmother.

Bella: "That's what we're here to talk to you about. There is no easy way to say this, so we're just going to lay it out. Her name is Renesmee. I named her after you and Esme."

Renee: "Named her after both of us, I don't understand?"

Bella: "She's our daughter, me and Edward's."

Renee smile, but also had a look of shock on her face.

Renee: "You mean you adopted her?"

Bella: "No, I carried her inside my uterus from embryo to full maturity in 29 days and gave birth. She is our biological daughter, and your granddaughter."

Renee's mouth had fallen open in disbelief. What Bella had just said was impossible, but at the same time it was not the kind of joke Bella would play. Phil was also in shock.

Phil: "How is that even possible? She looks, maybe, three years old."

Bella: "Well mom, I'm going to explain this to you the best I can. Mom, the DNA in my body has undergone a complete transformation."

Renee looked at Bella with confused suspicion.

Renee: "I don't know what you mean dear?"

Bella decided to explain it the way Jacob explained it to Charlie, and the way Carlisle explained it to Philip's parents.

Bella: "Mom, you don't live in the world that you think you do. You believe that you live in a world of Science, a world of Mathematics, a world where nature is governed by the laws of physics, and yes mother, you do live in that world, make no mistake about that. But intermixed with that world, is a world...of magic...a world of strange and unusual things, a world of mythical creatures living out human lives in small towns. An uninhibited, wondrous, mystical world without rules, or limitations...where anything you can imagine is real and the impossible is quite possible."

Bella spoke with dramatic monologue.

Renee thought her daughter was crazy now. But why would Edward and Jacob be going along with this.

Renee: "You paint quite a picture honey, but what you're talking about is..."

Renee had no words.

Jacob: "Crazy, wild, outrageous, silly? I agree, because that's what I thought when I heard my tribes legends. Then it happened to me."

Renee: "What happened to you?"

Jacob and Edward looked at each other.

Bella: "Jacob possesses magic powers to transform himself into a giant wolf."

She just looked at her mother and let her statement hang.

Renee: "I will have to see it to believe it." she said in a disbelieving tone.

Edward smiled.

Edward: "Show him Jacob. No one is watching."

Jacob led everyone into the backyard. He striped down to his underwear. And then before the eyes of Renee and Phil, he burst forth as a giant wolf.

Renee and Phil jumped back in surprise.

Jacob transformed back and put his clothes on.

Phil: "Okay, I am impressed. How did you do that?"

Jacob: "It's a carefully guarded secret of my tribe. And only a few of us possess the gift. I am what you would call by myth and Legend a werewolf."

Renesmee: "He protects his tribe from vampires. Real vampires, not imaginary."

Bella: "And that is what me and Edward are."

Renee was shocked beyond belief. Vampire? Werewolf? This is all impossible! She thought.

Bella: "Feel my hands mother."

Renee felt the cold hard stone of Bella's hands.

Bella took out a stone the size of a softball. She crashed into powder in her hands, and in less than a second she grabbed a broom and dustpan and swept it off the floor. Renee and Phil were astounded by their daughter's speed and strength.

Edward: "What would you both say if I told you that I could read your mind?"

Renee: "At this point I'm not sure?"

Edward answered a few unspoken questions until Edward saw in their minds that they believed.

Renesmee: "And I can transfer my own thoughts and memories into your mind."

Renee and Phil looked at the amazingly beautiful little girl with awe as she walked up to them and put their hands in each of hers.

Phil and Renee were in awe as they saw the flood of memories enter their minds until they knew without a doubt that it all was true.

Bella looked at her mother and stepfather with patience, and she knew that she had just dumped an awful lot on to them.

Bella: "Mom I know that this is a lot to just put on you all of a sudden. But there is really no other way to do it except to just come out with it quickly like ripping off a band-aid. We originally kept this from you because I thought that you were to fragile for my world, and that I had to protect you. But to do that would have required you to never see me again, and the reason that we're telling you this now is because we want you to have your granddaughter be part of your life, and we also want you to know the truth and accept us this way, because nothing has changed, I'm still your daughter and I love you."

Renee looked at her daughter with curiosity.

Renee: "So, you are vampires?"

Bella: "Yes."

Renee: "But you don't burn in the Sun?"

Bella: "No."

Renee: "And you are transformed by a bite?"

Bella: "Yes."

Renee: "Poisoned by garlic?"

Bella: "No."

Renee: "Stake to the heart kills you? And where are your monster like foreheads and elongated canines?"

Bella: "Phil, has my mom been watching far too much, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, recently?"

Phil: "Ohhhhh, YEAH! She has."

Renee: "I saw in Nessie's memories that you only drink animal blood?"

Bella: "That's right."

Renee: "And you have super strength, and super speed, and skin stronger than steel?"

Bella: "That's right."

Both Phil and Renee had horrified looks on their faces. At first Renee was disgusted with her daughter for choosing this life, and for everything that she was. But then Renee's face turned into a wide excited smile.

Renee: "This is amazing! This is incredible! I mean, I always knew that the supernatural world was real. I never had a doubt in my mind for a second. I mean I never had proof but now I do, not that I would ever tell anyone. No, no, no, I mean, I know I've got to keep the secret, I mean I've watched enough sci-fi movies, I know what the government does to people like you guys. This is so exciting! Tell me more! I want to know absolutely everything!"

Bella was the one in shock now. Whatever her mother's response was going to be she never expected it to be this.

Bella: "Wait, you're okay with this?"

Renee: "I know what you're thinking honey and I have to say that I have always believed in the extraordinary. In the impossible. And if this is what has happened to my daughter, as long as you don't kill anybody, then I will accept you like this."

Phil was in shock. He had put up with a lot of wild and crazy from his wife, but this was unexpected.

Bella: "Phil, how do you feel about this?"

Phil: "This is a lot to take in for me honey, but if it makes you happy then I guess that I'm happy!"

Renee: "And we have wonderful news...I'm pregnant. Phil and I are going to have a baby!"

Bella was happily surprised.

Bella: "Oh my god! A baby! I thought you smelled funny."

Bella turned her head to the side and closed her eyes.

Bella: "Yes, I can't hear it's heart yet. It's not very far along. Two months?"

Renee: "Give or take."

And that was it. The response and acceptance of this had been far more than their wildest expectations and the family spent the next week talking. Bella, Edward, and Jacob told Renee every minute detail of the past 2 years what had happened. They told them about Bella first meeting Edward. Edward saving Bella from getting crushed by a van. Bella finding out that Edward was a vampire. Jacob telling Bella about Quileute legend on the beach. Edward saving Bella from a hunting vampire. Jasper almost killing Bella on her birthday. Edward breaking up with Bella. Bella seeing hallucinations of Edward and then riding motorcycles with Jacob. Jacob transforming into a werewolf. Bella going to Italy to save Edward from the Volturi who are the vampire police and enforce the law. Newborn armies in Seattle. The wolves and Cullen's fighting the newborns. Bella getting pregnant on the honeymoon. Renesmee being born. The details of werewolf imprinting. Renesmee growing up for the past 4 months, and then the fierce battle with the Volturi where the king was deposed, Marcus is now their ally, and that they had lost the youngest wolf in the pack.

They enjoyed their time together, and they all had to admit that everything in their lives I was just absolutely perfect.

Over the next few months there were four weddings. First came Sam and Emily, in mid March. Emily's cover story about her new face, that she had seen a plastic surgeon was bought by everyone who was not in on the secret.

Then came Jared and Kim's wedding in mid April. The Cullen's payed for everything for all the weddings. They also let Alice indulge herself.

And now in mid May, everyone sat for a very quiet and short ceremony for Sue and Charlie.

Marriage Commissioner: "Charlie Swan, do you take Sue Clearwater, to be your wife?"

Charlie: "I do."

Marriage Commissioner: "Sue Clearwater, do you take Charlie Swan, to be your husband?"

Sue: "I do."

Marriage Commissioner: "Do you have the ring's?"

They exchanged the rings to each other's fingers.

Marriage Commissioner: "Then by the power granted to me by the Port Angeles courthouse, and the State of Washington, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

Charlie in his brand-new tux, and Sue in a simple white dress, leaned in close and touched lips briefly and smiled with their own happiness.

Marriage Commissioner: "Ladies and gentlemen may present to you, Chief and Mrs. Swan."

The reception party, that was done by Alice, was in full swing. Alice had not been allowed to invite anybody. Leah and Seth invited all of Sue's guests, and Bella and Renesmee invited all of Charlie's guests. They thought it would keep the guest list small, but they might as well just have let Alice invite the guests because Renesmee was just as bad, she invited everyone they knew. Sam didn't like the idea of vampires coming back into the area. Though the young children on the reservation had stopped transforming into werewolves, he feared that the werewolf transformations would start up again.

Charlie gave a small speech about his family's happiness. How Sue's late husband Harry Clearwater had been his best friend, and how he was sure that Harry would be happy with Charlie for taking care of his wife.

Under Quil's supervision, Renesmee and Claire had become best friends and would play together all the time.

Another month later in mid June, they had Rosalie and Emmett's wedding...again. Most of the guests at their wedding were from the senior class at Forks High School, as Rosalie and Emmett's wedding was strictly for the benefit of the people of Forks.

Rosalie liked the full set of vows.

Marriage Commissioner: "Do you, Emmett Cullen, take Rosalie Hale to be your wedded husband? To live together with her in a state of matrimony? Will you love her, comfort her, honor her, and keep her through sickness and in health, and to be forsaking all others, keep yourself only for her, for as long as you both shall live?"

Emmett: "You just asked me if I would take her as my husband." Emmett explained as a statement of fact.

Marriage Commissioner: "Did I? Oh, my most sincere apologies, slip of the tong, common mistake, could have happened's actually not the first time that I have done that. Shall we try again?"

The Marriage Commissioner repeated the question only this time making sure to ask Emmett if he took Rosalie as his wife.

Emmett: "I do."

Marriage Commissioner: "Do you, Rosalie Hale, take Emmett Cullen, to be your wedded husband? To live together with him in a state of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him through sickness and in health, and to be forsaking all others, keep yourself only for him, for as long as you both shall live?"

Rosalie: "I do."

Marriage Commissioner: "Then by the power granted to me by the Port Angeles courthouse and the State of Washington I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride."

All of the kids from Forks High School cheered, believing that this was Rosalie and Emmett's first wedding.

Later that night, it was just a fact that it was happy endings and beginnings for everyone all around, and then just when they thought that there were no more happy endings, something happened.

Alice had never been able to see hybrids or werewolves before, but then, right out of the blue, Alice's ability to see the future had a moment of clarity, and as she looked at Jacob and Renesmee, she had a vision.

Alice's vision:

Inside Alice's head, she saw Jacob standing on the beach of La Push. What appeared to be a twenty year old human woman with reddish brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and pale pink skin, wearing Jacob's Quileute bracelet around her wrist and Bella's family locket around her neck, was standing beside him, holding onto his arm with her head laid on his shoulder. She was more beautiful than Rosalie. They were watching the sunset. They were smiling with complete contentment as though they didn't have a care in the world. Then Edward and Bella approached them and they embraced one at a time like a happy family.

Alice smiled at the reassurance of what seemed to be a significantly more promising, definite future.

Edward and Bella were lying in the grass and flowers of their meadow at midnight under the full moon of a rare clear sky for Fork. They were naked (you can probably assume what they were doing, wink, wink).

Bella: "I love you!"

Edward: "I never tire of hearing that."

Then Bella stops and looks at Edward."

Bella: "Edward I want to try something."

Edward: "Okay, what is it?"

Bella: "A want you to try and read my mind, okay."

Edward: "But Bella love, I can't read your mind."

Bella: "Oh, I know, but I just want you to try to, okay."

Edward: "Okay love."

Edward concentrated, trying to break through the mental barrier that surrounded Bella's brain. Still nothing, just the same, blank, nothingness coming from her mind.

( Song: A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri)

(The day...we...met...frozen, I, right from the start, I knew I'd found a home for my heart,)

Bella concentrated and she tried to lift her shield right out of her own head like she had practiced with Zafrina. Bella then tried to think, she thought of her first day at school when she first saw Edward, handsome, beautiful, how magnificent he was, the first time she heard his voice, every time he saved her life, every time they talked, every night he spent in her bedroom while she slept.

(, and promises, how to be brave, how can I love, when I'm afraid, to...fall...watching you stand, alone,)

Bella thought of the day he left her to protect her, how miserable she was for months, when she saw him about to step in to the sunlight in Volterra, the day he proposed to her, their wedding day, when she walked down the aisle seeing that Edward was going to be hers forever, their first night on Esme's Island, Edward reading Renesmee's mind through her belly.

(all of my doubts, suddenly goes away step closer,)

Bella remembered the flawless first moment of clarity when she first saw him after the burning fire of her transformation, the first time they held their baby together, the first night in the cottage, and the superior strength that they both felt as a team when they ripped Afton and Chelsea to pieces in the baseball clearing, and then afterwards at the reassurance that their baby was safe and their whole family was going to be safe and under the protection of half the vampire community.

Edward: "Bella! How do you do that?"

Bella: "I've been practicing"

Edward: "It was amazing, hey wait a minute, you were supposed to be unconscious during your transformation, you felt the fire through the whole thing?"

Bella: "Sorry Edward. The morphine doesn't work. Do you know why I lied?"

Edward: "Yes I know why. I probably would've done the same thing myself. But I wish you had told me anyway."

Bella: "It doesn't matter, it's in the past. And now you know."

Edward: "What do I know?"

Bella: "That no one has ever loved anyone as much as I love you."

Edward: "Well, there might be one exception to that."

Bella laughed at the blatantly obvious though she believed she loved Edward more then he loved her, not that his love for her was small.

Edward: "Can you do it again?"

Bella: "It's kind of hard, but I got time to practice."

Edward: "We have forever!"

Bella: "Forever!"

(I have died every day waiting for you, darling don't be afraid for I have loved you, for a thousand years, I will love you for a thousand more)

And as they wrapped their naked arms and legs around each other, the Earth passed through a dense cluster of small space rocks, and as they the space rocks were completely disintegrated when entering they atmosphere, a thousand shooting stars appeared in the night sky. And Edward and Bella blissfully sank away into their little piece of forever.


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