Clary POV

I was pacing in my room that night. How should I tell Jace about my dad's condition? I didn't want to tell him tonight because we both were having fun and I didn't want to get him sad and be disappointed for me. I didn't want to spoil tonight. I sighed. Or should've I told him right then and there? I was so confused.

But also I was worried for my dad. He used to have the tumor when I was three years old but some years later, he won against the tumor. It has been smooth and fun over the years and now it was back. My dad didn't show signs of having headaches or anything but I wasn't completely sure. I loved my dad so much, he was nice and caring and protective and loving and other stuff. He was, so understanding to me.

A sob had erupted from my throat and I started to cry all over again. It was too much to me, I stumbled into bed and cried all night long. I couldn't sleep, so I just stayed up and bawled my eyes out.

Next day, I didn't bother going to school, neither did Jonathan. My mom didn't go to work but went to the hospital my dad was in.

I just lay there, staring at the ceiling, feeling broken all over again. Isabelle, Simon, Jordan, Magnus, Alec, Maia, Jace, and even Raphael, tried calling me but I didn't pick up. I felt dead, inside and out. I guess Jonathan was doing the same thing as me and I didn't bother checking up on him, neither did he bother checking up on me.

I had at least put my earphones on and out it on blast and listened to the pounding music. Everything was a blur, I felt like I was dizzy. How could this lead me into this sort of depression? It's because someone that I love is ill and I don't even know if he's going to wind this war with the damn tumor.

I didn't even notice someone at the door, more than one person, coming over to my bed and sitting down. They were all here. Magnus, Alec, Simon, Isabelle, Maia, Jordan, Jace, and Raphael.

"Clary, what happened? The door is unlocked, and this house is too quiet," Isabelle said, motioning her hands everywhere.

"Isabelle, something bad might have happened to her, just give her some time," Simon said and pulled out my earphones and turning off the music. I felt someone hold my hand, no doubt that it was Jace, he was looking at me with concern and worriedness on his face. I continued to stare at the ceiling, not bothering to answer for some time.

Finally, I sat up and sat against my headboard. I used my free hand to rub it over my face. I sighed and took a deep breath and exhaled it out.

"My dad," I started and let out a little cry. I felt a shift in the bed and Jace putting his arm around me and my head lay against his shoulder. I subsided the cry and continued.

"Last night, the hospital called me and told me that my dad has a brain tumor, again," I cried and some of them gasp and the others gave me a sympathetic look.

"Oh, Clary," Magnus said and rushed to my side and brushed the hair out of my face.

"Right, now, I feel so torn apart and that he has to live through that again," I cried out and Magnus squeezed my arm for reassurance.

"Don't worry, Sweetie, just have faith in your father. I promise that he will beat the brain tumor's ass like last time," he said. I had told my friends in middle school that my dad has the tumor and they were very kind to me about it.

"Yeah, Magnus is right. Your dad is strong and he will fight for his loved ones. He would want to see you grow up," Simon said and I gave a little smile.

"Hey, can you guys give us some time alone?" Jace asked. They all nodded and left, maybe by the door, eavesdropping on us.

"Clary, why didn't you tell me last night?" he asked me.

"Because, Jace, it was so perfect yesterday and I didn't want this to come in the way to spoil your night. I didn't want you to feel pity on me," I told him, not looking into his eyes.

"Clary, you could've told me. I would've been there with you and your family, supporting you. Even if it would spoil the night, that was more important," he said ever so softly.

I had finally looked him in the eyes and he was telling the truth to me. His eyes were dark and sparkling, watching me. He pulled me into a hug and I buried my face into his chest. His arms protectively around me. I felt so safe with him, I needed him.

"Can you stay?" I whispered to him.

"Anything for you," he said and I heard a chorus of 'Aws" outside and I had to give a laugh.

"Is he doing okay?" Jace asked, referring to my father.

"I don't know, my mom just went to the hospital and Jonathan is in his room. I don't know what he's doing but I'm thinking that he's going through the same thing I am," I worried. I got out of bed and opened the door.

"Clary, we weren't-," started Jordan but I shook him off, making my way to Jonathan's room. I opened the door ajar and peeked in. I saw Jonathan sitting at his windowsill, staring out the window at nothing.

"Jonathan," I said and he didn't even turn to see me.

"I know that you're sad and scared for dad, but he will win over that tumor," I tried to cheer him up.

"How do you know that?" he asked roughly and I was taken back a bit, but shook it off.

"Because, dad is the strongest person I know and will take it down again like last time." I said and now I was by him. I put a hand on his shoulder and he looked at me and this surprised me. He was crying. I had never seen Jonathan cry ever in my life.

"Oh, Jonathan," I said and pulled him in a hug and he hugged back.

"I know you're scared but Dad will be awake even with the tumor there, he will fight for us," I whispered and he nodded.

"I want to see him," he said hoarsely.

"Okay," I said and helped him out of his depressing den of his.

"Hey, Jon," Maia said. He gave them all a nod.

"We're going to the hospital," I announced, I knew they were going to tag along so, we went to the cars and drove to the hospital, Jonathan in the lead.

Once there, we had all filed in and told the lady at the desk.

"Oh, you're the Morgenstern's, your father is awake, you can go in and see him," he Jersey accent light and soft. I gave her a smile and entered the room my dad was in.

"Clary," I heard my mother's voice. I hugged her, followed by Jonathan. I looked at the bed and saw him there, staring at me.

"Daddy," I cried and went to him and he pulled me into a huge hug.

"My little girl," he said into my hair. I pulled back and he gave me a kiss on the forehead.

"Jonathan," he said and pulled him I a hug also.

"I'm so sorry this happened," Dad said and I shook my head.

"It isn't your fault so don't blame yourself," I said and he gave me a kind smile, his black eyes sparkling.

"I see you brought your friends over," he observed and waved at them and they waved back.

Dr. Zachariah came in.

"I'm sorry but I need to talk to Mr. Morgenstern alone," he said.

"Why?" Mother asked.

"I need to do tests and ask him some questions," he said and we obediently.

"Let's walk around," Jace said and grabbed my hand. We walked around. I looked at the patients in each room. They look highly sick and I felt sorry for them. But one of them caught my attention. It was a little girl, she had wavy black hair and light brown eyes. I stared at her and realized that I had stopped walking.

"What's wrong?" Jace asked me.

"A little girl," I said. He looked at the little girl also. She looked so innocent. She was watching TV by the looks of it and giggling. She turned her head and noticed that we were staring at her.

"What?" she asked in a high voice. She looked about four or five.

"Hi," I said, walking into the room.

"No way," she said, staring at Jace.

"You're Jace Herondale," she exclaimed.

Jace gave a laugh, "Well, yes I am," he said and sat down on the chair next to the little girl's bed.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"I saw you and I wonder why you're here?" I asked. She looked at me with her soft light brown eyes. Her pale skin shimmering a bit from the light.

"I have cancer," she said and my heart broke again. I remembered this was the hospital that treated types of cancers and tumors.

"What's your name?" Jace asked her.

"Melody," she said. I smiled at her.

"I love your music, you're the most coolest person ever!" she shrieked, jumping in her bed.

"Thank you, Melody," Jace thanked.

"Can you sing me a song?" she asked. Jace looked surprised and an idea popped into my head.

"Before you can answer that, Jace can I talk to you?" I asked and he got up. We walked a few steps away from Melody.

"What is it?" he asked.

"Jace, remember that talent show thing next month at my school and that we were to perform our new song?" I asked and he nodded.

"I was thinking that we can donate the money here and do something for the patients here too. We can give them shout outs, like those things. When you perform and people start to donate money and stuff," I said.

"That isn't a bad idea," he said and I smiled.

"We should do it," he said and I jumped up and hugged him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

"Ewwwwww, are you two girlfriend and boyfriend?" we heard Melody said with a giggly tone.

"Yes," I said with a smile that I couldn't control.

"Hey, Melody, how would you like us to call your name out on live TV?" Jace asked and he eyes widened.

"Really?" she said and we nodded.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," she said and held up her arms for a hug and, what the heck, we gave her one.

"See you later," I said and we left.

"We should talk to the people who work her about this," I said and we did just that.

The doctors and nurses were excited with our plans.

"I think this will work," Jace said. I nodded. We had left the hospital thirty minutes ago.

"It's going to work," I said looking out the car window. We were going to the studio, practice, recording, and maybe kissing a bit.

"If so, we have a lot of work to do," he said and parked his car. We got out and went into the building to the dance studio.

"Well, at least it's worth it," I said and he gave me a tug and kissed the top of my head.

Jace POV

Two weeks later

It was almost the end of the month. We had gotten busier than ever. We had to start waking up early to practice, to buy what we need, and get what we need. But it was always worth it, right?

Day 10

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight," Raphael shouted and we danced to the rhythm of his voice. The music pounding through the room, feet stomping, people breathing hard. Two hours of practice every day now for dancing.

But at least I could see Clary and the good thing about seeing Clary was the way she danced, sweet, seductive, and makes me want to slam her against the door and kiss her.

Day 9

Her voice was a melodic tone, hypnotic to my ears. Her songs flowing smoothly out of her plump lips.

"Dude, close your mouth before you drool all over the sound board," I heard Raphael say and I closed my mouth and gave him a little glare which he scoffed at.

And I swore that I heard him mutter, "You're so whipped."

Day 8

My parents had bought all the stuff we need and were setting up the large gym.

Clary and I were outside, sitting, when the cameras came. I rolled my eyes and Clary started to get up to leave. I got up with her but had an idea. I gripped her hand and she gave me a questioning look.

"Jace, Jace, I'm thinking that this is our winner?" the reporter asked and the cameras were in our face but I nodded anyway.

"What are you two doing now?" he asked.

"We're getting ready for the big day but I want to put out that we are also accepting phone calls to this school to donate money for a cancer hospital, we promise out little friend, Melody, a shout there," I said and Clary gave me a genuine smile.

"Wow, that sounds great," the guy turned to the camera, "you heard it, On the big day which is…" he trailed off.

"May 4," I answered for him.

"On May 4, call to this school and donate the money to them so they can give it to the cancer hospital and whoever Melody is, you're in for a great show," he said and left.

"That was nice of you to do that, Melody would be happy," Clary said in a very soft and gentle tone.

"Of course she would, people would do whatever I say, just look at this," gesturing to my body and she rolled her eyes.

"Yeah right buddy," she said and walked away from me.

"I know you're smiling," I called to her.

"Shut up," she yelled back and I shook my head, that smile on my face.

Clary POV

Everything was going perfectly. Everyone was helping, even my friends, Jace had asked them to even perform, if they wanted to, at the concert here. I walked through the halls and into the art room. I haven't been here since they day Jace visited the school. No one was in here and that was fine by me. I sat on a stool, in front of an easel. I took a canvas and put it on the easel.

I took the pallet that was on the table and squeezed paint on it. I took a medium sized brush and dipped it in the black paint and brushed it against the canvas. Swirls, loops, and flicks my hand moved.

I didn't actually know what I was drawing, just winging the picture. I was concentrating on the picture emerging from my paint. I would refill the paint on my pallet, dip the paint brush in some water and dry it off and start off with a new color, bite my lip while examining what I had on the canvas, and being patient as ever, drawing this perfect picture.

By the time I finished, I admired the picture. I had drawn music notes and the people that I love. Jace was in the middle of the picture, beside him were my friends, Raphael was in there, my family, and even Melody was in there. I smiled at the picture.

"That's beautiful," someone said behind me and wrapped big, well muscled arms, around my tiny waist.

"Thanks," I told Jace.

"My talented little red head," he said and kissed the top of my head.

My talented little red head, echoed through my mind. I was his and he had proved it many times and I smiled. And he was my Golden Angel.

"I can't believe what happened came to this," I sighed out and he nodded.

"Yeah, we are very lucky," he said and nuzzled his face into my neck, giving soft, delicate kisses.

This was the most perfect day I could ever ask for but I had a little feeling that something might go wrong and that feeling didn't go away for the rest of the day, and it worried the hell out of me.

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