I tried to make this chapter longer, but I'm honestly too tired to keep writing. It's late. I need to sleep.

Chapter six

She was staring at me, and Esme was standing behind her, a somewhat apologetic expression on her face. Edward was staring too, but at Rosalie and his mother; he was staring like he couldn't fully understand what was going on.

That left me virtually alone to face the blonde with a fire in her eyes.

And she was currently staring at Jackson's hair. His hair, though not exactly the same as Esme's, was exactly the same as Edward's. It wasn't a common colour, and Rosalie seemed to focus in on it. She knew, Esme knew and Edward knew; today was over for me, I'd accomplished what I came to do.

Was it important for me to stay and deal with the rest of it?

Yes, yes unfortunately it was.

"What the fuck are you doing here?!"

Oh jeez...all these questions in one day. I don't think I can go on. The answers are disappearing. Who am I? What am I doing here?

She looked scary; her eyes were filled with suspicion and anger and her shoulders were tensed. I could tell that I was about to be accused of some nasty shit.

Looking back, I'd probably say that this is where things got really messy; because he was finally coming back to life.

Edward pushed himself away from the bench and approached Rosalie; who had moved closer to Jackson and me.

He was frowning, and at this point, I didn't know who he was mad at. He leaned down to her eye level.

"I don't why you are here, I don't know what you're thinking... but they," he gestured towards Jackson and me, "are none of your business, and I'd prefer it if you didn't speak to her that way."

Um...was he defending me? After what I just told him, he's defending me?

Rosalie's face was shocked and confused.

"W-what... are you crazy? Do you think I'm stupid? I see that baby in her arms; he has the exact same hair colour as you, and he looks to be around the right age. You think she's here because she wants to play happy family?" Rosalie laughed sardonically, "You idiot, I bet you she's just here for your money. I bet you let it slip that you were loaded when you were fucking her in that hotel room!"

And that's when I realized something. She had asked what I was doing here. Not who I was. She knew that he had 'fucked' me in a hotel.

She knew. She knew about that night. How?

Had he told her? Why would he do that?

"Enough Rose!" he practically roared at her.

"Edward!" that was Esme.

"Okay, maybe you're right and she doesn't want your money. Maybe she's just gotten sick of having some bastard ki-"

"Hey, back the fuck up! Bastard kid? You're calling my baby a 'bastard kid'? He's two and half months old! He's done nothing to deserve that! You want to throw insults around? Fine. But you throw them at me," that was me; no way was Blondie getting away with that one.

And that's when Jackson started crying. He was practically screaming; his little lungs wailing to the high heavens. Baby boy had heard enough.