Chapter 8-Of Snakes and Death

The Forest of Death. That was the name of this region of Konoha used only by the most skilled Shinobi could enter without fear of dying. Only Jounin, ANBU, and the Hokage could enter this region. Inside the Forest of Death, there were wild vicious animals, huge insects, and other scary things said to give unsuspecting people nightmares should they ever be discovered.

It was also a place used by Konoha for the Chuunin Exams.

"So this is the Forest of Death? Doesn't look like much," boasted Kiba while he along with his team eyeing the large forested terrain with boredom

The written test had been a breeze for Naruto and his team since they knew right away that it was imperative for them to cheat without getting caught. The Proctor for the first exam was Morino Ibiki, who Naruto knew was the guy in chart of the T&I Division with Anko being his subordinate. In fact, Anko had told Naruto that she worked directly under him, and his skill was getting people to crack though psychological torture.

A man worthy of respect in Naruto's mind.

After the written test was coming to a close, a good chunk of teams had been eliminated, and the "final question" had taken a few more. After that, Anko had made her dramatic entrance, and told them all to follow her to the Forest of Death.

Which was where Naruto was right now with his team and the other teams that survived the written test.

"Looks can be deceiving fool. There is a reason why this place is used only by Jounin, the ANBU, and Hokage when they wish to hone their skills," said Naruto while Kiba snarled at him.

"What did you just say?" demanded Kiba with Naruto not even looking at him.

"My student is right mutt. This place is dangerous. Wild animals, giant insects, and all sorts of horrors are in this place. The objective of this part of the exam when in here is to make it to the central tower within five days with two different scrolls in hand. One is the Heaven scroll, the other is the Earth scroll, and each team will be given one or the other. Meaning your team will have to fight another team for their scroll, but it must be the opposite of what you possess. For example, if you have the Heaven scroll, you need to find the Earth scroll, and vice versa," explained Anko with Kiba looking at Naruto one more time before focusing on her.

"If its so dangerous, then why use it for the Chuunin Exams?" asked Sasuke curiously with Anko smirking.

"Because it helps weed out the weak from the strong. Of course, Konoha can't risk all the Shinobi from visiting villages to bitch at us in the event their teams they send get killed so we have these forms that require your signature. It is a standard waiver saying Konoha will not be held responsible if your team is injured, burned, mauled, eaten, maimed, or killed while participating in this part of the Chuunin Exams. Meaning, if you and your team fucks up, the only thing your Shinobi village can do is sit there, and take it with a smile on their face," replied Anko with a smile on her face while the other proctors came around and handed out the forms.

"Are you two ready?" asked Naruto calmly after he signed his waver and saw the other two on his team do the same.

"While I do feel some form of anxiety at the moment, I also feel that I am ready to face the dangers that lie within," answered Shino calmly.

"I agree. If I can't survive this part of the exam, then I don't deserve to be a Shinobi. I need to do this to prove that I'm worthy of wearing my headband. I am ready," replied Yakumo with Naruto nodding.

"Good. You and Shino will follow my lead when inside. However, you will not rely on me to get us through this part of the exam. Keep your mind sharp and remember all that you have been taught up to this point. Understand?" said Naruto with Shino and Yakumo nodding before they got their assigned scroll.

"I understand," replied Yakumo.

"So do I," said Shino.

"Very well then. Let's go," commanded Naruto, as he entered the Forest of Death through the assigned gate with his team, and ignored the looks some of the foreign Shinobi were giving him.

"Temari. Kankuro. Under no circumstances are we going to engage that Genin team from Konoha," commanded Gaara, as he saw his siblings nod, and enter their own gate.

"You two know the plan. Get a scroll we need and then go for the Uchiha's team after Orochimaru-sama has his fun with him," stated Dosu to his teammates.

"What about that one Konoha team we encountered earlier? The one with the jerk with the strange cane turned axe?" asked Zaku with Dosu looking at him.

"Avoid him for now. Orochimaru-sama will take care of him personally," answered Dosu with his team nodding.

"We get what need and head for the tower. No stops. No breaks. We complete this like we would any other mission," stated Neji with his team nodding.

"What about Naruto's team? Do we engage them at all?" asked Tenten, as she didn't want to fight them, and yet knew it was a possibility while in the Forest of Death.

"No. Naruto himself is stronger then any of us. His teammates are considered strong in their own right too," replied Lee seriously, which surprised his teammates, and wondered why he wasn't shouting about "Youth" in the process.

"Even the kunoichi? I heard she is from a minor clan?" questioned Tenten with Neji and Lee both nodding.

"From what I've heard, the Yakumo girl is from a clan many consider to be minor in status, but the power she is said to possess in the art of Genjutsu is whispered to be more powerful then anything else. It is said her clan's power of Genjutsu can make any injury you feel in the illusion manifest itself physically on your body. Whatever pain induced illusion Yakumo casts...your body will feel," replied Lee, as he had talked with Yakumo during her physical exercises to get the girl in tip top shape.

"Fighting all three in here would spell disaster for us. We will avoid them for now until a more suitable moment presents itself where we can fight them individually," commanded Neji, as he wasn't stupid enough to fight all three Genin at the same time with his own, and decided waiting for a more opportune moment to present itself to get his revenge.

(Sarutobi Clan Home)

"So Naruto's team advanced," stated Hiruzen while Jiraiya nodded since he saw them enter the Forest of Death from a distance.

"Was there any doubt?" asked Jiraiya with Hiruzen scoffing at him.

"No. If anything I would have been surprised if Ibiki failed him. He would have if it were up to me," replied Hiruzen with his face becoming a scowl.

"Orochimaru will take care of him. My old teammate is in the Forest of Death right now. I had my contacts give him what information I could on the brat that would interest him in seeking Naruto out for a possible research subject to study later on. You also seem to be extremely confident Orochimaru will go after Naruto," added Jiraiya with Hiruzen nodding.

"Of course I am. Naruto literally has the power over life and death in his hands. My old student wishes to be Immortal, correct? Something he promised us so we wouldn't die and ensure our rightful place as the true secret rulers of the world. Naruto is the key to making it a reality and Orochimaru won't pass up this chance to get his hands on it," said Hiruzen with Jiraiya nodding.

"And if he fails?" asked Jiraiya with Hiruzen scowling further.

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it," answered Hiruzen knowing that was always a possibility.

However, given Orochimaru's increasing greed, and hunger for power...having his most skilled student die at the hands of Naruto wasn't a bad idea. There was always a chance to replace Orochimaru with a weaker, yet more loyal individual, and one they could remove at a moments notice.

(Forest of Death-Two Days Later)

Naruto walked through the Forest of Death casually without fear, cane in hand, and his teammates flanking him. They had killed a Mist team the previous day with ease and acquired the Earth scroll after looking through the bodies for it. Yakumo had felt a bit queasy after getting her first kill and had puked into some bushes while trying to come to terms with what she had done. Naruto told her that there were times when one must kill the enemy to get the job done regardless of what they felt inside on the matter. Naruto also told Yakumo that it was only when she enjoyed it or didn't care about taking a life after the deed was done that she should be concerned about her mentality.

Shino agreed with that statement and they saw Yakumo nod in understanding before she readied herself to continue.

Since then, the trio had encountered little resistance, and it made Naruto a bit curious due to the fact Iwa along with Kumo had at least one team here in the Forest of Death. The boy surmised that teams from both villages were keeping their distance in fear of facing the wrath of the revived Yondaime Hokage and his fiery tempered Uzumaki for a wife.

'No. That's not it. Not entirely. There is something else. Something sinister is at work here. Like a snake coiling and waiting to strike at the right moment,' thought Naruto with narrowed eyes and suddenly stopped walking before turning his head right to the source of the feeling itself.

"Naruto-sama?" asked Yakumo while seeing her leader stop and Shino doing the same while the Aburame tensed as well.

"Stay on your guard. Both of you. We have an unwelcomed guest. Someone who is more powerful then a normal Genin should be in life and I surmise this person is not a Genin at all. Not with the chakra reserves I'm sensing," said Naruto while hearing the chuckle of the sinister force appearing out of the shadows.

"So you are the former Kyuubi Jinchuriki. I heard so much about you from my respected sources. To think the Yondaime's only son is here and with the power to control death itself. You will make a great research subject indeed," stated the figure with a pale face and snake like eyes.

"And by sources, you mean Kabuto, Jiraiya, and the former Sandaime Hokage Sarutobi Hiruzen? Right...Orochimaru?" countered Naruto while Orochimaru's eyes widened in surprise.

"Clever boy. How did you know all three sold you out?" asked Orochimaru curiously with Naruto smirking.

"I knew Kabuto was a spy for you given his track record in the Chuunin Exams was his track record of failures to complete it seven times. As for the other two just told me they did," answered Naruto with Orochimaru frowning at being played.

"I see. Though if you knew they didn't, why asked?" questioned Orochimaru seeing the smirk leave Naruto and was replaced by a frown.

"Because those two have been conspiring against me for years. All they've done from day one of my birth was finding ways to control me due to being a Jinchuriki and to make my life miserable so I would be their loyal dimwitted weapon. Its not that surprising that they would go to you and offer up my form to study in exchange for disabling me during the Chuunin Exams," Naruto explained while Orochimaru's smile increased.

"You have a sharp mind boy. If you were to team up with me, we could kill both of those fools, and destroy Konoha together. Isn't that what you want deep within your heart? To wipe this village off the face of the map?" offered Orochimaru with Naruto scoffing at him.

"While I should be 'tempted' by your offer Orochimaru, I'm not the least bit impressed by it. What do I gain by joining you? Nothing! What do you gain? Everything and anything that I am IF I let you study me. Something I won't let happen so you might as well slither back to the two idiots and tell them that their days are numbered," replied Naruto with Orochimaru scowling at him in anger over his offer being shoved aside.

"Insolent brat! I will take great pleasure in hurting not only you, but your teammates, and your parents when they find out how I destroyed their son," threatened Orochimaru while Naruto's teammates tensed when they felt the Sannin's killing intent, but the majority of it was blocked by Naruto's presence.

"Then you are an even bigger fool then I thought you were from the start of our little conversation. Those two idiots never told you exactly what I could do with my powers, did they?" asked Naruto before unleashing his spiritual pressure and watched it consume Orochimaru's killer intent.

"N-Naruto-sama?" asked Yakumo in a worried tone, as she had never felt this kind of weight on her shoulders, and while it wasn't aimed at her or Shino was still an incredible weight to endure.

"Yakumo, you along with Shino will head for the central tower. I will sense your chakra signatures and meet up with you later via Sonido," said Naruto casually while throwing both scrolls to the Aburame on his team.

"Understood. Let's go Yakumo. Its better we leave Naruto to his own devices," added Shino with the Kurama Clan kunoichi nodding and moved with bug user to the right of their deadly teammate.

"What makes you think I'll let you two escape my grasp?!" exclaimed Orochimaru, as he moved to perform a Jutsu, but found Naruto in front of him in an instant after hearing the loud sound of static, and felt his chest cave in after being hit by the right handed palm thrust.

"Because I'm making you," replied Naruto calmly while Orochimaru turned into dirt and was revealed to be a Mud Clone.

"Fast. Much faster then your Father. Indeed you are his child," taunted Orochimaru from behind, as he moved to punch Naruto in the face, but his joy was stopped when the boy easily grabbed his hand, and broke the limb like it was twig before pulling him forward to deliver an elbow to the chest.

Again turning into dirt.

"This is getting old and boring real fast Orochimaru. Why not fight me for real instead of hiding behind your Mud Clones?" Naruto shot back while sensing Orochimaru above him and going through hand signs.

"Be careful what you wish for boy. You just might get it! 'Summoning Jutsu!'" exclaimed Orochimaru, as he summoned a massive snake, and had it attack Naruto while riding on the head.

"Fool," was all Naruto said before raising his hand and let stretch out with his palm extended.

'He's going to use that deadly move I was warned about by Sarutobi-sensei. The infamous 'bala' that is like a Rasengan in projectile form,' thought Orochimaru, as he leaped off the snake, and let it crash into the boy.

A boy who surprised the snake Sannin by not moving an inch and grabbed the head of the massive snake summons with his outstretch palm. It became even more shocking when the boy did an open jab with that same hand and caused the head of the snake to explode in a violent bloody manner that in no way affected the serpent's killer.

"Are you done yet Orochimaru? I'm in the middle of an exam, and you're boring me right now," said Naruto in a clearly bored tone and saw Orochimaru was not pleased at being thrown away like an annoyance.

"Insolent brat! Let's see how you handle an entire army of snakes. 'Mandara no Jin!'" exclaimed Orochimaru, as he let loose wave after wave of snakes from his body, and were all heading toward Naruto.

"I'm not impressed," replied Naruto while staring at the wall of snakes in front of him.

"You will be right before you die!" exclaimed Orochimaru, as his snake attacked with swords coming out of their mouths with Naruto raising an eyebrow, and could tell this was no ordinary sword.

His eyes showed this sword was not only special, but it was laced with poison. Not that it mattered, but Naruto would rather not be poisoned, or stabbed anytime soon by this blade that could possibly (however slightly) do some damage to his body. If his enemies ever learned such weapons could slightly hurt him (again a remote possibility), they would try to gather such mystical legendary items up to use against him.

It would be better to destroy Orochimaru now and his sword before it could do anything (if at all) to him.

"While slightly more interesting then your previous attacks, its is ultimately pointless in the face of death. 'Cero Respira!'" said Naruto, as he unleashed his now signature Cero on Orochimaru's wall of snakes with swords coming out of their mouths, and was slightly surprised the Sannin had the sense of it all to dodge (if just barely) the attack.

'That attack! It destroyed my wall of snakes. It caused them to die instantly on contact and those that didn't were rotting. Even now, there are things rotting around us that were near that energy beam,' thought Orochimaru, as he saw the ground, trees, bushes, and even some nearby animals were rotting away in a clear straight line where the beam had been shot.

"Still think you are in my league Orochimaru?" asked Naruto with Orochimaru himself glaring at the boy, yet the hunger to tame such incredible power did not leave the Sannin.

If anything, it drove the hunger, and desire in claiming the Namikaze for his research to increase!

'I can always get the Uchiha brat at a later date with my Cure Seal. This boy's body is far more interesting. If could claim his body for my own at a later time, I won't even need to continue the alliance I have with Sarutobi-sensei, and Jiraiya-baka anymore in achieving immortality. I just need this body and I will become a true God among all men and rule over this world without opposition!' thought Orochimaru with his mind process what to do next when facing the boy.

"If you have nothing else in your pathetic arsenal, I'll be taking my leave of you," said Naruto before he began walking away and had clearly sensed the Sannin was enraged by being dismissed yet again.

In his mind, the cautious side of him was warning the Sannin that he should retreat for now, but the lust for power, and the knowledge to make himself truly immortal was preventing it from being heard. Orochimaru's wounded pride also helped, as the Sannin's upbringing in being considered the best Shinobi of his generation based on his younger years being the Sandaime's favored student had howled in fury, and demanded something be done.

What many failed to even realize except perhaps his own sensei, Orochimaru's pride in his own power had always been his greatest strength, and at the same was also his greatest weakness.

'I'll show him who is pathetic!' thought Orochimaru, as he unleashed a massive wave of snakes at Naruto, who let them wrap around his body, and watched the Sannin extend his neck to impossible lengths towards him with the intent to bite the boy.

With his victory seemingly assured, Orochimaru ignored every single warning signal his instincts saying "STOP!", which were basically screaming at him, and bite down on the boy's neck. Or rather, the Sannin tried to bite down on Naruto's neck, but it felt like his teeth had tried to pierce a boulder the size of Manda's head.

He was so shocked by the fact his teeth not only failed to pierce Naruto's flesh, but also felt his snake like fangs breaking, Orochimaru failed to realize the snakes biding the boy had been destroyed, and a hand was now wrapped around his own extended neck. The Sannin looked at Naruto through the corner of his yellow snake eye, fear gripping the man while the boy narrowed his own eyes, and it was clear the young Arrancar was not amused in the slightest.

"I wanted you to go back to Jiraiya and Hiruzen in order to tell them that their plans for turning me into a loyal lapdog again are over. However, your pride has proven not only to be your greatest weakness, but your very downfall in this fight. And as we all know when it comes after over reaching from too much pride Orochimaru...the fall being in the form of death in this upon you," whispered Naruto calmly while he began squeezing Orochimaru's throat tightly and sensed this man with his powers that this was NOT a clone of any element.

This was the real deal Orochimaru in his grasp.

"We something...out!" gasped Orochimaru in an attempt to stop Naruto from killing him.

"You have nothing I want. You have nothing I need," replied Naruto while seeing the Sannin was trying to retract his neck, but was failing miserably, and the young Arrancar knew the man's body would have to come to the man's head instead of the other way around.

"I you...get...your revenge," Orochimaru rasped out while feeling his body force itself to his head.

"You? Help me?! That's like a God asking a mere insect for help in something as small as moving a rock in its path. No. I can manage Jiraiya and Hiruzen by myself. They are no more a challenge to me then Danzo was to Grandpa Barragan," replied Naruto, as he stared the snake like Shinobi in the face while Orochimaru's body caught up to the man's head and instantly the Sannin went to make a hand sign before a sword shot out at the boy's head.

And missed hitting his target at the last seemingly impossible (at least in Orochimaru's mind) second thanks to Naruto's power know only to a few as Senescenia.

'That's not possible! Not even the Yondaime with his Hiraishin no Jutsu could dodge my attack!' thought Orochimaru in horror at seeing that he not only missed, but Naruto was not happy about the attempt, and wasn't going to take it lying down.

"I had originally planned to let you go to inform Hiruzen-teme about how his plan had ended in failure, but I have decided to kill you, and tell him myself. Goodbye Orochimaru," replied Naruto before using his aging power and to the Sannin's horror felt his body beginning to age at an accelerated rate.

'No! It can't end like this! I must become a God! I must become a true Immortal!' thought Orochimaru, as he tried to free himself from Naruto's grasp, but found the boy's grip was too strong, and his own strength was leaving him.

Within a span of a few seconds, which to the man felt like hours, the infamous Shinobi known as Orochimaru of the Legendary Three Sannin aged, decayed, and ultimately died.

And all throughout the Shinobi world...various individuals carrying the mark of the Curse Seal on their bodies screamed in pain at the loss of their Master.

With his task done, Naruto set out to Sonido to his teammates, and sensed they were making good progress to the tower. Unfortunately, they also seemed to be stalled by the Genin team from Iwa, and were fighting them off. He also sensed there was someone in this place very similar to his Mother in terms of being an Uzumaki as well and required further investigating.

After assisting his team of course.

(With Yakumo and Shino)

"Where is he? Where is that piece of filth of a Namikaze?!" demanded one of the Iwa Genin with brown hair, green eyes, and a toothpick in his mouth.

"He is busy at the moment. Why not talk to him at the central tower?" replied Shino with the Iwa Shinobi growling in anger.

"I don't want to talk to him. I want to kill him!" exclaimed the Iwa Shinobi.

"Because he is the Yondaime Hokage's son," deduced Shino while Yakumo was already preparing a Genjutsu to keep the other two Iwa Shinobi at bay.

"Of course! I lost my Father and Uncle to the Yondaime. Its only fair the bastard lose his only child!" replied the Iwa Shinobi before he along with everyone else froze when they heard a cruel laugh.

"Its always so nice to know the progeny of a great man can be hated for the 'crimes' his sire does in life," said Naruto, as he was on a tree, looking down at the three Iwa Shinobi surrounding his team, and had an amused smile on his face.

"You!" said the leader of the Iwa Genin team with his toothpick snapping in his teeth.

"Whatever problems you have with my Father, take it up with him. Your desire to hate me for his past deeds is as stupid as the village hating me for Kyuubi when I still held the fox inside my body," replied Naruto with the three Genin from Iwa snarling at him.

"Get him!" commanded the Iwa Genin team leader before the three charged at Naruto while forgetting about the Namikaze's teammates.

"You should pay more attention to my teammates. They aren't the pushovers you believe them to be simply because I'm on their team," remarked Naruto before two out of three Iwa Genin were consumed in a Genjutsu by Yakumo where they being eaten by wolves the size of full grown horses and the leader being consumed in a swarm of bugs coming out of Shino's body.

The battle was over before it even started.

"The fact you are here means your business with Orochimaru has been concluded and we have nothing to fear from him," stated Shino with Naruto nodding.

"For now. Just because the man is now dead by my hands doesn't mean that someone will move to take his place and try to replace him. Orochimaru was a vile evil creature, but his vileness kept others at bay, and with him now gone...we will have to see who will come out of the shadows to take his place as our newest enemy. Until then...we are heading for the central tower as planned...after I make a small detour about 5 miles west of us," said Naruto with his team nodding and began walking to their intended destinations.

(Central Tower-Days Later)

"Welcome all of you to the central tower here in the Forest of Death. Each Genin team here is to be commended for successfully making it here," proclaimed Tsunade, as she looked at the Genin teams before her, and saw most of them were from Konoha.

The only two teams that weren't from Konoha was the Sound team and the Suna team

'The Namikaze and his team are here. But Orochimaru-sama was going to take them out in the Forest of Death. Does that mean something happened to Orochimaru-sama? No! Its not possible!' thought Kabuto, as he saw Naruto looking unscathed from his time in the Forest of Death while some of the others looked rather ragged.

Namely the Uchiha's team after being attacked by the Sound team and were saved in passing by Rock Lee before his own Genin team along with Genin team 10. Naturally, the Uchiha didn't like people helping him against those he felt were inferior to his clan, and even more so when his aid came in the form of those that he believed were just as inferior as his enemies. As far as Sasuke was concerned, his own team, and those around him were all inferior to the blood of an Uchiha. The only reason Sasuke tolerated Kakashi was because the man had a Sharingan Eye so he could help the boy get stronger, and was also someone who could help him kill two of the people in this world he hated with all of his being.

One being Itachi and the other was Naruto.

It was no small secret that Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi. The boy had practically preached about it since the first day of coming out of the hospital after he had been successfully (according to all the doctors) treated for the mental trauma that transpired during that night. Sasuke wanted to get the necessary power to crush his brother and the village it seemed was more then willing to help him do it. At the Academy, the Uchiha secretly got private tutors, hints on his test papers on what the answers to the questions were, and access to other things most of the other students, even Clan Heirs could not get a hold of due to the age limit. Of course being the last loyal member of your clan that helped found Konoha gave Sasuke the ultimate leeway in being able to get what he wanted without a fuss.

At least until Senju Tsunade became Hokage and she turned the tap off on the power he was suppose to be getting. Instead, the power went from him to the loser Naruto, who was decreed the Yondaime Hokage's son, and therefore should be given the power meant only for those of Uchiha blood. Not only that, but the loser's parents had come back from the dead, which Sasuke thought they should have stayed, and were helping their son get even stronger. It had infuriated Sasuke to no end and wanted that power for himself to fulfill his ambition of killing Itachi.

Sasuke at one point had gone to the Namikaze Estates and outright demanded that the two adult Arrancars give him the power they had gained from returning to life. How it was better of in the hands of an Uchiha and put to better use in killing Itachi. When the two adults refused, stating it couldn't be something one transfers to another, and can't be duplicated by any means, Sasuke was livid. He would have attacked them had his sensei not come at the most fortunate moment and got him out of there before explaining that picking a fight with the Yondaime Hokage not to mention his wife was not in the best interest of his health. Kakashi had explained to Sasuke that just as Itachi was at a level beyond the younger Uchiha's reach (for the moment), Namikaze Minato, and Uzumaki Kushina were at a level far beyond Itachi. That those two alone were more powerful then a thousand Uchiha Itachis...each!

In short, Sasuke was told to bite the kunai, and do nothing against them...for now.

'One day loser. One day you and your family will bow to my power. It won't be long before Itachi falls to the power I take from you and this village,' thought Sasuke, as his mind traveled down the dark emo path of the avenger, and glaring at Naruto in front of him.

"Since we still have so many of you here today in this tower, we are going to be holding Preliminaries matches to see who will make it to the Chuunin Exam Finals," explained Tsunade with the Genin in front of her paying attention to what she was saying though most did not look happy.

'Troublesome. We just got here. Its like running a gauntlet,' thought Shikamaru since his team was tired and would have probably felt worse if not for the retraining they did to graduate.

'So hungry. Need to eat,' thought Choji while rubbing his stomach.

'I know Naruto probably won't like the idea of my team helping Sasuke's getting here, but we couldn't let them die at the hands of the Sound team. It would go against what we all of us were taught while at the Academy about protecting comrades when they were in trouble,' thought Ino while glancing at Sasuke's team and saw Sakura shoot her a glare since the rescue had made her look bad in the Uchiha's eyes.

"Given how most, if not all of you are still tired from the ordeal in traversing the Forest of Death, you can take this moment to decide on whether or not you wish to continue, and if not then please raise your hand so you can be scratched off the list," stated Tsunade with Kabuto being the only person raising his hand while looking sheepish.

"Sorry. I'm beat. I'd like to back out at this point," replied Kabuto while having fake smile on his face.

"I would think after getting this far after so many failed attempts, you would want to at least try to make it to the Chuunin Exam Finals," said Naruto while glancing at the older boy and giving him a piercing look.

"Maybe next time Naruto-kun. There is always next time," replied Kabuto with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

'So the little spy seeks to back out now and fill the shoes of his now dead Master,' thought Naruto while turning his gaze toward Tsunade and giving her a knowing look with the woman nodding when Kabuto's back was turned.

The ANBU would be waiting for Kabuto when he left the tower.

Above the group Genin ranked Shinobi was a second floor with a railing where all the spectators, namely the Genin teams themselves, and their Jounin senseis could watch the impending matches. In fact, they were at that moment with Minato, and Kushina being there too. They had used Sonido to make it to the tower in record time once they sensed their son and his team made it to the tower a few days ago. They were also surprised that the group had an additional member with them, who was not only a spy for the now late Orochimaru (Anko had given Naruto a big fat wet kiss with tongue right in front of his Mother when she heard that much to the red haired Arrancar woman's ire), but also a fellow Uzumaki to boot! Apparently, her parents were in Grass Country, hiding out in a simple village, and had tried to make contact with the Sandaime Hokage years ago to secretly provide protection for them while heading to Konoha. Karin had explained how her parents got nervous soon after sending the message due to the lack of response and were prepared to leave the village in the off chance the message had been intercepted.

Only for the village to burn and Karin's parents to die. As far as the red haired girl knew, bandits had done the deed, but Kushina wasn't so sure since a full grown Uzumaki, much less two full grown Uzumaki could easily take down a large number of bandits easily. What the Uzumaki Clan lacked in quantity of numbers, they made up for in quality of their skills, and were well worth a large army of Shinobi. With Orochimaru making his presence known soon after made Minato and Kushina suspicious since the Sannin should not have been there to greet Karin regardless of his Missing Nin status at the time. It was too coincidental and it made Naruto's parents wonder if the Sandaime had secretly sent the snake Sannin there to secure at least one of Uzumaki family members there. It wasn't impossible and was no doubt most likely considered a backup plan in the off chance a new Kyuubi Jinchuriki was needed. Minato theorized that should Naruto's loyalty or his overall usefulness come to an end, the fox would need to be resealed again into another Uzumaki, and Karin if not one of her parents would be that choice.

So with the need to protect Karin in mind, Kushina took the girl to their home, telling her she was family, and the Uzumaki do not do not abandon family. Karin was concerned at first out of fear of Orochimaru coming after her once he realized she was no longer able to return to his ranks. Naruto fixed that problem by telling her that Orochimaru had been killed by his hands (literally) and would no longer bother anyone ever again. While it did take a load off her mind, Karin was still worried about how Kabuto would no doubt take the Sannin's place since he was Orochimaru's SIC, and personal Medic Nin to have on hand should the snake bite off more then he could chew.

Naruto had assured her that Kabuto would be dealt with soon after things settled down with following the events at the tower and an Uzumaki always kept his or her word on such important matters.

"Is there no one else? No? Good! The first match will start when the monitor above to my right shows who is fighting who first in order to advance to the finals," said Tsunade, as she motioned for the monitor hidden in the wall behind her to be revealed, and random names appeared quickly before it was only a matter of time when it stopped to have two names appear.

Uchiha Sasuke VS Akado Yoroi

"Makes sense. Its only fitting someone like me goes first. I am an elite after all," stated Sasuke while Naruto scoffed while walking to the steps leading the second floor railing.

"You are only half right Uchiha. It is fitting that you go first, but not in the way you are no doubt thinking. After all, in board games like Shogi...the weak pawns always go first," said Naruto while Sasuke bristled in anger at his comment.

'I'll show that loser the greatness of the Uchiha Clan when I use my power to crush Itachi and everyone he cares about before I destroy him!' thought Sasuke before he stared at his current roadblock to achieving his current ambition.

While this was happening, Hatake Kakashi eyed Naruto from a distance while making it seem like he was reading his Icha Icha Paradise book. While the boy his sensei's son, the Jounin did not feel Naruto was worthy of that title, and Minato should kill the boy. What was the point of having Naruto around anyway? He was a threat to Konoha. No loyalty. No love for the Leaf. So why was his sensei letting the boy live? Because he was his son? That was no excuse. At the very least (in Kakashi's mind), his sensei should have sealed the boy's powers up, wiped Naruto's mind, and sent him to live in some civilian village with his chakra sealed too for good measure. Let the boy live forever as a civilian and start over with a child worthy of being called a Namikaze.

"You should really treat my student with more respect Naruto," remarked Kakashi with Naruto glancing over at the Jounin.

"And you should have honored my Father's dying wish when I was growing up so its a mute point. Unless you can go back in time and do that then don't bother talking to me about respect," replied Naruto sharply with Kakashi narrowing his one eye at him.

"Its probably better he didn't Naruto. Knowing Kakashi, he would simply kill or restrain you before having the chance to put on Barragan-sama's crown," remarked Minato with Naruto nodding with Kakashi not saying anything since it was true.

"Winner! Uchiha Sasuke!" declared the proctor Hayate Gekko with Naruto and Minato both turning their attention to the ground floor where Sasuke stood victorious over his enemy.

And being a total prick by kicking the downed Shinobi in the face before spitting on him.

"He copied a move Lee used earlier in the Forest of Death and made his own variation of it," surmised Shikamaru, as he had seen the similarities between Lee's move, and what Sasuke had just done to achieve victory.

"It figures that the Uchiha wouldn't perform a move that wasn't entirely original. Without his Sharingan Eyes, the boy is as weak as a sickly new born infant," stated Naruto with Kakashi's glare intensifying.

"Watch your tone Naruto. I won't have you disrespect my student," replied Kakashi in a sharp tone.

"And I won't have you talk back to my son like that simply for telling the truth Kakashi," countered Minato with the Jounin being unable to look him in the face.

"Impressed loser?" asked Sasuke after walking up to the second floor with a swagger in his step.

"Hardly. The dirt under my fingernails deserves more attention then your moves used to achieve victory," replied Naruto with Sasuke scowling.

"What did you just say?!" demanded Sasuke while Naruto looked at him with a bored expression on his face.

"Is your ability to hear lacking too? Your moves in your fight were hardly original. You copied someone's move and altered it to your benefit. Until you can perform a move that wasn't copied from seeing someone else do something similar, I won't be impressed in the slightest," replied Naruto dismissively while Sasuke seethed at being considered an insignificant speck.

"You listen to me you freak of nature! I will no-ACK!" exclaimed Sasuke, as he was cut off from his ranting by Minato unsheathing his zanpakuto, and having the blade pressing against the Uchiha's throat with a trickle of blood running down his neck.

"Insult my son again and I'll have your head brat," Minato threatened with Sasuke glaring at him.

"Minato-sensei you can't! He's an Uchiha! The last loyal Uchiha of Konoha!" protested Kakashi with Minato lazily glancing over at him.

"Your point? A masked Uchiha attacked my wife the night she gave birth to our son. It was an Uchiha who ripped the fox out of her and used his Sharingan to take control of him to attack Konoha. If anything, this little brat's brother did me a favor by killing all of those arrogant fools. Killing one more won't bother me in the slightest and if Itachi has a problem with that...he can come face me himself," replied Minato with Sasuke's glare increasing.

"No one can kill Itachi! Only I can kill him! ME!" protested Sasuke before feeling the sharpness of the zanpakuto at his throat dig deeper into his skin.

"Itachi's level is far beyond you boy. Just as I am far beyond him. Now sit down, shut up, and leave my family alone before I cut into your jugular," commanded Minato before he put his zanpakuto away.

'You'll be the first one I kill when I have the chance,' thought Sasuke before he walked away from the Namikaze family.

"Charming boy. Mikoto would be so proud of her son," remarked Minato sarcastically with Kushina shaking her head.

"Clearly the boy inherited his Father's personality," added Kushina stiffly since she knew the boy's Father was the same way.

The preliminary matches from there are on went somewhat smoothly, as Suna's puppet master Kankuro went against a Leaf Shinobi from Kabuto's team named TsurugiMisumi, who proved to be very nimble with his limbs wrapping around the Suna Genin. Only for the apparent victory for Konoha turning into defeat when Kankuro was revealed to be a puppet, and the real Suna Genin was the wrapped bundle. Zaku took on Shino, who was able to determine his foe was hot headed, and arrogant in believing his power over his ability to shoot sound blasts from the palm of his hands gave him an edge in battle.

The Aburame was correct.

"You've lost," stated Shino with Zaku looking infuriated that his palms were clogged with bugs and thus preventing him from killing the Aburame.

"Fuck you freak! You may think that your village is so hot? Well its not! Sound is going to be the new top Shinobi village in the Elemental Countries. Your time is over! Die!" exclaimed Zaku, as he aimed his hands out despite knowing they were clogged, and felt that with enough pressure to break through the clog.

What Zaku got as a result of his anger getting the best of him was his arms breaking in multiple places via the air pressure from the tubes in his limbs breaking and sending all that power outward in a very painful manner.

"Clever. Shino used his bugs to cause a clog in the tubing system. With all that pressure building up, the fool had his so called 'power' turned against him," remarked Naruto, as he felt a sense of nostalgia perhaps, or something else when seeing that maneuver used.

Uzumaki Naruto VS Inuzuka Kiba

"Finally! Its my turn. Time to show that piece of trash what a true alpha can do!" stated Kiba in excitement before rushing down to the arena.

"Your dog thinks otherwise," remarked Naruto, who used Sonido to get t he arena floor, and saw Kiba looking up to see Akamaru was too afraid to come down.

"What? Akamaru, get your butt down here!" commanded Kiba, but the dog refused, and was shaking in fear of Naruto.

"Your dog knows when stay and not cross paths with death incarnate. You should praise him for his sensibility and brains. Something you lack," replied Naruto with Kiba now snarling at him.

"Shut your trap. At least I'm not from a family of undead freaks like you and your parents over there!" exclaimed Kiba while pointing at Naruto's parents.

"No. You Kiba come from an honorable clan that believes in loyalty and companionship with those around them," replied Naruto calmly.

'He's...complimenting Kiba?' thought everyone in surprise.

"That's right! I am from a great and honorable clan," boasted Kiba while puffing out his chest.

"And given your attitude, its clear you were adopted," added Naruto with a cruel smirk on his face.

'There's the witty insulting nature we Uzumaki are known for when pissing people off,' thought Kushina with a smirk of her own and almost everyone was laughing at Kiba.

"What did you say?! I'll kill you for that!" exclaimed Kiba while getting a feral look on his face.

"Better men and people lower then trash have tried fool. Since I'm still standing, I'm sure even you can comprehend that each one failed," remarked Naruto while he stared at the angry looking Inuzuka impassively.

"Start the match! I want to make this asshole regret ever insulting me and marrying my sister in the future. Not to mention his impending marriage to Hinata when she's older. The only one who is going to marry that bitch when she's ready to have children is me!" exclaimed Kiba while Naruto narrowed his eyes at him.

Naruto had been increasingly impressed with Hinata since before the Chuunin Exams started and visited the young Hyuuga since coming back from Wave Country. The girl had been happy to see him back while letting him know of her progress as Tsunade's new apprentice. Hinata showed that her potential to heal others through her medical skills was nearly boundless and would one day surpass even Tsunade at the rate she was going. The only one who was having a problem with it was Kiba, who was upset she was not on his Genin team, but also getting married to Naruto in a few years, and made that face known to anybody willing to listen. Naruto had ignored it for the most part out of respect for Hana since he was her little brother and didn't want to ruin their growing relationship. The same could be said for Tsume too since she was the stupid boy's Mother and it could cause a rift or possible resentment between their clans unless the woman herself were to sign the order to exile Kiba. Of course, Tsume couldn't risk doing that without a possible Clan Heir to succeed her should she need one to take her place as Clan Head, and with Hana eventually marrying into Naruto's clan...Kiba's value was just high enough to spare him that life.

For now.

"Fight!" commanded Hayate before Kiba move brashly in an attempt to claw Naruto's face off or at least scar his enemy badly enough that the sight of him would make Hinata cringe.

Naruto easily dodged the attacks Kiba executed at him with ease, as they were sloppy, predictable, and slow in his eyes. Kiba himself was filled with rage, his eyes burning with fury over everything that had happened in his life, and blamed it on Naruto. In his eyes, Naruto had taken everything from him, and wasn't the least bit sorry for it. In Kiba's eyes, Naruto took away the Inuzuka's sister, his future bitch of a wife he saw in Hinata, and made him look like a complete fool in the eyes of others.

Kiba intended to change that in this fight.

Or at least he tried to change things in his favor with this fight. Kiba was outclassed in every single way beyond measure. Naruto didn't even change his cane into a battle axe and simply tripped the Inuzuka during one of his charges. When Kiba got off the ground and turned to face his opponent, Naruto had smacked him with the end of his cane with enough force to send the boy flying into the wall. Some of the competitors, who didn't know Naruto, or how strong he really was since they never met him before today, had wide eyed looks on their faces. Kakashi couldn't believe his student was getting the snot beat out of him by Naruto and saw said boy walking calmly toward Kiba without a care in the world.

"Had enough Inuzuka?" asked Naruto with Kiba glaring up at him and rushed forward.

Only to be backhanded right into the wall once more.

"Why? Why won't you just roll over and die?" asked Kiba while struggling to get up.

"I have died. Many times actually," replied Naruto with Kiba looking at him strangely.

"What the Hell are you talking about?" asked Kiba with Naruto glaring at him.

"Use that brain of yours fool. Think about it. Every beating, the abuse the village brought down on me when I was growing up, and on my birthdays. Did you honestly think none of them were life threatening? That I didn't die at least once and was brought back to life just so the fools could do it all over again? Even the Uzumaki bloodline I possess, which allows me to take such punishment to the body can only take so much. The truth is Kiba that without the fox during those years growing up...I wouldn't have lived to see my tenth birthday. And even if I did live without the fox to heal me...the people of Konoha would have made sure I suffered every single second of that day before death took me on their terms," replied Naruto with Minato and Kushina scowling while glancing at Kakashi currently sweating under their gaze.

"So what? You are a freak! A monster with or without the fox in you. The Uzumaki Clan is or was filled with a bunch of freaks. That's what dad said when growing up. He told me your clan got wiped out and the world was better off for it!" replied Kiba with Naruto's eyes narrowing.

"And how is the world better off without my clan, Kiba? Tell me? Does the world seem more stable? More refined? Happier? The answer is no. The world has spun into chaos. Disorder. The Jinchuriki of the world are hated. Shunned. Oppressed. They are treated like monsters by the very people who make them. Power hungry hypocrites who don't know when to stop hunting for more of it. You are such a person in the making," replied Naruto, which made Kiba angrier.

"What?! How dare you insult me?! I'm an Inuzuka!" exclaimed Kiba while Naruto raised an eyebrow at him.

"And a pathetic one at that. You talk of how your clan embraces loyalty and friendship, BUT you would sooner kill me to get to a girl who doesn't even like you in the way you want. Your attacks while unrefined and lacking the necessary means to hurt me, were no less aimed with the desire to cripple or kill me in this match. Given your feral rage, your attitude, and overall name wanted to achieve the latter. Not the former," said Naruto with Kiba spitting out blood.

"So what if I was trying to kill you?! You're not worthy of loyalty or friendship. Or my sister as your future wife for that matter! You're not even human! I can smell it! Same as with your parents! The three of you smell of death. Of decay! You are nothing more then walking corpses!" exclaimed Kiba with Naruto letting out a boisterous laugh.

"That's a new one. Walking corpses. Ha! I've met with your sister countless times, I've told her to be honest with me, and I sense she always has been honest with me. Do you really think your sister would tolerate me or my family if we all smelled like walking corpses?" Naruto challenged with Kiba snarling.

"Her nose is defective," stated Kiba with Naruto scoffing.

"I highly doubt it. In any case, you are beaten, bloodied, and are on your last bit of energy at the moment before blacking out. Save what little dignity you have left and embrace it," replied Naruto with Kiba glaring harder while ignoring the signs of his body wishing to just yield to the Arrancar.

"Never! I'll kill you even if its the last thing I do!" exclaimed Kiba, as he rushed forward one final time, and aimed his clawed hand at Naruto's throat.

Only for Naruto to vanish via Sonido to the left of Kiba and was struck hard in the head by end of the cane that was a few levels in strength short of snapping the Inuzuka's neck. At the very least, Naruto gave the boy a mean concussion, and was hoping to put the fool in a coma from which there was no escape.

Naruto could only hope he would be so fortunate.

"Heel and play dead dog boy," remarked Naruto before walking away to the steps while Hayate called the match in his favor before the next random pair of names appeared on the board.

Kurama Yakumo VS Hyuuga Neji

THAT made Naruto stop walking and glance at the two competitors.

Yakumo was nervous and rightfully so given her Taijutsu was average at best. It needed to be refined better before using it properly in the field. As for Neji, he was smirking at the future victory that was indeed his on this day, and planned to end this match with brutal efficiency. Yakumo's strength lied in Genjutsu, which Neji knew would take time to make, and wield against him. Neji wouldn't give her the needed time to use even one of them before crushing the girl with his Gentle Fist.

"This match is not in your favor Yakumo-san. There is no shame in forfeiting this match when you have come so far already," said Shino with Yakumo looking worried.

"Sadly, I agree with Shino. You have come far on your first try for this Yakumo. More so then anyone else in your situation could have hoped to achieve. A good Chuunin knows when to flee from a stronger enemy and live to fight another day when the odds are your favor," added Naruto, as he saw the sadistic gleam in Neji's eyes, and knew the fool was itching to get at Yakumo to get to him because he couldn't get to Hinata.

"I know...its just...," said Yakumo with Naruto nodding in understanding.

"Your determination and pride is saying to fight. I know what you mean, but in this case, the opponent is not going to give you a chance to fight back, and you are sadly not near his level in terms of Taijutsu to hold him off long enough in that field to create one your Genjutsus to put him down. The boy has a grudge against me too. Misguided, but one he will use to hurt you just to get to me," finished Naruto with Yakumo understanding and knowing what to do.

"Proctor, I respectfully forfeit due to my skills not being at the level needed to fight my opponent properly," stated Yakumo with Hayate nodding in understanding.

'Damn it! I got the victory, but not in the way I wanted! Damn that Namikaze!' thought Neji furiously while glaring at Naruto for denying him the sweet taste of the victory he desired.

It was clear what Neji was thinking when Yakumo saw his angry face and was even more grateful to her teammates for suggesting she not fight the Hyuuga. She knew the Hyuuga Prodigy was stronger then her, faster then her, and now knew he had a reason to hurt her in the match she just forfeited. Had Yakumo competed, she would have either been badly injured, crippled, or killed by the Hyuuga boy while said Hyuuga had a smile on his face the entire time.

She may have lost the preliminary match, but kept her life, and future as a Shinobi in the process. A fair exchange in her mind if there was any.

"You did well for your first time getting here Yakumo. Never forget that. You have just recently been put into active duty again and went through a gauntlet when training with Anko in such a short time. Not many people your age or even those older then us can say they have done that," stated Naruto with Yakumo nodding and smiling.

"I know. There is always next time," replied Yakumo with Naruto nodding.

"Agreed. There is also the chance that you will be promoted if enough missions are done to qualify for it. It has happened before in the past so advancing through the Chuunin Exams is not the only way to continue your Shinobi career," added Shino since the exams were just a civilized way for Shinobi villages to promote their Genin and provide healthy competition.

"Enough with your feel good garbage. Weaklings should not be praised for being weak. If they can't compete against a stronger opponent, then they should quit being a Shinobi, and live out their lives being weak," said Sasuke with his arrogance stinking up the room and making Naruto want to gag.

"Silence your forked tongue Uchiha! It is bad enough I have to be in the same room as you and hear your foul words that make me want to rip off my own ears to shut you out," replied Naruto in a tone that told the Uchiha that one more word from him would be a big mistake.

"Why don't you do everyone here a favor and just kill yourself. It would save us all the trouble of being near you! Not to mention being near the freak and the weak!" added the screechy voice of Sakura with Naruto glancing at her with hardened eyes.

"Do not speak to me again Haruno or I will end your life. You have no room to talk given how you chickened out of a mission and hired another Shinobi to take your place under your horrible likeness. I have seen the true you Haruno Sakura and what I have seen is nothing but weakness. You are only here because the Uchiha needed one more teammate to participate in the Chuunin Exams. You are cannon fodder. Nothing more," remarked Naruto in a cold icy tone while Sakura looked livid.

"You dare insult me! I'll show you!" exclaimed Sakura, as she moved to perform a Jutsu, but was stopped when chains appeared underneath her, and wrapped around the girl's body.

"You have two choices girl. Choice one, I let you go, and you participate in your match. Choice two, I kill you right here, right now, and no one but your parents will mourn you," replied Kushina, as she was in a position to have her chains rip right through the girl, and spray the bodily remains everywhere.

"Kushina please! My student may have been acting bit rash, but...," pleaded Kakashi, but the woman just glared at him, and made the Jounin shut up.

"Rash? She was going to attack my son. I know he can handle himself, but I won't allow such a thing to happen if I can prevent it. Unlike you!" Kushina replied coldly.

"Agreed. Sakura's actions here have gotten her disqualified from competing here today and ironically enough right when she's suppose to fight," said Tsunade, as she pointed to the screen, and showed Sakura was meant to fight her old Academy "rival" Ino.

"What? No! I want to compete!" exclaimed Sakura while trying desperately to get free from the chains that bound her.

"Let her compete. It will be all the sweeter to see the fan girl fall at the hands of her 'rival' and a real Leaf kunoichi of Konoha," said Naruto, as he knew Ino was taking her training seriously now, and explained to the girl how dieting was unhealthy for her when training could easily burn the "unnecessary fat" away.

Ino had taken his words to heart and sure enough, the silent urge to diet had left when they went out on their dates, and she ate more often. Ino had focused on exercising and keeping her still growing figure in shape so any fat she gained could be turned into much needed muscle should she get into a fight with an enemy Shinobi that wouldn't expect a girl to have it.

"You're sure Naruto?" asked Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"Yes Godmother. I am sure. If anything, the sight of Sakura failing should be somewhat entertaining," replied Naruto with a smirk and saw Sakura was pissed off while Kushina released the girl from the chains.

"I'll show you!" replied Sakura, as she went down to the arena floor, and glared at Ino now with all her anger.

If she couldn't hurt Naruto directly, Sakura would aim her sights at Ino, and humiliate the platinum blonde haired girl right in front of her future husband.

"Ready? Fight!" said Hayate with the girls getting ready to do battle.

"Prepare to meet your end Pig! exclaimed Sakura, as she charged forward with her fist cocked back, and prepared to hit Ino with it.

'Seriously?! She's charging forward? Did she throw away all the training we went through just to graduate?' thought Ino, as she dodged Sakura's attacks with ease.

'So reckless. So sloppy. So impulsive. Its pathetic really when you think about it. Sakura actually thinks her reckless and angry way of fighting will give her the win. What is this? A school yard fight?' thought Naruto, as he watched how Sakura was trying to land one of her punches on Ino's face, but that was all she was using, and it was kind of sad to see someone with ninja training now fighting like a brawler with no sense of coordination.

And he thought Kiba was bad when fighting. What did Sakura do? Take lessons from the mutt?

Ino seeing her chance from one of Sakura's missing strikes, moved forward suddenly, and kneed the pink haired girl right in the stomach. Stumbling back, Sakura was unable to block the second strike with Ino's other leg, followed by some well placed punches to the face, and finished it off with a nice jumping spin kick. Unlike Sakura, who had let her skills diminish since graduating, Ino had been flourishing like the flowers she loved to tend to at her flower shop, and was showing she was indeed worthy of being called a kunoichi.

After Sakura fell down face first onto the ground, Ino had the girl's arms pinned behind her back, and a kunai at her neck. With Sakura pinned and at Ino's mercy, Hayate had no other choice but to call the match in the platinum blonde's favor.

"It would have been more merciful for Ino to kill Sakura. Now the banshee will have to live with the shame of it all," remarked Kushina with Naruto smirking.

"I think that was the idea Mom," replied Naruto, but soon frowned when Sakura got off the ground, and moved to strike Ino in the back with a kunai.

Only for Ino to sense it coming and dodge at the last moment before grabbing the limb in a firm grip while glaring at Sakura. The pink haired girl could only do the same, but she was powerless to do anything due to her overextended reach, and open to being hit by Ino's knee. Ino didn't stop though, as she brought the arm with the kunai in hand behind Sakura's back, and put an arm around the pink haired girl's neck while putting pressure on the arm so the kunai would drop to the ground.

"That was low even for you Sakura. Stabbing a fellow Leaf kunoichi in the back!" stated Ino with Sakura snarling.

"You have no right to judge me! I'm not the one who has to marry that freak up there in a few years with the other sluts chosen to be with him," countered Sakura with Naruto and the others frowning when they heard this.

"You wouldn't be saying that if they were marrying Sasuke. Besides, you're one to talk about sluts when I know for a fact you tried to have your way with Sasuke's in the Forest of Death, but failed when he woke up at the last possible moment, and threw you off of him," countered Ino with Sakura freezing at being caught while everyone was shocked the girl was that desperate to be with the Uchiha.

"How do you know that?" demanded Sakura with Ino smirking.

"I didn't know. You just told me. I honestly thought you would try it while in the Forest of Death when given the opportunity and knew Sasuke would react accordingly. Its easy to make accusations and be accurate most of the time when knowing how to read people like you Sakura and the Uchiha. Only you would be so desperate to try getting into the Uchiha's pants and only Sasuke would reject your sexual advancements," answered Ino with Sakura looking livid at being tricked into confessing what she did.

"Bitch!" exclaimed Sakura before she felt her wrenched arm being pressed harder at an increasingly unnatural angle.

"Says the girl who tried to spread her legs to a boy who doesn't like her in a forest filled with enemy Shinobi," countered Ino before kicking Sakura away from her.

"I'll kill you!" exclaimed Sakura, but was soon restrained by several ANBU, and left in a "poof" of smoke.

"Your ability to teach clearly shows Kakashi," remarked Naruto with Kakashi narrowing his eyes at him.

"Or really? Ino-san didn't exactly treat Sakura with respect Naruto. What does that say about your future wife?" challenged Kakashi with Naruto smirking.

"Considering Sakura was a fan girl of a bitch from the start? I think it means my future wife has a better future in being a Shinobi then your student does," replied Naruto with the Jounin near him looking increasingly angry.

"You're lucky Minato-sense is your Father or else I would punish you for that insult," said Kakashi with Naruto scoffing at the threat.

"Like you haven't already tried in the past in hurting me before that tidbit of information was made known to the public," countered Naruto with Kakashi shutting up since it was true.

"Sakura will be imprisoned for good this time for her actions and she will NOT be getting out for any reason," ordered Tsunade with Kakashi silently cursing his luck.

The Chuunin Exams were pretty straight forward from there on out, as Gaara advanced after defeating Lee in a well earned fight, and Temari beating Tenten by using her fan to unleash a powerful flesh cutting Wind Jutsu on the Leaf kunoichi. Temari had considered hurting Tenten further by letting the bun haired girl land on her weapon, but a glance at Naruto watching her actions made the Suna kunoichi nervous, and decided to be merciful by catching the falling girl with her arms. Dosu successfully defeated Choji, but not without using some considerable effort on his part, and Shikamaru was able to defeat Kin using his Shadow Possession Jutsu.

"All right! Now that you've been dwindled down a bit, its time to find out who will fight who in the Chuunin Exam Finals being held one month from now," said Anko, as she had each contestant take a piece of paper out of the box she was holding, and read the number they were given.

"I got two," said Neji calmly.

"I've got three," replied Dosu.

"I have seven," said Shikamaru.

"Eight," was all Temari would say.

"Four," replied Gaara.

"I'm number one," replied Naruto with a smirk.

"I have five," said Sasuke with his usual scowl on his face.

"I have six," replied Ino while seeing Shikamaru wanting to smack his hand against his forehead and muttering "troublesome" under his breath.

"I have nine," said Shino.

"I've got Ten," replied Kankuro simply.

The names of each person was put on a chart matching up to their number and it made some people nervous.

Round 1: Namikaze Naruto VS Hyuuga Neji

Round 2: Dosu VS Sabaku no Gaara

Round 3: Uchiha Sasuke VS Yamanaka Ino

Round 4: Nara Shikamaru VS Sabaku no Temari

Round 5: Aburame Shino VS Sabaku no Kankuro

"You all have your assigned matches. Train hard for you will be facing this person and those following should you advance one month from now. Good luck. Some of you are going to need it," replied Tsunade, as she left with the ANBU, and let the Jounin senseis meet with their students.

"You kicked a lot of ass you two. I'm proud," replied Anko while praising Shino and Naruto for their victories.

"We didn't wish to damage your reputation," said Naruto with a smirk while Anko just smirked back.

"Naturally," Anko quipped back.

"I hope I didn't dishonor you with forfeiting Anko-sensei," replied Yakumo with a sense of worry in her voice.

"Nonsense! I know Chuunin who would have collapse and peed themselves at the idea of facing a Hyuuga if they were in your position. Given how you had little time to train and prepare even with me pushing you so hard, forfeiting the match was the smart thing to do. You did the right thing gaki and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Not the Uchiha and certainly not the Hyuuga bastard you were assigned to fight. There will be times when you are on a mission and an enemy stronger then you will be your possible opponent. Knowing when to retreat and when to fight is key to being a Chuunin. Fighting Neji would have put your health at risk and you would have gained nothing from it. The next time around, I'll have you ready for whatever gets thrown your way," replied Anko with a smile on her face.

"You shouldn't get her hopes up Anko. Next time around, she won't have Naruto, and Shino to protect her," remarked Kakashi while reading his book.

"She didn't need to be protected from us Hatake. After I killed Orochimaru in the Forest of Death, I found my teammates fighting off Iwa Genin, and saw they were doing very well. Yakumo especially," replied Naruto while a deafening silence filled the room.

"Y-You killed Orochimaru? Orochimaru of the Sannin?!" demanded Kakashi with Naruto nodding.

"The fool bit off more then he could chew and considering his choice in a dental plan its quite a mouth Orochimaru's got. Shame his attempt to give me a Curse Seal to force me into submission came back to bite him for change. An ironic one at that," said Naruto with Kakashi looking horrified at the news.

'This is bad. Sandaime-sama promised Sasuke's body to Orochimaru in exchange that the planned invasion wouldn't damage Konoha too much. The Sannin was the only person capable of training Sasuke to his full potential to one day kill Itachi, get the eyes needed to obtain immortality, and thus continue working on an alternative for the rest of us. With Orochimaru now dead, the plan for a select few individuals being immortal, and ruling over the world as supreme Gods has been setback indefinitely!' thought Kakashi, as the implication of what Naruto did had sunk in, and knew neither Hiruzen or Jiraiya would enjoy hearing this.

'He killed one of the legendary Sannin? What does that mean for the invasion? I need to inform Kazekage-sama about this,' thought Baki, as he knew Orochimaru had promised Suna would reach new levels of glory through the invasion, and now the hope of reaching their goal of impressing the Wind Daimyo in order to reconsider his weakening of Suna on a financially were destroyed.

"One less pain in the ass in our lives if you ask me. Now come on you three! We're all going to celebrate the success of our Genin team. I've got two Genin who made it to the finals and one at least made it to the Preliminaries! Not many can say that for their first Genin team," said Anko with pride in her voice while making sure her jab at Kakashi was known since only one of his students made it to the Chuunin Exam Finals.

"Losers. Every single one of them," whispered Sasuke while glaring at the woman and her Genin team.

"Easy Sasuke. You need this month for the Chuunin Exam Finals. I'll help you deal with Ino since she's your opponent first and then the real training will start for when you're facing the others," said Kakashi while Sasuke scoffed.

"Like that platinum blonde haired whore can defeat me," commented Sasuke with Kakashi nodding.

"Still, its better to be properly prepared for fighting a future enemy instead of not being prepared at all. Your brother Itachi thought the same way when he was growing up and going on missions," replied Kakashi knowing that the mentioning of the man that Sasuke hated would drive the Uchiha in front of him to listen.

"Killing is allowed, right?" asked Sasuke with Kakashi.

"Naturally. Its frowned upon, but it does happen from time to time. Mainly between rival villages, but it does happen on rare occasion between Shinobi from the same village if they are pitted against one another," answered Kakashi with Sasuke smirking.

"Teach me something lethal. If I can't hurt that loser Namikaze directly, I'm going for the slut he's going to marry, and even if I somehow don't kill the bitch...I'll see to it she's just a ruined waste of space in the end," replied Sasuke with Kakashi eyeing him for a second before nodding.

"We'll get to that during the later half of the month. For the moment, you need to work on your current level of speed, and endurance for what I have to teach. This will ensure your overall victory in the Chuunin Exam Finals and hurt Naruto where it hurts most when the time comes," explained Kakashi, as he knew what Sasuke wanted, and intended to give it to him when the time came.

As to what Sasuke wanted? He wanted a means to kill or cripple Yamanaka Ino and take away Naruto's future wife from him.

And an Uchiha always got what an Uchiha way...or another.

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