Alice's Pov

"I just don't get why we have to go there!" I heard Emmett exlaim from the other side of the field, " I mean, out of all the places in the world, we have to go to Alaska to visit the Denali's. Why?"

"Emmett, the Denali's are our family. We haven't seen them in stralmost ten years. Plus it might be a good idea to be around other vampires, we have been out of touch with the vampire world for almost a decade. " Carlisle answered.

"All seven of us have been traveling the world for the last eight and a half years. We have been trying to get Edward to be like he was before Bella, we got him back, but I don't think he will be the same. We decided to go visit the Denali clan to reconnect with the vampire world. I haven't really been seeing vampires for awhile, in my visions. Though I know something is different, something big.

"We are almost there, maybe another ten miles." I heard Esme announce with excitement in her voice, she really has missed Carmen.

"Hey, guys what if Laurent is there?" Rosalie asked as we all slowed down to a stop.

" He isn't. Irina and Laurent went on a vacation. They won't be back for maybe another month." I assured my sister.

"As we were closing in on the territory of our cousin's, we heard a hight pitched laugh that sounded like little bells. The laugh sounded so care free and full of joy, it made me want to join in, then we heard a couple of fast heart beats. We all stopped to a halt. Then we could hear a rustling through the trees as if they were being plowed through. The bell like laughters got closer when a little blur ran straight into Emmett. " The joyful noises,that were comming from this little child, stopped.

The child was a little girl with strawberry blonde, curly hair and golden eyes, like ours she looked around seven. Then a couple other children entered the clearing we were in, the first I noticed was a boy. He looked around fire and he had blonde hair. The next kid looked around four and had brown hair, both of these kids had golden eyes. All of them were beautiful and were pale. The speed at witch they ran was way too fast for an average human. All of these kids shared characteristic of immortal children.

"They must be destroyed." I heard Edward growl.

" The children's eyes went big. They were old enought to know what the word 'destroy' meant.

"MOMMA!" They all screamed to the top of their lungs. "We all heard loudand fast footfalls racing towards us.

Then Tanya, and Kate pushed tbrough the trees and into the clearing and towards the children. " Are you alright?" They both asked the children at the same time in calming voices.

"The oldest looking one answered," They said they were going to destroy us."Tanya and Kate looked at us then back to the children,

" They won't hurt you." Tanya said in a soothing tone. "Tanya, Kate, " Edward yelled," Were you stupid enough to create immortal children?"

" They both looked at him, confused," Edward, these are our children, we gave birth to them."