Hey everyone!

Sorry it has taken me so long to write what would happen. I was going to have one of the few remaining "real" werewolves (not shapeshifters, the pack was never going to be in this story) crash the social gathering, and suri was going to wander off alone, why I had not thought of yet, and the werewolf was going to chase after her, and then she would scream for her help, and because of the super hearing, Loui was going to hear her too. And he would have gained his power, then, transportation. He was going to pop in, grab her, and pop back with his family. But all the guard, being protective of the younger vamp kids, go to check it out and they capture the werewolf, they take him back, wait for him to transform back, and interrogate him. Then the guard finds out that the werewolves have been in hiding for years and have multiplied by the hundreds. Then they figure out that they want revenge for Cauis nearly wiping them out. They all know that they will not be able to beat the werewolves by themselves. So they figure that they should wait until the kids are all mature, and then try and finally wipe out the werewolves. None of them want their kids in danger, but they know that that is the only option. So they wait. Most families are in hiding, but close together, and then after a few years, the Volutri decide that everyone should just live close, so every vampire family moves into the villas. And the kids begin to train. At the fight against the werewolves they win.

Bella after nearly losing Loui to a werewolf (this is when he saved Suri at the gathering) decides that she should not be the one to stand in the way of someone's happiness and decides to give Rosalie the ability to have children. When the Cullen's first saw Bella, she refused to give them the ability because she believed them to be heartless and irresponsible, since they abandoned her.

Edward was going to end up with one of the sisters that Nauhel has, which he was going to bring back from South America. They were eventually going to have their happily ever after.

During training, Suri, who still has not forgotten how Loui saved her, begins to fall in love with him. They get married before the big fight.

Bella and the Cullen's remain friends.