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Scott was still on the phone, while Stiles was on the bed, thinking. He just kissed his best friend. Was he even his best friend anymore? He, honestly, didn't know what they were. He didn't even know if he was gay. But, sometimes, Scott can bring out the Stiles that wants to come out, but is hidden.

"Sorry, that was Allison, telling me that she'll be gone for a whole week." He said. Stiles eyebrows stitched together in confusion.

"A week?"

"Yeah, it's odd. She said she was going to be gone for the week end." Scott said, thinking.

"Hey, I'm sure she has a reason." Stiles said, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Scott looked up at him and smiled. He couldn't believe how calm Stiles is, when all he does if freak.

"Thanks Stiles."

Stiles smiled and leaned in and kissed him. Scott smiled into the kiss and pulled him closer. This time it was Stiles who deepened the kiss.

Stiles was a way better kisser then Allison ever was. She was either too rough, or too gentle. With Stiles, it wasn't too rough, or too gentle. It was the perfect pressure.

Stiles hands tangled in Scott's hair as Scott's hands ran up and down Stiles back, causing him to shiver. Scott mentally smirked. He was glad he had that effect on him.

Stiles can tell Scott was having a kick out of the effect he caused him. If they weren't kissing, he would swat him on the chest.

They were both on cloud nine. Suddenly, Stiles remembered that he didn't know what they were, and with that, he broke away from Scott.

"What's wrong?" Scott asked, breathless.

Stiles shook his head, "Nothing, I was just wondering, what are we, exactly?"

Scott had his thinking face on then replied.

"I think that we shouldn't worry about that right now, because it's just us. This whole weekend. No one can bug us." Scot whispered.

Stiles smiled and pressed his lips against his for a brief second before pulling away.

"I think I can handle that."

Scott smiled.

They boys laid down, and cuddled, watching an old filmed cartoon.

Everything was perfect, it was quiet, it was just them too and the best part is, they got to stay like this for 2 days.

"Scott," Stiles mumbled sleepily.


"I," He yawned, "love you."

Scott looked down at him and saw that his eyes were closed and his head was on his chest. He smiled and kissed his head.

"I love you too."

Scott let the world of darkness over take him.


Stiles woke up to find Scott snuggled up to his side. He smiled and moved some of his hair that was in his face.

"Stiles…" Scott mumbled, still half asleep.

"Hey sleepyhead," Stiles said, smiling.

"Hi." He said in a sleepy voice.

"I'm hungry," Stiles said. He got up, while Scott was still in bed.

"Pancakes?" Scott asked, sitting up and rubbing his eyes.

Stiles turned to look at him, "Okay."

Stiles was in the kitchen, while Scott was in the bathroom, taking a shower.

5 minutes later, after Stiles flipped his 5th pancake, he felt a pair of arms wrap around him. Knowing who it was, he smiled and leaned into Scott's chest.

"Hey," He said.

"Mmm, smells good." Scott said. Stiles smiled and put them on a plate. Scott kissed his cheek and grabbed his plate of pancakes.

"Enjoy your shower?" Stiles asked, joining Scott at the table.

"Yeah, now I'm fully awake." Scot said, pouring syrup on his pancakes.

Stiles laughed and snatched the syrup out of his hands.

"Hey! I wasn't done!" Scott whined. Stiles shrugged and started pouring mounds of syrup on his pancakes.

Scott got us and tried getting the syrup back, but failed. Instead, he got syrup on Stiles cloths.

"Scott!" Stiles whined. Scott laughed and watched as Stiles smeared syrup on Scott's cheek. He immediately stopped laughing and looked at Stiles in shock.

"Dude," Scot said.

Stiles laughed but then in return, got syrup smeared on his lips. Stiles looked at Scott.


After 10 minutes, Scott and Stiles were on the floor, laughing, with syrup everywhere. Finally when their laughing faded, they looked at each other. They slowly leaned in and then their lips touched.

There they sat, on the floor, in a syrup mess, kissing the person they love. And they can't be happier.

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