A/N: This omake here is a short sequel to Sweet, Sweet Revenge, which is the sequel to CAAHI :3

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Summary: Aomine gets jealous of his boyfriend's job. (Short sequel to SSR which is the sequel to CAAHI!)

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"Kise-sama! I love you!"
"Kise-sama, marry me!"
"No, Kise-sama's going to marry me!"

"Shut up, bitches! It's not like Kise has bad taste and is desperate enough to pick any of you!" Aomine Daiki shouted at the horde of Kise fans gathered around them in Maji Burger. All he wanted was a peaceful meal together with his boyfriend, why couldn't those idiots get the hint already?!

The fangirls (and guys) were shocked at the apparent rudeness of Kise-sama's friend. They started whispering to each other:

"Who the heck is he?"
"I dunno, some random stalker?"
"Eww, he's so dark! And moody! Kise-sama's hotter and nicer!"

Aomine had enough. First they interrupt their peaceful lunch, and now they insult him?! He was very hot, thank you very much- their precious 'Kise-sama' said so himself. He stood up from the table indignantly to give the morons a piece of his mind. Unfortunately for him, 'Kise-sama' himself was there to stop him.

"Aominecchi! Don't be so rude! I'm sorry, my er... friend here is a little cranky today. He hasn't drank his coffee yet, so please don't take him seriously," Kise scolded his boyfriend, and smiled at the girls (and boys) apologetically. With the blonde's pleading eyes imbued with the power of persuasion, the fans forgave the rude (and ugly) guy immediately.

"Kise-sama, come sit with us! We'll treat you! Surely you don't want to spend time with such a grumpy guy!" The fans stared disapprovingly at Aomine, who was feeling another wave of anger wash over him.

Kise looked conflicted:

"Eh... Well... I..." he glanced at Aomine uncertainly. What should I do? His silent question was understood by Aomine, who snorted and folded his arms.

"Go eat with them, I don't care."

Kise looked a little hurt. "If you say so..." He got up slowly and brought his tray over, leaving a spluttering Aomine in his wake.

What the hell?! He should know that I wasn't serious! Wait, come backkkkkkk! He glared at the fans, who smirked victoriously at him. Some even dared to wave triumphantly at him! Those brats, he gritted his teeth and glared harder.

Fine, see if I care! I'll enjoy this lunch all by myself! With that, he was resolute in not caring about Kise and his fans at all. Hmm, this burger is so delicious! You see this, Kise? I'm enjoying my lunch without you!

He was munching on his burger irritatedly; the squeals of the fans made the patty taste like rubber and the coke taste like dishwashing liquid. The loud laughter was totally ruining his appetite, and it took almost all of his willpower to not stomp over and drag Kise away from those irritants. He settled for eavesdropping instead.

"Kise-sama, do you love me?" The girl to the right of Kise batted her eyelashes at him. It was a sickening sight.

"Yes I do, I love all my fans!" Kise declared and smiled his melting smile, causing some fans to swoon in the process.

Be calm, Kise may love his fans, but he loves you the most. It's all fanservice, it's all fanservice, Aomine assured himself and took a deep breath.

"Kise-sama, will you feed me some fries?"

Be calm, it's not like Kise will fall for that bimbo's seduction. He'll politely refuse and that bimbo will back off. He took another deep breath.

"Sure! Why not?" Kise agreed cheerfully, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh." He held some fries to the girl's mouth.

Aomine spit out the dishwashing liquid. He whipped his head around so fast; it was a blur to the other's eyes. His heart clenched as he took in the sight of his boyfriend feeding another girl.

W-What? Why is he doing this?! Is he... cheating on me?! Kise, you bastard! Cheating on me in broad daylight! And with a girl at that?! Are you pretending to be gay!?

Aomine's crazy thoughts made it unbearable for him to not do anything. He stood up and made his way over to the table of annoying people and grabbed Kise's arm. "Playtime's over, Kise-sama's going home," he growled and tightened his grip on the blonde.

Kise winced at the crushing grip but remained silent. He could tell that Aomine was really angry.

The table of annoying people sensed Aomine's anger too, and so they did not stop the couple from exiting the fast-food restaurant. Aomine thought it was smart of them; stopping him now would mean a thrashing for whichever dumbass who dared to challenge him.

Kise let his boyfriend drag him out of the restaurant and towards his house. He knew that Aomine's anger was partly his fault- he was aware that Aomine was already jealous, but he went along with the girl anyway. Part of him felt elated at Aomine's jealousy, while another part felt guilty for making Aomine feel this way. He just hoped that Aomine would be nice enough to forgive him today.

When they reached Aomine's house, Aomine slammed the room's door shut and swivelled to glare at his boyfriend.

"So?" That one word was enough to make Kise flinch.

"I'm sorry, Aominecchi. I admit I just wanted to make you jealous... I promise I won't do it again so please don't be angry?" Puppy eyes were turned on full power as he stared at his irate boyfriend.

A ten minute staring match hence commenced.

Ten minutes later…

Aomine softened. One would think he should have gotten immune to the puppy eyes already, but ten minutes of that on full power was just too much for him to bear. He sighed.

"I'm not angry..." At Kise's disbelieving glance, he added:

"Okay, maybe I was but I was more angry about the fact that they were all swooning over you. Why can't we just tell them that you are attached already?!"

Ever the reasonable one, Kise replied:

"It'll ruin my reputation remember? Who's going to raise the family if I lose my job?" He joked as he grabbed Ki-chan from Aomine's bed. Aomine grinned.

"Papa Daiki will do it of course, Mama Ryouta just has to stay at home and take care of Ao-chan and Ki-chan," he replied teasingly as he wrapped his arms around Kise. The two of them laughed, and it wasn't long before it transformed into a full make-out session.

"Hey, Kise..." Aomine murmured as he licked the blonde's collarbone. Kise tilted his head to allow further access to his neck.

"Hmm?" He moaned as Aomine's tongue tickled a particular spot at the back of his neck.

"Can you get me a job at your agency?"