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"What?" Kise pushed his boyfriend off him on hearing the strange request. What the heck is Aominecchi thinking? He stared at Aomine's face to check for signs of teasing.

Aomine was serious.

This is the only way I can make sure Kise doesn't fall for anyone else; I'll steal the fans away from Kise!

Never mind the fact that the idea itself was ridiculous, Aomine himself thought that it was a brilliant idea.

Kise looked confused. "Why do you suddenly want to work at the agency?"

"It's to be with you 24/7, of course! Don't you want us to spend time together?" Aomine asked and tried his version of puppy eyes on the blonde. He made his eyes as wide as possible, blinking them rapidly. He reminded Kise of a fish. And just like how Kise's puppy eyes were effective on his boyfriend, Aomine's fish eyes (even though he looked retarded) were just as effective on Kise, who melted immediately.

"Er okay... I think there's a job available as a cleaner? Or a laundry-boy..."

Aomine was horrified at what Kise was suggesting.

"NO!" He exclaimed loudly and put his hand up to Kise's mouth to silence him.

"No?" Kise mumbled under the hand.

"I want to be a model! Just like you!" He declared with a firm voice. Kise raised his eyebrows at this large amount of confidence, but then, he gave the idea deeper thought.

Aominecchi... as a model? Ever the imaginative one, Kise's mind drifted off to fantasyland...

"Kise..." A bare-chested Aomine breathed his name as he flexed his muscles for the camera. The taut muscles rippled across his chest like sea waves, and the sweat glistened off the tanned boy's body like diamonds. Kise didn't recall Aomine being that well-defined, but heck it, this was really sexy.

He was woken up by Ki-chan flying at his head. Catching the bear by reflex, he sat the bear in his lap and rested his chin on its head. Poor bears, he thought absent-mindedly as he stroked the blue fur. They seemed to be flying alot at people's heads recently.

"Oi Kise! So will you help me? And close your mouth, you are drooling on Ki-chan! Why the hell are you drooling anyway?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure! I'll ask for you." He ignored the last question and wiped off the drool from his mouth, beaming at Aomine in the process.

Seeing Aominecchi doing sexy poses... Mmmmmm...

This was going to be good.

At the agency...

Aomine's face twitched in irritation as the make-up brush moved over his face. It felt as if the make-up artist was simply smearing make-up all over his face, and he was itching all over.

Kise had asked his agent, and had, with the model's great persuasive skills, succeeded in getting his boyfriend a job as a part-model. The agent was gushing over Aomine, much to the blonde's irritation, about his wonderful tan, his dark-blue hair, his tall, well-built body, and everything that was perfect about his boyfriend. She looked ready to devour the boy on the spot, and Kise was starting to regret getting Aominecchi the job.

His sulking thoughts were interrupted by a loud yell from his boyfriend:

"What?! You want me to wear that?" He pointed at the stylist's hand in which a few accessories were placed. "No way! Do you think I'm gay or something?!" Wait, I am gay... He ignored the sudden revelation and looked to his boyfriend for support.

But unfortunately, didn't get any.

Kise glared at him, his eyes saying:

"Yes, you are gay, so shut up and put them on and don't make any more trouble for me!"

So Aomine shut up and grudgingly let the stylist put the accessories on.

The stylist was yet another newly-converted fangirl of Aomine. She was staring at him like a lovestruck schoolgirl, and he wondered if these people here knew that what they were doing was practically paedophilic in nature. Aominecchi was so much younger than them for goodness sake! Did they honestly think he was interested in cougars?!

He crossed his arms irritably and leaned against the wall to watch the others prepared Aominecchi for his photoshoot. As the full-time model, he was given priority, and having already done his solo shoot, he had requested to be allowed to watch his boyfriend. They didn't reveal the exact nature of their relationship, of course. But he guessed that most of the employees on the set could already infer that. Apparently some didn't get the picture; he narrowed his eyes as the stylist leaned closer to Aomine to adjust the necklace. His opinion of the bubbly and friendly stylist had decreased considerably ever since they got here.

The preparations for Aominecchi were done, and he watched as his agent led his new charge to the set. They were doing a short commercial for a sports drink, and the company had kindly allowed Aominecchi to appear as a 'new face' along with Kise. "It's good to give him some experience!" the boss had agreed enthusiastically. Kise however thought that-judging from the way she had raked her eyes over his boyfriend, that she was interested in Aomine herself.

Ahhhh, Aominecchi, why are you so attractive?! Everyone's falling in love with you...

Aomine was made to lie on the bed with the drink bottle, and after a little instructing, the photographer snapped his photos happily. The females on the set had all gathered around to watch the tanned boy model, and they sighed in appreciation at the sexiness before their eyes. Kise had to admit, Aominecchi looked really sexy. His lips pulled into one of his usual smirks and his hair mussed up a little to look like bed-hair, he looked totally delicious.

"Okay, let's go for a sexier look. Lift your shirt up a little." The photographer ordered. Huh? Kise was startled. What lift your shirt up?! Aomine moved his shirt up, and revealed a small expanse of skin. The photographer nodded and took a few more shots. The women squealed and started chattering excitedly. Noooooooooooo, Aominecchi, don't show them your sexy body! Don't show them your cute belly button!

"Fantastic! The camera loves you! How about a shirtless shot?" The women squealed harder. Kise was horrified. Aomine on the other was getting into the shoot:

The camera loves me! I knew I would be a brilliant model! Come, take more pictures of me! He nodded excitedly and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The entire set watched a blonde flash zip over to Aomine to put a stop to his undressing.

"Eh?" Aomine (still lying on the bed), looked up to see his boyfriend straddling him, hands fisted tightly around his shirt.

What the hell?

Kise stared into Aomine's eyes intensely, his grip on the other boy's shirt getting harder by the second.

"Aominecchi... I can't bear this!" Kise cried out with a giant blush on his face. I don't want other people to see your sexy body, Aominecchi!

Misunderstanding the situation, Aomine's eyes widened and he turned red as well.

Wait, Kise? Don't tell me, you want to have sex now? Right here? During a photoshoot? You kinky little thing!

The couple stared at each other for a long period of time, neither of them moving an inch. The sexual tension was so tense that the employees could only stare at the strangely erotic scene in front of them.

Kise looked uncomfortable, his face scrunched up in a pained expression. Aomine guessed that he was probably uncomfortable from being hard. The blonde began moving in nearer. He started panicking:

No, Kise! We can't! This is indecent! Stop right there! STOP!


The couple broke out of their trance, and looked to the source of the noise.

It was the photographer.

He continued taking pictures of them in their positions, and gave them a thumbs up.

"Alright! The fans will love this! Ever think of being marketed as a pair?"

"Hey, Aominecchi! We are famous!" Kise waved a few posters in his boyfriend's face. The advertisement had caused large sensation, and Aomine had shot to fame overnight. Aomine took the posters from Kise to take a look.

Each advertisement them sprawled all over each other in various poses designed to rouse the fangirls (and boys) into a frenzy of squeals, nosebleeds and unmentionable things outsiders would find obscene.

Aomine flipped through the posters, secretly taking note of the ones he wanted for himself. These will look good on my wall. And provide for material whenever Daiki junior gets hot. He ignored the last thought and continued munching on his burger.

He had successfully diverted the fangirls' attention from Kise to himself and was now the center of attention of the masses at his school. Instead of "Kise-sama this! Kise-sama that!", it was now "Aomine is so cool!" and stuff like that. The fangirls at Kise's school, however, was another issue. He'll settle that another time. Slowly and steadily, there would be no one stealing Kise away from him anymore, and their dates would be the epitome of peace. He smiled at Kise:

"Of course, I knew I'll be an awesome model! I-"

He was interrupted by loud screaming around their table, so he glanced up from his seat.

And got a large shock at what he saw.

"Aomine-sama! Kise-sama! We love you!"

A girl at the front, with wild, crazed eyes screamed into his face:



Wait... Was it just him, or did the number of fangirls increase? He rubbed his eyes to clear his vision. The fangirls seemed to have increased tenfold.


The crowd of fans were growing, multiplying like how bunnies in heat multiplied like crazy.

In the craze, one of the fans overturned his coke by accident, causing the contents to spill into his lap and Aomine to squawk in surprise.

T-This can't be happening! Aomine freaked out. What about our peaceful date?! He froze as the crowd grew and grew, with no end in sight.


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo!

It looked as if peace would be eluding Aomine Daiki for a long, long time.

-The End-