Dean loved it when they went to Bobby's place. The junkyard was full of cool things to explore and Bobby would let him get away with things that his dad would never allow. The old house felt like home for him, and he knew that Sam felt that way about the place too.

Sam was bouncing in the back seat, eager to get out of the car and run around, Dean knew he shouldn't have let Sam have a coke for lunch, it was too much sugar for the little guy.

He snuck a glance at his dad who looked grim, the case he was working on was really ugly, which is why they were being dropped off at Bobby's for the week. Dean would worry about his dad, but he already knew that his dad was the best hunter and would be more than able to handle the monster.

Finally they pulled into the old lot and Dean pressed his nose to the window to be better able to see if there were any cool new vehicles in the yard. He was surprised to see a young boy sitting on the porch watching them drive up. He felt a surprise flare of jealousy. He knew that they were not the only hunters that would go to Bobby's for research or leads on jobs or for a place to lay low, but he'd developed the feeling that Bobby was sort of theirs, his and Sam's. Far as he knew they were the only kids that Bobby would let into the house. They were certainly the only ones allowed to call him Uncle Bobby, thanks to Sam's insistence at using the title.

So who was this kid.

Dean watched closely as the kid stood and started to move towards them as soon dad parked the car. He walked weird, sort of like he was just sort of floating along, and he didn't seem to blink much, just staring at them with some of the bluest eyes that Dean had ever seen. He couldn't have been much more older than Sammy, skinny and short, wearing clothes that seemed to dwarf him.

"Hello." The kid said to dad as he got out of the car, Dean and Sam hurried to follow. "I'm afraid Mr. Singer is out at the moment, he had to go tow a car, but I knew you were coming, I can help you bring anything inside. Mr. Singer sends his regards."

"Now I know that ain't true." John replied.

The kid ducked his head shyly. "No, but I'm not supposed to know the words he used when he heard you, John Winchester, were coming."

John chuckled dryly, Dean frowned stupid kid got his dad to laugh as much as he ever did within minutes of meeting him. "That sounds about right. Who are you? What are you doing here?"

"My name is Castiel. I am Mr. Singer's … son."

John narrowed his eyes and was about to ask for more clarification when the rattling sound of Bobby's tow truck shattered the quiet as he pulled into the yard. Everyone but Dean's focus turns to the gruff man as he climbs out of the cab, sound of his general grumbling carrying over to the small group.

Dean was glaring at the stupid kid now. Son? Bobby didn't have any kids. What did he mean son?

"Cas. Get over here and take these bags into the kitchen." Bobby called out. Castiel hurried off to obey. Bobby approached the Winchesters, glaring at John but almost smiling softly at the two boys

"Son?" John asked, eyebrow raised in disbelief.

"Yeah.: Bobby responded, tilting his chin up challengingly. "And how long are you leaving yours here for again?"

John smiled wryly, he knew that Bobby was trying to change the subject. "Since when have you had a son?"

"About a month." Castiel answered, making everyone else jump. The kid had reappeared out of seemingly nowhere. "Mr. Singer adopted me."

"Inside kid." Bobby snapped. The kid frowned at him slightly and looked like he wanted to argue but turned around and headed back to the house silently.

"Why on earth would you adopt a kid Singer?"

Bobby glared at John before sighing. "A job went bad. Cas lost everyone. What was I supposed to do?"

"What we usually do in those situations, turn the kids over to child services." Dean frowned at his dad. Usually? How many times had that happened to Dad that he had turned passed on a kid to child services?

"Cas… Cas is a special case." Bobby looked reluctant to continue but under John's heavy stare he relented. "The boy is the damned most powerful telekinetic psychic I have ever encountered. It wasn't safe to put him into the system, least I know what's going on when things start flying around at night."

John looked at his boys and back at Bobby. "Is he safe?"

Bobby glared at John. "Course he's safe. Wouldn't hurt a damned fly."

John nodded, seeming to be satisfied. He turned to his boys and nodded to Dean. "Watch out for Sam."

"Yes Sir." Dean replied dutifully. His dad affectionately rubbed his hair and climbed back into the car to drive away.

Dean watched him pull out of the yard before turning back to the house. He could see that Castiel kid watching from the living room window and he narrowed his eyes. He didn't trust him one bit.