He was wandering in the woods behind the house. It was a beautiful day, the sun filtering through the trees, throwing interesting patterns on the ground from the leaves. There was a gentle cool breeze and he could hear the sounds of the stream he liked to read by. He kept hiking up the hill and found the happily burbling stream. He kicked off his shoes and stuck his feet into the cool clear liquid.

There was a crash behind him, but when he turned around there was nothing there. With a shrug he turned back to the stream. It was running red, thick like blood. Something under the water grabbed his ankle and started pulling. Thrashing and kicking out with his free foot he managed to pull himself loose and staggered back from the water.

It was suddenly chillingly cold, he could see his breath as he panted spinning around trying to figure out where he was. The woods were no longer familiar, dark and foreboding closing in around him. The sun was no longer shining, everything just seemed grey and dark except the blood red stream, which had grown to the size of a raging river.

"Oh my dear angel. I've been looking for you." A smooth voice whispers behind him.

He wheels around, coming face to face with his father. Only it wasn't, the front of his shirt and his teeth were stained with blood, and his eyes were yellow. He fell back away from the monster wearing his father's face, almost tumbling into the river as it advanced towards him.

It grinned, arms reaching out to grab him. "Come to Papa!"


With a scream Castiel woke up. He glanced around, breathing heavily from terror left by the dream. He was in Bobby's room. He was in Bobby's bed. And there was Bobby, in an easy chair next to the bed.

"Steady Cas. It's okay." Bobby said reassuringly, leaning over and gathering the boy into a hug. "It was just a dream."

Castiel started sobbing. "He was in my head."

"The demon?" Castiel nodded. Bobby sighed grimly. "It was just a dream kid."

"No. No, he got in my head. I felt him in my mind and I- I couldn't get him out. I couldn't move, or talk, or even scream. I couldn't do anything."

Bobby frowned. "Wait, this was during the ritual? Why didn't you tell me? John just said you found him."

"I found him and he found me."

Bobby tightened his grip. "I am so sorry kid." There was a creak outside the door, Bobby looked up sharply. "Dean, I know you're out there. Stop lurking and come inside."

Dean shuffled into the room a little sheepishly. He'd heard Cas's nightmare but hadn't been brave enough to accidentally wake Bobby. "I just was getting some water and … heard a noise so-"

"Yeah kid, I know why you're here. Come on up here too." Bobby motioned for Dean to sit next to Cas.

Dean immediately scrambled up onto the bed and grabbed hold of Castiel's hand. The contact immediately soothed that bond light being thing in his mind, which had been going berserk. Castiel too almost immediately went slack, comforted by the touch. "You okay?"

Castiel nodded. "Are you?"

Dean felt suddenly very tired now that he was holding onto Cas. "Yeah." He said through a yawn.

"Alright the two of you idjits need to go back to sleep." Bobby muttered, gently pushing the two of them back against the pillows and pulling the covers over them, then settling back in his chair. "God knows what'll happen tomorrow."