Not Mine

Going Under...

The test was negative.

I silently thanked god I was not pregnant.

"So your not pregnant, you will be eventually" he said casually as he pulled me into his arms. I pulled away annoyed. My best friend was gone. Whoever edward had become he was not my friend any more I didn't know this monster.

"Let me go" I say evenly trying to pull away. Yet Edward was having none of that he grabbed me around my waist and pushed me into the wall his lips found my neck and he began kissing me. I lifted up my left foot and kicked him as hard as I could he let go doubling over in pain. I almost felt bad for him. As I ran to the door it was locked I ran to the kitchen desperate for an escape. Edward was no longer in the foyer I felt a hand clamp over my mouth with a cloth. I was out like a light.

The next thing I remembered was I was in a bed.

This time I was tied up and to my utter mortification I was naked.

That was when I saw him enter he stared at me with darkened eyes.

"God can one girl be so edible" that's when he went down on me.

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