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Chapter 17

"Love?" His voice was only outside the door, yet Bella flinched.

"I brought you something to eat" He said opening the door, wearing only his shirt was humiliating. He smiled as he noticed her in his long white button down. She was so beautiful, her cheeks were rose tinged against the creamy whiteness of her skin. He smirked at her, as he held out a McDonald's bag. She wouldn't look at him. She stared straight ahead. He unwrapped the burgers and held up a fry loaded with ketchup just the way she liked to her bee stung lips. Pressing it gently she opened her mouth, a little. A little ketchup remained on the corner of her mouth he leaned pressed his lips to her sweet mouth. Bella flinched as he pushed the food away and pulled her into his lap.

"You make me hungry" He bit her already bruised lips. Bella stared at him emptily.

He rocked her back and forth in his lap.

"Do you remember third grade Valentines day?" He asked his face pressed into her hair. Bella did but refused to answer.

Memories assaulted her, warnings she should have noticed but she did not.

Valentines day:

"Who is your valentine Isabella?" Esme asked brightly as she drove, Edward and her to school.

"I am" Edward said barely looking away from his game boy. Esme laughed at Bella's confused expression.

"You better watch out Bella some day he might marry you without asking you first" She joked as they stopped in front of the school.

"I don't have to ask her anyhow mom, Bella knows she's mine" Esme raised her brow but said nothing when Bella did.

"Sweetheart you need to stand up for yourself, never let a man-boy act like he owns you" Bella nodded but walked with Edward to class, dutifully hand in hand, older teachers smiled while other students stared.

"Hey Edward, can I talk to Bella?" Liam Fred asked, looking red in the face, this was how it always went people asking Edward for permission to talk to her.

"No" He said and just like that Liam walked away dropping a red rose. Bella bent down to pick it up but Edward stomped on it.

"It was just a flower" Bella said evenly.

"I got you an entire bouquet" Edward said flauntingly. Bella said nothing but stared at the crushed flower on the ground. Edward dragged her around with him the rest of the day. It was at her house later that night her mom had given her the news. Edward had been suspended for beating up Liam.

Present day:

"That kid left Forks" Edward laughed spitefully while kissing her neck.

Bella closed her eyes as warm tears ran down her cheeks. He had always been like this, why had she never noticed the cracks