Chapter 1:

Katniss turned over in her bed, the smell of smoke causing her to open her eyes. Fire surrounded her. Everything was on fire. Panic controlled her.

What do I do? What do I do? Kept echoing in her mind.

She heard a little cough from the room next door. "Prim!" She yelled. The burnet ran out the door to see her sister's room also engulfed in flames. "Prim!" She yelled again.

"Katniss" Prim yelled. It was quiet, but still there. Katniss ran into the room and grabbed her sister

"C'mon Prim. We have to get out of here" Katniss said. She could barely breath because of the smoke.

Prim coughed and Katniss took the 12 year old in her arms and carried her out of the room.

Katniss ran out of the house and set Prim on the grass in front of the house. Where's mom, Gale, and dad? Katniss looked around frantically, but didn't see her brother and parents anywhere.

Katniss ran back into the house and up to her brother's room to see him on the floor unconscious. "Gale!" She screamed and kneeled beside him. She threw his arm over her shoulder and dragged him out of the house.

She dropped Gale onto the grass and fell down next to him. The last thing she heard before she lost consciousness was yelling and sirens.

The taxi pulled in front of the huge brick building and a sign that said Trinket's Orphanage in bright pink letters. A woman stood on the porch. Her face had so much powder on her face she looked like a ghost. She was wearing very tall pink heels, a pink dress, and pink heels.

The driver unloaded their luggage and got paid by the woman. "Good luck kids" he said before he drove off.

"Hello children!" The woman said in an unusually perky voice. "I'm Ms. Trinket, but you can call me Effie. Come in. Come in." She said and lead them into the brick building.

She stepped behind the desk and said "Can I have your ages so I can place you in a room. I'm sorry we're not really prepared."

"Katniss and I are 16 and Prim is 12" Gale said jest urging to his sisters as he said their name.

"Perfect" Effie said writing something down on her clipboard. "Just follow me." She walked down the hall. "Dinner is in a half hour so get situated and after dinner I'll have someone shoe you around."

Effie stopped in front of a blue door and knocked once. A blond boy poked his head out. "Peeta this is your new room mate, Gale Everdeen. Gale, this is Peeta Mellark" Effie said.

Peeta grinned and opened the door. "One rule" Peeta said. "The top bunk is mine."

Effie led them down the hall and took a few turns. The sisters were surprised they didn't get lost. Effie then stopped in front of a door pink stickers on it and knocked once. It opened to reveal a small dark skinned girl. She grinned. "I'm getting a new room mate!" She squealed and jumped around excitedly.

"Rue, calm down. This is Prim Everdeen. Prim this is Rue Abbey" Effie said. Rue grabbed Prim's wrist and pulled her into the room, slamming the door.

Effie then lead Katniss down another few hall ways. "I'm sorry, but your room mate is 17 so a year older than you. I don't think it'll make a difference, but I try to pair up by ages" Effie explained. And stopped in front of a plain white door. And knocked once.

"Come in" a male voice called. Effie opened the door to reveal a small girl with raven black hair and a tall boy- almost to big for the bed- with blond hair laying on one of the beds.

"Clove this is Katniss Everdeen. Katniss that's Clove" Effie said not acknowledging the boy.

"And I'm Cato, Clove's boyfriend" the boy said raising his hand. Effie walked away leaving Katniss alone with the two teens. "You must be new" Cato said.

"Of coarse she's new, bonehead" Clove said and smacked him on the head. Katniss walked in and put her suitcase on the empty bed.

"So, what you in for?" Clove asked sitting up and looking her over. "You don't have to tell if your not ready, but I'm warning you. We're going to find out eventually."

Katniss sighed. "Lost both parents in a house fire."

"Oh" Clove said. "I was left on the porch when I was three days old. Only had a blanket and a note saying my first name and birthdate."

"Car crash coming back from the hospital when I was born. Been here since I was two months" Cato said.

"Great life stories" Katniss said folding her clothes and putting them in the empty dresser.

Gale lay on the bottom bunk talking up to Peeta who lay on the top. "Do you play football?" Peeta asked.

"Yea. I was the quarter back at my old school" Gale said.

"Great. Tryouts are next week and our quarter back graduated last year." Peeta said. "I'm wide receiver, so is Cato and Thresh is our center. Marvel's the halfback and Finnick's the tight end."

"Who are Cato and Thresh?" Gale asked.

"They live here. You'll meet 'em later" Peeta said.

Rue talked non-stop to Prim while she put her stuff away. "Are there any pets here?" Prim asked quietly.

"Yes" Rue said. "There's a stray, Buttercup, and Effie feeds him and he sleeps in the Landry room. He's not technically a pet, but we still treat him like part of the family! Well, except for Clove. She hates him."

"My sister hates cats too" Prim said. "But I love them. I always wanted one. Can we go see him?"

"Yes!" Rue said and they skipped out of the room.

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