Prologue - Codicil

In the empty halls of Ortel Castle, a man in a brown cloak strode through the stone hallways of the hallowed fortress. The lower part of the man's pale face was the only thing that was not covered by the cloak. The torches of the castle barely lit up the dark hallways in the middle of the night. It had been a long time since the heroes of Colhen stormed their way in and crushed the rebellion. The ancient stone golem, Ahglan, was reduced to a single piece of crystal and inscribed rock at the front of the gatehouse. Deceased warriors inside the castle were petrified into stone, littering the hallways with broken limbs and rusted weapons. The petrified leader of the rebellion was laid to rest on a broken fountain in the middle of a courtyard. His two loyal servants suffered worse fates, for parts of their bodies were mutilated and turned into materials for war. Ortel Castle now stood as a brutal reminder for those who wish to rebel against the Pontiff's Court.

The man was now in front of two sturdy wooden doors. Pushing against the metal frame of the doors, the man stepped onto a marble floor of a very cold, dark and drafty room. He closed the doors behind him before he slowly started walking forward. Stone lamps at the corners of the room were lit with a pink flame, barely brightening up the place. The man continued towards a luxurious bed with dark covers. He soon stopped at the foot of the bed, staring at a bloodied human corpse. Gashes and lacerations were slashed into the body's clothes and pale skin as it appeared to be 'violated.' A musky perfume emanated from the corpse itself, masking the smell of dried blood.

The man licked his lips as he brought out his ashy and pastel hands with long fingernails at his sides. Organic, worm-like dark energies began to gather and circle around his hands as he raised them over the corpse. He clasped his hands together, before he merged the energies into a sponge-looking black ball. With a clench of his fist, he unleashed tens of thousands of black and red lines, all condensed into a single beam. The cloak of the man fluttered as the beam continued. They invaded the cadaver in between the bosoms, as the muscles began to squirm little by little. The gashes and lacerations began to sew themselves up, leaving no scars.

"Live, for I am not done with you" rasped the man during his spell. "You will serve me."

Soon, the corpse's eyelids opened. The eyes themselves went from cloudy and scratched into clear and moist with purple irises. The eyes blinked once as color seemed to return to the skin. As it began to become more and more animated, the man stopped channeling the dark energies. It was no longer dead, as it made a smile with its lips.

"You will help me explore a new place; a new world where foolish humans had battled each other with only technology. With their lack of magic, we shall dominate with our own."