"Go Blue!" The cheering crowd of kids shouted as they circled two kids as they fought. The taller one, with proud spiky brown hair and coldly calculating green eyes was Blue. He stood over a smaller boy, whose own spiky black hair was matted with dirt, his red pupils hidden behind glasses as he glared at him out of anger.

"Face it, Red," Blue stated, his tone not filled with arrogance, but with annoyance as he set a foot down on Red's chest, pinning him to the dirt, "you won't beat me in a fight. I'm just at a level beyond you."

"Yeah! Red you have no chance to ever beat Blue! He's the grandson of Oak!" A member of the group of circled kids yelled, making Red grit his teeth in anger. Anger at the kid for saying he couldn't do it, anger at Blue for making the statement still hold truth at that time, and angry at himself for letting Blue win.

"I... won't... give up!" Red declared as he tried to move Blue's boot off of his black shirt, but it was to no avail as Blue was stronger than he was.

"Sounds like you haven't learned yet!" Blue exclaimed as he removed the boot from Red's chest, only to use it to kick him in the side, causing Red to turn over in pain, a hand clutching his side tenderly. The crowd of kids began to thin out at this point, content with the fact that Blue had won, and completely uncaring towards the pain Red was feeling as he coughed on his side, fighting back the tears that threatened to explode out of him.

"How pathetic, Red can't even put up a good show!" They all complained angrily. If he could fight back the pain long enough to catch his breath, he would have yelled a retort, but air at the point was a resource he couldn't waste.

"Red, Red, Red," Blue repeated, shaking his head as he spoke each word, "you can't beat me, you should have realized by now. I mean, you have been trying for years. Yet, you still don't understand that my intelligence combined with my superior physical strength, let me stay at least three steps ahead of you." Red knew from the fact that his words were fading as they went on that he was walking away from him as he spoke. Struggling with all his might, Red managed to force his body to turn to the other side, letting him glare at the retreating form of his enemy.

Left with nothing but the trees that surrounded him on the southern outskirts of Pallet, he waited for the pain to subside before making it to his feet. Walking the opposite way of Pallet town until he reached the edge of a cliff, the crashing of waves against the bottom of the cliff being the loudest noise of the area. He leaned against a lone tree that sat peacefully by the sea, its branches saving his hands the trouble of blocking the sun's afternoon rays from his eyes. The same eyes that finally gave in, letting the tears they had been holding back fall freely down his face.

"Are you alright?" A feminine voice asked, causing him to jump in pure surprise at the sudden and unexpected guest.

"Uh, yeah," Red replied removing his glasses so he could use his arm to quickly wipe away the tears in hopes she wouldn't notice. She, however, had.

"Your a terrible liar." Red was in awe of her as she sat down beside him, her blue eyes warm even though they were focused on the horizon, her long brown hair flowed beautifully out from under her large white hat, its red trim matching the skirt she wore, while her tank top was a lighter shade of blue than her eyes.

"I guess you heard about what happened."

"Who hasn't? News spreads around this town like the flu." She was brutally honest, that was for sure.

"Then why talk to me? Why not hang out with Blue like everyone else?" Red questioned, intent to find out why this mysterious girl was sitting with him: the loser.

"I don't like to follow the crowd, ya know? Rather just do what I want, besides, you look like you could use a friend." She reasoned.

"Who would be my friend then?"

"Me, silly," she laughed, her eyes finally meeting his as she did, "I'll be your friend."

"There's got to be a catch." Red reasoned, unable to accept that something this good would happen to him without some sort of catch.

"Well," the girl contemplated, putting a finger to her chin as she visibly entered deep thought, "if you promise not to cry anymore then I suppose that would be good enough."

"Okay," Red replied, his face beaming, "you got it! I promise!" He gave the girl a thumbs up, her face graced with a warm smile upon the sight.

"Good," she replied as she stood up, her eyes focused on the horizon as if in thought for a moment before she turned and began to walk away from the cliff. Red quickly rose to his feet with pleading eyes as he watched her leave, his hopes of her returning beginning to fade with each step away from him she took.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Red yelled out to her, praying that he wouldn't lose the first friend he could say he had.

"To see the world. Just don't forget what you promised me!" She called back without even turning her head, her hand raised in the air in good bye.

"I... don't even know your name," Red muttered as he watched her walk beyond his sight, his face downed with sadness, but his eyes filled with hope. Hope for the future, a future he knew he would see the girl again. He had too, and he would. His eyes traveled to the building visible in the distance, the building he knew – that everyone knew – to be the Oak ranch. Red knew that as he was currently – his glasses, paled skin, and lack of strength – that he would most likely get himself killed if he were to leave by himself. The same was true about many people, but he knew that many of them had left with a Pokemon and a friend by their side, and they had been even better than when they had left once they returned.

He didn't have a friend that would leave with him, but he figured if he could get a Pokemon, it would be enough.

Red ran towards the old Oak Ranch as fast as his legs could carry, intent to get his Pokemon as fast as possible so he could try to catch the girl before she got too far ahead of him. He found himself running up the stone steps engraved into the hillside, only to bang on the wooden door that served as the gateway into the laboratory at its peak.

"Open up!" Red yelled, each strike against the door sending noises through the building that began to make his heart drop. Was nobody home?

"What do you want?" Blue's voice questioned with annoyance as the door opened, Red's eyes widening in surprise as much as Blue's. "Red?"

"I, uh... is your grandfather around?" Red managed to ask, cursing himself for having forgotten that there was a chance that Blue would be the one to answer.

"He's out somewhere. What is it about?"

"Nothing. It's nothing." Red walked away from the door, hearing it shut when he was halfway down the steps. He found himself at the crossroads, on one side, laid the path that would lead him back to his miserable existence in Pallet Town, while the other way would lead towards Viridian and towards the first friend he ever made. He knew that with dusk fast approaching that any choice he were to make would be final. He would have tried to weight the issues with each, but it was clear which way had won.

Running off into the unknown, Red hoped he wasn't making a mistake.

"Where are the Pokemon?" Red questioned, ignoring the pidgey that could be seen flying in the skies above him as they were far beyond his reach. He wanted something he could easily catch despite the handicap of not having a Pokemon to fight it with. Yet something he could train to be powerful in its own right. Luckily for him, the route he was on was pretty much covered in fields, with a few trees lingering near the dirt path practically etched into the ground from use.

Picking up a nearby rock, he scanned his surroundings, ready to throw it at any Pokemon he felt he could succeed in hitting. He had been in mid-throw upon spotting a rattata, but upon seeing the purple rat's smaller family following it closely, he realized he couldn't do it.

He couldn't do it – even if he wanted too – he didn't have a pokeball.

The thought hadn't struck him before. He fell to his knees in defeat, the rock falling out of his hands as they fell limp at his side. How had he forgotten the most important tool of becoming a Pokemon trainer? That small red and white sphere that could break down a Pokemon's cellular structure so that it could transported in one's pocket. It was too late for his pride to let him turn back, so as he picked himself up off of the ground, he knew what he had to do. He had to catch a Pokemon the hard way, like in the days before the pokeball where a trainer would befriend a Pokemon and get it to follow him with nothing but their trust in one another to guide them. It was essentially the hardest way.

The thought alone made Red angry. Why did everything always have to be harder for him? If Blue had done it, a pokeball would have fallen from heaven and a Pokemon would have got itself captured. If Oak had done it, he would have already began with a Pokemon, just because even Pokemon respected him. It was infuriating, so Red picked up the rock from before and threw it carelessly in a random direction. Not aiming for anywhere specific, just so he could try to relieve himself of some anger. It worked, but upon the rock entering the curtain of leaves of the nearby tree, a loud ear piercing scream was heard.

He'd hit a Pokemon!

As a small ball of white fur jumped out of the tree at him, he had become clear that his luck wasn't going to improve anytime soon. It's angry eyes and pig like nose the only things he could make out as the creature bounced around him, swift punches and kicks striking him more then he cared to follow.

"Figures I'd hit a mankey." Red grumbled, his arms blocking his face from many of the blows. "I have to get it to stop or it'll really hurt me!"

That was when his luck had managed to change for the better. The blows had suddenly stopped, Red slowly opened his eyes, cautious that it was a trick of some sort, but what he saw was something completely different. The mankey was replaced with an enlarged pokeball, it was beeping with every shake as the button in its center flashed red.

"Don't just stand there! Now is the chance for you to get away! The pokeball won't contain a Mankey at full health for that long!" A voice yelled. Red turned to see where the voice had come from and was surprised to see the very person he had wanted to meet. Well, one of them, which in itself was a victory.

His brown hair, shorter than Blue's, was beginning to gray and lose its color. His eyes, wise and friendly, were focused on Red with a curious glare. Even without the white lab coat he wore it would have been near impossible to not identify the man before him. He was in the presence of professor Oak.

"Didn't you hear me? Run!" As the words left his mouth, mankey had left his pokeball. The Pokemon angrily emerging from the broken device as its two halves fell at either side of the creature as it pounded its chest, ready for the second round. "Confound it all!" Oak exclaimed in frustration as he ran towards Red, placing himself between Red and the Mankey.

The mankey, however, didn't seem to care about the change in target. Pounding on Oak the same way it had on Red, he couldn't help but feel guilty. The leading researcher on Pokemon had arrived to save him, and all he did was get him beaten up. Red could hear the professor try to reason with the Pokemon, but they both knew it was useless.

Red frantically searched for something to use as a means of defense. Satisfied with a nearby stick he quickly scooped it up, delivering a strike of his own to the Pokemon, hitting it like a baseball in response to its latest attempt to beat up the professor. "You didn't have to strike it! It would have gotten bored and moved on." Oak protested, making his position on violence towards Pokemon clear. Red couldn't say he disagreed, but something had to be done.

"Do you have another pokeball?" Red asked, an idea beginning to take shape in his head.

"Yes, why?"

"I think that the best way for us to get away is to catch it." Red explained, using the stick he held to keep the mankey at bay.

"You may be right. Here," Oak stated as Red could feel the lightweight device placed in his hand, the metallic surface feeling cold against his skin, "if only I hadn't left my lab without a Pokemon."

Red gave the stick another hard swing, but the mankey had enough games and grabbed it, effortlessly breaking it in two. "We are not your enemies!" Red declared as he dropped his half of the stick and lunged at mankey, enlarging the pokeball as he did. Content with the results, he held the pokeball in his hands as if it were fragile. He could feel the shaking and knew that inside, mankey was fighting for its life to get out and remain free. Red knew that it was all his fault, and if it was necessary, he wouldn't have done it. "I'm sorry." Red repeated, with every new shake it seemed he say it again, as if it would effect the outcome.

Professor Oak and Red both watched the ball as it shook, part of them wishing to use it as a chance to escape, but unlike before – they both had made enemies of it. Should the pokeball succeed, it would be cruel to leave it alone in the road, where it would eventually die of starvation. Red knew that Oak had only done it before because even if the pokeball had failed, its target would have left and the Mankey would have peacefully returned to its tree had Oak remained out of sight. It was all due to Red that things had to be done the hard way.

The pokeball seemed to have been shaking for an eternity before it eventually stopped. A loud, more definitive beep sounding to indicate capture. All that was left was a motionless pokeball in Red's hands, and a large beaming smile on Red and Oak's faces.

"Nice work there." Oak congratulated as he patted Red's back. "It seems you've caught yourself a Pokemon. Especially incredible is that you didn't even have a Pokemon to catch it with!"

"Uh, thanks."

"However, it was extremely foolish to venture out like that. You could have been killed! What were you thinking?" Oak questioned, his beaming smile replaced with a worried glare.

Red didn't hold back an answer. He told the professor about everything that had happened that day that had caused him to leave, he told about how his whole life nobody had noticed him, and when they did it was just to beat him. He told of the girl he had befriended, and he had told the professor of his desire to get a Pokemon so he could meet her again and make new friends. Oak had seemed to contemplate the answer for a moment before telling Red to follow him.

Red did as he was told, following the professor as he led him back to his laboratory. The two quickly entering the building, passing through rooms not unlike those found in houses, until they reached a room unlike the rest. The floor was spotless, the white tiles shining in the fading sunlight. A table in the center of the room held several red rectangular devices that Red couldn't recognize and several more pokeballs.

"I'll admit, what you did today impressed me. Thus, I've decided to aid you, uh,"

"Red," he replied offering his name. "Why exactly?"

"Because Red, goals like the one you have are the purest. You don't want power or fame, but just for someone who can see you as someone they trust and can turn too. I believe it is these types of people who are the most rewarded with receiving a Pokemon and journeying." Red was astounded, practically speechless as he heard the very words he had longed to hear ever sense deciding to visit the laboratory the first time. He would get a Pokemon! Granted, he had managed to already acquire one, but for Oak – one of the world's greatest – to see potential in him for him to receive a Pokemon greater than anything he could have hoped him to say. "I already gave one out today so your left with the choices of either Bulbasaur or Charmander."

Red knew about both of those Pokemon. Bulbasaur was a friendly species, known for the bulb that grew on its back, while Charmander were known to be tricky to train even if they were worth the reward. Red almost immediately decided which he would pick. "I'll pick Bulbasaur."

"Good choice," Oak replied as he grabbed the pokeball for Bulbasaur and handed it to Red. "May I ask why? I do enjoy hearing the thought process that is put behind an important decision such as this."

"Well it was simple really. I just don't know enough to start with a Pokemon as tough to raise as Charmander. So I'll go with Bulbasaur, a Pokemon that will let me learn and grow into a trainer at my own pace."

"That is a marvelous answer. I knew I had made the right choice with you." Oak beamed before he shoved a red rectangular device into his hands and several more pokeballs. Red having to set everything down on the table so he could properly put everything away. "The pokeball's I'm sure need no explanation, but the Pokedex I gave you those. You see, its my own creation!" Oak exclaimed with pride.

"Is it a phone?"

"It does have that capability, yes. However, it is far greater, as it is a Pokemon encyclopedia! You see it records the data of any Pokemon you've seen or caught. You see I've given it to you as a favor, as my age is rather restricting on long distance travel and prevents me from seeing the Pokemon of the world any more. Thus, I gave you the device so I could get data on Pokemon even if I am not there myself to collect it. So I ask you Red, will you help me?"

"Of course!" Red exclaimed in answer. Red waving his good bye before he turned and began to run out of the room, eager to try to close the growing distance between him and the girl as fast as possible.

"Don't forget to be careful!" Was all Oak could yell before Red had run out of earshot.

"He will never change," Blue stated as he entered the room, "he just runs from place to place, ignorant of dangers or consequences."

"You heard all of that did you?" Blue nodded, "well you may be surprised. Few who ever go on a Pokemon journey ever come back the exact same. Whether or not the changes are for the better or not are up to him."

"Why did you even give him a Pokemon? He is just a dumb kid who doesn't know his own limits."

"I saw potential. Same as I do in you, I honestly believe that each of you will go far."

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