If Only

"Two vanillas, please."

Saruhiko held up two fingers and rummaged in his back pocket for change with his free hand. He offered the ice cream vendor no smile as he put the money for the desserts on the counter and turned away, ice cream in hand. The teen made his way to the impatiently waiting Yata Misaki, who sat slouched at the bench with lips puckered.

Perhaps he wasn't the prettiest sight to other passerby (his eyes were squinty in the sunlight and there was a bloody bandaid across his nose), but to Saru, it was the most adorable sight he had ever seen.

Biting back a smile, Saru took his place next to his friend and passed one of the cones to him. Misaki scowled.

"I thought I asked for strawberry!" he whined, taking the vanilla cone anyway. Saru feigned cluelessness.

"I thought you wanted vanilla," he smiled. The boy was perfectly aware that Misaki had called for a strawberry cone, but since Saru was the one buying, he might as well get something in return for the money spent.

As the redhead started to lap at his cone, Saru decided to start up a conversation.

"Hey, Misaki, how's that new video game of yours?"

The shorter boy's eyes lit up as he recalled his brand new game. "It's just amazing, Saru! You wouldn't believe the graphics! I was up all night playing; I even got to the third boss! And did you know, that the main character…"

Saru droned out what Misaki was saying, instead focusing on his voice. He made no real effort to follow, only nodding and 'hm'-ing when necessary. His friend didn't seem to notice, as caught up with describing his awesome new game as he was.

He was so caught up that he didn't notice the melting ice cream dribbling down his fist and down his sleeve.

Saru slipped the rest of his cone into his mouth. While Misaki had been too busy running his mouth to eat, he had enjoyed his dessert before it could melt its way down his fingers.

He raised a hand to stop the redhead from babbling. "Misaki, your ice cream is melting."

"- and I had this 140 power move- huh? Oh! Gross!" The boy's face wrinkled as he patted his sides for a napkin.

Finding none, he turned to his grinning friend and offered an open palm. "Napkin, Saru!" he demanded.

Saruhiko smiled in fake surprise. "Napkins? I think I forgot to bring them." He held his hands out as further proof of his innocence. In all honesty, he hadn't brought any on purpose.

Misaki scowled and looked to the ice cream stand. The distance was seemingly too much for him, as he reclined and, with a resigned groan, started to lick up his hand.

Saru watched in perverse fascination as the smaller boy cleaned himself up, focused on getting his arm clean.

He shuddered as he watched Misaki splay his fingers and start to lap up the sticky ice cream from between the pads of his palm, switching his ice cream to the other hand as he did so.

It was then that Yata noticed his partner's intense gaze and froze, tongue still on his wrist. "S-Saru?! Is something wrong?"

Saruhiko had to hold back a disappointed groan, instead smiling tersely. "No, Misaki, I was just looking at the ice cream on your ear."

Misaki shrieked and clapped a hand to his ear. "On my ear? How did it get there?!" He scrubbed at his ear furiously, reddening it.

Saru leaned back as Misaki examined his fingers and found no trace of any ice cream there. He growled and shook a fist at his best friend. "Goddamnit, Saru, there wasn't any ice cream on my ear! Liar! Scum!"

As Misaki continued to describe in full detail just how horrible of a person Saru was, the teen himself stared at the boy's reddened ear and imagined that he had done that himself.

If only.