I've had a couple of requests to write a Naruto/Sakura Adult!Fic. This is what I came up with.

New Authors Note [02/01/2014]: REWRITE! This is the new, hopefully better version of this story. It's slightly longer, so I've cut each chapter down to five pages each, which is why there's an update. Let me know what ya'll think.

Manga Spoilers! Can't remember which ones though, it'll just be a good idea to be up to date.

[Side Note w/current Manga Spoilers 663: What the fuck is up with Madara? I was like who the hell is that, when he morphed into that-thing. Sage Mode? I'm hoping since everyone else seems to be resurrecting that Neji will get in on the action. He never should've died. And the footless dude at the end…any thoughts?]

Chapter One:

When Naruto got home from his three-month long mission he went immediately to the shower, desperately needing one, but wanting to feel warm water against his skin evenmore. Not bothering to switch his bedroom light on, he darted to the bathroom and twisted the chrome handle to the shower. As soon as the steam started billowing out of the open shower door, he quickly stripped bare, dropping his dusty garments to the floor, and stepping in to the warmth, releasing a deep, satisfied groan as the water pelted into his sore muscles.

However, within ten minutes, the hot water was lukewarm and he begrudgingly shut it off. "The water heater in this place sucks," he grumbled, reaching for the white towel hanging on the squared style towel bar.

He couldn't even count on his fingers anymore how many times he'd told his landlord something needed to be done. Naruto had even offered to get his own, but the landlord insisted he'd get it changed and that was a year ago.

Naruto, not bothering to wipe himself down, wrapped the terry cloth towel around his waist, and shook his head, not caring that water splattered all over. When he entered his room again, he flipped the light switch on and his eyes immediately focused on the beautiful pink hair sticking out from underneath his blanket. His breath caught slightly when he heard her grunt with surprise as she most likely registered his chakra since he wasn't trying to hide it. She shifted out from under the pale orange comforter and stretched, yawning herself awake.

Naruto could have a debate with the guys about what the most beautiful thing in the world was, because, without a doubt, it would be Sakura's sleepy smile. He cocked his head to the side, letting the side of his mouth curve upwards as his gaze lingered on her lips.

"Hi," she said. Her husky, sleep-roughened voice made his knees weak, and he almost stumbled as he walked towards the end of the bed.

"I'm sorry I woke you," Naruto said softly. "I didn't know you'd be here."

Sakura chuckled and quickly sat upright, letting the comforter pool into her lap, revealing a light green button down shirt. "It is your bed after all. The mission took longer than you said. I-I," she stuttered before clearing her throat, "I got worried and then I started to stay here waiting for you." She finished with a nonchalant shrug that caused her hair to fall forward against her partially bare shoulder. "Your place is closer to the hospital anyhow."

His stomach flip-flopped and he scrubbed a hand through his damp hair. It always took a bit of getting used to…coming back to her. He felt bad for being late, for making her wait. Naruto bit down on his lip to keep from squealing about that fact. Haruno Sakura was waiting for him, was worried about him.

"Did everything go okay?" she asked when he continued to stare down at her, head tilted to the side as he memorized every detail of her…not that he hadn't already.

His eyes widened slightly as he recalled why he'd been late. He nervously rubbed the back of his neck, bowing his head. His free hand fiddled with a loose thread on the towel at his waist while he contemplated bringing the issue up. He didn't want to. The selfish part of him didn't want to ruin her mood, or this moment, or worse, make her realize again that it had always been Sasuke for her. His tongue felt thick as he spoke. "I bumped into Sasuke again."

Sakura shoulders stiffened instantly and her eyes flashed with an alertness he only saw her have when in battle. It was the only look she had that made him nauseous. It was like she was ready to be hurt again, she was preparing for it. He'd give anything to keep that look off her beautiful face. His fists clenched at his side.

"Are you okay? Do I need to heal you?" she asked all business.

And because he wanted that look off her face, Naruto snorted, shook his head, and offered her a small smile. "Nah, we had, in his warped mind, what he would consider a normal conversation. 'Stop following me'-the usual." Her deep frown made him wonder if his half-hearted grin fooled her. If it had, she didn't push. She simply bowed her head focusing her attention in her lap.

He felt the defeat all over her. "Sakura, I'll get him back." Maybe one day the promise he spouted off would happen. No matter what would happen when Sasuke got back. Naruto knew, even if Sasuke didn't yet, that Sasuke needed Sakura. Naruto also knew that he needed her just as much.

When she lifted her crystalline green eyes up to his, he was reminded of the power she had over him. A simple searching look, for something Naruto couldn't figure out, was enough to weaken him. His sudden cotton mouth made it hard to swallow as he watched her watch him. The hard line of her mouth softened the longer she looked at him and had the bed not been just at the front of his kneecaps they definitely would've buckled. She was toxic and his reactions to her more potent everyday. And she didn't have a clue what she did to him. Not really. He'd made comments to her, but the way she brushed them off let him know that she didn't fully understand the extent of his feelings. These feelings were so powerful they frightened him. It wasn't just his life, but Konoha. He'd give up Konoha for her...just to be near her. His heart pounded in his chest as they continued to silently stare at each other and when her eyes slowly started to wander down his mostly naked body, he held his breath, desperately wanting her to look lower. Any little acknowledgement from her that he was indeed a man was enough to last months. She focused intently at his waist, her face flushing the longer she stayed in that spot. Sucking her bottom lip she shifted her eyes up, but wide. She was too embarrassed to make eye contact with him.

Or was it that she didn't like the way he looked? He swallowed about to say something, but Sakura spoke first.

"You must be tired," she said, her voice shaky as she quickly slipped out from under the covers to settle her bare feet on the ground.

Naruto ran a hand through his hair, suddenly feeling awkward as he stood in front of his first and only love with a small white towel covering his junk. He plastered his signature toothy grin to his face and included a wink for good measure. "Sakura-chan, take the bed. I'll sleep on the couch."

"No, really…well, I really don't want to sleep on the couch." She tsked and then gave him a sheepish look before glancing down to watch her fingers fisting his blanket. "We could just sleep together."

His heart clenched at the words. Knowing it was too good to be true. He concluded that she'd lost a patient. She always stayed with him when she did. It was the one time he was able to hold her. It was the reason he knew she was a snuggling pro come morning. "What? D-did you lose a patient tonight?" He wanted to knock his head against the wall when he stumbled over his words.

She harrumphed playfully. "No. I missed you. Isn't that enough?"

Naruto inhaled through his nostrils and released the air out of his mouth as he watched her fingers fiddle with the pearly buttons on her long light green t-shirt that just happened to stop at mid thigh. He took another deep breath, reminding himself that it was only a towel hiding his business from her. He had to calm himself or she would realize…she would know. "Yeah, sure, okay-um-just could you turn around so I can get my clothes on?"

It had been three months since they'd shared a bed, not for sex or anything. God he wished. But no, Sakura just had the biggest heart he'd ever seen, and losing patients broke it every time. They'd both found out that it was better for her in the morning when they held each other at night, just for sleep. It was always just for sleep. Naruto had noticed, just before he'd left, that it had started happening almost every night, whether she lost a patient or not. Naruto had guiltily come to anticipate those nights, even the morning after, and then the night that followed mainly because his bed would smell like her.

When Sakura didn't turn around for him to get dressed right away, his brows furrowed together. He could tell by the expression on her face she was deciding something and as the mischievous twinkle lit her heart-stopping green eyes he felt a little light headed. She bit her bottom lip, her face flushing a deep crimson. His heart fluttered, like the organ knew what she was going to say.

"Or I could take my clothes off," she said, quirking an eyebrow up in question.

Naruto was going straight to hell.

He was so dirty.

Sakura would never...he hadn't heard her right was all.

He banged the palm of his hand into the side of his head and then wiggled his index finger into his ear. "Come again? Sakura, maybe you should-" He didn't get to finish his sentence since the tips of her fingers nipped at the hem of her nightgown, exposing more of her creamy upper thighs.

His eyes widened and he forgot he had a tongue. When she continued to pull the material higher up, he lost his breath as a burning heat swept through his groin. He was hyperventilating. Naruto's rapidly beating heart was having a go at breaking through his chest, so he slammed his eyes shut and with his hand, tried to hide the evidence.

He barely noticed the bed creaking when she spoke again. "Naruto, look at me."

He refused, shaking his head, but the soft lulling of her voice was hypnotizing and his willpower low. He tensed as he heard her foot falls against the tan carpet. The noise didn't stop until he felt the heat radiating off her body towards him. She was so close. All he had to do was lean forward and his body would touch hers. He didn't have to look to know just how close she was to him either. He knew her better than he knew himself.

Naruto resisted when he felt her small fingers wrapping around his wrist. Her other hand pried his fingers away from the death grip it had on his thigh and pulled his hand towards her. Her hot, plump cheek rested against his palm and she let out a hum of satisfaction. His fingers moved so that he was cupping her face, his thumb brushing her jaw line repeatedly. Sakura gently shifted her hold on his wrist, forcing his fingers to slide down her face. He shivered when he felt the curve of her lips beneath his thumb. A whimper of pleasure lodged in his throat as the warm moist sensation of Sakura's tongue lapped at the bad of his thumb. And when she went to suck on his thumb, his mouth dropped open in an attempt to release a moan that never came. She pulled his thumb out of her mouth and gave it a tiny peck. One tiny thumb blowjob and he could die happy. He just wanted to feel her mouth on him again.

"Naruto, when I told you I loved you, I wasn't lying," Sakura said, her breath fanning across his face.

Finally he let his eyelids flutter open. Those words had haunted the worst parts of his dreams. Even when he was awake they'd plagued him. Like the words were on constant repeat and each time it hurt a little more because he knew she couldn't have possibly meant them. Right? So why would she bring it up again?

"It's true. I love you and-" She paused and started moving his hand down again. His eyes followed the motions as she dragged his hand farther down…down the column of her throat to her collarbone, down to her shoulder… "I want to be with you."

Naruto slammed his eyes shut once more, shaking his head to clear her words, but most importantly the way she'd looked baring her before him, the way she looked wanting him. "This is definitely a dream." His mumbled words seemed foreign even to his own ears. If it was a dream, he never wanted to wake up.

Sakura let out a breathless chuckle and he felt the vibration of the action run through the tips of his fingers. "No. I'm here, in your room, naked, asking you to make love to me."

The breath he'd been holding exploded from his mouth and he trembled. That was enough to cause him to open his eyes, and his gaze instantly focused on her, never once leaving her face. "You should come with a warning sign." Naruto whispered, keeping his eyes glued to hers. "You're toxic."

Sakura gave him a slow, seductive smile and her eyes glowed with appreciation as she stepped towards him. "I'll get a t-shirt," she teased, taking what he said as the compliment he meant.

"That's a good idea." He tried to laugh, unsuccessfully. "People will know-" He completely stopped trying to lighten the moment when the bottom of his palm slowly started to follow the rising slope of her breast.

He swallowed and licked his suddenly dry lips, a hazy, dream like veil crossing his eyes. He was shaking so hard, like an earthquake was wrecking him from the inside.

"Are you okay?" Sakura whispered. "You want to touch me, don't you?"

How could he not want to touch perfection? All he could do was nod enthusiastically as Sakura encased his hand around her breast, molding his hand so he was squeezing her gently. His still dry lips parted in surprise at the feel of her smooth, cushiony skin.

"Sak-" He couldn't form words around the groan that rumbled in his throat.

"Are you a virgin?" she asked, making a grand effort to keep the shakiness out of her voice, but failing.

Naruto nodded slowly. "I only ever wanted you."

She looked relieved. Sakura gave him a pleased look before she responded. "I'm a virgin too."

He'd expected it, but hearing it made him feel less like a fool for saving himself for her. Sakura pulled his hand back enough so that his rough palm could brush against her nipple. The mewling grunt that escaped her lips was his undoing. Naruto felt his knees weaken and before he could stop it, he collapsed at her feet and when Sakura joined him on the floor he knew this would be the best night of his life.

"Nah, we had, in his warped mind, what he would consider a normal conversation. –either similar or exact to what Buffy says in Checkpoint.