Paper Pokemon

Chapter 1, How is this possible?

"Ugghhh my aching head..." Jagger complained as he slowly woke up. He look down at his paw. It looked... Different somehow..."What the?.." He went over to a mirror. His eyes widened. "Wh... What?.. How is this possible?.. I'm made of..." He was made of paper. He quickly rushed outside. EVERYTHING was made of paper. "What happened?.." He saw everyone by a small wooden structure. Trace, Ashley, Luna, even Blaze and Rena were there. All made of paper.

"Jagger, you're here too!" Trace exclaimed.

"Yeah... This is weird... Anyone know how we got here?" Jagger asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Where are we anyways?"

"Excuse me! I'm sorry to interrupt but you're in Rougeport!" Said a small, bomb-like creature.

"Huh? And who are you?" Jagger asked him.

"Oh! My name is Bobert, and I'm a Bob-omb!"

"Hmm... Rougeport? Bob-ombs?.." Jagger's eyes widened as he came to a conclusion.

"Guys... I think we've been somehow been transported into Paper Mario..."

"What? How is that even possible?" Luna asked

"I don't know, but we should try to find out."

"Maybe if we search around Rougeport, we can find out why we're here." Trace stated. The team nodded in agreement, and split up to find out why they were transported into the video game. This whole time, two figures were hiding behind a crate, observing the conversation.

"Lord, who where those people? They looked very strange. I've never seen them around here before. Think their with Mario?" A feminine voice asked.

"Hmm... They don't look like it... Can't be too careful though. We should check it out."

"But how will we do that, lord?"

"We'll find a way. Somehow we have to find out."

"Good point, lord." Both of the figures went down a pipe to who knows where."