Paper Pokemon

Chapter 5: The magic of the forest

"I, Flora, guardian of the forest, accept your challenge!" Flora created an Energy Ball and fired it at Jagger. However, Jagger used Aura Sphere, which absorbed the Energy Ball and grew larger. It was about to hit Flora but she used Sacred Sword to volley it back. Jagger jumped over it and hit Flora with an Ice Punch.

"Hmph, you're stronger than you look." Flora tried to counter with Sacred Sword.

"Heh, just as planned." Jagger thought. He jumped to avoid it. The enhanced Aura Sphere looped around, passed under Jagger, and hit Flora, dealing much damage.

"Grr... Tricky one aren't you?" Flora began to glow green. She stood on her hind legs and raised up her front ones as many Energy Balls filled the area above them. "Flora's Might!" The Energy Balls began to rain down on Jagger but did not hit him. Instead, once they came within a certain radius, became to swirl around him. Flora gasped. "I-Impossible! Could he really be the hero? The hero is the only one who can harness the magic of the guardians, and use it against their enemies... He must be..." Jagger pointed towards Flora, and the Energy Balls began to rapidly shoot at her. Flora used one of her front legs to shield her face. "Gah! I underestimated you! Such power! You are the hero!" There was a flash of blinding light. Jagger's vision returned and he saw Flora standing in front of him. "Heh, I guess you are the true hero. Alright then, I will grant you my magic." She said. She closed her eyes, and concentrated her energy towards Jagger. Jagger began to levitate as a green light began to swirl around him, the energy of the forest surging through him. He returned to the ground. He felt as if he had been renewed, his former energy replaced with this all new one. "I have granted you my powers, hero. Now go forth, defeat the darkness, and may the light guide you along the way." There was another flash of light.

"You have done well to defeat the first guardian, hero... You must defeat the other guardians... Do so, and the way to the Grand star will open... Then, you will be recognized as the true hero, destined to dispel darkness... Just like your... No, never mind... My power is fading, and I cannot speak to you for much longer hero... Hero, you must retrieve the Grand Star, and defeat Gi-" Jagger reappeared in the first room.

"Jagger!" Luna exclaimed. "What happened?"

"Well... I appeared in this room, and a Virizion appeared in front of me. She challenged me to a fight, and I won. She said she granted me her magic. Everything went white, and a voice spoke to me. It said to defeat the other guardians and open the way to the Grand Star, then I will be recognized as the true hero. It also said I had to defeat someone, but I don't know who..." Jagger explained.

"Grand Star?" Rena asked.

"Yeah, I wasn't too sure what everything meant either..."

"Well, I guess we should head back to Rougeport now. I doubt that there's much more to see here, and the others should be worried." Luna said. Rena and Jagger nodded as the three headed off back to Rougeport.

"Hahahaha! This place is looking excellent!" Lord Crump exclaimed. Just then, an X-Naut ran up to him.

"Sir! I have news!" He said.

"What is it soldier?"

"We've heard about some kind of monstrous demon that came here from another world, and that its power is so unimaginable, it can crush most normal beings in an instant." Lord Crump jumped up, both surprised and exited.

"Th-that's amazing! If we could harness that demon's power... We'd be unstoppable!"
"We also have other, not as big news. Project GRAPPLE-3 is nearing completion, and we have finished constructing it. All that's left is its appearance and features."

"That is also amazing! Show me soldier!" The X-Naut lead Crump into a very large room, where many other X-Nauts were working on some kind of robot. Its body was simply a basic square with the X-Naut symbol on it, and in the middle of the symbol was a "3". It's "hands" had claws on them, and the arms were spiked so little could touch it. Its cockpit had a retractable shield around it so it was nearly impenetrable, and to top it all off, the whole thing was made of metal, which in a paper world, is one of the strongest-if not the strongest material known to man.

"Excellent! The X-Nauts will never be defeated! Hahaha! Let's see Mario try to beat us now!"