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burned into my brain are these stolen images
Poisoned Scarlett

act one

It's coincidental, the manner which he discovers her.

His brothers fiancée gives him a ticket to the show hours before the performance with apologetic eyes and a sheepish laugh. She says she cannot attend but she would not like the ticket to go to waste. Wes had mentioned to her that he liked playwrights and, once upon a time, had a real interest in theater, if only for the orchestra. She says she's sorry she doesn't have a spare and if he does not want to go alone, she could give it to another person. But Soul doesn't make a fuss over the ticket and he assures it's fine, he'll take the ticket (and resell it at the theater for a cheaper price).

He doesn't tell her this but he's sure she can read it in his eyes.

She gives it to him anyway.

He does not resell the ticket, however. Once there, the doors wide open to admit people into the theater, he decides to attend with the thought that at the very least he could walk out if he did not like it. The theater is rather small but elegant, with comfortable seats that recline if he leans back. The walls are awash with deep violet and set up a mysterious atmosphere, numerous torch lamps set up at every corner to offer just enough lighting. The stage swallows up most of the playhouse, its drawn curtains a deep rouge that reminds him of a time in his youth when he peeked through similar drapes, his fingers drumming anxiously on his thigh. He takes a seat near the middle, right beside a couple who whisper between themselves furiously, and settles in for what he expects is a dull show. The curtains are drawn open soon after, spotlights dimming upon center stage, and when the lavish girls begin to file out he tells himself that at least he can enjoy the classical music.

But it's not a dull show.

He notices her first despite the flourish of extravagantly dressed women, starting at the very end and working her way to the front.

She outshines the other dancers, fitting into her pale dress as if she were born for it. She carries something that the others don't, something he feels he can just grasp but turns to smoke at the next instant, and when she opens her eyes, they rapidly become the only thing he can see. She has the slow smile of someone whose seduction is emotional rather than physical. The slight curl of her preciously plump lips is tantalizing in its perfection; it's juicy and red and so delightfully enticing. He can feel his lungs constrict tighter and tighter when they part with her breaths. Electric green orbs encased with sinfully long lashes and the highlight of the porcelain velvet some dare to call skin, he believes she's not real but just a wind-up doll performing pre-set acts of beauty.

But she's not; she's so painfully real in the way she moves and the way she arcs. She tosses her head back and her arms reach above her head, curls of hair made golden by the hot spotlight bouncing by her cheek. She spins, a blinding display of glitter and white, and when she stops, her eyes open again, her smile worms its way under his skin in a way that both infuriates and beguiles him.

He stays until the end.

Then he tells his brother the show was an enormous disappointment as he tucks the ticket for the next showing in his wallet.

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