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Tomoe walks towards school his silver ears hidden and in his uniform he gives a quiet growl as he see's Kurama up ahead seemingly frozen and without the usual swarm of people around him. Tomoe strides forward stopping close to the tengu and asks "what you standing there shocked for?"

"there are no other celebs coming here so why..." Kurama replies sounding slightly dazed. Tomoe looks forward seeing the huge crowd of people at the front gate of their school then asks a small smirk of his face "did your usual swarm of fans go over there?" Kurama nods and Tomoe had to hold back a laugh and instead grabs hold of the tengu pulling him forward so they could see what's going on in the centre of the crowd he drags the still stunned idol behind him until they would be able to see what all the commotion was about.

Kurama snaps out of his stunned state just as he see's what's happening in the middle of the commotion and all he see's is a tall girl who had hair reaching her knees her hair was a deep, glossy, jet black colour and was up in a high ponytail. Kurama glares wondering why they were all around a little nobody like her when an idol like him was there he turns flicking a bit of his hair attracting a couple of his female fans as he heads to his class.

Tomoe turns away heading to class too otherwise he would be late, he gets there and sits down the female students in class where gathered around his and Kurama's desks then the bell rings and the teacher walks in then says "well class we have a new student who has just transferred here so give her a good welcome." The girl walks into the class it was the girl from earlier her stride was balanced, elegant, even and swift and Tomoe notices she has a tall, lean, thin, elegant body and pale lightly tanned flawless skin. The girl also has ice blue eyes with flecks of violet, her whole expression gave the impression 'indifferent' and she says two words in a bored but beautiful tone "I'm Yuki."

Yuki holds back a yawn 'this is so bothersome' she strides forward to the only open seat which happened to be between Kurama and Tomoe just before she sits she flicks her hair to the side and over her right shoulder before sitting down she could hear the whispers already how her name which meant snow, contrasted with her jet black hair.

Kurama glances at Tomoe the silver kitsune then at Yuki noticing that Tomoe does the same. When its time for lunch Kurama notices everyone going to Yuki instead of him or Tomoe as usual and listens as she speaks "leave me alone" Kurama smirks and stands going to stand behind Yuki and says to everyone by her "you heard the lady she wants to be alone" just before they all leave he hears the new girl speak up once more "same with you, whoever you are." Kurama internally flinches and he spots the smirk on Tomoe's face then Yuki stands with a sigh "too loud moving out the door her hair drifting behind her as she moves.

Yuki walks out the door and up to the rooftop where she closes her eyes tilting her head up relaxing she would easily hear anyone coming up the stairs, she is leaning against the edge completely relaxed. she hears the door open without hearing anyone coming up the stairs and her eyes open immediately her gaze narrowing in on the door.

Tomoe opens the door Kurama behind him, his gaze focussed on Yuki he didn't expect anyone to be up here let alone the new girl. That's when he notices that her hair is loose drifting down around her and had black fox ears on her head that had perked forward at the sound of the door he freezes and senses Kurama do the same when he see's what Tomoe had about the new girl Yuki... That she is a black kitsune.

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