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Yuki swiftly stands tossing her hair behind her, it had fallen loose so her silky black ears could be seen. Yuki starts to head to the door swiftly but is stopped by hearing Kurai stand.

Kurai had pushed herself off the bed, folding her arms and leaning her back against the wall. Her eyes were focused on the ground rather then the other three in the room."Thanks..." Kurai finally broke the silence glancing up at the two boys. "Look at you being all thankful" Yuki frowned narrowing her eyes at the tengu. Kurai narrowed her eyes meeting the kitsune's gaze "Life isn't all about our rivalry, don't flatter yourself" the female kitsune narrows her eyes at the silver tengu and says "you have something to say so say it birdy"

Kurama notices Kurai looking out the window and notices that storm clouds are gathered in the distance, the rumble of thunder booming every now and then. Kurama then realises what she was looking at, a lone crow then it flies off.

Kurai speaks "Normally I don't take interest in human matters, let alone a foxes" She narrowed her eyes at Yuki "But as you know...The wind speaks to me, but as time as gone on, it has grown more bitter, and I feel my powers draining" She admitted "I was able to feel it , the wind no longer answers me, I'm attacked by crude visions in my sleep and I have no idea who the culprit is..." She glanced up at the others. "I haven't lost any power yet" Kurama said looking at his hands. "Me either, what are you talking about?" Tomoe also looked at his own hands.

Yuki smirked "its just her trying to make up some sort of excuse for being weak" Yuki laughed. Kurai slammed her fist into the side of the wall beside her leaving a mark. She held it there narrowing her eyes at the group "I was stupid to think I could seek help from the likes of you, Fox..." She lowered her hand before turning to the two boys "And you two!" She rose her hand about to attack before freezing, she lowered her hand again "Your lucky I have to save my power" She walked to the door pushing it open and leaving the area.

Kurai walked down the street, rain was soon to follow her as the streets were swallowed up by the storm. The wind blew wildly on Kurai, but even she wasn't able to understand this wind. Was she the first target for something a lot bigger? who would be after her?, the questions swirled in her mind. The sharp wind sapped at her own power sharply carrying it away. Little did she know what evil awaited not only her, but Yuki, Kurama and Tomoe as well.

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