It was sick, twisted, a fucking dark illusion. Robin couldn't help feel weak by his wicked temptation. He had gotten lost in the nectarous, and tainted skin of his lover to many times to count. Long hot days followed by long hot wet nights. It started completely by surprise, but if Robin had been honest with himself he knew better than that. There had been sexual tension building for years the lust they had for one another grew into a violent, seedy, obsession. He kept the masked heroin awake at night thinking of him begging for him even if it was just to destroy him. He made him second himself, and then he would make him stronger than he ever imagined.

Robin should have noticed sooner, but his hatred was so deeply en rooted for his elder lover he was blinded by contempt. He should have seen when he saved him from falling off the roof. He should have seen how everything Slade did was to get his attention. The signs were there bright, and alarming. They both were authoritative, ambitious, un-relenting obscenely passionate they knew how to make one another shiver. If Robin was honest with himself no one thrilled him more than Slade did. No one aroused him like he did, or captivated him like he did. No one not even Star Fire, or Raven girls he had lusted over for sometime could compare to mercenary. He was rugged, well spoken, cruel, calculating, and rough which just turned Robin on deeply. He was mysterious, sensual, erotic, a complete tease by nature which only drew him in more. He was sadistic, and magnetic designed for Robin himself.

It started when he was an apprentice by force to the elder. They were in the boiler room one on one combat fighting as dirty as the other allowed as a way to ease the sexual tension that had been building. They only made it worse much worse. Robin was so sultry looking with his black t-shirt clinging to his sweat ridden body. His eyes were hot, and his body was begging for it so soft, and toned it melted Slade.. Robin would never admit it, but Slade look so fuckable in just his gray sweatpants he hid so much under that metal armor like the fact he was ripped. He hid so much under his mask like his dazzling green eyes. Slade knocked Robin into the wall where a fragile machine with a glass casing stood the glass broken into shards on the cement. Slade kissed him shoving his tongue down his throat curling it against Robin's. He was leaving bruises on his precious bird's hips he was pressing so hard with his fingers. Slade threw Robin on to the glass causing some pain but neither cared it was painful, a little bloody, and smoldering hot when they were digging their fingernails in one another's back biting one another's necks pulling one another's hair. Claw, and bite marks along with countless bruises adorned their bodies as they made raw, nasty, filthy, orgasmic love making spanking, choking damn near killing one another with passionate sex. They laid on the cool cement breathing heavily.

" Oh my little bird it is true we both never like to lose you will make a great apprentice, and an even better lover." He smirked which made Robin's blood boil he nearly was going to punch that gorgeous face with his bruised knuckles, but stopped himself. He was silent, but they made out sloppy, and messy. It was ridiculous, but Slade's cruel,rugged nature was so hot.

The relationship was very rough physically, and mentally in the beginning, but it grew to be more tender. Robin had returned to the Teen Titans while Slade continued his criminal enterprise which caused conflict between the two, but not to big of one. No one knew about the secret affair, because to Robin he was both cheating on his team, but also his morals he didn't care though. Slade had no moral compass so to him it was perfectly natural.

" Slade we need to talk" Robin's heart was heavy he couldn't do this anymore it was draining.

" Come sit my little bird." He cooed taking his hand leading him to the bed.

" We can't do this anymore I will never-.." Robin stopped for the first time he saw his elder love in pain..

" My apprentice I never lose, and I chose you so that means I will not lose you, because you belong with me." The words shocked him, because that were not possessive, but gentle. Slade's pink kissable lips met his in an amiable romantic gesture. Robin melted into the kiss it was so out of character for Slade to be so delicate.

"We shouldn't.." Robin said feeling even worse.

" Do you love my little pet? I love you in fact everything I have ever done has been about you for you in every way. You always meant more to me than just the boy wonder with his little band of misfits."

" You think we are misfits?" Robin frowned those words hurt more than his lover had known his opinion meant more than he knew.

" Don't change the subject. Do you love me?"

" Yes. Yes I do more than anything actually, but tell me do you really think we are misfits?"

" Of course not my little bird not at all. You were quite the challenge my dear. I could never win with you." He cooed.

" You will never win." He smiled triumphant same Robin always courageous, and on top. Funny thing was Robin held Slade in the palm of hand he just never knew it.

"Good. On your knees my little pet."

" In your dreams."

In his dreams indeed, but most of his fantasies had come true he loved Robin like no one could, and he finally was getting the opportunity to. Sweet child was finally his, and that was all that mattered. He never had to endure watching those twits fawn over him, or those sluts make passes at him it made his blood boil. He could finally look in those baby blue eyes, kiss those kissable lips, hold those calloused hands, and fix guarded broken heart.

So Slade just sat next to him before they both fell asleep in one another's arms. Slade awoke before his younger love, and whispered:

" I love you my little bird so much it hurts" He then kissed his temple, and laid back down.