Robin was grasping for Slade's warmth, but it only eluded him, and he felt the coolness of the sheets next to him. Robin wanted to admit how childish he felt at the fact he was a bit worried that his lover was not sleeping soundly next to him. He had to rationalize he thought to himself don't show any weakness don't be vulnerable easier said than done however. The communicator lay beeping on the floor how incessant, and annoying he thought to himself once more I really should just smash those bloody things. His head was pounding from the sound of it all, and then it hit him he had stayed the night. He looked down of course his body was nude adorned with love bites, and bruises even a fresh hickey on his neck. He closed his eyes remembering the sleepy love making he had participated in last night.

He had been alarmingly awoken from his peaceful sleep by teeth digging into his young flesh very viciously he could feel the feel the blood leaking from his self the blood being smeared by dry lips. Oh he knew those lips and let out a moan.

" Hello my pet." He said seductively " Does that feel nice? Do you want more?" Robin could only moan, and whimper in response of course he wanted more he was starved for Slade's affection.

" Moan louder for me my pet." He whispered in his ear it was meant to be gentle, but when Slade was this deep into lust there wasn't it only came out as hungry, demanding, or both. Robin monad louder causing Slade's fingers to embed themselves into soft toned flesh of Robin's ass then kissed Robin causing some blood to escape into his yearning mouth, but Robin didn't mind he only bit Slade harder then he had bitten him. Everything was competition to those two, but that is the way they fell in love driven to compete driven my competition, but grounded by the tenderness they displayed to one another. Sex was excluded from the tenderness though, because they both brutal, and biting in so animalistic it would make even though most kinkiest on lovers envious. They had another of raw, bloody, sweaty, animalistic sex that left them both injured, and panting. They both slept much better covered in one another's love juices.

Robin felt his lover hands graze his temple he would never admit it, but he loved it a lot.

" Good morning my precious bird" He chimed. Well someone is in a good mood he thought to himself.

" Good morning." He said sleepily a bit angry that his master had left him there alone.

" Don't be upset pet I had to take care of some business matters early in the morning, but I have good news!" He smiled of course would send him that glimmering smirk that could make anyone forgive him.

" What is it?" Robin tried to be chipper about it really he did, but he was a horrible liar. He was surprised the affair had lasted this long.

" Oh little Robin please pretend to indulge me baby?" He smirk was fading okay now he really had to try. He bit his lip, and forced a believable smile. He looked into his lover's eyes, and squeezed his hand lovingly.

"Better?" He said with a beaming smile this might actually be funner then he had once believed it to be.

"Much better anyway my pet the heist that you agreed to back off of you remember the one in Gotham?"

Robin's face went blank Gotham was a place of pain for him so many horrid nightmares he wish to never tell. He only agreed to lay off Gotham, because at the time he felt like his former lover Bruce would take care of it, but he was in no shape when the heist hit.

"Yes." He kept that forced smile Slade must never know about Bruce no one could.

" Why did you my love it was so out of character for you." He smiled truly intrigued.

" Well surly there was another hero of sorts that could easily take out your drones."

" Ha clever pet, but the town's hero no longer truly exists, so the heist was so simple."

Where was Bruce? What happened to Batman? Sure Rachel's death was hell on all of them, but especially him. He loved her after all was in love with her, it's the reason they broke up. Robin couldn't simply tell Slade of his gentler lover. Bruce was so incredibly gentle it was romantic when they made love. He was his first love, and nothing could change that it was the reason he backed off of that place being in the same proximity with him would make him cave. He couldn't do that to Slade he did love them very much.

" Oh my sweet little bird. Have I lost you?" His voice is not hurt not like Bruce's would have been.

"No not at all Slade go on. I'm so eager to hear.." His tone was sarcastic almost a jab to Slade's ego.

"Well.. it was so simple I have had said that much, but the good news is that the heist was so successful we are branching out even further than before."

"An international criminal enterprise how comical." His tone flat biting.

" What's wrong my sweet Robin? Have I upset you? I thought you would be happy it means the Titans wouldn't have to hunt me anymore we could be together now."

" You promised. We would tell no one ever. You're criminal and I'm a hero. We can't be together. I have to go." He was harsh, but it wasn't Slade that he was angry with he just couldn't stomach that something happened to Bruce.

" Go to the boiler room we will talk later you need to work out this pent up anger." That was that. He didn't get anger he just kissed his temple, and walked into their room. Robin left to the boiler room hitting, smashing, beating everything to pieces then he saw the glass the very glass they made love on. All those memories flooded back to his mind. I do love him, but I loved Bruce too. He hadn't thought of Bruce since Slade mentioned Gotham all those months ago, and today of course. He had to go to the cave. He had to have answers, but not today. He had to fix things with his lover then go.

He walked into the room Slade was asleep with a journal open next to him he wanted to look, but he didn't he sat it down until a little piece of paper fell out. He just laid next to him eyeing the piece of paper. He kissed his lover's lips, temples, and hands. He picked up the piece of paper and opened it simply said " He is yours. He loves you." The writing is so familiar to familiar, but he couldn't place he just goes back to kissing his lover until he awoke.

" We belong together I'm sorry so sorry. I love you!" He whispers into his master's ear. He laid next to him and fell asleep clutching his hand.