Note: Each chapter has been inspired by a certain event/conversation in the Simpsons. They all revolve around Lisa and Nelson. Some of them may be hideously short, because my creative flare enjoys downtime. Constructive criticism is welcome.

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In Future Drama, we see Lisa and Nelson both looking unhappy with their dates.

Wish I Was Dancing With You

After four minutes of dancing with Milhouse Van Houten, Lisa had lamely muttered: "My hair's a mess. I'll be back in a second."

"It looks fine, Lisa." Milhouse had bleated plaintively. Unfortunately for him, Lisa had finished counting how many floorboards lined the hall (324) and was not in the mood to move onto estimating the area of the ceiling in metres. And so she had slid from his grasp, and drifted around the corner, before pressing her back against the little island of walling that separated the doors to the girls and boys bathroom. Closing her eyes, Lisa buried her face in her hands. How had she ended up going to prom with Milhouse? How had she even ended up going out with Milhouse? Unfortunately, Lisa knew her sympathetic and compassionate nature would not allow her to dump him on prom night- he was so insecure, and if she left him- would his life be a downwards spiral? Could Lisa really ever forgive herself for shattering the boys dream? She wasn't sure.

On the other hand, she couldn't go on like this. Even the thought of returning to the dance floor with him made her cringe, and she didn't want to go on like that for the rest of her life.

"Well..." she breathed "At least he's not going to Yale."

"Hey, Lis'"

Lisa peeped through her hands. Apparently, someone else needed some away time as well.

"Hi, Nelson." She gave a thin smile, glad to know she wasn't shut away in this cage of emotional torment alone. "Having fun?"

"Take a wild guess." He muttered in a low voice.

She rolled her eyes. "Judging by body language, tone of voice and facial expression, I'd say you're in danger of exploding with ecstasy."

"Bang on the mark." Nelson replied with the same sarcastic monotone, before giving a bucktoothed, crooked grin. He gestured to Terri and Sherri- they were swaying limply to the music as if he'd never left. "Probably haven't realised I'm missing."

"I wish I could say the same." Lisa muttered, sneaking a glance around the corner. Milhouse was standing alone, eyes flitting shiftily.

"A little clingy, eh?" Nelson murmured, his eyes following Lisa's.

"Just a tad." She sighed with a weak smile.

The pair stood in silence, collecting their thoughts and wondering how they were going to escape from their individual messes. Nelson had always been a good friend to Lisa- a little more, truthfully, though she hated to admit it. A willing lunch partner, someone to help her with troubled social life. With his protection, she hadn't been the victim of a single snide remark all through high school, and she was going to miss his surprisingly insightful advice. One of the best things about Nelson was the fact he was prepared to stand in silence with her- yet it felt as easy as having a conversation, something that could not be said for Milhouse. Lisa had always tried to fill the gaps in their awkward speech, dreading the tension that would arise if she did not- though it wasn't as if their discussions were intriguing.

"So...Milhouse. Anything interesting happen at school today?"



And here she was, standing next to everything she'd ever wanted, unable to reach out and take it. Nelson had responsibilities now, right?

"Probably not even mine." He muttered, as if having read her thoughts. Lisa realised Nelson had a point. Terri and Sherri weren't exactly famous for their loyalty.

Nelson turned to look at Lisa, eyes swimming with emotion. "Wish I was dancing with you." He murmured- voice soft and barely audible.

Gulping, she closed her eyes for a moment.

"Me too" She breathed, meeting Nelson's lonely gaze. He too was staring at everything he could never have.

He broke away, eyes low and pools of sadness. "Damn it, Lisa! Can't we at least have this dance?"

She nodded silently, taking his rough, scarred hands and swaying gently to the music. Though so bittersweet and painful, Lisa felt blissfully happy in his arms. He's not bad at dancing, either She mentally noted, resting her head dreamily on his shoulder.

The track ended far too soon. The pair pulled apart, and gave each other a melancholy smile. Stooping his head down, Nelson gave Lisa a gentle kiss on the forehead, before moving away, to return to the waiting twins.

Fighting back tears, Lisa strode onto the dance floor.