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The story begins This is about each of the HoO characters PoV on when Percy and Annabeth fell in to Tartaurus (I think that is how you spell it). Warning: may contain MoA spoilers.

Disclaimer: Do I look like Rick Riordan so sadly I do not own Percy Jackson and all character envolved.

Franks PoV.

How could this happen to me? I mean I just lost my Grandmother, how could I let one of my only living relatives (not including my brothers and sister because they want to disown me) fall like that. I mean he is my uncle for the sake of Olympus, how could I let them fall. Maybe Grandmother was right I am a thick headed ox, I just wanna cry and fall or if only I could I would make a time machine and turn back time and I could've saved them and not let them fall. So after they fell I locked myself in my room nobody could get me out it took a while for Hazel to coax me out with ice cream made for those how can't have milk. After all of that once everybody is safe and sound I want to lie down and forget about saving the world and take a brake just to enjoy the time I have.

sorry about them being short as it is Like 10:00pm in Australia so please review. I probably won't update really fast as I can only get the computer at night XOXO gossip girl LoL jokes c ya soon

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