Chapter 1: An Awkward Meeting

She sat in the corner surrounded by her fellow Starkids and friends as they laughed and joked, she smiled but, as she absentmindedly picked apart her gluten-free bagel, her thoughts kept returning to just one of the group. Joe Walker. What was she thinking! Lauren and Joe have been friends for years! Why was she looking as him and feeling her face turn hot as she blushed, her stomach erupting into butterfly's when he smiled? She sighed. Her best friend and roommate Julia waved a hand in front of her face "Hello? Earth to Lo?" She snapped out of her daydream with a gasp. "What, yes, sorry daydreaming" she said, startled. Julia just laughed, "Trust you Lopez" as Matt Lang shook his head. " I was just saying me and Nick have to go, we do have a musical to write after all!" He said as the brothers stood up and the group shouted and waved their good byes. " We should go too" said Meredith as she took Brian's hand and they to left. Leaving Lauren next to Joe and Julia across the table. She took a sharp breath and went back to picking apart the bagel she no longer wanted to eat. Julia pulled a face at her from across the table but Lauren just ignored her and continued to pull the bread apart.
Joe smiled across at Julia and then looked down at the smallest member of the group, their table had fallen into a awkward silence. Lauren refused to even acknowledge his smile and this worried him. Lauren was never this quite. He felt like Julia was waiting for him to leave so she could speak to Lauren alone. He stood up and said "Well I best be going, I'll see you lady's tomorrow" the girls waved him out the door. He walked to his car and sighed. Why couldn't he stop thinking about Lauren? She was one of his best friends, but this was different. He wanted to hold her in his arms and never let go. He shouldn't think about his friends like that he thought as he got into his car and drove to his apartment.