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Chapter 13:

"Three." Joan stated blinking. Joe wrapped his arm around Laurens shoulders and took a sip from his coffee, allowing it to sink in. "Want to see a picture?" Lauren asked smiling.

Jack nodded so Lauren stood up, and then ran to the sink. Joe ran after her pulling her hair from her face as she throw up. "Are you okay Lauren, Joe is she okay?" Joan asked looking worried.

"It's just morning sickness mom. She's still in the first trimester." Joe said calmly, whilst rubbing slow circles on Laurens back. Lauren stood up and wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

"Let's go get you some clean clothes and your teeth cleaned Lolo." Joe said soothingly. Lauren nodded holding onto Joes arm, she always felt so shaky and weak after being sick. Joe led his shacking girlfriend upstairs.

"Grab the scan photo of the beans whilst I change my top Joe." Lauren shouted from the bathroom. Joe picked up Laurens hand bag and began to look for the picture. "Lo, how much lip gloss do you need in one bag?" Joe chuckled. Lauren laughed, "You'd be surprised. It's in my wallet."


"What do you want to drink Lo? You can't just have a brownie, cravings or not." Joe said as they waited in the queue of their favourite cafe in Ann Arbour. They had left his parents at home due to Laurens craving for triple chocolate banana brownies.

"Fine, I'll have a coffee." She grumbled before giggling as he hugged her from behind. She turned around but before she could reach up to kiss him she noticed a familiar figure in the door way.

Craning her neck to see around Joe's brood shoulders, "Joe, is that Bonnie?" She said trying to get a better look. Joe turned around.

"Bonnie!" They said together. The women, who was now at the end of the queue, looked up "Lauren... Joe. What are you doing here?" She started to walk up the queue to where they were stood.

"We came to visit Joe's parents to tell them the super news, we're engaged, and having triplets!" Lauren said excitably, not sure whether to hug her estranged friend. That decision was made for her when Bonnie pulled the surprised couple into a bone crushing hug.

"Wow! Guys... when did you two... yah know? Get together?" She asked after releasing them. "Umm... 2, 3 months ago. We found out we were pregnant about last month then last week we had the first scan and found out about the three beans. He proposed just after we found out about the pregnancy." Lauren said while Joe ordered her brownie "Get me two Joe?" She added in a whiney voice.

Joe rolled his eyes "What do you want Bonnie? I'm buying." Bonnie smiled but shook her head "No, I've not seen you for like two years and I blow you off at leaky, I'm buying for both of you. It's the least I can do."

Lauren smiled at Joe, Bonnie was stubborn and so was he. Suppressing a giggle she reached out and squeezed his hand. "Are you sure? Piggy here's already ordered two brownies." Joe said earning himself a swat on the arm from Lauren. Bonnie nodded then pushed past Joe placing her order and handing over the money before Joe could protest farther.

Once their coffee and Laurens brownies arrived and they found a seat they began to catch up. Lauren and Joe relayed their story and told her about Julia and Darren and Brain and Meredith. Lauren looked to Joe as he speculated "Oh and Jamie and Joey have been disappearing of together since we hooked up. I wonder if there's anything going on there."

Lauren laughed and took Joe's hand under the table simultaneously finishing her second brownie. "So enough about us, what about you?" She said her mouth full of gooey triple chocolate banana brownie.

"Well I moved back home for a while after AVPS but I came back to U of M last year as a teacher." She giggled at Lauren. "I actually met one of our... I mean your fans yesterday. Her opening line was 'Oh My Dead Wizard God... HERMIONE!' I just laughed. I was a bit lost though, I mean I get the wizard god thing, but when did he die? I haven't really been keeping up. It always made me feel super bad about leaving you guys."

As Lauren smiled sadly at the girl who used to be her best friend she started to cry. "Lolo, what's the matter?" Joe sounded alarmed at the sudden burst of tears. Bonnie also looked confused then said "It'll be the hormones, from the pregnancy."

Joe began to wipe Laurens eyes with a napkin before gently tilting her chin upwards and kissing her softly. Lauren kissed him back and placed her hands on his chest. Bonnie cleared her thought.

"You guys are adorable and all but tone down the PDA? For your long lost friend? Pretty please?" Bonnie suppressed a giggle. With a sigh Joe reluctantly pulled back they both picked up their coffee mugs and took a sip.

After talking for another half an hour Bonnie glanced down at her watch. "Shit, guys I got to go. My class starts in 5 minutes and it's a ten minute walk from here." She stood up and grabbed her bag.

"We'll give you a lift. Can't have Miss Gruesen being late just for us." Joe chuckled and he and Lauren stood up and lead Bonnie to his parent's car. They drove her to a very familiar building. "What do you teach?" Lauren asked on the way there.

"Theatre, oh I have an idea. Today was going to be a super boring lessen, you guys wanna make a surprise visit and tell my class all about Starkid and how theatre has benefited you? Like that lecture we had but totally awesome!" Bonnie said as they pulled into the nearest parking lot.

Joe looked to Lauren questioningly. "Couldn't hurt?" Lauren said. Joe pulled out his phone "I'll just text my mom, we were only going to get a coffee." Bonnie jumped up and down as excited as when they first put on AVPM. Lauren laughed and Joe shook his head grinning.

They walked into their old class room, still smiling, to find a class of young faces. They realised how long it had been since they graduated, they didn't recognise a single face.

Bonnie began her lesion with her two old friends stood in the back. "So today's lesson is a little different. I would like you to give warm wolverines welcome to two U of M alums, Joseph Walker and Lauren Lopez." They walked up to the front of the class room to a polite applause. One girl in the back looked gob smacked as she clapped more enthusiastically than the rest.

"Hello, I'm Joe and this is Lo. We went here 3 years ago with Miss Gruesen." Joe started trying to keep a straight face as he noticed the girl in the backs gob smacked face. "Along with a lot of our closest friends and cast mates, the members of Team Starkid. The group Darren Criss, Brian Holden and the Lang's founded when we came here." Lauren continued. Many people looked up suddenly interested when a famous name was mentioned.

The next hour passed rather quickly with the two Starkids answering lots of questions, more on Darren than Bonnie would have liked but they were interested and that's what mattered. Teaching was so much harder than it looked.


That night that night, after having returned to the cafe to buy more brownies, they were lying in Joe's old bed. Lauren was snuggled into Joe's chest with his arm around her shoulders.

"Remember the first rehearsal for AVPM?" Lauren asked looking up and smiling through her lashes. Joe nodded "You mean when you deafened me? Or when you throw yourself at me?" He laughed at her face. "That's not what happened, you snuck up on me! And we've been through this I tripped!" Lauren said defensively, remembering the day.

Lauren walked into studio one, their rehearsal space and home for the next 3 months. "Hello!" she called out excitably bounding into the empty room. "Awww... No one's here." She grumbled to no one in particular. She pulled out her phone and sat in the middle of the floor.

"RAAARRWWW!" The five boys screamed running at her. She let out an ear piercingly loud scream. Lauren took a sip from her bottle having realised who her 'attackers' were. She chuckled as they mimed deafness.

Soon the whole cast and band had arrived and received the same treatment as Lauren, only louder.

At the end of their five hour long read through it was decided that Voldermort (Joe) would be shirtless and Draco (Lauren) would roll on the floor. The time past so fast that Lauren felt she had known the group her whole life rather than the few hours she'd known some of them.

She ran around the whole room making sure she left nothing in the place. Then she ran around swapping numbers and hugging all her new and all old friends.

When she reached Joe Walker and went to hug him she tripped on the loose lace of her bettered blue converse and fell. Striate into his arms. She looked up, hands against his chest, biting her lip and mumbling out an apology, blushing a deep red.

When he saw her tumble towards him he quickly reached out his arms catching her petite frame into his strong chest. Joe grinned at her red face. "Careful there Lo." He said over her apologies. "Can I get your number?" he added.

Laurens eyes widened in shock before she realised that she was giving everyone her number. Blushing deeper she handed him her phone and taking his in return, punching in her number. She returned it to him and pulled him into a hug, standing on her tip toes before being shouted by Julia. "Hurry the fuck up Lo." She laughed and skimped out shouting her goodbyes and waving.

"It was a good day." Joe mumbled into her hair, breathing in the smell of her strawberry shampoo, a grin playing on his lips. Her hair had smelt the same on that day.

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