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Chapter 1

Daniel picked the kids up from Wilson's, he had been looking after them for him while he was at college. His parents had been away for 5 days already and Wilson had baby sat for 2 of those days, as Daniel couldn't afford to take the time off as he would be graduating in a couple of months and everything was so busy. But now he the next 2 days and the weekend off and he was spending it with Mia and Calum until their parents came home.

He gave Calum and Mia a bath and Calum a bottle and put him to bed in the crib in the nursery. Mia sat in her PJ's on the couch until Daniel came back.

"Hey Pumpkin, how's you doing?"

"K. Dans – when's mommy and daddy gonna be home?"

He cuddled up next to her. "2 more sleeps and then they'll be home. What do you want to do tomorrow?"

"Can we go to SCI's Place – haven't been for ages"

"Course we can, do you want to swim or just play in the play area"

"Just wanna play in the play area"

"Sounds good to me" Daniel said with a smile on his face. He liked going to SCI's Place – there was a certain someone there that he liked even more. "So Pumpkin – story and bedtime then, what story should we read?"

"STUART LITTLE and you have to do the voices"

"OK – lets go then"

He read her some of the story including doing the voices, then he went and checked on Calum. Both were now sound asleep.

He went to his bedroom to get some of his books, he had assignments to get a head start on, he had a long night ahead of him – no work to be done tomorrow. It seemed strange being in the house without his mom and dad – it was too quiet.

At 6am the next morning he had an early morning call – Calum was wide awake and ready for the day – unlike Daniel.

"Hey there Junior your awake early today – couldn't you have given me a lay in"

Calum just smiled and cooed at him and put his arms up for a carry. He took him to the living room and put the tv on, went into the kitchen to do him a bottle and then to the couch they went. Spongebob Squarepants was on, atleast there was good morning tv. Whilst Calum was having his bottle and watching the tv Daniel was napping. Just after 7.30am Mia came toddling into the living room rubbing sleep out of her eyes and got up on the couch with Daniel and Calum and settled next to Daniel.

He had Mia cuddling up on his right and Calum on his left – he loved having siblings, after about half an hour he decided it was time for breakfast. They had cereal and toast and no drama, both children ate their breakfast – then it was time to get dressed.

Mia decided she wanted to pick out her own clothes and however much Daniel tried to persuade her, she wasn't having it – sweater, shorts and wellies is was then. Calum also decided that getting dressed wasn't so much fun, he screamed and screamed and continuously tried to roll away – anyone would think he was murdering him.

Finally at about 11am they were ready to go out to SCI's Place and almost it was almost time for lunch!

They arrived in one piece, Calum had fallen asleep in the car, so he managed to transfer him to his buggy without waking him up. They went to the play area and found a comfy seat. Mia finally agreed take her welly boots off so she could go play. Luckily one of her friends were there too, so Daniel had a fairly easy time.

He hadn't seen Debbie yet but then he hadn't really looked for her. It was lunch time now, he took the children to the counter so they could order some food and as luck would have it Debbie was serving.

"Hi Daniel, Mia and Calum what can I get for you today?"

"Hi, can we get a cheese sandwich, chicken nuggets and Fries and ill have a chicken salad"

"Any drinks with those?"

"Orange juice and a coke please"

"No problem – I'll bring it over when its ready"

15 minutes later Debbie brought their food over. "There you go – anything I get for you?"
"Actually could you get me a high chair I forgot to get one?"

"yeah sure" she promptly returned with a high chair, as she did Daniel was yawning.

"had a rough night? When's your mom and dad coming back"

"Tomorrow night" he said with a smile

"Has it been a hard week?" she said with a laugh

"Not really, they're good kids, I just didn't realise how much energy it took to keep up with them"

"Yeah I know what you mean. My sister has 3 kids all under 5 and I looked after them for the day while she went to a wedding. I was so exhausted when they came back - anyway have fun! I'll see you around!"

"Yeah see ya"

They stayed and placed for a couple of hours then Mia was getting bored because her friend had gone home already. So it was decided that they would leave. On the way out Daniel decided he would go for broke and ask Debbie out.

"Hey Debbie I was wandering, are you busy on Saturday night I thought we could go see a movie or for something to eat "

"No I'm not busy and I'd like to see a movie. Here's my number"

"OK so 8 o'clock Saturday night – you want me to pick you up or to meet at the theatre"

"Meet at the theatre its easier"

"Ok then I'll see you on Saturday"

On Friday he took the kids to the park and they had a pic-nic, he was exhausted, he couldn't wait for his mom and dad to come home, he loved his brother and sister to bits but looking after them full time was hard work.

While they were eating their pic-nic Daniel got a phone call

"Hi Mom how's it going?"

"It's been lovely, but our flight home has been delayed. There is a storm here and we can't fly out, we are gonna be delayed for atleast 24 hours but will probably be longer, at the moment I don't know when. We are staying in another hotel for tonight or until the flight can leave. Are the kids ok?"

"Yeah we're all fine, do you think you'll be back tomorrow night?"

"I honestly don't know, and I don't think that we will know anymore until tomorrow, depends how quickly the storm blows over"

"OK, no worries the kids will be fine with me anyway, is Pop ok?"

"Yeah he's fine, been a bit difficult this week but we're talk more when we get back"

"Ok, the lines really bad mom – I'll speak to you later"

"Well pumpkin and junior it seems that Mom and Dad have been delayed, they wont be back tonight after all, but hopefully tomorrow"

Calum didn't really care he just smiled, Mia on the other hand burst into tears "I Want my daddy"

"Yeah I know pumpkin they'll be home as soon as they can. There's a storm in Hawaii and they can't leave until is stops. But they are safe they are in a hotel, OK – I promise they'll be home soon."

On Friday evening they all sat on the couch watching a movie until Mia and Calum were fast asleep. Then he put them both to bed and sat back on the couch and let out a huge sigh of relief. He picked up his phone and called Debbie

"Hi Debbie its Daniel, I think I'm gonna have to cancel tomorrow night or reschedule it. My Mom and Dad have been delayed by a storm and I don't know when they are going to be getting back"

"ooaahh No! that's a shame- about both things I mean – well why don't I come over to your place after work and help you with the kids, we can have pizza and a dvd, we can go to the movies another time"

"Well I don't mind if you don't and help with kids would be awesome"

"Ok, well text me your address and I'll see you tomorrow – I finish work at 6 so I'll come straight after"

He put his phone away and put his head back against the couch and then looked around the room. He really needed to tidy up – if his Mom came home to this mess she'd kill him. That would wait until tomorrow he thought as his eyes closed….

He could hear someone calling him. He opened one eye and was a little disorientated then he heard his name again, he opened both eyes and realised he was still on the couch "Oh shit the kids" he sat up quickly and rubbed his hands over his face "I'm coming" as he got up and headed in the direction of the noise. As he got nearer the doorway of the nursery he smiled to himself. Mia was trying to get Calum out of the crib. But they had got a little stuck "hey pumpkin let me help you" he said and took Calum from her and managed to unstick them. "Right come on then kids lets go get some breakfast then you gotta help me clean up this place before mom and dad get home – OK!"

"OK we will" said Mia

They spent the rest of the day, playing, watching tv and tidying up. At 6.15pm a knock at the door came, Mia instantly thought it would be her mom and dad but Daniel knew it was Debbie.

Mia went with Daniel and Calum to open the door and her face changed as soon as she saw Debbie "hi Mia whats the matter?"

"I thought you were my mommy" she said sadly

"No I'm sorry sweetheart, but I'm sure they'll be home soon. Can you show me where your bathroom is – I need to go to the toilet" she whispered to Mia


She took hold of Debbie's hand and took her to the bathroom. They chit-chatted the whole way.

They got the kids ready for bed and decided to let them watch a movie, he knew Mia wouldn't go to bed without a fight, she wanted to wait up for mom and dad. Calum fell asleep soon after having his bottle so Daniel put him in his crib.

"Hey pumpkin I think you need to go to bed now its 8.40pm and long past your bedtime"

"I'm not tired and I want mommy and daddy"

"I know you do, and I promise you that as soon as they get in they will come and see you ok"

"NO! I'm not going bed"

"YES you are MIA"

"NO I not – you can't make me"

"Yes I can"

She glared at him as he got up to pick her up "come on Mia be a good girl, by the time you wake up mommy and daddy will be home"


"Hey Mia, do you have the book Stuart Little" said Debbie

Mia nodded still glaring at Daniel

"I was wandering if we could read it together, it's one of my favorite stories, but I haven't read it for such a long time and I can't find my copy"

Mia looked between Daniel and Debbie for a little while – made a face at Daniel, got off the couch and picked up Debbie's hand "Ok then – come on"

With that Mia took Debbie to her bedroom and they lay together and read Stuart Little, while Daniel ordered pizza and drank a beer. He tried calling his folks again but they didn't even ring – the network was probably down.

20 minutes later the home phone rang "Hi Daniel – it's mom, I gotta be quick – we are leaving at 10.00am tomorrow the storm should be gone by then, but there's no cellphone service out here – the storm is passing now – we'll see you tomorrow sometime bye!"

Then Debbie came out with a smile on her face. "you ordered pizza yet?" she said

"yep should be here anytime now – I'm starving"

"Yeah me too – can I have a bear?"

"Are you over 21?"

"Yes Sir I am, I'm 22 would you like to see some ID?"

"No I believe you" then there was a knock at the door. They looked at each other "PIZZA" they said.

They took the pizza and beer into the living room.

"Thanks for your help earlier, she can be a monkey when she wants. How did you know about Stuart Little?"

"No problem, we talked about it before at SCI's she couldn't stop talking about it. So are you college Daniel?"

"Yeah for about 2 more months, then I graduate hopefully with a masters in music"

"Wow! So what will you do after – I mean like what can you do with a masters in music"

"I don't know yet – I could teach, but I want to play"

"What instrument do you play – or would you like to play professionally?"

"I always was best at the drums"

"Can you play drums professionally"

"I'm not so sure anymore, you can play in a band or an orchestra, but there doesn't seem to be a lot out there for a drummer"

"You said 'was' best at – what are you best at now?"

"The Piano – my dad has taught me so much over the past 5 years that I really love it"

"Is Dr House your dad?"

"yeah he is " he said with a laugh

"So why only over the past 5 years then?"

"Because that's how long I've known him!"

"Aahh ok – are Mia and Calum your real brother and sister?"

"yeah – cutting a long story short, my mom starting dating Dr House, found out they had know each other before, Dr House did a dna test and I am the result, they have stayed together and had more kids"

"Awwhh that is so sweet. But Dr House kinda scares me"

"Yeah he has that effect on people, but he's ok really. Anyway enough about me, what about you – no college?"

"Yeah I went off to college – I wanted to be a special ed teacher, but half way through my second year, my dad died, I came home for a while, went back for one semester then came home again. I couldn't study, I was so far behind and failing that I couldn't see a way to get through and I couldn't concentrate. So I came home again, then through a friend of mine I found out that there was a job going at SCI's Place and bingo I got the job"

"I'm sorry about your dad – that must be tough"

"Yeah it is – I still miss him so much" He gave her a cuddle

"How did he die – if you don't mind me asking?"

"It's ok, he got an infection, which wasn't caught in time and he died"

"wow! That must have been a major infection to do that!"

"No not really – my dad was a quadriplegic – although he could move his arms, he often got them from his catheter or if he scratched himself – they just didn't catch it in time" she said sadly

"I'm sorry"

"look is ok. I get a little upset, but I like talking about him. He had a car accident when I was 8. He had an incomplete SCI C5 I think it was, he could move his arms, but couldn't really use his hands for much and he couldn't hold his head up for long either. He could breathe on his own, accept at night he had to have this oxygen thing. My Mom had to care for my dad, my sister who was 11 at the time became like a mom to me and my 2 brothers. We had to move house, change schools , we were treated a little like aliens really, just cos my dad was in a wheelchair."

"is that why you like SCI's Place so much"

"Yeah, I see what it does for the families and I love being part of that, I just wish I could do more" she looked at the clock "Hey I'd better go its getting late, my Mom will be worried"

"How are you getting home"

"I'll just walk its only a couple of blocks down"

He went to the door with her, they looked at each other "thanks for a nice evening and helping out with the kids"

"thank you too – I've had a lovely time – maybe a movie next weekend?" she said hopefully

"Yeah I'd like that, I'll call you in the week" he leant in and kissed her cheek "good night"

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