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Ranma grinned as she spiraled down toward the large building directly below her, St. Hebereke School for Girls, her wings spread wide — she was finally away from school and an Akane that had grown increasingly tense and irritable as the day had passed to the point that the emotional overload was getting painful. And she had the perfect excuse for skipping the afternoon training (and so not spend more time in the presence of a girl that couldn't bear to look at her at the moment), and best of all she could go flying! The more time she spent in the air, the more she thought that that alone might make up for all the downsides of being a succubus — the sheer freedom she felt swooping and diving, even simply gliding, was like nothing else. Only getting lost in the Voice matched it and that was something completely different, getting lost in the song of life from the world all around her instead of luxuriating in the feel of her own body, the play of muscles she didn't really have, the caress of air flowing over bare skin, the world spread out beneath her...

Still, as much as she would have liked to just blow off the afternoon, she actually was on a mission. Ah, well, maybe I'll just take the long way home.

She reached the roof of the building, unseen so far as she could tell. There had been some girls practicing soccer on the adjacent field, but even if any of them had the necessary Sight to see her none had looked up. Now to find her target.

Hovering above the roof, she concentrated for the second needed to pull in her red-furred wings, and the sprite that had been riding between them with her tiny arms around Ranma's neck let go and flew up to settle on her shoulder.

"Ya sure this is the right school?" Ranma asked Peach Fuzz. While the school was as translucent as practically every other building she'd seen, it was also a tall one and she was finding that multiple translucent floors or walls quickly made anything beyond them go blurry — like gazing into deep, slightly murky water.

"Yes, I am," Peach Fuzz replied. "When she ambushed you at the school and we realized she could see you — the you you, the succubus — Morning Dew followed her around for awhile so we sprites would know what places to avoid. She's scary, there's no knowing what she'd do to any sprites she might catch."

Ranma winced at the implication that the human form wasn't really her but put it aside, she had more immediate concerns at the moment. "Where's the gym?"

Peach Fuzz flew up from Ranma's shoulder and tapped her on the nose, giggling when Ranma went cross-eyed looking at the tiny nude brunette hovering in front of her face. "I don't know, so you just wait here while bond-sister Peach Fuzz goes window peeping!" Before Ranma could object she flew away to vanish over the edge of the roof and down. Bond-sister?

Long before the combination of her absence and her comment about the sprites' concern about Kodachi had time to grow into a full-blown panic attack she was back. "Found them, come on!" she shouted and was off again, leaving a relieved but bemused succubus behind.

Ranma quickly caught up with her fiancée's familiar hovering by a long but thin horizontal window, designed for letting in plenty of natural light while limiting chances for balls to fly through them. She hovered herself while looking through the wall, and nodded at the sight of the raven-haired girl with the off-center ponytail that she thought was wearing a leotard (if the leotard hadn't been midnight-black she wouldn't have been able to see its faint hint at all at that distance) and a choker around her neck that seemed to shine with power. She was on a mat in the center of the room, surrounded by other girls.

"That's her, all right," she said, then looked up at the room directly above — empty, perfect. She could stick her head through the floor/ceiling to watch (and listen), while out of sight of anyone around that could see the supernatural.


Ranma's frown deepened the more she watched the practice below her. For starters, Kodachi was the only one practicing — the other girls were either helping Kodachi by throwing various clubs and balls at her or using hoops and ribbons to try to trip her up, or standing around cheering her on. None of them were on the other mats practicing their own routines. And there was something about their attitude toward Kodachi that rankled — Ranma was accustomed to the respect a student owed his sensei, but this was ... something else.

Ranma shook her head. Think about it later, you're here ta see how good she is, check out her moves. And Kodachi ... was not bad, not bad at all. However privileged she considered herself to be, she had put in the effort and discipline to know her stuff. But ... her movements were predictable, almost stylized. A' course they are, she's been cheatin' all along, ambushin' the other teams before the matches ever take place. She's never faced real opposition, not in the ring. Though she hadn't been all that bad when they'd first met, when Ranma and Akane had rescued the Furinkan team.

"Very well, that is enough for today!" Kodachi announced imperiously as she dropped a club. "Ochiyo, you will attend me in my shower," She quickly gathered up her ribbon and turned to stride off the mat toward a single door.

"Yes, Mistress!" A tiny blonde (dyed?) girl eagerly trotted after her. The other girls were bunching up to walk toward some double doors, some of them gathering up the various clubs, rings and balls, some of them watching Ochiyo ... enviously? Ranma wasn't sure at that distance, the emotions were too intermixed and tenuous.

Ranma frowned — that earlier sense that something was off was back. As the Kuno lunatic strode through the door out of the gym below her, the succubus quickly flew through the outside wall and dropped to Kodachi's level so she could see clearly what Kodachi was doing though a single wall. The Kuno was stripping out of her not-there clothing as she stood in what had to be a teacher's office next to a private shower, Ochiyo beside her doing the same. And most importantly, Kodachi had removed the choker!

Ignoring Peach Fuzz's demand to know what was going on, Ranma continued to watch through the wall as Ochiyo started the shower, tested the water's temperature, then grabbed the soap and stepped back to make room for Kodachi. Kodachi stepped into the shower and turned in place, wetting herself all over, then raised her arms as Ochiyo followed her in. As Ranma watched the blonde run first the bar of soap and then her hands over Kodachi's body from feet to neck, working up a lather, her hands lingering at breasts and cleft, the succubus was feeling more and more ... frustrated. The wall was cutting off their emotions! Finally, she drifted up and through the wall into the shower, above the two girls.

The succubus gasped in shock, shuddering as found herself under assault by waves of emotions — gloating, predatory delight, lust, amusement, pleasure, pleasure, pleasure, and threads of eager anticipation running through everything. The red-haired spirit barely noticed that Kodachi was moaning as she reeled from the overload.

Kodachi rinsed herself off, then spread her feet wide and braced herself against the wall. "You know what to do, slave!" she demanded as her hands cupped her water-beaded breasts, thumbs caressing lust-crinkled nipples.

"Yes, mistress," Ochiyo replied, a burst of amusement washing over Ranma as the girl dropped to her knees. Then she leaned forward, planting her mouth over Kodachi's cleft as her hands gripped her 'mistress's' ass. Ranma shivered as the level of pleasure washing over her exploded, luxuriating in the lust-filled delight, the need the two girls were radiating. Ochiyo shifted slightly, slowly easing a finger up into Kodachi's sheath as her tongue played with the clit peeking out from under its hood. Kodachi's moaning strengthened, her head tilted back, eyes clenched shut, and Ranma found herself reaching out as she drank in the torrent of rising pleasure, eager to join the fun — drank in ...

Ranma jerked back from the girls below her, eyes wide. What am I doing!? she thought even as she felt the wave of Kodachi's orgasm wash through her. It felt so good...

Nabiki! Her wings sprang out, and she flashed straight up through floor after floor, through the roof, and twisted in the open air to fly for home at full speed.


Nabiki was lounging on her bed, slowly reading through the book Nodoka had handed her as she was leaving for school that morning, with many pauses to suss out the meaning. The book was an ancient text on various spirits native to Japan and their relationships with individuals, Initiates, and Sleepers in general, and was written in kanbun. It was heavy going, but fascinating. With the champion bond between Akane and Ranma in place Nabiki's part in the current drama seemed to be over, and she was she was very happy to be exploring the more intellectual side of her apprenticeship under Nodoka.

Then she jerked as she felt her fiancé speed through her wards. Dropping the book, she looked up just in time to see Ranma flash through the ceiling and toward her, wings vanishing. "Nabiki, I'm sorry!" the nature spirit wailed as she slammed into the middle Tendo, knocking the breath from her lungs as she pushed her back into her bed. A stunned Nabiki desperately sucked in air as she found herself embracing a clutching, crying, babbling succubus drowning in terrified, despairing guilt. "Peach Fuzz, what happened?" she demanded over the familiar link.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Ranma's here, and she's a mess! What did she do?"

"I don't know, I didn't even know she'd left." The sprite quickly filled in her mistress on the scouting trip up to the point that Ranma disappeared through the wall into St. Hebereke School. "What do you want me to do?"

Nabiki quickly ran through the available options. "Could you join Akane with the Amazons and let me know when she's ready to come home? I agree with Ranma that she shouldn't be walking around alone and I don't know if Ranma will be ready to escort her by then. We may need to hire some Amazons as temporary bodyguards."

"Sure thing, boss, I'm on it."

That settled, Nabiki refocused on her armful, listening intently to the practically stream-of-consciousness river of words. Finally deciding she had at least some idea of what was wrong, she gently shook the succubus, then again, hard, when it had no effect. "Ranma ... Ranma ... RANMA!"

Ranma finally broke off. "Y-y-yes?" she stammered fearfully.

Nabiki said, "I'm not surprised, I'm not upset, I don't think you betrayed me, and I'm not throwing you out. I love you. If you'd take a second to read me you'd know that."

Ranma stiffened for a moment in her arms, then went limp as relief swept through her. "But why?" she asked in a small voice. "I betrayed ya —"

"No you didn't," Nabiki broke in to state firmly. "You're a succubus, that's how you feed. Did you really think that I'd be the only person you ever fed off of? I didn't. As wonderful as it would be to have this relationship work by purely human rules, that's just not going to happen."

"Oh. I seem ta keep doin' this to ya, sorry." Ranma fell silent for a few minutes, then added, "I wish it did."

Nabiki sighed. "Yeah, so do I sometimes, but I knew what I was in for when I said I'd be your fiancée. And if I hadn't gotten to know you as a succubus first, I doubt we'd be lovers at all. I'll take this over being just friends in a heartbeat." If we'd even be friends, she didn't add.

"Yeah, me too."

The two simply lay there for a time, drinking in the love each was radiating, when Nabiki had a thought. Grinning, she ran a hand down Ranma's back to grip one ass cheek. "You know," she whispered in Ranma's ear, "Mother won't be home from work for awhile yet and Akane's training. Do you want to get in some fun time?" For just a moment she felt need sweep through her lover, before Ranma pulled away, breaking the embrace to float up into the middle of the room as Nabiki sat up on the bed.

"No," Ranma said, shaking her head even as her hunger continued to wash over Nabiki. "No, ya got yer studying an' it's been awhile since I've practiced our own family style. I think I'm gonna head fer the furo, then train in the dojo until it's time fer Akane ta come home."

Oops. Ranma flinched at Nabiki's spike of regret, and her fiancée hastily said, "I'm mad at myself, not you — I shouldn't have offered, not after all that, not yet. Go enjoy your training, you maniac." Ranma grinned at her, relaxing again, and started dropping through the floor only to pause when Nabiki added, "I love you, you know."

"Yeah, I know. I love ya, too." Then the redhead was gone, and Nabiki fell back on her bed, gusting out her breath. "Whoo!"

"Everything all right?"

"Yeah, Ranma's settled down. I made a serious goof, but I think I fixed it. She'll head over to escort Akane home when little sis is ready."

"Great! I'm almost there, I'll let you know when it's time."


Nabiki picked up the book again but paused for a few minutes to review what she remembered of Ranma's babblings, especially about the emotions she'd picked up in that shower. Nabiki grinned viciously. It sounded like Kodachi thought she was the Empress of Earth and her so-called teammates were playing along for the sex — that stuck-up bitch was going to be in for a real shock when they let her know what they really thought, and she just hoped she'd be there to see it when it happened.

Heart lighter, she opened the book and returned to her studies.