A/N: I feel really guilty about the first intro I put up here- it came off as very harsh and defensive, which I hadn't realized at the time, so I'd like to apologize to anyone who read the first version and was turned off by it. It was NOT what I wanted, and I blame no one who was upset by it. Please forgive me and don't judge my writing by my stupidity; I was in a terrible mood at the time.

"Absolutely, Positively, Utterly"

In exactly less than a moment,

Nothing will ever make sense again

For a certain

Mysterious Trickster Priest.

And in even less time than that,

A certain

Heartless Magic-Using Swordsman,

Will find his heart in his throat.

And both will be absolutely,


And utterly


As for the first time

Since any time

Their eyes will meet, and,

In dazzling, gods-sent coincidence,

Both will,

In a moment of weakness,

Reveal their true feelings

And in absolute,


And utter


They will collide with

Complete and total disbelief

And realize in horror

That they are



And utterly

In love.

* ende *