After Gandalf left the group they all set of into the Mirkwood, going deep into the forest Bilbo couldn't believe he was still here, with the dwarves. He was really on his way out in the world. Deep in his thought he didn't see the roots lying on the walking trail and before he noticed his face hit the ground. Fili and Kili were the first one to notice and they laughed out loud, soon the other dwarves joined in. Except Thorin, he only stared, in anger? Balin quickly helped him up from the ground, brushing off any dirt that had landed on his coat.

"There, mister Baggins." He said "You have to be careful. What if our burglar were to hurt himself?"

"Yes, thank you." Bilbo said looking at Thorin who turned his back to them and started walking.

"We need to find a safe place to rest for the night!" Thorin yelled and all of the dwarves started walking.

Bilbo walked next to Balin, last of the dwarves. He had scraped his knee in the fall, but otherwise he was ok. His train of thought was broken because of the fall and all he had in mind now was the dwarven king. He sighed to himself; he should have never left Bag End.

"What troubles ye?" Balin asked the hobbit. Bilbo looked ahead and they were pretty far behind the rest. They wouldn't hear.

"Why does Thorin hate me so much?" Bilbo asked.

Balin smiled a bit. "Oh, Halfling" he chuckled "Master Thorin does not hate you anymore than he hates anyone else of this crew." Bilbo looked sceptical. "He behaves like that to everyone, and on the contrary. I think Master Thorin have come to like you. He treats you like family. He just have a hard time expressing himself."

Family huh? He thought of his own family. As a single child it would be thought he got his parents attention all the time. He loved his parents and they had loved him back in return. But all he wished for when he was a child, was a brother. A younger or older did not matter, just someone to play with.

He glanced ahead and saw Thorin staring back at him. He had learned that Thorin had 4 facial expressions; anger, hunger, relief and when he had to use the lavatory. This one he, on the other hand, could not determine as either one of what he was used to. Some anger mixed with sadness and possibly the fourth one. As quickly as Bilbo had looked on Thorin, Thorin looked away. He doubted Balins words and come to think what Gandalf had told him before he went off, leaving the group.

"You know Bilbo" he said "Thorin is in the age he ought to be married. There is a Lady waiting for him when he has reclaimed Erebor." Bilbo looked at Gandalf in confusion, why did he tell him this? Gandalf lowered his voice. "He has been very reluctant to the wedding, as he said that he could only marry out of love. Silly Dwarf, the Dwalin bloodline must be continued. Do you understand where I'm going Bilbo?" Bilbo shook his head but he knew what Gandalf was about to ask. "When this is all over, if you are alive of course, make sure he marries that woman."

"How will I know it's her?" Bilbo asked.

Gandalf chuckled. "Dwarf women are not easy to mistake, if you've seen one before that is. But just keep the name Tora in your head. She's the one." Gandalf smiled in that odd way only he could and then proceeded to his horse, and in the next 5 minutes he was gone.

Bilbo had now a huge responsibility on his shoulders, not only was he supposed to survive, but also make sure Thorin got married.

"Something troublin' ye?" Balin asked. Bilbo had not noticed that he drifted off in thought. Now not only Balin but also Fili and Kili had joined him.

"Ah, well." He started "Is it true that Thorin will get married?" Balin looked at him in confusion. "Who told you?" Bilbo knew at that moment he should have just said he missed The Shire or something. He began to think that he had offended the dwarfs. "G-Gandalf did" he stuttered. Kili let out a loud laugh and put his arm around the hobbits shoulders. "Oh, my dear Bilbo" he laughed. "Do you know how the dwarven women are?" Bilbo shook his head. "Ah! You are in for a real surprise Mr Baggins." Bilbo noticed Thorins eyes on him and Kili.

"We stop here for the night!" Thorin yelled. "Oin, Gloin get some firewood. Fili, Kili make sure this area is safe. And Halfling!" Bilbo looked up at Thorins expression, this time he knew which one. Anger. "Try not to be in the way." Thorin marched away from the group into the forest. Bilbo sighed, Balins words was probably just out of comfort. He could never understand why the dwarven king hated him so much. Even though he saved him and all.

That night all of them were gathered by the campfire eating what was left and chatting. Kili let out a loud laugh. "Our dear burglar wanted to know how the dwarven women were like." He said and suddenly all eyes were on Bilbo. "Imagine the hairiest man you've seen and add a pair of large breast and there you have it!" Fili continued and everyone laughed everyone except Thorin and Bilbo. "Hey, Thorin! How's your woman? You're going to be a groom soon!" Nori said. Thorin glared at him. "Do not talk about that woman." He muttered. "It's not my decision, but my fathers. And since he's dead I don't have to follow his orders anymore." "But uncle…" Kili started. "Enough!" Thorin yelled.

An awkward silence laid itself upon the group before Balin took courage and asked Bilbo "What are the Shire women like?" Bilbo thought for a moment and replied that they were fair and light. Not to mention they were kind and faithful, they cooked good food and were great mothers. Without him noticing he was smiling. Thinking at his own mother, Belladonna Took. He could clearly see her in his mind. Woke up to the smell of newly baked bread and her gentle smile that could brighten even the grumpiest hobbit.

"Do you have anyone special in mind?" Kili asked. Bilbo looked up at the dwarves and saw that everyone were listening eagerly to his words. "Well, yeah" Bilbo replied and put his knees against his belly. He longed for her, he could smell her. When he looked at the others they smiled at him. Not Thorin, he was gone.