Author Note: unbeta-ed at the moment. Also English is not my first language so I'll apologize in advance.

Thawing of Frost.


The Moon did not regret many things, but he did regret his failure in guiding the spirit of winter he had chosen and brought forth. Looking down to Earth, the Man in the Moon could only watch as time passed by and his first chosen spend all those years alone with out seeking contact.

He tried to encourage Mother Nature and the other seasons but none could,dared or cared to seek out the solitary spirit. So Manny just kept a silent watch and when Pitch became to much of a threat, he chose others and did his best not to fail with them the way he had failed Jack Frost, his spirit of Winter.

The world was safe for many centuries but shadows flickered around the globe, sinister signs of an almost forgotten fear seeping back in to the hearts and minds of children using a new form of manipulation, The Moon feared the worst.

Pitch Black, the Boogeyman had returned.

And it did not look well for his Guardians.

They would need help.

They would need his first chosen.

It was time to seek out the Winter King, Jack Frost.